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Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016

Everyone is like “people ship Johnlock because they are homosexual” well I’m extremely heterosexual but I’ve never seen a love story as pure as Johnlock I think that it’s the greatest love story never told.

Reblog and show them how many straight people ship Johnlock.

I know what is love when I see it.
Battleborn characters according to people I've played with

Alani - Will heal u but will be salty over it. Will drown u where u stand, there is no escape.

Ambra - Actual mom. Constantly running between lanes in meltdown, eternally tired.

Attikus - Will either kill u in one hit or jump into a wall.

Beatrix - Will rarely bless u with patient zero. U never see her in game and yet she has the most kills. A mystery.

Benedict - Smartass. Everyone hates him. Always misses his ult.

Boldur - Good solid friend. Reckless. Runs alone ahead of the group only to be seen running back to safety with no axe.

Caldarius - Always lands his ult at least 50m away from the intended target. Blinds everyone and runs away.

Deande - Healers hate her because they keep healing her duplicate. Everyone else also hates her because they keep killing her duplicate. Silly face and dance taunt.

El Dragón - Runs ahead of the group, immediately runs back with 10 health. Always either dead or clapping.

Ernest - Everyone’s best friend. His egg brings joy to many.

Galilea - Either an annoying dudebro or a really nice lesbian, there is no inbetween. Always losing her shield.

Ghalt - Will kill everyone. Always chains enemies close when he has to reload.

Isic - Rotating wards when no one is shooting at him. Taunts bots. Plasma dashes into enemies and dies.

Kelvin - Chomps all the minions. Good reliable friend. Everyone forgets to heal them.

Kid ultra - Either only uses support drones on himself or places 2 drones in one player.
Sometimes throws drones at the ground, everyone jumps over them, everyone dies.

Kleese - No one knows he can float like a magestic sky blueberry. Places energy rifts everywhere. What are they for? No one knows.

Marquis - Stand in a corner and snipe. All the hoodinis are in the spawn zone chilling. Occasionally collects shards but only to activate his gear.

Mellka - Stands in between the lanes in meltdown. Spends 5 whole minutes shooting a supply station.

Miko - Either the best healer you’ve ever seen or the literal worst and just stands in place through a whole match. Tries to take down thralls in incursion, dies. Places healing mushroom in the enemy’s direct line of fire.

Montana - Pure wholesome human shield. No one can see what they’re shooting at bc he always blocks the view. Is the happiest in parties with 3 Montanas or more. Lumberjack dashes into walls.

Orendi - Constantly pushes herself off cliffs with nullify. Dies and immediately respanws, uses 8 extra lives in 3 minutes.

Oscar Mike - Always in stealth when you need him. Air strikes 1 minion. Spams taunts.

Pendles - Hoards shards. Doesn’t activate gear, doesn’t build turrets, just hoards every single shard. Spends entire game fighting turrets.

Pheobe - Phasegates her way to ur death and into ur heart. Uses blade cascade to open chests.

Rath - Rage quits. Constantly reported for leaving matches early. His specialty is throwing enemies into the air as his teammates are about to use their ults.

Reyna - Only shields u to shield herself. Deploys photonic ward only to be swarmed with melee enemies.

Shayne & Aurox - Constantly pulling enemies with fetch to attack them at close range with her boomerang. Uses tag team just as every enemy leaves the area.

Thorn - Steals all ur kills. No one knows where she is. Most likely to be kicked and reported for being innactive.

Toby - Shields everywhere. Arc mines on the ceiling. No one ever watches his back when he uses core discharge so he always dies.

Whiskey Foxtrot - Butt taunt 500000 times. Taunts bots, taunts players, taunts the walls. Sticky bombs scattered accross the floor.

The other day my grandma asked me why I loved Sherlock so much and she said "I know you like the actor and everything but there must be more than that reason" and after flailing my arms and squealing I started yelling "SHERLOCK IS THE BEST SHOW EVER ITS AMAZING AND FUNNY AND SMART AND IT MAKES ME LAUGH AND CRY AND IT CONSUMES MY LIFE AND JOHNLOCK AND MARTIN IS HOT TOO ITS NOT JUST BENEDICT ACTUALLY EVERYONE ON THE WHOLE SHOW IS ATTRACTIVE ITS AMAZING NOW GO HOME AND WATCH IT" and she just was like O_O

… but why is everyone down on SNL? It’s been this standard for years; and some of the sketches (repressed lecturer, koohl toilet, mr shoare, BC as alan rickman in die hard) were fab!

and on top of all of that, BC was brilliant and 100% dedicated. And man his comic timing and singing were great…

lower your standards people :-)