beneath the surface series

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any recommended galennic fics?

Quite a few, actually! (particular faves are marked with *)

Brentaal (student days):


  • Beneath the Surface - Orson is from a horrible family and Galen protects him. An interesting reversal of the usual galennic dynamic; child abuse mention warning
  • Flower Petals On My Pillow - Galen is a tattoo shop owner and Krennic sends him flowers to win him back, with really cute Jyn/Cassian
  • Scenes from the Stardust Cafe* [ongoing] - coffee shop AU, Galen owns the coffee shop (Bodhi is his assistant) and Orson is an Australian architect
  • try our best to recreate* [ongoing] - Jyn tries to mend Galen and Orson’s relationship, with cute background Jyn/Cassian and Chirrut/Baze (Orson is Jyn’s professor)
  • Lies series [ongoing] - Galen and Orson are Jyn’s parents. Betrayal and angst as per usual for the pair.
  • Promise - inspired by the Lies series but more lighthearted

angsty/tragic/Orson pining: