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Beauty and the Beast is the Hobbit

really though. it’s kind of bizarre

We begin with a prologue. A male narrator tells us the story of a secluded kingdom/palace that fell into decay..

The narrator then tells us how his kingdom/palace fell into ruin. The ruler of the kingdom/palace became selfish and heartless, obsessed with one of the “seven deadly sins”: (vanity or greed).

Their selfishness drew a powerful evil magic (an enchantress or a dragon.)

It also drew a curse. The enchantress caused the Prince to turn into a beast. There’s a similar concept in the Hobbit. The gold   in Erebor causes the people who obsess over it to get “dragon sickness”– a sort of curse which turns them into gold-obsessed  “dragons” (beasts on the inside )….

After this dark prologue, we transition to a beautiful sunny provincial town. It’s a lovely place, but every day is the same as the day before. These hobbits/ townspeople are fussy and simpleminded. They care a lot about tradition and being “respectable.” They deeply mistrust anything new, exciting, or unfamiliar…..

We meet our second hero- a naiive and very bookish person whose name starts with a B. They can have a snarky sense of humor. They “don’t take anyone’s shit” and are far stronger than they look. They can be proud, even a little arrogant at times, but they’re very soft-hearted. They are a “pure cinammon roll.”

This person’s greatest, defining strength is their compassion. They can see the good in everyone, even in creatures who look like monsters (Belle falls in love with the Beast; Bilbo takes pity even on Gollum)

They also have a parent known for being crazy/unconventional– Belle has her father Maurice, Bilbo has his mother Belladonna Took.

Both the protagonists are different from the other simple farmer-villagers because they want more than just a simple  life.

They long for adventure….

And they’re eventually dragged into an adventure, against their will.

Our protagonist is forced to meet the The Dwarf-King/the Beast-Prince. This person is brooding, intimidating, and glowering. He rarely smiles. He has a dramatic cloak and an uncontrollable temper. He has a Tragic Past, a bizarre troop of followers, and (secretly) a good heart. 

Deep in this King/Prince’s castle is his special glowing Secret Artifact you really shouldn’t touch (Seriously don’t he will FREAK OUT). The reason why the King/Prince needs the protagonist has something to do with this enchanted artifact….

The protagonist makes an agreement to stay with the King/Prince (Belle makes a promise, Bilbo signs a contract.)

They get to know the Prince/King and his more approachable but still very weird group of followers. When the King/Prince isn’t there,  these followers sing an upbeat song to the protagonist as they expertly prepare/clean up after dinner (Be our Guest and That’s What Bilbo Baggins Hates.) Their song is so upbeat you forget they’re singing it to a captive audience.

Meanwhile, the relationship between the Prince/Dwarf-king and the protagonist gets off to a very rocky start. The Prince/King secretly cares about the protagonist (later risking his life multiple times for them) but refuses to show it. Instead he acts cold, dismissive, and controlling. The protagonist, meanwhile, doesn’t know that beneath his cold facade the Prince/King really does have a heart.

Their relationship reaches a breaking point when the protagonist makes an innocent mistake, and The Prince/King lashes out at them….

The protagonist decides that, even though they promised to stay/signed a contract, they can’t do this any longer. They try to leave….

But a wolf attack changes everything.

The Prince/King defends the protagonist from wolves (or guys riding on wolves).He’s gravely injured by one of these wolves.

 The protagonist then saves his life in return.

This near-death experience brings them closer together.

The Prince realizes he was wrong about the protagonist, and about himself…

”Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong!” Versus “I have never been so wrong in all my life.” 

There’s a lot of bonding between the Prince/King and the protagonist. The Prince/King becomes kinder, gentler. Their affection for the protagonist, and the protagonist’s kindness to them, makes the Prince/King more openly compassionate. Things are really looking up. It looks like the curse will be overcome (the Beast will become human, and Thorin won’t get the “dragon sickness” that drove his grandfather mad.)

But there’s another force to be reckoned with– a handsome, vain antagonist who loathes the Beast/the Dwarf….

(“I use antlers in all of my decorating!”)

This antagonist convinces everyone the Beast/Dwarf is evil and subhuman. (He’s very against the film’s Beast/human or dwarf/elf relationship).  He rallies a massive force to kill the Prince/King.

The protagonist, armed only with one of the Prince//King’s prized sparkly artifacts (the Mirror/the Arkenstone), tries to convince them to stop. But this only makes things worse.

At one point the Prince/King tells the protagonist to leave. Then the Prince/King, feeling betrayed and hopeless, becomes “beast-like” again. The enemy is at his doorstep but he refuses to fight,  resigned to his fate. One of his servants/followers tries to convince him to join the battle, but fails. Let them come, the Prince King thinks, let them destroy everything– he’ll remain holed up in his castle. He lets his servants/Dain’s troops fight his battle for him.

His servants/Dain’s army does well without him at first, but eventually he’s forced to join the fray. He fights one-on-one against an army/mob’s leader. There’s a moment where he thinks he’s defeated his foe….but then his enemy launches a surprise attack, stabs him, and mortally wounds him. Yet by killing the Prince/King, the evil guy also ends up killing himself. 

The protagonist rushes to the dying Prince/King’s side, blaming themselves for causing his death. The Prince/King, meanwhile, has finally redeemed himself. He apologizes for the way he acted in the past (“maybe it’s better this way”) and speaks lovingly about how wonderful the protagonist is, and how glad they are to see them one last time. The protagonist, meanwhile,  desperately insists that he will be all right.

But he isn’t. He dies. The protagonist collapses, weeping.

But then he comes back to life because love!!! In one of the films, anyway. In the other he is 50000 percent dead


Both films have animated and live-action adaptations. In the live-action adaptations, Ian McKellan plays one of the Prince’s allies (Cogsworth/Gandalf) while Luke Evans plays one of his adversaries (Gaston/Bard).

TL;DR: A Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Bilbo and the Dwarf (or: the Burglar and the Beast?)

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“Georgie,” Fred whispered, arching a brow and digging his elbow into his brother’s ribs as soon as they poured out of Filch’s office. “Have a look.”

“Well then,” George remarked, eyeing the worn piece of parchment in his twin’s hand. “A whole drawer of confiscated items and you thought the blank bit of parchment was probably best?” He reached for it, giving it a skeptical once-over. “For this I wasted a dungbomb?” 

“A dungbomb at the inconvenience of Filch is never a dungbomb wasted,” Fred told him smartly. “Anyway, considering the drawer, there’s obviously more to it. Unlike you,” he added, nudging him. “Who possess nothing beneath your stunningly handsome facade.”

“A handsomeness that I wear better, by the way,” George assured his twin, not looking up. “Hm,” he murmured to himself. “If it were me, I would- ”

He stopped, frowning in thought.

“Oh good,” Fred said, fighting a yawn. “I was hoping you’d come to an abrupt stop.” He leaned against the wall, kicking one leg out to cross it over the other. “Frankly, if it weren’t for your unerring mystery, I’d have run off a long time ago.”

George raised his wand and tapped it against the parchment. “Revelio,” he muttered, and then watched as a series of words began to spread across the page.

No, it said. Don’t feel like it.

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On Jyn, whom I love like burning

I’ve been thinking about making this post for a while now, and I’m finally at a point where I think I can articulate all of my thoughts.

Two of the criticisms I’ve seen about Jyn are as follows:

  • The movie doesn’t give us enough information to be able to fully understand her.
  • The change in her is too abrupt, making her arc seem unrealistic.

I, of course, disagree.

The film tells us the following things about Jyn: she had parents who chose, early on, to rebel; she had a close relationship with her father; she had to flee her home, alone, at a very young age; she watched agents of the Empire kill her mother while her father stood by; she was raised by a soldier as a soldier; she was ultimately left behind by said soldier; she is desperate; she is a lone wolf. From all of this, we can discern that she has been abandoned by one father figure and “betrayed” by another (Galen did not actually betray her, but consider how the events on Lah'mu might look through the eyes of a child: “Dad, Dad who is great and whom I love and who says he loves me and will protect me, just let bad people kill Mom and went with the bad people instead of coming after me”); that her childhood was difficult, violent, and traumatic; and that she has difficulty interacting with other people (which is a direct result of the former points).

The film also tells us that, beneath her tough facade, she cares, and that she maintains a firm moral center positioning her against the Empire. That’s why she says that she prefers to believe that her father is dead; that she rescues the child in Jehda; that Saw asks her, “you don’t believe in the cause anymore?” Her apathy is feigned. It’s a product of the fact that, post-Saw, she shut down and began surviving just for the sake of it, because she was littered with wounds that would not heal.

When Jyn says to Saw, “it’s not a problem if you don’t look up,” she doesn’t actually believe it. Watch her: she pauses, and her mouth quivers, and the words come out mealy. It would be easier if she believed it. It would sync up with her trauma. But because she knows right from wrong, she can’t say it with conviction; she can only deploy it as a “gotcha,” as a set piece in an argument. She is trying, very poorly, and as a self-defense mechanism, to convince herself of a convenient fiction.

The reason she becomes a beacon, a “speech machine,” after watching Galen’s message is because said message resolves 95% of what she’s been going through. It tells her that her father did not actually betray her, that he has always stood against the “bad people,” that he wants her to fight against them, too, that he’s actually paved the way for her, for everyone, to do it. He’s been steadfast and true, something the people in her life, up until then, have decidedly not seemed to be.

Jyn doesn’t change, after Jehda. She just takes off her mask.

To that end, Cassian’s “welcome home” works on two levels: it welcomes her into her found family, into a group of people whom she can trust and rely upon and who believe in her as much as she believes in them, but it also welcomes her back. She is the prodigal daughter, showing up on the doorstep of her childhood home (the rebellion, lower-case-r because it’s the spirit, not the organization) after having worked through all the shit that made her leave.

okay but Al not sleeping is actually kind of a big problem for his mental health??

I mean of course you have the flashback with Winry where he says (paraphrasing) “[not being able to sleep] makes me think about things that I shouldn’t!” but sleeping is more than just regaining physical energy, it’s also regaining mental energy. it’s the one time when your brain doesn’t have to process all these things and recuperate, a de-stress of sorts. that’s why sleep is so important.

but Al never gets that? he goes through all these crazy scenarios and all this stress and then he never gets to just, chill?? and he doesn’t have senses in the traditional sense, so his brain doesn’t have to process those, but that’s still a lot of mental energy being expended. how has he not gone insane yet?

and then think of the time spent in that earthen dome with Pride, and how Heinkel said something like, “I’d go insane if I was trapped in there.” and then, like, on top of that it’s pitch darkness and he’s in there with the eldest homunculus. anybody’s nerves are going to be frayed if they can’t see and there’s a potential threat (there IS a possibility that Pride has some sort of power he doesn’t know about). beneath that (literal) iron-calm facade, he must be so paranoid. he must’ve jumped a mile internally when Ed rapped on the wall, also not to mention the constant monotone of Pride tapping on his head.

like. that’s gonna have some repercussions on your mental health. Al made a big sacrifice when he came up & went through with that plan.

Al’s the real MVP.


[the unforgettable era, prequel to harry potter]

“heart-warming, thrilling and explosive.” “absolutely magical!”


a coming of age story fraught with wizardry, war and wit. join hogwarts’ class of 77′ as they embark on youthful adventures that will last a lifetime. teenage antics, mischief and pranks fill the stone cold corridors with music and laughter, but there is a creeping darkness that looms within and beyond castle doors. when prejudice and beliefs threaten to divide them all, they are forced to answer the impossible question: where do your loyalties lie? 

main characters: james potter, sirius black, remus lupin, lily evans (potter), severus snape, andromeda black (tonks), narcissa black (malfoy), bellatrix black (lestrange), lucius malfoy

supporting characters: dorcas meadowes, marlene mckinnon, frank longbottom, alice fortesque (longbottom), ted tonks, mary macdonald, regulus black, mucliber, evan rosier

soundtrack s1: do you want to know a secret - the beatles ; piece of my heart -janis joplin ; alone again (naturally) - gilbert o’ sullivan ; highway to hell - acdc ; sherry - frankie vallie and the four seasons ; seven nation army - the white stripes ; the way you look tonight - frank sinatra ; all my loving - the beatles 

will lily and james ever get together? what scandals hide beneath the black family facade? what makes a person turn into a death eater? sirius and remus: just friends? or just more? find out on the next episode of marauders: the netflix original series inspired by the works of J.K Rowling 

[coming soon to a screen near you]

* sidenote, i spent a ridiculously long time on this  (@ netflix pls make this a reality) so please give me credit!! 

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Coming Home: A Steggy AU


“Peg.” Even over the phone, Howard Stark’s voice teemed with excitement and urgency, slight desperation and much hope. “Peg, we’re so close. We may be able to actually do it!”

Peggy Carter leaned against the counter of her cramped apartment, pressing the phone closer to her cheek. It was the unusual seriousness of her friend that kept annoyance from creeping into her tone. “Do what, Howard?” She tried to elicit more details from him. “What’s going on?”

“…I can find him. I might be able to finally do it, Peg!”

“Find Steve?” Her words caught in her throat. She fiddled with the wire of the phone, her typical calm and confident attitude evaporating instantly, the old wound so easily reopened.

“Yeah, Peg, listen. I’ve been building a plane. It’s small, but it’s equipped with scopes, radar, all the works. I’ve done the math, and I think I know where his plane is.”

“But- he’s gone.” Tears creeped into her eyes, as she spoke, hating her own words, hating her sudden lack of composure.. “Steve is dead.”

“I- I know, Peg. But we can bring him home. Give him a funeral in Brooklyn. That’s what he would have wanted.” Howard sounded desperate and rueful, not at all like his normal boisterous self. “I owe him that. Let me give him that.”

“It was never your fault, Howard. He wouldn’t want you to feel guilty.”

“I need closure, Peg. Don’t you too?” He baited her.

The woman stood alone in her kitchen, her back against the counter. Peggy closed her eyes, thinking of the skinny boy from Brooklyn who would die fighting in the name of his home, knowing he would perish a world away from the place and people he had loved most.

And she knew her answer.


Soon enough, she found herself packed in flight tower with an flight crew, navigators, military officials. The air was tense accompanied only by silence, but occasionally, a few bursts of static would interrupt the stillness.

In all, the environment was unbearable. Peggy thought it odd that all the high ranking officials, who had previously faced a war, couldn’t even sum up the courage to make small talk with one another.

She despised the similarities between this place and the last flight tower she had been in, the one where she had listened to Steve talk as he steered the plane into the water. His voice had been calm enough, though she couldn’t deny the underlying tones of panic beneath the facade. He had talked until he died, the static replacing his sudden goodbye.

But now, the bursts of static meant something new. They gave a quiet sense of hope to the room full of the people closest to Captain America, reassuring them that their friend and comrade received a proper goodbye.

Finally, Howard’s voice emitted from the radio, interrupting the static. “I see something… it’s definitely not snow or ice… for a change…”

The tension in the room spiked, reaching a breaking point like a wire snapping. Excited whispers broke out, sending the room into a flurry. A group of military men congregated around the radio, but Peggy somehow found herself front and center, surrounded by everyone else. She deliberately ignored the awful parallels between her experience just over a month ago and this one as Howard talked.

“I’m landing now. There’s a flat enough sheet of ice in front of me. Everything is frozen for miles and miles, so it should hold.” His words reflected the mood of the flight tower’s; eager, yet still a little sad. Nobody spoke.

“The ice is holding. I’m pretty close, and it does look vaguely like a plane. I’m going to check it out.”

“Affirmative, Howard. Be careful.” The brunette managed, the emotion rising in her chest and making it hard to breathe.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, Peg. You know me.” Howard promised, and Peggy relaxed ever so slightly, trying not to imagine what he was about to discover.

The next ten minutes were agony. Her mind was overworking, thinking of every horrible possibility, worrying about Howard and unable to let any of it show, not in front of her superiors.

“Peggy, I need you to trust me, and I need you to listen to me, okay?” Howard returned abruptly, sounding desperate. Peggy’s heart pounded in her chest as she responded.

“Yes, Howard, I- what is it? What did you find?”

“I need you to leave. Go home, and I’ll call you after I get back.”

“No, absolutely not-”

“Peg, I wouldn’t ask-”

“I have every right to be here!” She half-shouted. The woman’s voice quieted after she took a deep breath, but she still spoke firmly. “I was closer to Steve than anyone else here, and I have every right to stay.”

