benedict in a dress

In honor of Benedict Cumberbatch’s front row game, Vanity Fair put together a list of the Brit’s best-dressed memes

Now give us a twirl… 

Make sure to get in every picture. 

Muss-up that hair.

Of course, don’t be afraid to smile and have a bit of fun. 

And, in conclusion… 


Shanila - Developpement Stage

Iris’ Shanila Dress (aka “Super Iris”, or “Vanilla Iris”) was developped by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin and Bénédicite Ciaravino

Here was their first design (Line by Bene and Color by Galou), and then some photo we took when they draw the model sheet. 

What was fun about this design was  they both created it part after part, then put all the pieces together and assembled it like some ikea furniture. :) Except no one had the instruction manual. 

You can see that the design didn’t evolved much from the first sketch. :) The hair went up, we added the crystal circles around them, but most of it was already good. 


If you have someone you love and you’re devoted to them and it’s a proper devotional love — as I do in my life — there’s nothing better than that tonic. First of all, you have your world between you and that person. But also, being devoted to that person takes you away from yourself. There’s someone more important. Not that that’s a reason to be in a relationship, but it’s a very healthy byproduct of it when you’re doing such an obsessional job as acting can be.

- Benedict Cumberbatch 

‘When two people meet and it’s the right combination, it does ground you suddenly.’

- Sophie Hunter

“the first time sherlock made john tea”

for this month’s @sherlockchallenge


RDJ: “BEEEENEEEEDIIICT!!!!!!” LMAO, just two Sherlock’s greeting each other

And here is Ben’s pre-premiere interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

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I love how he just expected the workers to remember Sophie. 😂 Their relationship is so great!!!!