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small lacall rec list because ri asked and i am bored

fluffy/angsty mating fic with feelings and conflicted scott and supportive!sterek

some hot breathplay

the best and worst lacall fic you are obligated to read

cutest ever

oh my god my stomach is knotting why is this so cute 

ouch that hurts

wherein there is baking and making out lol that kinda rhymes

futureandonce  asked:


  • why i like them: ISN’T IT OBVIOUS
  • why i don’t: I LOVE HIM OKAY
  • favorite episode (scene if movie): WHEN HE MEETS YGRITTE AND WHENEVER HE’S WITH HER (and when he’s LORD COMMANDER)
  • favorite season/movie: ALL THE SEASONS AND BOOKS
  • favorite line: God, he’s so sassy. Anytime he’s talking with Dolorous Edd and just being snarky.
  • favorite outfit: BLACK
  • otp: SOBBING(ygritte)
  • brotp: Oh man, Samwell Tarly and Dolorous Edd. Bfffsss for life.
  • head canon: jon snow saves all the starks and he’s just chilling on the wall with ghost and his crows and just being lord commander and dah best.
  • unpopular opinion: HE’S AWESOME AND JUST NOT A GARY SUE

in which aly has a photoshoot because her book is coming up and she needs more pictures of herself

all shot by my good friend, Raisa. 

also note that i am not a model therefore some of the shots aren’t as good as i’d like them to be. there are more of these and some outtakes as well which i might upload.

benedictian replied to your post: JFC NOAH RINGER BE IN SOME THINGS THAT DON’T SUCK…

pls just make the entire batfamily make an entire batfamily gifset i am begging you

Below you will find my tentative fancast for the batfam:

  • Dick Grayson - Matt Bomer (forever and always)
  • Jason Todd - Jensen Ackles
  • Damian Wayne - Noah Ringer
  • Cassandra Cain - Ahney Her
  • Tim Drake - Logan Lerman
  • Barbara Gordon - Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Stephanie Brown - Chloe Grace Moretz (BUT SHE’S TOO GD YOUNG UGH GROW UP FASTER PLS)
  • Kate Kane - Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Whoever I missed - Lucy Liu

aly’s i’m sorry video. also, the people that i didn’t mention in the video aren’t any less important it just means i’m a forgetful fool who still loves you.

trigger warnings(?): self-hatred, depression, suicidal tendencies, self-harm

life update.

I am leaving soon for Eid ul-Fitr, where I will spent about four-five days with my extended family and celebrate all the things and eat all the food (cos let’s face it, in malaysia, eid means eating). The queue is on and some posts about my book are gonna be up and stuff. 

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of you very deeply and that I am sorry for any harm I have done to you. Eid is not just about celebrating and eating, it is about forgiveness, it’s the time for Muslims to kneel down and ask their elders forgiveness and salaam their friends, apologizing if they did anything wrong. So I am sorry if I have done any of you wrong, intentionally or unintentionally or whether I am just blind to the fact that I have hurt you. I promise I will do better by you because you all deserve it. 

I love you all so much.

Happy Eid for my Muslim followers and Happy Sunday for the rest!

Also, jsyk I won’t be here much until 21st of September because I have trial exams and all that jazz. Senior year sucks. also go buy my book hehe shameless pimping