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*screams* *screams louder* did you see THIS??? https:// www. youtube. com/ watch?v=s06zGSGdKf4 I’m no native speaker and I can’t make it all out because of the background noise, but he talks about Sherlock being strange and remote at the start of his arc and then learning how to be human through John AND then remarks that he has at the beginning a limited sex life?! What?! *more screaming* 

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I actually have Sera!!! This is like the equivalent of Martin’s “I dunno” interview, except, as per usual, ben is rambling and waffling through his responses. He is a precious man, and bless his heart, he wants to talk so badly about the story and you can see him physically attempting to NOT do it. I love how fondly he speaks about Sherlock, and that he basically blows all his previous statements about his character out of the water to basically say “Sherlock loves and wants to be loved”. Like. It’s so beautiful.

And one of my favourite things at the beginning of all this: The reporter says “to save his best friend”. Not Mary. This reporter never indicated she was talking about John, but Ben assumes she was and goes right into it about Sherlock and John. Like I think I just love seeing a reporter who knows it was bullshit, Sherlock sacrificing himself for Mary. There is hope if a mainstream reporter gets it.


Access Hollywood interview - Fanboying over Andy Murray and generally being totally adorable ❤

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OMG! Look at the Cumberbatch interview, our son said too much again, is on youtube, look for "SDCC 2016: Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch (One-on-One Interview) "

This is the reason he’s locked in that basement again. Poor son. Free him!


Talking Strange with Josh Horowitz and impersonating Tom 😆

It’s about him coming to terms with the fact that he can do a better job if he has a little bit of morality, feeling and emotion and to be able to play with those things without necessarily being taken over by them.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock in Series 3 (x)


He honestly has absolutely no idea how fabulous his hair is 😮 loved this wee interview, he’s utterly adorable. As always ❤


Benedict on talking to Comic-Con fans in the queue and Doctor Strange. He really is the most incredibly lovely man ❤

The great Cumberbatch interview: full and unabridged English version!

As many of you already know, I traveled down to the film festival in Gent on October 11th for the screening of Parade’s End. I had arranged for an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch the next day, thanks to my internship for a magazine/website. They only gave me 15 minutes with him but we had a very relaxed yet meaningful and interesting conversation about Sherlock and Parade’s End.

Many of you have been waiting anxiously for the final version of this interview, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it - I had an amazing time interviewing Benedict :)

So please do read on (press the “read more” button) and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think, I appreciate any kind of constructive criticism!

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