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Rant about Benedict Cumberbatch

Two days ago I met Benedict Cumberbatch, naturally I was star struck by his seemingly perfect aesthetics and his polite and sophisticated manner. It was an absolute pleasure to be in his presence. When I returned home I opened my laptop to see the same wallpaper of Benedict that had been there for months. Upon meeting him I was given a new perspective…this image was not of the same perfection I had witnessed in real life. They had air brushed the entire photo removing any “blemishes” as they would call them. His lips were changed and re-proportioned along with his jawline. They had also removed the small brown spot from his right eye.

What does this say for humanity if the man voted Sexiest Movie Star in the World is photoshopped regardless of his seemingly perfect aesthetics.

If they airbrush and manipulate the Worlds Sexiest Movie Star I’d hate to see what they’d do to me. Society. Stop trying to “perfect” what’s already perfection.

When we walked in the first thing he said was “Ahh, another set of twins!”. The photographer said “double trouble” and be giggled then placed his hands on our shoulders… I felt him move them when the photo was taken but I thought he did a thumbs up… Apparently he pointed at us! Haha.
Then later on when I got an autograph, he was talking to himself and whoever would listen, so when I walked up he turned to me and said “Don’t you think that’s weird? Someone asking you to sign a photo of yourself as a character, with the characters name?” and then he said something about how signing it as Sherlock is weird. Apparently someone a few people ahead of me wanted him to sign his name as Sherlock, haha. He was looking very confused/focused though, it was funny. I then said hi etc and I was getting an autograph for my friend as well as her birthday present, so I asked him to write Happy Birthday for her.. He said “of course!” and did that for me and then said “I hope she likes it!”. My response was along the lines of “so do I! It’s a surprise” and he said “well, you are a really great friend” and gave me a lovely smile. Under his signature on my friend’s one he was writing a little note but I couldn’t tell what it said because it was upside down and messy, so I thanked him and walked off and when I read it, he had written “PS, you have a very good friend!!”…. That is the story of how he made my day! (And I also met Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne, who were hilarious and so sweet. Benedict’s exclusive panel was great too :D)
bc & his re-used clothing

i see a lot of comments on here about BC and his ubiquitous t-shirts etc. 

it reminds me that at sydney comic con in 2014 he spoke at length (amongst other things) about trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint despite his exalted life, and one way he continually uses to address this was by re-using the same clothing whenever he could….