beneath the lobster

Tord’s Desperate Road Trip.

       Tord’s right knee bounced impatiently as he stared out of the window of the back seat of Paul’s car. After a heart-to-heart conversation with Tom over the phone, the Norwegian had agreed to return to his friends and attempt to start over with them as Paul and Patrick had agreed to drive him to his old friends’ new apartment-complex. The poor Norwegian desperately needed to pee, however but was too full of pride to admit this to either Paul or Patrick as he stared out, at the passing-scenery to take his mind off of his painfully-full bladder. Tord was snapped out of his trance when his cellphone had buzzed within the pocket of his hoodie as he retrieved it to see that he had received a text-message from Tom.

       “Hey, where are you?” Tom’s text read.

       “In the car…” Tord texted back.

       “That’s good…How are you doing?” Tom questioned as he knew that Tord was still feeling a great deal of guilt over what had happened between him and the others.

       “Good…” Tord replied as he cringed from desperation and shifted uncomfortably.

       “That’s a lie, isn’t it?” Tom questioned.

       “No…” Tord replied with a blush as he bit his bottom-lip.

       “What’s wrong?” Tom asked.

       “I have to pee so badly…” Tord reluctantly replied as his blush grew even deeper and he began to sweat. He really did not want to share that information with Tom but it was all he could think about at the moment.

       “Okay? T.M.I! Why don’t you just ask Paul or Patrick to stop somewhere or pull over?” Tom questioned as he began to blush as well. He could not pinpoint why but the thought of his Norwegian-rival needing to pee excited him for some reason.

       “I’m not going to tell them that! Besides, we are stuck in traffic and your apartment is not that far away…” Tord blushed even harder as he shakily typed the reply, his desperation causing him to accidentally make several typos as he did so. Tom blushed even harder as he began to remember that Tord had always had a bad habit of ignoring his bladder until he was bursting, even as a child. Tom’s face was now a deep shade of red as he remembered the accidents that Tord would use to have as a child because of this as a result as he secretly wondered if he could get him to repeat one of those accidents.

       “Sucks to be you, huh? Just try not to think about waterfalls, rushing-rivers or babbling-brooks.” Tom sent his next reply with a mischievous smirk. Tord winced as he let out a small, pained whimper at the text and crossed one leg over the other.

       “Come on, Tom! Do not tease me; I am literally dying, over here!” Tord replied as he now shoved one of his free hands between his legs to sooth the torrent of urine just screaming to be released.

       “Sorry! Sorry! Habit!” Tom replied with a small snicker. The two brunettes then began to engage in another conversation about movies for the next couple of hours.

       “AGH! I really have to pee!” Tord suddenly texted to Tom as his urge had now increased to an unbearable rate.

       “What in the World?! I peed before we left the gas station!” Tord complained again before Tom even had a chance to reply to his first text. The Norwegian was now completely unable to sit still as he was now squirming in his seat while pinching his member shut with his free hand to keep any urine from flowing out of him.

       “Did you get a drink from the gas station?” Tom questioned as his blush began to return to his countenance.

       “Oh, right! I got that slushy! I suppose it wasn’t very smart of me to drink it all at once…” Tord sighed once he had realized the source of his unbearable desperation as he texted his embarrassing confession to Tom.

       “How far off are you?” Tom questioned.

       “I’m pulling onto the street now. FINALLY! The traffic let up…” Tord replied.

       “We’ll meet you out front…” Tom ended the conversation before exiting his apartment to inform Matt and Edd of Tord’s arrival. Matt, Tom and Edd all waited outside as Paul and Patrick pulled up to drop off Tord. Tom immediately took notice to how shakily Tord had gotten out of the car and how stiffly he had approached them even though neither Matt or Edd seemed to notice. Tom also took notice to the fact that Tord seemed to not be able to stand still as Edd explained that he would be staying with Tom for a while.

