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gurl give me more dirt on some actors i definitely shouldn’t be stanning. i need to know before i get super invested in anyone!

kristine hermosa is still super awkward with diether ocampo ever since their mess of a wedding and subsequent annulment

(but this still doesn’t explain why she won’t reunite with echo, I don’t rememberrrr!! basta it was during their soap in 2009)

gerald anderson is a dumb butt, so glad his career tanked when he cheated on kim chiu

kc concepcion is a spoiled brat like uggghhh. I was a super fan of hers but ever since she had that uber tantrum on the buzz when she broke up with piolo pascual “because he couldn’t give her what she needed” and that she kept implying that he was gay and that’s the only reason he could’ve left her

like I get it you’re hurt, you can’t bang piolo pascual anymore, I would be devastated too

but come on that’s not right

who else do you know, hannah? ahahahaha :D 

also coco martin is super fine I just wanted to throw that out there