About Mark Gatiss’ words

I’ve read many Johnlockers complaints about the infamous article he tweeted about. 

As a shipper myself (though a Sherlolly one), I understand the despair and the anger.

I’ve also read about how many Johnlockers are convinced this is another trick and Moftiss are lying again in order not to spoil the surprise. It makes sense.

There’s just one thing I want to say and I think most of my Sherlollian fellows (and/or other ships supporters) will agree on this: shipping Johnlock is absolutely fine; bashing anything not Johnlock related is not. 

Mark Gatiss’ rude-ish words might be a farce, of course, but I must say his  disdain towards the most ardent Johnlock supporters is quite justifiable: some Johnlockers are really disrespectful when it comes to deal with anything beside their ship being end-game or canon (today I’ve read a Johnlocker talking about the show turning out as either “gay or trash”. The screenshots of the Johnlocker tweeting Mark Gatiss she will die if Johnlock doesn’t become canon in S4 are another refulgent example).

That’s not how it works.

Sherlock is a brilliant show, a masterpiece. Johnlock interactions are a contributing factor, just as much as Sherlolly, Sheriarty or Warstan interactions. There’s so much else beyond ships, guys!

I think it’s almost offensive to reduce everything about this utterly ingenious TV-show to a ship, no matter how much material you might have gathered about the Johnlock conspiracy.

No hate.

Spread Sherlock love everywhere as usual. 

Be happy and rejoice for your ship, no matter which one it is.

I don’t know what i like more…. the idea that the first time Benedict and Martin kiss will be for the day they’re filming it…. or if they’ve gone out of their way to practice a bit beforehand, to “ease the tension” to make their acting more believable. Either way I’m sure that question will be brought up somehow in an interview next year.

Martin: “You know, Benedict said he was actually nervous to kiss me in front of all the cast and crew - a lot was riding on it, you know what i mean? And we’re such good friends which made it a lot trickier. It had to be good immediately on screen. So we took the time to practice in the downtime between scenes throughout the week leading up to it.”

Interviewer: “W-What?”

Martin: “You know, just getting into character. We’re professionals, remember. Ben’s a bloody awful kisser, by the way, he should thank me for the lessons.”


This Is Why We Won’t See Sherlock on Comic Con Ever Again

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, when did Benedict say hurtful things about the fandom?

No bother at all, Nonnie, I’ve already got several asks about that topic.

’[…] when Cumberbatch curses gently under his breath: “Oh lord, here we go, here we go.” He indicates two middle-aged women in flowery dresses sitting at a table across the room. “The florals over there,” he says, eyes averted. “They’re giving a bit of a head-turning — it’s begun.”


It is around this stage in our conversation that one of the floral ladies seizes her moment to approach the table. “Excuse me, could you make my daughter’s day and take a photo with me?” she asks. Politely, but firmly, Cumberbatch rejects the offer.

“No, no I can’t, but it’s very nice to meet you. What’s your name?” Defeated, the lady retreats, and a manager approaches, offering to intercede should it happen again. Cumberbatch declines. “The worst thing is when you have guard dogs, because then it just becomes an extension of you,” he explains. Recently at Comic-Con in San Diego, to publicize both Penguins and The Hobbit, he was caught in just such a moment, after bodyguards blocked the crowd as he exited to a waiting car. “People were literally dragged off the streets [crying], ‘I just wanted an autograph.’ It’s horrible. And then I get into the back of an SUV, going, ‘Sorry,’ and this one girl goes, ‘Yeah, whatever,’ with tears in her eyes. It’s not fucking me. I can’t control an ex-military security man who’s just had a whole day of it, and just thinks he’ll lose his job if he doesn’t punch some poor teenage girl in the face to give me an inch more room to breathe.”


Cumberbatch is referring to the rapacious slash fiction community that has turned his chilly, acerbic, and distinctly asexual Sherlock into a lustful cock monster. “It’s always, like, one of them is tired, one comes back from work, the other is horny, a lump appears in his trousers, and then they’re at it,” he says. “It’s usually me getting it — I’m biting Watson’s dog tags.” Perhaps, I suggest, making Holmes and Watson gay is a way to remove other women from the picture. “Yes, yes,” he replies enthusiastically. “I think it’s about burgeoning sexuality in adolescence, because you don’t necessarily know how to operate that. And I think it’s a way of neutralizing the threat, so this person is sort of removed from them as somebody who could break their heart.”’

OUT Magazine, 14/10/2014

It was this article about the ‘florals’, the ‘burgeoning sexuality in adolescence’, and the ‘lustful cock monster’ that was the beginning of the end of my admiration for BC. Read the full article, and you know what he thinks about his fans, young or old.

And before anybody is asking, just because I am in a generous mood tonight and couldn’t care less about my follower count, here’s the quote from an article that put me off being a true Martin Freeman fan, as well:

“'Your longtime partner Amanda Abbington plays Watson’s love interest in the upcoming series of ‘Sherlock’. Some fans were so distraught they tweeted her death threats. Does that level of fandom worry you?’

‘It’s ridiculous. To me, they’re not fans of the show – they’re fans of a show going on their heads. Obviously I love Amanda and I want everyone to react positively to her; she plays a fantastic character and brings a hell of a lot to the third series. If people want to imagine Watson and Holmes fucking, they’re more than welcome to, but it will have no bearing on what we do in the show.’”

Martin Freeman, Time Out

I simply don’t enjoy being insulted and belittled. Not even by my favourite celebrities. Not even for the sake of a good and just cause… like, what was it? Ah, yes, the surprise moment when Johnlock becomes canon.

Call me an old fashioned floral lady, but after all those years I’m still convinced that the audience which at the end of the day is paying their wages, deserves to be treated with a minimum of respect.