“Just trust me on this. Peggy, please.”

“I can handle whatever it is you have to say!”

“Agent Carter,” Colonel Philips interrupted, “perhaps Mr. Stark is right.”

The veteran glared at the Colonel, a flush creeping into her cheeks, her outrage showing and betraying her. “I don’t believe this.”

“I’ll explain soon.” Howard tried to assure her, and Peggy was despicably satisfied to hear regret in his voice. She huffed, giving everyone in the room a murderous look before storming out.

They forced her to leave the tower, but Peggy refused to go home while the men were discussing Steve, or whatever it was Howard had to share. She sat on the ground outside, staring at the cement in front her, drawing her coat closer to her in an effort against the cold.


Fantasises, the good and the bad alike, had seized Peggy’s mind and dominated all of her thoughts, as her brain computed, with an uncontrollable frenzy, all the possible outcomes of the day and what Howard was hiding from her. Her paranoia was only fueled further when an ambulance drove up the side of the long runway, parking just a hundred feet away from where the plane would later land. The two doctors pulled a gurney out of their long car and stood by it, waiting for their patient to arrive. Peggy watched with a furrowed brow, wondering if something could possibly be wrong with Howard. There was no pain in his voice when they had talked (or argued, rather). And Steve shouldn’t need doctors, as Peggy had to painfully remind herself.

Another hour and a half passed slowly. Each minute brought a new wave of worry for Peggy. Her foot tapped impatiently, showing both her nerves and her meager attempt at resistance against the extreme cold. Eventually though, a rumble in the sky announced the arrival of Howard, his despicable secret, and, hopefully, the last of Captain America.

As the plane landed, Peggy rose to her feet, and the men from the tower began to spill out around her. She kept her eyes forward, defiantly ignoring her male counterparts. The eyes of Colonel Phillips were on her, she could feel it, but that made a negligible difference on her cold demeanor.

Howard exited the small plane without his usual grand entrance, foregoing that and rushing to the doctors, exchanging a few, hurried words with them before coming over to her. She watched the two men dash over to the plane, craning her neck around Howard’s approaching figure.

Forcing her features to correctly reflect her icy disposition as Peggy wrestled with sympathy for her friend, who looked freezing with his hands stuffed deep into his pockets and his head burrowed deep in his coat, and the anger at him, which had only grown in her hours of waiting. She gave her best glare, and Howard shrunk back, looking appropriately guilty.

“Peg-” He began apologetically.

“I don’t want to hear that you’re sorry, Howard, I want to know what’s going on.” She cut him off, drawing herself up to her full height.

“I can’t do that just yet.” The billionaire stole a quick glance back at the plane, where the doctors were moving a large covered object onto the gurney. Peggy too stared at the strange and questionable scene, her mind still racing.

“I’m not some lovesick bimbo, Howard, I can handle it.”

His face softened ever so slightly, and Peggy saw his usually unbreakable and ego-driven attitude begin to fail. “Please, Peg, just trust me…”

Her nostrils flared. “Do you trust me, then? Because you seem to think that I’ll turn into a whimpering child at the first mention of bad news, that I haven’t already fought in a war, that I haven’t already lost Steve, that I didn’t talk to him while he died-” she stopped herself abruptly, blinking tears out of her eyes, “You have no right to withhold any information from me, Howard. None at all.”

His shoulders sagged. “I have to stand by it, Peg.”

She could only stare at him for a moment more before turning away wordlessly, stalking towards the car, her heel clicking on the pavement. Howard watched her for a moment before something dawned on him.

“Hey-” he started after her, “I’m your ride home!”

She didn’t bother turning around, but called back to him; “I suppose it’ll be a long ride back, then.”


“You’re not trying to make a profit off of this, are you?” demanded Peggy suddenly, “using his blood to make money?”

Howard barely spared her a glance before turning his focus back to the road. “No. I would never.”

“Well, you never involve reasonable people in your mindless money-making schemes, so I had to be sure.” She replied scathingly.

“Peg, if I were making money off of Steve’s blood, you’d kill me when you found out. And there’s no point in makin’ money if you’re not alive to enjoy it.”

She still fumed silently. The man sighed loudly, speeding down the lonely road and desperately thinking of a way to bridge the gap between him and his companion. After a few minutes, he seemed to come to a decision. “I am going to fill you in now, Peg. I was always going to.”

Peggy waited for him to continue, still aloof enough that she remained turned away, but her posture straightened slightly, listening attentively.

“I did find him. I found Steve. But between the ice and the serum… he looked exactly the same.” Peggy was looking directly at him now, transfixed on his face.

An involuntary shudder rippled through her. “He still looks like…?”

“Looked like he was sleeping.” Howard confirmed, and for once, his words came with a gentle delivery. Their eyes met for only a second, Peggy’s shining with tears. “But here’s the real kicker- I found a pulse. Peg, he’s alive.”

A shaking hand covered her mouth, the tears now streaming down her face. “Steve…”

“I could feel his heart beating. The serum did a better job than we ever thought it would.

"I didn’t want to tell you until he was stable,” Howard continued, “you know, no giving you false hope. I wasn’t sure- I could barely believe it.”

“You should have told me.”

“Look at you,” Howard denounced, “I just didn’t want you to lose Steve twice.”

She glared at him through her tears, though her happiness remained clearly splayed across her face. “But he’s stable?”

Her dear friend nodded eagerly. “Yeah, and the doctors even say that he’s woken up a few times this morning.”

More tears of joy slipped down Peggy’s cheek, as she sighed contentedly, the weight of grief disappearing from her shoulders. Such good news felt surreal to her, like it was too good to be true. But there was Howard, smiling at her lightly, and telling her they were on the way to the hospital to see Steve, and they were so close, oh so close.

She sniffed, wiping the wetness from her cheeks. “Thank you, Howard.”


Holding the large, callused, yet limp hand in her own felt so strange to Peggy. She couldn’t help but think how lucky she was that they were both here, the war over and the two of them safe and alive, together. But it still didn’t feel quite real. How could the man she had spent 6 weeks mourning be right there in front of her?

When they had arrived at the hospital, Peggy had been prepared to argue and fight with every nurse that came her way to gain access to Steve, but Howard had just announced their names, grinned impishly at the right women, and then they were right outside his room. “I’ll wait,” Howard had told her, “he’s all yours.” Briefly, Peggy wondered if she could handle this alone, but then she had turned the knob, given Howard and anxious smile and ended up in the same room as Steve Rogers once again in her life.

Now, looking at his face was practically unbearable, despite this being a moment she had spent many nights dreaming about. He hadn’t said anything yet, as Howard had informed her, and Peggy remained unable to believe the miracle in front of her just yet. For now, it was only if a ghost were present, a prominent memory accompanied by the vague sense of hope.

Peggy jumped when Steve gave a long sigh in his sleep, turning his head ever-so-slightly towards her. This small movement distracted her from her focus on his hands, her gaze now shifting to his face. A surge of emotion was created within her, the most dangerous of feelings exploding in her chest. All of the pain, anger and sorrow she had carried with her resurfaced. The frustration at losing Steve extruded inside her, her grievance at how her was so stupidly brave, brave enough to sacrifice his life, how ridiculous it was that they never acted upon their feelings for each other, how she waited, and waited, and never said anything or did anything until it became too late, and he was gone, flying away in that godforsaken plane, until he was crashing into the ice, far, far away. There was the pain of losing him, of saying goodbye, of sitting in that awful tower, listening to his last words, then just radio static, the pain of going to his funeral, watching as they lowed the empty coffin into the ground, walking along the streets accompanied by his thousands of fans and mourners, and finally, the confusion and joy, the whiplash of finding out that he could be a hero again, not just a martyr.

Staring at his face and his peacefully closed eyelids, she waited, suddenly unwilling and unable to look away, her breathing slowing to match his as a sense of calm and acceptance slowly settled over her,

Time faded away, minutes passing rapidly as she watched him, patiently now, anticipating it, but not rushing it.

Then, her prayers were answered, her dreams and hopes becoming a reality as his eyes fluttered open, staring at the ceiling blankly, then, as if sensing her presence, turning his head to see her face. Peggy sat still, not daring to move, focusing on his eyes, which, in turn, gazed at her, filled with amazement.

