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Morning Shenanigans (Benedict Cumberbatch x Reader)

One shot of smut.

A/n: I know that Benedict is married. Let’s assume this is before he met his wife.

Warning: Weight issues on the reader’s side. Moderate insecurities (because plus sized wo/men don’t get enough representation in fanfiction some times).

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He didn’t regret any of the Section 31 targets. They were soldiers, and their hands were bloodied too.

But the city had never been his target.

He’d intended to die taking out Starfleet HQ, and the sight of the unintended devastation he’d wreaked on the buildings horrified him.

The only thing still functioning on the ship was the auto-destruct system. He could activate it now and die as he’d wanted, taking out all of the enemies who had contributed to the extermination of his people.

But the price to pay would be taking out all of San Francisco in the process. A price much too high.

He’d have to go on living, and find a better way to avenge his people, painful as this prolonged existence may be.  

He ran and leapt into the emptiness.