benedict cumberbatch 12 years a slave


This plantation covers many hundreds of acres, and you will traverse the Texas road between the forest site and the sawmill in double time. On one side men and bloodhounds patrol the border and on the other the bayou provides a hard living, with alligators and little to eat or drink that won’t kill you. No slave has escaped here with his life.

12 Years a Slave (2013) dir. Steve McQueen

Omg we were watching “12 years a slave” in class and suddenly Benefrickin Crumblesnatch popped up outta nowhere and I didn’t know Brendadirk Cramplescrunch was in that movie so when he came on screen I gasped really loudly and everybody turned their heads towards me and stared at me with worry and slight irritation and off course I panicked because nobody else knew who Bonkyhort Cutiebrunch was and no body would understand why I was reacting so badly and I didn’t want to explain it either and my thoughts were spinning and my brain suddenly said “PRETEND YOU CAN’T BREATHE” and I was like “GOOD ENOUGH” so I pretended I was choking and I was actually rather convincing because I was so panicky from all the attention that I actually felt like I couldn’t breathe and my teacher ran up to me and was like da frickfrackpaddywack issa wrong and I just pretended that I swallowed something down, coughed a little bit and said im sorry and Im fine and that, my friends, is what happens when you join a fandom with someone as perfect as Benedittini Cabinetry as the main character

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