       He also took notice to how shaky Tord’s voice was whenever he would reply to either Matt or Edd’s questions. Tom felt his face once again beginning to heat up at how desperate his Norwegian companion looked as Edd began to lead the others toward his apartment so they could all catch up. The four friends had spent some time talking and Tom had forgotten all about Tord’s urge, long enough for the Norwegian to sneak off in search of Edd’s bathroom. Shortly after Tord had snuck off, Tom felt a small pressure on his own bladder as well.

       “I’ll be right back; I have to go to the bathroom…” Tom excused himself to the bathroom with a small blush before parting ways with his friends. As Tom made his way toward Edd’s bathroom, he took notice to the sound of Tord’s urine splashing into the toilet, blushing at his sighs of relief. Tom then noticed that Tord had accidentally left the door cracked open as his hand had fully opened the door before his brain had a chance to stop him. A deep blush spread across the bridge of the eyeless-Brit’s nose at the sight of his Norwegian-rival’s exposed-member urinating into the toilet.

       “OH, GOSH! NO! NO! NO!” Tord gasped once he had turned his head to see that Tom had walked in on him.

       The Norwegian quickly shoved himself back inside of his pants to hide himself from Tom though he was unable to stop peeing as a large, wet spot began to grow on the front of his unzipped-jeans. Tom’s blush grew at the sight of the thick, golden stream that had burst through the crotch of his rival’s jeans as it splattered onto the floor, creating a golden puddle beneath the Norwegian.

       “Holy lobster-headed banana! I am so sorry…” Tom apologized as Tord’s eyes began to tear up from humiliation.

       “D-Do not look at me…” Tord whimpered before beginning to cry softly from embarrassment.

       “Aw no Tord, don’t cry…It was just an accident…” Tom pulled Tord into a gentle, comforting hug despite the urine.

       “But I am the leader of the Red Army; I should not be wetting myself like a child! What are Matt and Edd going to say when they find out?!” Tord sobbed into Tom’s shoulder.

       “T-They’re not going to find out…” Tom reassured as he began to have a rather-perverse idea.

       “H-How would they not find out?! My pants are soaked!” Tord cried as he pulled away from the hug.

       “W-We’re wearing the same type of jeans so…We can just trade pants and I can take the blame…” Tom offered with a blush as he desperately prayed that his plan would work.

       “Y-You would do that for me? W-Why?” Tord questioned, appearing touched by Tom’s gesture. The Norwegian’s eyes then widened slightly when Tom leaned in to plant a gentle kiss onto his lips.

       “Because I love you, that’s why and I have for a very long time…” Tom replied once he had pulled away as Tord began to blush even harder than he had previously been blushing. Meanwhile, Edd was beginning to grow increasingly bored as Matt had done nothing but talk about himself all evening. Edd’s boredom was short-lived, however when he had taken notice to Tom’s appearance. Tom was now wearing Tord’s soaked-jeans as he appeared rather flustered by the warm, wet feeling of his new lover’s urine on his genitals.

       “Ha! What happened to you?!” Matt laughed as Edd stifled a few snickers.

       “I-I’m sorry, Edd; I had a bit of an accident…” Tom choked out as his flustered appearance helped support the believability of his claim. Tord soon exited the bathroom in Tom’s dry jeans, still appearing rather embarrassed by his ordeal but also guilty that his former-rival had gone out of his way to humiliate himself for him.

       “You peed your pants?! That’s so weird!” Matt giggled, earning a nudge from Edd.

       “It’s alright, Tom; you’re still our friend and we won’t tell anyone. Now, don’t worry too much about the mess; I’ll take care of it. You can borrow a pair of my pants for the night.” Edd offered, being the kindest of the four friends.

       “T-Thanks, Edd…” Tom shakily grinned. He was a bit disappointed that he would be deprived of the special feeling of Tord’s urine-soaked jeans but he knew they would not stay warm and wet forever. He was thankful for Edd’s generosity, however and he would never forget the feeling of Tord’s urine-soaked jeans pressed against his crotch, nor would he forget how desperate Tord looked when he had first arrived at Edd’s house. Perhaps Tord would let him experience it again, someday.