Her breath let out in a deep sigh, a long-withheld smile spreading across her face, an action that the breathing, alive, awake, present boy from Brooklyn imitated with ease.

“Hello, Darling.” She whispered quietly yet proudly, eyes shining with rapture and love for the young man who had saved the world countless times with his heroics and leadership, who now saved her once more from any possible grief in that moment, who filled her with hope, and inspired her, and kept her going on every bad day, who clearly loved her so much, and who, finally, could squeeze her hand back while the two people grinned ecstatically at each other, filled with an indescribable and endless happiness.


“I’d hate to step on your toes.” Steve recalled suddenly, speaking the thought as it came to him.

“What?” Peggy demanded sharply, jolted from her reverie back to the present. Their eyes met, hers startled and wide, his soft and calm. There was a pause as they stared at each other, caught up in the moment.

“That’s the last thing I remember,” Steve explained, shifting from his position on the hospital bed and gazing at Peggy intently, “telling you that.”

She blinked, taken aback. “Yes- yes, I know. I remember too.”

“That was six weeks ago.” He sounded sure of himself, but nonetheless, he looked to her for confirmation.

Peggy nodded helpfully. “That’s right.” She said, swallowing the sting that came with the memory, and smiling at Steve gently.

“What did I miss? Full story.” He prompted, sitting up a little straighter, desperate to learn anything about the world. Most of what he knew now was warped and blended together in the flurry of chatter and the blabbering of the doctors and nurses attending to Steve. Between the several check-ups he had endured, the hour of questioning, and the large meal that had been forced down his throat, he had been able to gleam any real information.

“The war is over,” she told him , looking down at her hands, “we won. And I’ve attended more funerals than I care to count,” her voice caught, “including Bucky’s. Including yours.”

“I’m sorry.” He uttered instantly, the helplessness written across his face.

“Don’t be,” She said, her voice firm again, “both of you saved so many innocent lives. The funerals were a way for us to honor your sacrifices. We are forever indebted to you.”

“I wish I coulda’ been there for Buck’s…” Steve shook his head, grief palpable on his face.

“You were a bit preoccupied, Steve,” Peggy said gently, resting her hand on his knee, “he would have understood.”

“I know. I know,” he sighed, “I just wish…” He trailed off, putting his face in his hands.

A few minutes passed in silence, Peggy still next to him with her hand on his leg, a small and comforting gesture that left him enough space to grieve for a moment. Then his entire body tensed, and he looked up. “What happened to the Tesseract?” He demanded, his voice incisive, with urgent undertones replacing any previous sorrow.

“Howard amused himself by throwing it around until he was lost, then spent a large amount of time cutting through ice to drop it to the bottom of the ocean. It’s far away enough from the plane, which Howard left buried in eight feet of snow and ice. It’s gone.”

Steve slumped back onto his heap of pillows. “Thank God,” he breathed.

“Howard took your death quite hard. It was crucial to him that you didn’t die in vain.”

“I’ll have to thank him for that, won’t it?”

“He’s right outside, I believe, if he hasn’t been sidetracked by one of those nurses,” she informed him, smiling faintly.

“I owe him my life,” Steve said, “and he protected my sacrifice.” He laughed. “What a man.”

“Never underestimate Howard Stark,” Peggy agreed quietly.


“Visiting hours are now over,” the female nurse chirped, sticking her head through the doorway, blushing when Howard devilishly winked at her.

“Don’t worry, Steve,” Howard said offhandedly, standing up. “We’ll be back first thing tomorrow to pick you up. I was chatting with your doctors outside. You’re pretty healthy for a guy who’s been dead for a month and a half. They just want to keep you for a night then you’re free to go in the morning.”

“First thing?” Steve repeated, his eyes on Peggy.

“First thing,” Peggy nodded.

“Don’t you dare be late.” He said seriously, despite his eyes were alight with humor.

Peggy rolled her eyes, bending down to kiss Steve passionately on the lips, giving in to the long-withstanding urge and making her feelings clearly known to them all. “You really shouldn’t doubt me, Steve.” She murmured, still close to his face. Then, while Steve sat there, stunned, she turned in her heel and stalked out of the room, her chin held high.


“I hope I’m not too late,” Steve muttered to Peggy, his lips almost brushing against her forehead, as they swayed together to the soft tunes of music. The atmosphere in the room was slow and lethargic so late at night, even at the usually bouncing and upbeat Stork Club. The two remained some of the last on the dance floor in the gradually emptying club. They stood out, the tall, extremely muscled man in a nice-looking tux, with his arms around the striking English woman, adorned in a stunning red gown that swept the floor as she moved.

“Only by a year,” she whispered back, but with no malice in her words, “but better now than any later.”

“Good,” Steve smiled, bending down ever-so-slightly to kiss his partner. “Keep your eyes closed,” he instructed her gently when their lips had parted.

“Why?” She breathed, suspicion shooting through her instantly, although she obeyed his wish, feeling him step away from her. Her breathing accelerating as suspense consumed her, her lips twitching up into an inpatient smirk when he simply answered;

“Because.” Then, a moment later: “Open.”

“Please?” She teased.

“Please.” He replied, and Peggy could hear the amusement in his tone.

So she opened her eyes, and saw the one and only Steve Rogers kneeled on the floor in front of her, holding a beautiful silver ring in his hands.

“Peggy,” he began, love in his eyes, and his voice absolutely teeming with it, “my best girl.” Emotion made his voice crack. “You are my right partner.” Nervously, he smiled. “Marry me?”

An helpless, stupidly lovesick grin answered him first. She extended her hand, pulling him up and drawing him close, so that their noses almost touched. “Yes, darling. Of course I will.” She breathed, staring deep into his eyes just a moment before kissing him deeply, the two intertwined on the center of the dance floor, the heroes forgetting all the troubles in the world, and everything else in it, their moment forever cherished in their time.


Building their lives together proved no easy task, two independent people suddenly learning the meaning of codependence, something only made harder by Peggy’s demanding and dangerous job with the SSR, and Steve’s equally trying work and fame as a resurrected war hero.

But still, as the years passed, the two changed and grew together, their bond strengthening with the challenges of the various missions and adventures that came their way. Domestic life and quiet moments were treasured, but the days filled with excitement and adrenaline were always looked forward to. But whatever came their way could be dealt with, so long as the two had each other by their side.

Friends followed a similar path, bringing the couple great joy when Howard announced his engagement (they couldn’t help but to be smug about that), and under a year later, was married.

All seemed well until an innocent-seeming thank-you card arrived in the mail, a lovely thing handwritten by Maria herself (Howard had only cared enough to sign it, Peggy reasonably supposed). Inside the envelope, however, was a picture of Steve and Peggy, taken at the wedding. Steve’s arms were wrapped around her, and he gazed down at her lovingly, though her own focus was caught by something off to the side.

A soft smile graced Peggy’s face as she stared at the photo, studying it and recalling the night. Then, rather abruptly, a realization hit her, and she strode out of the hall and into their living room, snatching a framed photo off the mantle and holding the two side by side, as to compare them.

Peggy stood next to Steve, smiling widely and adorned in a beautiful lace dress, Steve in his military uniform. The day they got married, years ago.

The time showed on her face, now. She could see it in the new photo, a smile line here and there, even how she carried herself, weighed down by so many troubles of the world. She had changed.

But not Steve.

No aging showed on his face, his eyes remained untouched by time, his features preserved perfectly. He wouldn’t change, medically couldn’t grow older, even while she would, while their potential children would. He’d be frozen in time, and she would be lost to it.

“Peg?” A voice behind her asked gently.

“You haven’t changed. At all.” She said strangely, turning to face him. This bothered her, clearly, but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. Did she mind getting older? Well, perhaps a little bit, but it certainly wasn’t something to make a fuss over. “Not since the serum, I don’t think.”

“Peggy- I-” He made his way across the room to her, setting down the photos and taking her hands in his. He took a deep breath, playing with her fingers for a moment as he thought, running a finger over her wedding band. “I don’t care how you look, or even how I look.” A small smile crossed his face, tinged with sadness. “So long as we’re together.” Leaning down, he kissed the side of her face. “Is that okay with you?”

Absentmindedly, she nodded, still disturbed but willing to wait for whatever the future held.


