Okay I just realized I hit 400 followers. (This is gonna take a shit ton of time but in the end I know it’s going to be worth it)


@addignisherlock (i love your art!!)* @averyiscoldpizza* @artbylexie* @abz-j-harding* @abigbatchofcumber(i love your blog so much) * @allonsy221b * @aydol * @a-cumberbatch-of-cookies * @alexluvsdestery * @aithusas* @ayyuz * @aguidetodeduction* @artbymoga* @alienmom* @astrologicalester*  @askcamelot * @anothermindpalace

@benedictervention* @bbcsherlockimagines* @benedictcumberbatchsexual* @blank—hearts* @benedictcumberbabe * @bbcsherlockheadcanon* @bbcsherlockpickuplines* @bbcsherlockftw* @bertilakslady* @bisexualityisasuperpower * @bisexual* @benedictdaily* @benadlct* @benedictcumberbaatch* @benedictscumbercollective*  @benedict-the-cumbercookie* @blackstarjp* @bradleyjizzames* @bencdaily* @bbcsherlockftw* @bene-batch

@cumberbum* @cookiephil* @cringe-attacks* @candycanehowlter* @cant-deny-the-johnlock-ship* @cat-whiskers-come-from-phans-ass* @captain-hypnoslut* @cumberbum* @cucumberbenny* @cumberbatchaddiction* @cumberbangers( I love your tags oml)* @constantlyfreemaned* @consvltingdetective* @cumberladiesbr* @christmashowell* @cucumberbenny * @cumber–collective


@dansdong* @dracona-malfoy* @danhowellscreenshots* @danyphil* @dirtykhan* @doodlephan* @dankmemeshowell @duskybatfishgirl(getting my so hyped for doctor strange to the point of passing out cause your edits are amazing!)


@firedrill* @fuckyeahsherlock* @fuckyeahbisexuals* @fuckyeahmartinfreeman* @fuckyeahkirk-mccoy* @free-martinis* @freemanor


@greglestrade* @gaytable* @genderfluidsupport(helped me a lot tbh) 

@hellyeahthomassanders* @happypandaparade* @howelled* @hcwell (bae <3) 

@illmakeuhowell* @internetcultleader* @indominous-rex* @im-sherlock-ed@innapropriateauditionsongs


@juststraightthings* @justmerlin* @johnnlocked* @jokerhowell

@kardashiansfuckyeah* @komadoree

@lovebenedictcumberbatch* @londonphile* @letsdrawsherlock* @larygo


@meme-spot* @merlin-gifs* @mishpala* @mostlybenedict* @merthur* @martinfreemanstyle* @martinfreemantouchingthings* @martinfreemanisangry @mathylibrarian* @martinfreemantor* @mckpasta


@odinsnotwearingmakeup* @okaydan(actual goddess beware) 


@positivedoodles* @phan-you-not( if it was not for you I would have never found my gf)* @phansomniac @phanisnotonfire2* @philipllester* @philtrash* @philikesdan

@riskinq* @redvelvetcapaldi*


@skellydun(i love your videos oml)* @sherlock* @sherlockology* @supernaturaldaily* @sunshinelester* @shitpostingholmes* @shitpostingwatson @shitpostinghamish @shitpostingmollyhooper

@timelordgifs* @totallytransparent* @theabominablesherlock* @timetravelingdemonhunter



@vyou1* @vincent-the-platypus* @vexedcer( u are amazing)

@watsonswaltz* @whenisayrunrun* @willietheplaidjacket(ur art!!!!is!! so!!! good!!!!!!)


@yall-mothafuckas-need-misha(your blog is bae omg)* @youraphanguy* @you-and-your-cheekbones* @yoonge



@santaclausevevo* @sivansphan* @dutch–n–nuts* @vexedcer* @fall-out-phil * @blank—hearts* @cat-whiskers-come-from-phans-ass* @planetarypoe* @lesphantomoffleetstreet* @smexxy-llama* @rebeker-and-i* @captain-hypnoslut* @martinfreemantor* @eyebrowshowell* @thankyoudanandphil

my girlfriend who is amazing - @doyouhearthedestielsing

The faves

@danisnotonfire* @amazingphil* @emmablackery* @thatsthat24* @leothegiant* @kickthepj

And these guys

@johnblogsstuff* @studyindeduction* @titsoverarse (not that you guys will notice)

Top fans of my blog

@frenchpersonlola* @imalwayscold* yes i see you guys and i smile when i see your urls.

and the first person who ever started following me: 


Thank you to all of my followers who  have seen so much shitposting and there is sure to be more on the way!

If I forgot anyone message me!!!!!

Love you guys! xxx

Well in honour of reaching 600 followers and the recent Sherlock announcement, I have decided to do my first follow forever! I never thought I would have any followers on Tumblr so it’s really quite amazing. Thanks a lot to all of my followers, you all be fab. Some of you guys in this are mutuals (woo!) and others are people whose blogs i freaking love to death and obsess over, well I obsess over all these blogs but ya know what I mean <3 Mutuals in bold.

Hella amazing blogs that to say I worship is an understatement:

boommush mrnvmbers consultingat221b wsswatson stabbed-withafork bbcgreglestrade greglestradedeductives deducingbbcsherlock ebirdiefinalproblem bene-batch dedxctions sherlockology piningjohn pininglock bbcfreeman bbcjohn thewomvn theconsultinghobbit hillivanilli vowofsherlock lvrnemalvo ewmartin sherlock-addict thekneegrope

Other fabulous blogs:

154centimetres fuck-thats-majestic expectopatronum221 irishwhovianandproud allthingscumberbitchin can-you-hear-that dreamjohnlock deducingseducingsamething spoilers-keep-us-close agathewolf notgingerdoctor sherlockpotato sherlock-helmes xellebelle dominatrix221b being—sherlocked camwillflower sex-doesnt-alarm-me nerdyfangs shezziarty whykhan loubatch lovelymissmolly allyoursherlock cumberbatch-hq theconsultingdetectivesherlockh therobinofbaskerville sherlockiansdivision heyjohnimholmes moriarty-pet lets-have-a-moriparty cumberbuddy12 cumberspawnn the-consulting-brain jim-the-villain consultmydetective teammoriartyorsherlock mary-elizabeth-watson 221b-london-calling benedict-edits bene-batched patronused justbbcthings101 benaddicted sex-doesnt-alarm-me couldbecumberbatched foreverbagginshield shezza-hamish hiddles-chillin-in-the-tardis mycroftslonely battleofjericho shezzaundercover astudyindetectives batchedbybenny riseofthereichenbachheroamandaabbington 221cheekbonessherlockstuff johnwatso bbcswilliam consultingaytective johnlockisrealbitch burnsherlock bbcatemysoul holmeskink thereturnofsherlock heyjohnimholmes

If I forget somebody I am very sorry, it’s just so many names and I am forgetful so please don’t be offended. Thank you all so much, I don’t know where I would be without you all.

so… I hit 12k followers a few days ago and I decided that now would be a good time to do a follow forever. this is just a handful of the 250+ blogs i follow, but I think you guys are the best out of all of them and thank you for being super hella c:

to my mutual followers: there aren’t many but you are all the lights of my life and even though i am too shy to try and talk to you i think you’re all 11/10

#-D: 221bstarktower, adleration, amandaabington, amygloriouspond, anothermindpalace, astudyinrose, awtson, batched, bbcjohn, bene-batch, bennyslegs, billwiggins, bloodytrenzalore, branfell, cleverdetective, cluedo, cumberbangers, cumbercrieff, darlingbenny, deductives, deerstalking, deusholmes, doomslock, dudeufugly

E-H: earhat, ellipticorbit, ewbenedict, exiledholmes, filikili, fish-fingers-and-deductionsgaytectives, gerti, greglestrade, grglestrade, grumpybilbo, hamishwatson, high-functioning-sociopaths

I-L: imjohnlocked, ireneadler, karengilian, kingmycroft, lestrade, letmefiliyoukililittlefavour, lokiheimr, lokis-army-at-221b, lordofthejohnlock,

M-P: maninthefunnyhat, moffating, mollyadlermoriarty, mrsexhimself, onemoremiracle, oswaldify, pondelia

Q-T: reichenbachses, sakibatch, sallydonovan, sherleck, sherlock-hannibal, sherlockspeare, shezzas, sleuthier, thehomobbitthescienceofjohnlock, thorinshielding, thrandiul,

U-Z: ubenedict, ughbenedict, watsonly, wqtson, wsswatson, yomarvel, zherlock

This is mainly for archival purposes, I’ll keep it sort ;) Mutuals are bolded.

I am also rufussixmith so I will have my favourite blogs of this kind of content as well.


People that make tumblr enjoyable and are generally fantastic and I’m glad I “met” :)

aeternumcontramundum  dana-cardinal  goulbournes  dorivngray shentoncarrington  cheshiresden mooncontramundum9 thefoxhuntingman forbronwen tudor-rose lieutenant-mairon lustforlife13 retiredbeekeepers  exponential63 she-evelyn souvenirsandlostluggage thefilipinozombie

People I know in real life and I’m ashamed to know they see what I post. Thank you for sticking with me :)

alkminiintheskywithdiamonds christindfruitcake burned-outt cosmidio gwyndaviesworkshop dreamfflying crescent-moon-rising (thank you so much for everything) cat-a-tonik 

Also, other fantastic mutuals: higherthanthebeasts lapuslazulli double-zero-agent-alison mapleleafcameo tiger-in-the-flightdeck genderfluidjohn mountparnassus vonioje larazontally pokeitwithastick curiousswan submergedlibrarian adi-who-is-also-mou


221bees aconissa amiepsychique arataya bakerstreetletters bakerstreetbabes beaubete benbenny  bene-batch bennyslegs bluebellglowinginthedark bootsnblossoms br0-harry bonded2q cametha cluedo confirmedfurry cpnblowfish curiousswan cumberbatchs damagedpenguin deaded decompositiondance deebzy dramatisecho dudeufugly earhat elinorgrayauthor enigmaticpenguinofdeath enarms farbenfrei fictionforlife fractionallyfoxtrot frenchielips fictionforlife flyingrotten ghostbees granadabrettishholmes grossbees hellmandraws icarusing itsacrimescene ivorylungs ivyblossom iriarty ireallyshouldbedrawing ireneadler  johix  joolabee johnthreecontinents justaholmesboy justlikejohnnyflynnsaid kinggalahad kinklock krispydraws madeinrome marikaart mcxi mistyzeo mistressofjameswilby ofcowardiceandkings octofied oldfashionedvillain perlockholmes pawspaintsnthings pieceofgold p-chi queerdraco sallydonovan sevnilock shappeybunny sheeponmars shinka sidgwicks shylocks swagtaters sussexlock taikova thecumbercollective tunalocked vellium wellingtongoose wolfcharm wsswatson youlighttheskyfanfiction windmaedchen  wsly-cn  


antique-erotic adkruk apothecium  apparuit  afortioriacontario  alice-terrarium ascectic  backshelfpoet beeghosts colormadbusybody  vestigen  vestatilleys  vikenty-wilde  writersnoonereads buryings congregated crimesolving dentelle-rubans doxiequeen1 ebriosity elqreco eumycota fannyrosie haffalump kamalakan littleworries  lisalice  malfascination meowth812  onjournaling  oephelia pine-weevil ryloism  shoretosh0re  stefanysite turndownthelights  virtuouspagans wolfwithafoxtail


bridesheadrevisited  charlesthepainter  sebastianthesinner cosmic-vibrations damnrightbrideshead dearsixsmith-dearfrobisher deadpaint discardingimages earlofmarsden etund exponential63 fuckyeahenglisheccentrics fyodorpavlov flowers-in-his-hair  gnossienne hallward lemaldusiecle lostinancient nemfrog natashaevangelistaa oldbookillustrations  ouphrontis  relative-pronoun revels-in-the-ephemeral rexwhistler ruber-sanguis silent–era singsingsingwiththeswing slavatosatan sodomyandunpleasantaccents stephen-tennant

Phewww! That took ages! I love you all!

I decided to do a follow forever in honor of 2014 and I hit a new goal so..enjoy!

Bolds are favourites


arden ✶ houndsofthebaskervilles ✶ karolina ✶ becky

a   b   c

acandleinbelgravia + adoringcas + anderscn + armyofghosts + astudyinjumpers + baskervielle + bene-batch + brucesbanner + charlsmagnussen + clarasdreams + cleverdetective + consultingly + crieffed + cumberchameleon + cumberpeach

d  e  f

damnadler + danceswithhiddles + deannastroi + dearmikkelsendearmycroft + debatched +deducingminds + deducemoriarty + defrockedsherlock + doctorsafraid + dontbedead + dracomalfuoy + drugsbust + enedict + fearlessoswald 

g  h  i  j  k  l 

gwendolynstacy + hannisballs + holmephobic + houndsofbaskervile + houndsofthebaskervilles + irvingberlins + javvn + jawnwtsun + jimorriarty + johnwaltson + johnwatsyn + johnwartson + johnsaveslives + joeykramer killerkili + knightofasgard + lestradus + lestranqe

m  n  o  p  q

mademoiselleadler + marymorsstan + merljn + microftholmes + mindpxlace + mollyadler + morifartey + ofcrime + ofthranduil + ofvulcan + oswcld + oswaldify + perfectlywhouffle + pondifying

r  s  t  u

reichenbachses + reichenloc + rorypcnd + rosetylered + teacroft + tonysttark + tonystarks + sherloche + sherlocksdrunk + sherlukholmes + shevlock + shutupstrax + sirboromir + skahro + starkky + ughadler + usherlock

v  w  x  y  z

vulkhan + wilfmott + winterscldier


So here it is, my first official follow forever. It’s been a year of change for me, on and off tumblr, and I’m really happy to say that things are looking better. This website, as horrible as it is, has helped me a lot, and I want to say a very special early Happy New Year to all my friends and followers, thank you for making my dash amazing.

I hope 2015 brings you joy ♥

Special Mentions

This is a small collection of people I have to personally thank, whether it was for their friendship (you know who you are) or their amazing content; you guys made this year here worth it

andrewscottofficial ♥ jordanianrage ♥ willamholmes ♥selfmadepurgatories ♥ awkward-ness-monster ♥ bbcmvriarty ♥violincameos ♥ shrlockhlmes ♥ inkyest

Now to business

Faves are bolded, mutual in italics


✿ 221bmycroft ✿ 221bsherlock ✿ afakegenius ✿ aguidetodeduction ✿alantvring ✿ amrydoctor ✿ andrewscottofficial  astudyindetectives bakerstreetbabes ✿ bakerstreetbricolage ✿ bakerstreetskulls ✿bbcjohn ✿ bbcmvriarty ✿ bbcsheriarty ✿ bbcshezza ✿ bbcsubtext ✿bbcwatsn  bbenedicted ✿ beejohn ✿ behavemike ✿  benbatchs ✿benbenny ✿ bene-batch ✿ benedics ✿ benedictcumberbatchsexual ✿benedictcumdorkbatch ✿ benedictdaily ✿ benedictervention ✿bondlock  bulgakv 


 closet-sherlockian ✿ clueingforlooks ✿ clueinglooks  consulting-sherlockian  consultingdetectiveinc  consvltingdetective couldntpossiblycomment ✿ crazyforbendy ✿ creaturebatch cumberbabyangel ✿ cumberbeautiful ✿ cumberbitchsandwich ✿cumberbum ✿ cumberbuttox ✿ cumbercrieff ✿ cumbercrush ✿cumberlocked ✿ cumberqueen ✿ damnmyleg  damntective dearmycroft  deducethegay ✿ deducingly ✿ deductives ✿destinedforjohnlock ✿ detectivisms ✿ dramatisecho ✿ drugsbust ✿earhat ✿ eastawaywest  emptyvow ✿ enerjax ✿ epmtyhearse 


