So today...

My mother was watching the tellie and this guy was talking. He said ‘benediction’ and then proceeded to talk about airplanes…

I started fangirling a little because my first thought was of:

My mom looked at me like I’m crazy and I’m just sitting here like:

I think I have a benaddiction…

Vickey tells porky pies.

 Now i’m in the grips of full blown Beneddiction, i have a confession to make.

I told my partner fibs last night.

There i was, furiously typing away writing my fic about Benny’s neck and my Other Half wanders over and asks what i’m doing.

I told him i was writing a Watchmen review. He wanted to read it as Watchmen is his fav graphic novel.

I don’t have a Watchmen review.

Now i have to write one.


I’m going to hell, aren’t I?!