“She was shot six times,” the doctor explained patiently, “twice in her right arm, once by her sternum, above her heart, and twice again in her stomach. She’s lost a lot of blood, and we believe there may be damage to her heart and arteries.”

The middle-aged man delivered this news simply, calmly, as if he were sharing the day’s weather or a boring bit of news. As if it didn’t matter. As if it weren’t a potential death sentence for Steve’s wife.

“So what do we do next?” Steve asked, his arms crossed and disposition strong even while his voice was meek, made timid by the destroying news. Next to him, Howard rubbed his forehead, making a small noise, perhaps one of grief.

Now, the doctor hesitated. “Surgery is a very risky option. Her heart is weak, it would very likely give out during any operation. There’s not much we can do.”

“And without surgery?”

“Her chances aren’t good either way. I’m sorry, Mr. Rogers. We can make her comfortable, but her heart will likely fail in a couple of days.” The man ran his fingers through greying hair. “If there’s anything I can do for you, please, let me know.” With that, he exited the room, leaving the two men to face the horrible reality.

“Damn it!” Howard burst, springing up from the worn hospital chair. “This isn’t right,” he seethed, beginning to pace, “I’m sorry, Steve.” He said to his friend, who had buried his face into his hands. “I’m sorry, it was supposed to be a simple job, just a coupla’ thugs with some bad ideas.” He closed his eyes, running his fingers through his hair. “‘cept there were more than a couple… she shouldna’ been alone.”

Steve too, closed his eyes, bowing his head, searching for something to say, anything to reassure Howard, or maybe himself.

But nothing could do that.

He stood up, and walked out.


Her eyes opened slowly, meeting his. “Steve,” she murmured, just barely managing a smile. He reached out, taking her hand and grasping it firmly. “What’s happened?” She asked, wincing as she did so, for even the smallest movement pained her. Moving his chair closer, Steve prepared himself to deliver the awful news.

Pain showed clearly in both of their eyes, physical agony in Peggy’s and an emotional hell erupting in Steve’s, but still he carefully chose his words and began to speak.

“Too many thugs,” he said, trying for a smile, but any expression of joy on his face felt entirely too foreign, and any cheer quickly slid from his face, “or at least that’s what Howard said.”

“So I recall. Those bastards,” she mused, “there are five wounds, I believe?”

“Six,” Steve corrected her gently, and on that word, his voice broke, turning away from his wife, unable to meet her eyes, to face Peggy and her suddenly inevitable fate.

“Steve?” She asked, concern immediately lacing both her tone and features. “What is it?”

“There’s nothing they can do,” he delivered the news bluntly, hating his words but unable to sugarcoat them, “your heart is too weak.”

“I’m going to die?” She inhaled sharply, looking away from Steve. He nodded, squeezing her hand, Peggy’s presence the only thing that could possibly comfort him. The despair and heavy weight began to set in as they sat in silence for several long, torturous moments.

Finally, she turned to him, a smile cracking through her tears. “I do love you.”

“Love you too.” He whispered back.


“Hey!” Howard’s loud voice disturbed the quiet peace of the room, “Uh- sorry,” he focused on something out the window, incapable of eye contact with either of his friends, standing in the doorway awkwardly as he talked. “Steve, listen, I have an idea I need to discuss with you-”

“I’m a little busy right now if you don’t mind.” The captain cut in coolly, not even moving from his chair next to Peggy, or bothering to spare him a glance. Howard shrunk back slightly, but yet he persisted.

“I know, but I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important, would I?”

Steve glowered, his brow pinching together, until Peggy squeezed his hand. “You can leave my side, Steve. I’ll be quite alright.”

He looked between her and Howard before making his decision and standing, joining the genius outside, closing the door with a click.

“So I’ve been thinking- you’ve been shot, right?”


“I’ve got it!” Howard half shouted, sprinting into the room.

Lying helplessly in bed, the dying woman stirred feebly. Sitting in a chair next to her was Steve, who eyed Howard with something like hope beginning to shimmer in his eyes, wondering if their plan had worked.

“An injection,” he continued, “this could save you, Peg!” he told her as she woke fully, gazing dimly at Howard in her dying haze, still clutching Steve’s hand, though her grip was now weak and failing.

“What have you done now?” she uttered faintly.

“A serum replication.” The inventor and scientist said excitedly, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he entered the room, striding in and standing at the foot of her bed. “I’m going to save your life.”

“And you’re sure this’ll work?” Her husband asked, the sanguine energy spreading to him too, though he didn’t dare to attach fully to this hope.

“95% sure. And the doctors are on board too, so we can start as soon as they all arrive.”

“What the bloody hell is going on?” Even in her deteriorating state, the agent commanded their respect and attention in an instant, the two boys twisting around to look at her, suddenly like children caught by their mother doing something naughty.

“Howard used my blood to recreate the serum-” Steve explained calmly, as if this weren’t an illegal crime.

“An improved one, mind you- suited to your femaleness-”

“Project Insight is closed.” Peggy’s voice was disapproving, even with the weakness behind it.

“Well, they can arrest me once it works.” Howard moved closer to her, “Are you ready?”

“We are.” Peggy’s doctor said, leading a group of doctors into the room.

“Is this really rational?” The patient demanded, angrily looking at the men congregated around her.

“Peggy, you’re dying,” Steve said determinedly, “this is the only way.”

“This my life!” She protested, “and none of you even told me-”

“We didn’t want to get your hopes up-”

“You’re going to die without it, Peggy.” Howard reminded her, frowning down at her. “Are you going to die fighting, or just give up?”

Raising her chin, she noticed Steve beside her, his eyes glistening with tears, desperation still clear on his face, though he seemed to be trying to hide it. “Well, if that’s a challenge- to die fighting, that is- then I accept. But if I die-” she spoke to Steve now, “then you move on.” He shook his head, against her words already, “if,” she pressed on, “you get back up, and you keep fighting, you understand? Will you do?”

Tears sliding down his face, Steve leaned over her and kissed her, lingering and soft. “Don’t just mope around,” she instructed him when their lips parted, “you’re more than that.”

“I love you.”

She smiled at him, one last time. Then to Howard, she said:

“Do it.”

So he injected the serum.

Immediately, the effects of the inoculation took place. Her body twitched and seized. A horrible, moaning scream penetrated the room. Steve watched, horrified but unable to look away as his wife convulsed on the bed.

Almost a full minute passed before the fit ended, leaving her body with a sigh of air. Peggy Carter slumped back against the pillows, completely limp as all fight left her.


“We are gathered here today to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Peggy Carter, a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to justice and fighting for what’s right, even when that fight proved not to be easy.

"Even before she became the first female super soldier, Peggy proved she could hold her own, both in the war and after it. It is because of her perseverance and bravery, no matter the circumstances, that we honor her tonight.”

Grinning ear to ear, Steve looked at Peggy sitting next to him. She smiled back, leaning into his shoulder.

“At what point tonight do we dance?” She whispered in his ear.

“Anytime you like,” He promised, and this date, he would keep.

Student Council Prez [4]

Episode 3 - Episode 4 - Episode 4.5 OR Episode 5
Words: 5.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au


Absolutely unbelieveable.

“Unbelievable.” You mutter under your breath, mopping the floor roughly and narrowing your eyes at Yoongi whose chest is heaving, eyes are shut and the letter z’s are practically dancing in the air.

The moment he stepped inside, he collapsed onto the sofa dead asleep while you slaved away, beginning to clean his house from top to bottom.

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the portrayal of noora amalie sætre throughout the seasons:

↳ season 1 noora, as seen through eva’s eyes: cool, badass feminist who will defend and stand up for her friends at all costs

↳ season 2 noora, as seen through her own eyes: always tries to be the better person and handle everything on her own, wants to stand by her principles even when someone challenges them, insecure beneath the tough facade

↳ season 3 noora, as seen through isak’s eyes: kinda annoying roomie with boy trouble who steals away all the attention (and also potential threat bc she seems to adore even just as much as isak ???)

anonymous asked:

How do you think the chocobros would react if their s/o was being flirted with by a complete stranger, yet they were 100% oblivious to it? Just a thought 😄

I don’t know why, but I’m such a sucker for jealousy.