✿ fallforsherlock ✿ forsciencejohn ✿ freebae ✿ frostymycroft fuckyeahbenedictcumberbatch ✿ fuckyeahmartinfreeman ✿ gatisss ✿get-sherlock ✿ getsherlock ✿ greatdetective ✿ greglestrads hamishwatson ✿ hannibalsstripedsuit  harrywatsons ✿ herrholmes ✿his-archenemy ✿ hislastbough ✿ holmesanddrwatson ✿holmesiswherethecrimeis ✿ holmesleuth ✿ holmosexuality ✿hopelesslybenaddicted ✿ i-am-greg-lestrade  iamshurlocked iblogaboutitandheforgetshispants ✿ investigayting ✿ ioumoriarty ireneadler ✿ isanybodyholmes ✿ itsnotgayitsbritish ✿ ivyblossom ✿


janeeyr ✿ javvn ✿ jawnlock  jimoriartv ✿ johnhamish ✿johnishomo  johnlocknetwork  johnlockville  johns-tea johnsconsultingboyfriend ✿ johnwaltson ✿ johnwatso ✿ jordanianrage jowhns ✿ just-sort-of-happened ✿ justapiratefromnarnia justonelasttrick ✿ kindasherlocked ✿ kingshezza ✿ lestir ✿ lestrade ✿letsplaymvrder ✿ letterstosherlock ✿ limpid ✿ lockwatson ✿lordofthejohnlock ✿ lostinsherlock  loudest-subtext-in-television 


 makethemintoshoes ✿ marksgatiss ✿ maryismoran marymortsan ✿ mbakunin ✿ merryjawnlock ✿ milverrton mindpalace  mollyadler ✿ moriarty-walks-free ✿ moriartys-tea ✿moriartysdance ✿ morivrty ✿ mrjwatson ✿ mrsexhimself  mvriartys mycroft-holmes-approves  ✿ mycroftistry ✿ mycrofts ✿ mycroftslonely notbedead ✿ nsfwjohnlock ✿ ofsleuths ✿ omg-its-benedict-cumberbatch ✿ onebuttscratcher ✿ otterymary ✿ prince-moriarty ✿ prycroft ✿queen-mxcroft✿ queenbrealey ✿queertective ✿ reichebach ✿reichen-brook✿ reichenfeels ✿ 


 sadgaydetective ✿ sassmycroft ✿ savingshezza ✿scienceofdeduction ✿ scienceofseduction ✿ sebvstianmoran ✿ see-but-do-not-observe ✿ selfmadepurgatories ✿ sexydetective ✿shatteredsherlock ✿ sherflake ✿ sherhlms ✿ sherhomo ✿ sherlaque sherlazarus ✿ sherlock ✿ sherlockedwatson ✿ sherlockislikeadrug ✿sherlockology ✿ sherlocks-virginity ✿ sherlocksblogger ✿sherlockspeare ✿ sherlyck ✿ sherrinfordeductions ✿ shockingblankets sholtoe ✿ shootbadcabbies ✿ shrlockhlmes ✿ signofstrange ✿sikenlck ✿ sir-arthur-conan-doyle ✿ sir-mycroft ✿ sirwatshon ✿soldierjohn ✿ starryeyedsherlock ✿ strictly-sherlock ✿ sylviaplvth ✿


✿ teatective ✿ thecumbercollective ✿ thediogenist ✿thepengwing ✿ thescienceofjohnlock ✿ thetwogaydetectives ✿thewomvn ✿ tobacoash ✿ ughbenedict ✿ ughholmesandwatson ✿ughmartinfreeman ✿ ughsh ✿ vestwood ✿ violincameos vowofsherlock ✿ watsnn ✿ watsonisgay ✿ watsonly ✿ watsonsdick ✿whymycroft ✿ willamholmes ✿ wintermystrade ✿ your-dear-watson

Alright that’s all! I’m sure I made a few mistakes/missed a few so here’s my blogroll <3 And I hope your holidays went well!