benedict cumberbatch*


How Infinity War is gonna be. 

Rockets gonna spend the whole movie convincing people he needs Bucky’s arm for a “plan”

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After @thorofficial, here is my new triptych - entitled “Sentinel of Liberty” - dedicated to the #Marvel #CaptainAmerica films trilogy. I mainly based this work on the characters so I hope you will enjoy it as much as the last one. #Avengers

credit to @RicoJrCrea) french touch!

I always get annoyed when people are like “you only like actor/character because you like the character/actor! Stop mixing them up!”

like no they are both perfect

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could I

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god dang it Robert

  • The fans: Those two are gay as FUUUUUUCK! We ship them so hard! They are the perfect couple!
  • The actors: Yeah, we know what the fandom is saying and we totally agree! We can totally make this happen!
  • The director: *living in their own detached from reality world* La, la, la, la, la-la-la - you get a random female love interest... And YOU get a random female love interest... And you get a random female love interest...
  • Oh, I totally know my fandom and what they want!

2017 was the year of 13, and that is undoubtable.

In January, Sherlock aired its 13th episode,

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In October, Supernatural started its 13th season,

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and finally, last but not least, Doctor Who welcomed the 13th Doctor this Christmas.

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13 in 2017.