I know, I know… it’s not healthy, it’s not always a sign of a good relationship, and it can be totally destructive and dangerous -

But come on, how can you not love the fact that seeing somebody else with the person you love sparks a little flame ablaze inside of you?

It’s a sign you care 😌

Song: “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala

Noctis would experience a slight bit of triggering at the sight of his s/o being flirted with. I mean, I wouldn’t say he’s possessive exactly… but he’s possesive? It’s simply the fact that he holds the few people he’s close to very dear to his heart, willing to sacrifice anything and everything for them, therefore the fear that somebody would compromise that is always present in the pit of his stomach. He is ready on a dime to go to lengths to protect his loved ones. Given this, when he realizes the one way flirting situation he’ll most likely step in and unintentionally say something awkward and obvious to paint the stranger a clear picture, perhaps along the embarassing lines of “your boyfriend is back to save the day” while sliding beside them, a tight lipped grin upon his face as he glares at the stranger. Seeing the person grow uncomfortable and leave, his s/o would erupt into laughter and shake their head, because the fact that Noctis could flawlessly and elegantly take down a physical opponent with one swoop of his sword, but couldn’t do the same in conversation without sounding like a dork was nothing less than hilarious.

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Anonymous said:Hello love!:) I was wondering if you could possibly do a “dating Caius would include…”? Please, if it’s not to much trouble

A/N: Heya, lovely. :) Of course I’ll do this for you! :) I’m sorry if it’s not the best, I haven’t done ‘would include’ imagines for a little bit. So I’ll do the best of my ability. :) I hope that you enjoy this nevertheless, lovely! :3

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Caius Volturi would include:

- You ultimately having to be a vampire.

- Being Caius’s mate.

- Being heavily protected in the Volturi at all times.

- Caius being completely and utterly in love with you. (and vice versa)

- Being the only one who is capable of cheering up Caius’s perpetually angry mood.

- Teaching Caius to be softer.

- “This is useless, (Y/N)!” he would shout.

- “You’re stubborn and pessimistic… Great combo.” you’d mutter.

- Being the only one to get away with nearly anything when it comes to Caius. (But as long as you don’t break laws, that’s chill).

- Dealing with the fact that your mate is a sadistic blood thirsty manipulative vampire. (he’s not manipulative to you).

- Caius telling you about his hatred for werewolves and how he almost hunted them to extinction.

- You actually being a peaceful person, which most of the time aggravates Caius.

- “You’re just like Carlisle! Next thing you know, she’ll be drinking from Bambi’s neck!

- “Take it easy, brother. I wouldn’t aggravate her too much with insults…” Aro would warn Caius.

- You being one of the most talented and gifted vampires of all existence.

- Caius loving your gift so much so that he makes you collaborate with Jane to torture vampires whom have broken the law.

- Really loud and hot sex.

- Caius getting jealous incredibly easily.

- “Can you like chill for five minutes?

- “No! I will not chill for five minutes!

- Often sitting on Caius’s lap whilst he sits on his throne.

- Caius doing anything and everything to protect you.

- “I will never let anybody ruin even one strand of hair on you. Do you understand me, my love? Nothing is ever going to hurt you.”

- Getting Caius on a certain level that nobody else does.

- “Why do I love him? Because beneath all of the sadistic facade, he’s got something in him that I love. Call me foolish if you must, but I’ll never leave him.

- Actually putting a smile on Caius’s face, which is incredibly rare.

- Marcus suddenly being a little more lively since your relationship with Caius reminds him of his own with Didyme.

- Caius wanting Chelsea to keep you loyal to him because he’s actually insecure and paranoid.

- “You keep me locked up within a tower and I have the most powerful gift of all, and you still do this?

- “It’s just precautions.

- “After all of this time, Caius, aren’t you tired of taking these ridiculous precautions?

- “Don’t argue with me, (Y/N).

- Standing by Caius no matter what.

- In the end, Caius reveals that he’s so protective of you because he can’t lose you.

- “The fear of losing you is too great. I can’t afford to let the love of my being, my eternity to perish. You’re absolutely everything to me, and I want nothing to happen to you…

- Caius treating you like a queen.

- Being vampire royalty.

- Sweet small kisses in public.

- Long deep passionate kisses behind closed walls.

- The two of you always feeding together and being eager for it.

- Being total opposites but being perfect for each other.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow more.

(Moulin Rouge AU) There’s something about Harry that pulled Draco, ignited the fire within Draco just by standing there and looking deviant. Harry, an aspiring actor, should’ve been someone who’s not on the same level as Draco, the son of the theatre’s sponsor and one of the wealthiest man in town. But why does it feel so right to be in Harry’s arms, to get lost in his passion and get dragged to the theatre life, as if Harry could see beneath all the facade and figure out Draco’s greatest desire?

cause we were just kids when we fell in love

requested by anonymous

john murphy au in which the reader is there when pike goes after murphy, and comforts him after

It’s not a surprise that Pike doesn’t like Murphy. After all, most people don’t. He doesn’t do much to combat the dislike, sometimes using it to fuel him, sometimes acting indifferent.

So, when Pike starts to get in his face, no one is surprised. Pike starts to get rude, but you sit back in your seat; John can handle himself. He’s always been able to, and all Pike is is some belligerent guy with his own issues. It can’t be fun to teach a bunch of delinquents about survival on a planet you’re never going to go down to.

At least, that was the belief in the beginning. Now, however, rumors are flying around about a last-ditch mission, about the ground, about being sent down.

It’s a rumor that hands over everyone like a sheet on a line, all waiting for the shoe to fall. The rumor infected the cells; at night, what were once silent halls were now filled with whispers as people who had previously hated each other talked about the impossibility and likelines of such a thing coming true.

The ground was uninhabitable. Everyone knew that. So why were a bunch of criminals learning how to survive on it?

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Glassy Eyed Light of Day

Summary: Jughead is working on his novel in the Blue and Gold office and Veronica comes to him looking for a distraction. With the bribe of a shake and burger, Jughead agrees to tell her a story.

Rating: T

Genre: General, Canon Divergence, Fluff

Pairing: Jughead x Veronica

Timeline: Post Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!, 1x06

Word count: 2,504

“Tell me a story, Jughead Jones.”

Veronica stood at the doorway of the Blue and Gold offices at the end of a very, very long day. Her mind was in a dire need of distraction and all her friends were busy with their own little demeanours - all but the boy whose hair matched hers.

Her tiny frame leaned against the door, more casually than she felt. There was a tired smile on her lips, more as an attempt to make the situation and her words seem humorous, which they really weren’t.

Jughead’s fingers stopped typing at once. His eyes shot up to hers dazzled with curiosity, not knowing what could make the infamous newcomer visit him, let alone ask him to tell her a story.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, in another ask about why you dislike NS you said: "Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura and that Sakura was shown to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”. Iv'e seen this claimed a lot by both SS and NH shippers but never have I seen canon evidence that proves either of those statements to be true in the manga, in fact there were some panels that show the opposite is true. so can you show me proof from the manga to those 2 statements?

To be honest, I find it really, really surprising that not only do not think that neither of those statements are true, but you also think that the manga has actually shown the opposite. That’s honestly left me at a loss for words.

Anon, no manga panels illustrate Naruto romantic feelings for Sakura as being stronger towards the end of Part 2 than they were towards the beginning. Similarly, no manga panels depict Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke as being weaker towards the end than they were towards the beginning.

During the Land of Iron arc, Naruto was taken aback by Sakura’s sudden confession for all of one second, and quickly realised that something wasn’t right, and during the whole ordeal, he gave absolutely no indication that he still harboured feelings for her at all:

Previously, when Sakura made it crystal clear how her heart belonged to Sasuke and Sasuke alone, such as just prior to making the Promise of a Lifetime, Naruto would have at least displayed some form of sad smile or expression, because he had feelings for her, so that information was difficult for him to accept:

Now, he didn’t do any of that, and was instead actually angry that Sakura was lying to herself about her feelings. He’d retain some of his crush habits (such as the girlfriend comment during the war), but nothing serious; nothing that was anywhere near as profound as what he displayed during his conversation with Sai towards the beginning of Part 2.

As for the evolution of Sakura’s feelings, I don’t even need to go into Part 2 to illustrate this, because Part 1′s development is all that’s necessary.

