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Asian Actors in Comic Book Films Respond to ‘Doctor Strange’ Whitewashing Controversy
With “Doctor Strange” opening this weekend, the “whitewashing” controversy surrounding the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in “Doctor Strange” has re…
By Lawrence Yee

“I think it’s a shame[…] From what I’ve been told and what I’ve read, it’s because [studio executives] think that Asian actors and actresses don’t pull in the numbers — that people aren’t going to pay to see Asians on screen. With all these borders opening up and movies going global these days, Asians make up a huge part of the population in the world, and I hope that will start reflecting in Hollywood.” - Kelly Hu


“One of the great things is that the relationship that Sherlock and Watson have, it’s such a strong bond that I can only imagine that the relationship that you and Martin have off-screen it has to be just as similar, is that right?” Ben talks about Martin and how much they love doing the show ♥ x


’’[Alan]’s a classy guy. He’s really nice. […] But at first I was kind of scared of him, despite how nice he is. […] I did say hello to him [at Leavesden Studios while filming], but didn’t talk to him as such. I did at the premiere after-party though, which was nice. Later [I] found out my mum had approached him earlier and had exactly the same conversation. Awkward. […] I told him I was terrified that my nose was far too small for the part [of Severus] and he said, ‘Don’t worry. My nose was exactly the same size as yours when I was your age.’ I’m not sure if it’s true, but at the moment, at that time, that was very important to hear!’’ — Benedict Clarke (Baby Severus Snape) on remembering Alan Rickman [x]


Official Sherlock trailer 2 for s4 is out!!! I can’t breath!!! Last sentence almost gave me a heart attack!!
Benedict Cumberbatch on How Sherlock Is Softening
By Leo Barraclough

Is Sherlock Holmes going soft? Benedict Cumberbatch explained to an audience of British grandees in London that his character has been on a journey of enlightenment over the past three seasons of “Sherlock,” and in season four, which premieres on New Year’s Day, audiences will see him humanized further, or as one journalist crudely put it: “He’s slightly less of a d**k.”

“He is becoming slightly more… well, in a very clear way… responsible for his actions,” Cumberbatch explained during an onstage discussion that followed a screening of “The Six Thatchers,” the opening episode of season four.

“But I think he understands that it’s a slow, slow process that began in the very first instance when he met John [Doctor Watson], who supplies the missing piece of that jigsaw that is him. That friendship, that partnership in crime, has been the humanizing element all the way through [the three seasons], and I think he is now becoming more of a human-being.”

“As he’s evolving he loses sight of what he is letting go of, which is this very cold, results at all cost [approach], all about the end-game, rather than how he gets there, and who he tramples over. And because he is so loyal to somebody he cares about, he’s blind-sided himself with his own humanity.”

Watson, played by Martin Freeman, also shows a different, flawed, side of his personality in this new season. “It is always interesting to play shades of people,” Freeman said. “There’s a lot of talk, and understandable talk, that John is this reliable, very steadfast character, which he is, generally speaking, but he is someone who has weaknesses and is at fault at times.”

Or, as the panel moderator, Heat magazine’s Boyd Hilton, summarized it: “Doctor Watson becomes slightly more of a d**k.”

Episode one of the new season of “Sherlock,” “The Six Thatchers,” airs on Jan. 1 on MASTERPIECE on PBS. The show, which has won 12 BAFTAs, nine Emmys and a Peabody Award, has been sold to more than 240 territories around the world.

So my mum’s cousin is a bodyguard and I met him the other day and he’s told me that when Benedict Cumberbatch came to Poland he had a chance to be his bodyguard and after a meetup they went to his dressing room and he started a conversation and Benedict talked about some movie he starred in but my mum’s cousin didn’t know that movie and Benedict was like ‘I’ll sent you a DVD’ but obviously he didn’t believe him BUT after 2 weeks he got a package with no sender name and when he opened it THERE WAS THIS  DVD INSIDE AND A LETTER MY MUM’S COUSIN GOT A PACKAGE FROM BENEDICT FREAKING CUMBERBATCH


Benedict in the weird anglerfish microphone headset for Smaug. #inktober 3! bic stick ballpoint in my spiral sketchbook. open either in new tab for better quality. reference this lovely gifset by cumberbum. (this drawing was fun, i think it’s getting a sequel…) (completed!)

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