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Gif appreciation post: SHERLOCK (BBC)

In honor of the beginning of filming season four!

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She has her care and love for a man that goes well beyond the darkest episodes and chapters of her past. And Sherlock can see that. Despite the big lie of her identity, everything she does - she tries to conceal her identity to save her love for her man. He can see the sacrifice.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch on Mary Watson in “Sherlock Uncovered”

He is the reason Sherlock and John met after all. 

So here is my appreciation post: 

Mike smiling fondly at John:

He’s such a good friend guys, just look at those dimples: 

Here he it is guys! The moment… the glorious moment he realized he could set Sherlock and John together: 

“Come inside dear, watch your step, you’re about to meet your future”

Look at him being all cute and ticked by Sherlock, he’s all like “Sorry can’t lend you my phone Sherlock, I’ve got more important things than that, like introducing dear John to you” 

LOOK AT HIM! Smirking, the all knowing smirk “Yes John lend him your phone, finallly some interaction” 

The knowing smirk again!! Hot guys~

The I’m innocent look, the I didn’t tell Sherlock anything about you look.

He smiled like this right after Sherlock left after impressing John with his deduction and giving him the flat address. 

I present to you Mike’s “Yess!! I achieved my goal” smile. 

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