She was a clear fangirl towards the beginning , there’s no debating that. She thought Sasuke was cool, and was infatuated with his external persona:

But as she got to know Sasuke on a deeper and a more personal level, she realised that there was a very broken person beneath the the stoic facade that he always put up. She saw his imperfections, his issues, his pain, and rather than cause her to distance herself, all of these things drew Sakura closer to Sasuke instead, and caused her to fall in love with him.

She didn’t love Sasuke for his looks or cool demeanour; that’s not who she fell in love with. Sakura fell in love with the boy who was in desperate need of help. And the change in her affections was clear for all to see. Before in the Forest of Death, Sakura was paralysed in fear when facing overwhelming adversity. Now, she was staring death straight in the face, yet she moved to protect Sasuke with her life without a 2nd thought:

Why? Because her feelings for him were now “on a totally different level”. I could pick out plenty of other instances which explicitly highlight this, but I feel that one example is sufficient.

But just as a last bit of reinforcement, the person I was quoting was Kakashi, because while looking at Sakura during chapter 675, and thinking about how far she’s come, both physically and emotionally since they all introduced themselves back in chapter 3, he himself acknowledged that her feelings for Sasuke had developed. She still loved him, “but on a totally different level”:

If you want me to show more evidence from the manga, then I can Anon, but as I said earlier, I feel that the examples that I listed should be more than enough to demonstrate how Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura, and how Sakura illustrated to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”.

anonymous asked:

Please do the analysis of kaisoo as individuals, don't care about those who will disagree/hate, their opinions won't matter anyway.

Hi anon, thanks for the sweet encouragement. It’s just that I have my own way of looking at things and profiling people. I don’t like to just mention or study traits and picture idols as perfect, I believe flaws are as important, if not more when it comes to analyzing characters/personalities. I’m afraid people would take it as me bashing or hating on Kyungsoo or Jongin. I love those two to bits and that is never going to change but I don’t like to be misunderstood and attacked for being honest/realistic. Some fans tend to forget sometimes that their most loved idols are human, with qualities and faults and I don’t like dealing with these kind of fans.

I might do it still but I can’t promise you for sure.

Here, I will give you a personal super mini short analysis of Jongin. I personally find Jongin the type of person who struggles the most with fitting in with other people. You might not notice that seeing how happy and expressive he is but I do believe that he is a secretive person at heart and he keeps things very close to his chest. He is unique and eccentric. He is not the bold and over-sexualized persona he performs and projects on stage, in fact he is quite the opposite of that all. He is picky about whom he keeps close and that’s understandable because he is a very private person beneath all the professionally required facades he give off.

 He is mature, sharp, clever but very cautious of people within his closed social circle. I believe that he enjoys being on his own, solitude is important to him. it gives the serenity he needs and he is not afraid of being alone. He has a very strong personality and it might cause him to clash with other people at times. There is also that very childlike, open and expressive side to him because he is honest, blunt and can’t fake what he feels but he is definitely the serious resilient type as well. 

In a survival setting, let’s say like a group of people lost on an island, Jongin would be that person who paves his own way of surviving. He will be creative about it and he will always depend on his own self before anyone else. He will adapt and survive and he will work with the group if  he needs to but never actually from within it. He will follow the lead of others if the situation requires it but he will not let anyone rule over him so to speak. He is both social and loner at once. He has a very strong sense of self, of who he is. He is independent and is true to himself.

 In other words, Jongin can’t do social hypocrisy and that’s why he won’t always fit in. People use  hypocrisy to maintain social diplomacy and the benefits that comes with it but Jongin won’t care for that. That’s just the way I view him. *

To me, he is a strong, honest, private and resilient guy. He definitely has a bit of the Alpha male element in him but quite flexible and creative at the same time. I also believe that has has quite the temper if angered and that he can be very stubborn at times. Overall, Jongin enjoys the qualities and the strengths of both, masculinity and femininity. That’s what makes him able to bend and adapt to any situation and to whatever life throws his way. Long story short, he is a very interesting person. 

I will think about doing a longer, more thorough analysis for both boys. I will see if I can do it.

Have a good day anon :)

Someone should have told you that your sadness wasn’t a sickness, so you could have allowed yourself to grieve fully; to feel and speak the depth and breadth of your pain, instead of daily burying it beneath a brittle facade of okayness and pretending you weren’t devastated.
—  John Pavlovitz - Things Someone Who Loved You Should Have Told
Venezuelan protests against government leave two students dead

(Adds call for protest on Thursday, updates arrests)

By Eyanir Chinea and Anggy Polanco

CARACAS/SAN CRISTOBAL, Venezuela, April 19 (Reuters) - Two Venezuelan students died on Wednesday after being shot during protests against unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro, increasing turmoil in the volatile nation amid a devastating economic crisis.

Opposition supporters protested in Caracas and other cities in what they called “the mother of all marches,” denouncing Maduro for eroding democracy and plunging the oil-rich economy into chaos.

Crowds swelled to hundreds of thousands, including Maduro supporters who held a counter-demonstration in the capital at the urging of the president, and clashes were reported across the country during the most sustained protests since 2014.

Maduro says that beneath a peaceful facade, the protests are little more than opposition efforts to foment a coup to end socialism in Venezuela. The opposition says he has morphed into a dictator and accuses his government of using armed civilians to spread violence and fear.

The deaths mean seven people have now been killed during protests in Venezuela this month. The opposition blames the deaths on security forces and alleged paramilitary groups. Over 400 people were arrested during protests on Wednesday, rights group Penal Forum said.

The opposition called for another protest on Thursday, raising the specter of prolonged disruption in Venezuela.

“Same place, same time,” said opposition leader Henrique Capriles on Wednesday night. “If we were millions today, tomorrow we’ll be more.”

The dueling marches drew parallels to the clashes between pro and anti-government protesters in 2002 that triggered a brief coup against late President Hugo Chavez.

Carlos Moreno, 18, a student, was leaving his home to play soccer in Caracas when armed government supporters approached a nearby opposition gathering and fired shots, according to witnesses. He was shot in the head, they said, and three security officials said he later died in a clinic after undergoing surgery.

Later on Wednesday in the opposition hotbed of San Cristobal near the Colombia border, university student Paola Ramirez died after being shot by men pursuing her and her boyfriend, according to relatives and witnesses.

“We were on a motorbike and they were following us, shooting,” her boyfriend told Reuters. “I left her on a block where she was going to find her sister and I went to hide the bike. I heard shots and when I arrived she was on the ground. I tried to protect her as much as I could,” he added, sobbing in front of her body.

The public prosecutor’s office said it was investigating both cases.

The opposition attributed both deaths to groups known as “colectivos,” armed government supporters who are frequently accused of involvement in confrontations during protests.

There are few clear ways of determining who belongs to colectivos, who call themselves community groups but the opposition accuses of being violent paramilitary wings of the ruling Socialist Party.


Waving the country’s red, yellow and blue flags and shouting “No more dictatorship” and “Maduro out,” demonstrators clogged a stretch of the main highway in Caracas. Troops fired tear gas in Caracas neighborhoods, San Cristobal, the depressed industrial city of Puerto Ordaz, and the arid northern city of Punto Fijo.

“We have to protest because this country is dying of hunger said Alexis Mendoza, a 53-year-old administrator marching in the Caracas neighborhood of El Paraiso. "There are a lot of people in the opposition and they are full of courage.”

The march followed a fortnight of violent protests triggered by a Supreme Court decision in March to assume the powers of the opposition-led Congress - which it quickly reversed under international pressure.

The court’s move nonetheless fueled long-simmering anger over the ruling Socialist Party’s handling of the economy. The OPEC country suffers from Soviet-style shortages of food and medicines and triple-digit inflation.

The opposition is demanding early elections, the freeing of jailed politicians, humanitarian aid, and respect for the autonomy of the opposition-led legislature.

The marchers gathered at more than two dozen points around Caracas, although some were stalled by authorities closing around 20 subway stops. Protesters had hoped to converge on the office of the state ombudsman, a guarantor of human rights, but as in previous attempts they were blocked by the National Guard. The protests trailed off with youths throwing rocks squaring off against security forces spraying tear gas.


Maduro has charged that the opposition is trying to relive the 2002 coup against Chavez, his predecessor and mentor, by blocking roads with burning trash and vandalizing public property.

