also at the end of the day

doctor strange is yet another superhero origin story

and in the last sixteen years 

regardless of quality 

we’ve had origin stories of iron man, batman, superman, thorman, hulkman, spiderman, spiderman again, green lanternman, deadpoolman, x-menman, wolverineman, x-menman soft 1960s rebootman, captain americaman, fantastic fourmenandawomanman, fantastic fourmenandawomanman (the Really bad one), ghostriderman, punisherman, daredevilman (the One with Batfleck before he was Batfleck), daredevilnetflixman, jessica jones woman, elektrawoman, catwomanwoman, aaaaand ant-man

so 23 off the top of my head in the past 16 years

and three or four of those had a woman as the main character - not a deuteragonist, not a sidekick, the one and only protagonist, and two of the three are kind of shitty films.