benedict cumberbatch you are a perfect actor

HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN? YOU CAN’T JUST LEFT OUT MARTY!! He would have been perfect, maybe as Ted Tonks? At least he has this in common with Ben… By the way: He could have played the Twenty-Something-Tom Riddle/Voldemort! :-)

Mean Girls Meets Tumblr

Tumblr Person #1: Welcome to Tumblr. This dash shows the page’s central nervous system. The mainframe. You got your anime fans, Whovians, Potterheads, Marvel Lovers, Fannibals, Browncoats, Tributes, Sherlockians, Wholockians, Superwholockians, Hanniwholockians, Trekkies, Star Wars fans, Ringers, Bronies, Ooovians, SPNFamily, Unsullied, Factionless, The Greatest people you will ever meet ((insert your fandom here)), and the WORST. Beware of the “Life Ruiners”.

Non-Tumblr Person: Who are the “Life Ruiners?”

Tumblr Person#2: They’re tumblr royalty.  If Tumblr was Us Weekly, they would be always on the cover

Tumblr Person #1: That’s Misha Collins. He’s one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet. She met him last year at Comic Con.

Tumblr Person #2: He let me kiss his hip!

Tumblr Person #1: That tall one? That’s Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s totally set for life because he’s Britain’s main character actor right now. He studies every character he takes on to excess. He knows everything about every one of them.

Tumblr Person #2: That’s why his hair is so curly, it’s full of secrets!

Tumblr Person #1: And perfection takes a human form in Thomas William Hiddleston. Don’t be fooled because he may seem like your typical tea-drinking, Shakespeare-reading, charity-helping, fan-loving angel faced ho-bag, but in reality, he’s so much more than that.

Tumblr Person #2: He’s the King of Tumblr. The star

Tumblr Person # 1: How do I describe Tom Hiddleston?

Hiddlestoner #1: Tom Hiddleston is flawless.

Hiddlestoner #2: I hear his voice is insured for 10,000 pounds.

Hiddlestoner #3: I hear he does car commercials for the Super Bowl.

Hiddlestoner #4: One time, he stood next to Helen Mirren and she told him he was a great actor.

Hiddlestoner #5: One time, I saw him breathing. It was awesome.

  • Teacher: How do you like men?
  • Me: *Thinks about Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Evans, Martin Freeman, Hugh Dancy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dylan O'brien,Andrew Garfield, Chris Pine, Josh Hutcherson, Robert Downey Jr etc...*
  • Me: *Sighs* You're not going to understand me
All of this hate

Is nasty. Everyone just collectively decided to hate, hate, hate, because of the fucking dr strange teaser trailer. It is problematic. I know it is. Believe me. The casting of Tilda Swinton was wrong. But guess what? All of your crying and call for boycotts isn’t going to change it. It’s done. In the can. So if you don’t like it, don’t go see it. Simple as that.

About Benedict, yes he’s said some bad things he shouldn’t have said.



No one is perfect. Celebs and actors are not perfect. They are human. You are not a fucking saint. I am not a saint. Neither is Benedict Cumberbatch. So get that through your head before you start saying he’s awful and you want to kill him. Get a life.

All of your hate isn’t helping anyone. If you wanna complain and say how much you don’t like what Ben c says or how much you hate Dr. Strange, write a fucking letter to the people responsible, and stop whining about it on tumblr.

Sadly on my way back from London, but…

Hamlet was unbelievable and I admire Benedict even more. Never mind that I didn’t think that’s possible.

He brought such energy onto the stage, such power. It was truly amazing watching him on stage. He’s such a force of nature. I’ll try and get a proper review done sometime tomorrow. Especially seeing as I watched it twice and while most was the same there were differences in acting choices, mainly from the other actors/actresses. As for Benedict, you can’t change perfection. That isn’t even bias speaking, the reactions have been the same from everyone.

The best I’ve overheard on the way out from an elderly lady was ‘he might as well star in everything, I’d watch the hell out of it, he’s that stellar!’

Needless to say I love Benedict as much as you can love someone you don’t really know and from afar. I also adore him something fierce.

I showed my mum some pictures of actors and made her guess who that was. Here are her answers.

Jensen Ackles: That man you cry over because he is so perfect and wonderful

Jared Padalecki: That guy who is with him and you also cry over

Misha Collins: he’s also with them

Andrew Scott: Sherlock’s brother

Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock!!

Martin Freeman: That Watson doctor

Dylan O’Brien: Maze guy

Johnny Depp: Do you think I’m dumb that is Johnny Depp

Tom Cruise: ooooo Tom Cruise

George Clooney: George Clooney. George Clooney.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I know him but I can’t remember his name

Robert Downey Jr.: you literally JUST showed me a picture of him

Chris Evans: whoa what am I missing

Andrew Garfield: I don’t know but he kinda has big ears

CS GTKY lists - Part 1

other parts

for @villains-happy-ending

Dear friends - i want to know you better!

First topic - men that you consider handsome (hot) and like (love) to see on your screen(s).

i know that for us one name is way ahead and no one can compare to

Colin O’Donoghue

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i think it’s not only because how he looks - it’s mainly because (thanks to you all) i get to know how perfect human being he is. 

so if you want - create a list of

5 Actors that i like to see on my screens that are not Colin O’Donoghue

this is mine:

David Tennant

i blame Doctor Who 

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Benedict Cumberbatch

i blame Sherlock

Originally posted by mostlybenedict

Lee Min-Ho

i blame Faith and City Hunter

Originally posted by lmh-therapy

Chris Pine

i blame Star Trek

Originally posted by fyeahchristopherpine

Chris Pratt

i blame Guardians of the Galaxy

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of course the list is longer…

i’m curious about your lists!  

so if you want - do similar list!

and tag CS GTKY lists

I want to know all of you better my wonderful shipmates!

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