On Wednesday afternoon he addressed a cheering red-shirted crowd in Caracas to declare that a “corrupt and interventionist right-wing” had been defeated.

“Today the people stood by Maduro!” the president said, blasting his rivals as “anti-Christs.” “We’ve triumphed again! Here we are, governing, governing, governing with the people!” he added, before breaking into song.

Analysts say there is less likelihood of a coup against Maduro because Chavez launched a broad purge of the armed forces following his brief ouster.

Some unhappy Venezuelans also steer clear of protests, fearful of violence, cynical that marches can bring about change, or too busy looking for food amid the recession.

Venezuela benefited for years from oil-fueled consumption and many poor citizens rose into the middle class. But the 2014 collapse in oil prices left the government unable to maintain a complex system of subsidies and price controls. Snaking grocery lines are now a common sight and people routinely say they skip meals and cannot find basic medication.

Further spurring outrage was a decision by the national comptroller’s office earlier this month to disqualify opposition politician Capriles from holding office for 15 years, dashing his hopes for the presidency.

The elections council, which is sympathetic to the government, has delayed votes for state governors that were supposed to take place last year.

Demonstrators also gathered on Wednesday in the eastern city of Puerto Ordaz, home to Venezuela’s struggling state-run mining companies, and the oil city of Maracaibo.

“I’ve just graduated … and what I’ve got in the bank isn’t enough for a bottle of cooking oil,” said Gregorio Mendoza, a 23-year-old engineer in Puerto Ordaz. “We’re poorer every day.”

(Additional reporting by Diego Ore, Girish Gupta, Deisy Buitrago, and Andreina Aponte in Caracas, German Dam in Ciudad Guayana, Maria Ramirez in Puerto Ordaz, Isaac Urrutia in Maracaibo, and Mircely Guanipa in Punto Fijo; Writing by Brian Ellsworth and Alexandra Ulmer; Editing by Frances Kerry and Lisa Shumaker)

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Beneath that handsome and cruel face, all I see is a sad, lonely and broken man.

I am totally late in the game for this one, but after reading Durarara spoilers last night at 1 AM, I just could not help but see this parallelism. 

Today, I am going to analyze three male characters that have haunted me for a good while: Sebastian Michaelis, Shogo Makishima and Izaya Orihara.

These three men are some of the most hypocritical people I have ever seen, but this is what makes them so intriguing. They make a lot of claims to belittle or take amusement in others (humans) when they themselves do the exact same thing if not to an even greater degree.

Durarara and Psycho Pass have already finished while Kuroshitsuji is get more obvious with its hints. It all ended with the same theme with these three, infamous, male characters. 

That they are the loneliest and most insecure people ever beneath that charming and deadly facade. 

Let’s begin with Sebastian since I have discussed him briefly before. 

Sebastian often criticizes humans for “thinking about their appearance.”

Yet throughout the whole manga, we see that Sebastian care a great deal about his own appearance. He always has to be the ultimate, perfect butler there is. While in battle, he stitched up his coat because it got torn with a smug look on his face. 

In the Emerald Witch arc, Sebastian immediately used magic to fix up his face after it got ruined by the deadly plague. 

He loved showing off his skills among humans and being admired. In fact, he seems to thrive in it. He is used to being loved despite being a demonic creature because people don’t realize he is in actuality, an ugly demon from hell.

Is it possibly because only in the human world, does he stand out? If someone does not admire or think well of him, he seems genuinely surprised.

Like how Sebastian is constantly bothered with how Francis Midford does not find him handsome like everyone else does. 

Beast from the Circus arc clearly disliked him from the start. That seemed to be part of the catalyst on why Sebastian loved teasing/harassing her and in the end, used her sexually and exploited information from her. 

It seemed to be his way of humiliating Beast.

In the latest Blue Cult arc, Sebastian’s look on his face clearly showed signs of distress and even…hurt when the humans around him shunned him after hearing about his nature as “darkness.” People no longer admired him and is legitimately treating him like the demon that he is. He is rejected. Could this be clue to his past self that was treated the exact same way? 

In the epilogue of the Kuroshitsuji Valentines event, Sebastian claimed hollowly he was “a lonely demon.”

And Sebastian, who is cruel, heartless and sees love as a weakness, is visibly bothered by it.

Was all this loneliness as a monster was what caused him to always have to be the perfect butler who is good at everything to have adoration and love?

Let’s go to Shogo Makishima.

At the beginning of Psycho Pass, I hated this guy to the max. I saw him as the much more murderous version of Izaya who only stirred up things like killing for his own fun in a dystopian world ruled by the Sibyl.

Makishima is the lone wolf whose body is not affected at all by the Sibyl and crime coefficients. But because of that, Makishima was able to see how flawed and twisted the governing system of the country really is and felt compelled to destroy it. He had no problems rebelling against the system and he had no problems killing off people who are part Sibyl if they bored him.

This is Makishima’s twisted view of the world. People who are part of the Sibyl are sheep and puppets to him which is not entirely wrong. It is the way he goes about it is completely insane.

Makishima kept on searching for new people to entertain him. By the end of the anime, we learned that he wanted to find a companion who is not ruled by Sibyl and can think for themselves like him.

Just like how he had all that hope in Akane Tsunemori to kill him. She could not because her gun is locked because his crime coefficient cannot be read by it at all.

It was his way of testing Akane to see if she really was a puppet of Sibyl and Makishima was so desperate and serious about it, that he even killed off Yuuki Funahara (Akane’s friend) over his disappointment in Akane that she could not rebel against the Sibyl after all. 

He seemed to have some final respect for Akane when she was so persistent to chase after him that she hopped on to the truck he stole.

At first, I thought he smiled one of his mocking smiles as he looked at the side-view mirror at a struggling Akane, but the more I replayed this scene, the more I don’t see his usual psychotic smirk. I see it as a subtle hint of respect and amusement from him because Akane, after all, is aware of the flaws of Sibyl and still chased him relentlessly regardless of Sibyl’s wish.

Originally posted by twotheleft

In the end, he acknowledged that Akane was not doing things because she is a “sheep,” but from her own mind and her final and resolute resolve to not kill him. (Still, being stepped roughly on the head is sure to be painful.)

Makishima’s views are not just twisted, but it is tragic because he also romanticizes it. 

“Who isn’t alone in this world?”

He knows that as humans, everyone will die and be replaced. The final scene of his death reveals that he is scared of being alone and being replaced. So when Kagami said he hoped to never encounter someone like Makishima again, it is confirmed for Makishima that he won’t be forgotten after all and died with a peaceful and content smile on his face.

In a way, while he hates Sibyl, he is also bothered that he is not part of the people and is alone in the world as well. He is rejected by Society.

Like Kagami said to him: “You just couldn’t bear solitude, that’s all.”

And finally, we have Izaya Orihara.

Obviously, Izaya is a well-known troll throughout anime history who mess with people’s lives just for kicks. He had always seemed ‘above’ humanity, above feelings and above human emotions.

He claimed to love and adore humanity, but apparently, it is much deeper than that.

Shinra said: He may seem cold-blooded, but he is more human, and his heart more brittle than anybody else, so much so that if you filled it with human love or betrayal, it would break easily, which is why, I think, he chose from the start to avoid it all, to love humanity, you understand? Not to accept, not to face it, to avoid it.“

How did the informant respond to this? By cursing Shinra for seeing through him. Looks like Izaya is not so invincible after all and was just hiding behind the facade of a “God” to avoid getting hurt.

Why does he troll people? Because that is his way of getting attention and their anger and resentment is their ‘love’ towards him.

Treating people (Rio and Manami) like shit is the only way he knows how to give ‘love.’

When Manami was hunting him down and tried to slash him in the hospital, he seemed disturbingly happy and yelled in the end how much he loves humans. Why? Because this one person had so much hatred for him for years to hunt him down.

And Izaya, who is beyond mad at this point, sees it as ‘love’. He held on to this type of treatment his whole life. 

Why does he hate Shizuo so much? Because to Izaya, Shizuo is a beast. A monster and yet Shizuo was able to attract people and made friends easily. An ability Izaya does not have and is greatly jealous of. A person like Izaya is rejected from society.

In the end, he fought Shizuo one last time for good measure and in the end, ended up crippled and in a wheelchair.

To conclude this analysis, it is pretty sad really.