benedict's lips

Benedict’s lips and mouth

@lawyermargo as requested I’ll now make a post detailing what i love most about ben’s features and today’s topic is his lips and mouth ;)

first off, the most obvious thing is of course: the cupid’s bow lips. I mean good lord just look at it it’s self explanatory

and how his lips looks so pretty at every angle

and then there’s his cute lil teeth!!! that makes him so freaking adorable when you get to see a peek of it

and then there’s my fave of all: his cute lisp!

and bonus: his mouth can contort into this peculiarly cute shape

feel free to add more <3


Benedict Cumberbatch giving you lip as Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate (2013)

For you, my dearest @luv-assangiebatch! In celebration of my 20.000th post!

His cupid’s bow is really amazing.
What I found in Wikipedia:
“A study by the University of the West of Scotland conducted through an online survey found that women with pointy or prominent cupid’s bows were more likely to experience orgasm during sex”
Interesting, what about men…