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Apple Meet the Filmmakers: Sherlock Panel, February 4, 2014

And here’s the interview that was being talked about (thanks @rominatrix for pointing it out!) Steven cracks Ben up with the “It doesn’t see daylight for long” bit, of course, which makes the entire thing worth seeing, but Ben’s assumption/remark, “It’s so good! So good! I always thought I was the one getting it! Obviously not.” is at the 1:00 mark.


AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Cast Assemble at D23 Expo

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I play the piano, very tentatively when I was a kid, when I was six or younger but not very long as we didn’t have room for a piano in our flat. Then I think I went onto the trumpet because I liked the solo in “You Can Call me Al” in the Paul Simon song. Then I went onto play the accordion because I thought it would get me in the good books with my then headmaster but I think that didn’t last very long.
—  Part of Benedict Cumberbatch’s answer before the bug incident, in regards to instruments he’s played, Oz COMIC CON