Who ya gonna call
  • Me:Hello, 911? I wanna report flickering lights and strange noises in my house.
  • 911:Sorry ma'am there seems to be demonic activity going on in your house, that's a job for the Winchesters.
Mads Mikkelsen might play a villain in Doctor Strange
Earlier this summer, we reported that Chiwetel Ejiofor had signed on to Marvel’s Doctor Strange to play Baron Mordo, the film’s ostensible villain. According to a new report from Variety, though, he might not be the only looking to antagonize Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange and his mentor, Tilda Swin

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Sophie Hunter for OSMAN
The Collective No. 3: Submission Power Love

Photographed by New York-based Jean Francois Campos, Sophie featured in Osman Studio’s The Collective, the biannual, cross-disciplinary artistic journal personally curated by the fashion house’s founder and chief designer Osman Yousefzada. Contributors are friends or friends of friends of Osman.

*Sophie attended the publication’s third edition launch in May 2014
*She has worn Osman creations including a Resort 2016 Tangerine Dress and a Fall 2014 Cobalt Blue Kimono Coat
*Jean’s photograph was included in Sophie’s Harper’s Bazaar interview in June 2015


Once upon a time, a young girl went to see a production of Hamlet mainly because the lead was being played by an actor she had discovered in a very successful TV series.

However, as a result of seeing the play, she developed a lifelong love of Shakespeare that she passed onto many other young people during a 30 year career in teaching.

The young girl was me (it was a long time ago!), the series was the 1976 production of “I, Claudius” and the actor was the wonderful Derek Jacobi.

So don’t let anyone sneer at you, saying that you are only going to see the latest production of Hamlet “because that bloke from Sherlock is in it” - you just never know where it may lead…


“Got to go now… got to go to my bubby"