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the grinch was sexy BEFORE he was played by benedict cumberbatch. if you only want to fuck the grinch because he might be played by benedict cumberbatch then DONT act like a real grinch fan when some of us have died for this. fuck you


“Taking your own life. Interesting expression. Taking it from whom? Once it’s over, it’s not you who will miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.”

                S H E R L O C K       -     T H E    L Y I N G   D E T E C T I V E


Martin Freeman pretending to not know who Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely priceless!

Martin Freeman vorgibt, nicht zu wissen, wer Benedict Cumberbatch absolut unbezahlbar ist!

Monologue assignment from 1st year of TAW with a grumpy Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) I just now tied down and colored. AND the monologue is Martin from my favourite BBC radio sitcom Cabin Pressure <3 

We had lovely Sarah Airriess - aka @tealin - as our teacher this time, and being a fangirl herself she had selected this as one of the clips we could choose… So of course I had to take it. 

(Also, I have rarely fangirled more than when she did an animation demo of Arthur from the show… *sigh*. It was amazing.)


Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)


Do you get a weird feeling of emptiness or awkwardness when you watch this scene? That’s because it’s intentional, both the position of the actors regarding the sofa and Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting slightly uncomfortable; Sherlock wanted to sit next to John, he even probably hoped in an invitation by an once again clueless John, but couldn’t dare take the initiative to sit by his side, like younger Sherlock most likely would. This is a regression in their relationship clearly, but it works simultaneously as a confirmation of Sherlock’s feelings, since we can easily see that Sherlock needs to be closer to John, a need that isn’t burning or source of discomfort between platonic friends.