Halloween 2018 drawings coming soon!

Asriel and Kitty ( @jordanthecat11 )- Link and Zelda from Ocarina of Time

Atramento and Allison- Harley Quinn and The Joker from B:TAS


Margo and Boris- Esmeralda and Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame– Love that movie, my favorite!

( kind of got the idea from @eliana55226838 from Dylan being Judge Frollo ) 


The soon-to-be newlyweds in their dress and suit.  They’re a little nervous, but so in love and excited to be married in a couple days.  Bless these precious toons.  <3

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly/Joey Drew Studios Inc.
Asriel the Charming Demon © @paimania
Kitty Cat/Artwork © @jordanthecat11




Gangtsa’s Paradise is the song official of my universe alternative cuphead and bendy ♥ the title is actually based on this song XD Oooo that I had fun doing this! Bendy vs the devil it’s godfather’s war in toontown! fhgjgjfkjd mamma mia

theme song of gangsta toons interpreted by Alice Angel —>  


                                      “Gangsta Toons AU”

I take the opportunity to ask that little thing, @devilsroost can I use more often Betsy for my AU !? I just love her ♥ grazie!

Dolly Corleone @fnafmangl

The Odd Cat @fnafmangl

Benz @poprockpop

Emma Devilgirl  @kirby-dream

Draw @fnafmangl

Bendy and The Ink Machine © TheMeatly

Cuphead © Studio MDHR

Gangsta Toons @fnafmangl

Another Batim oc! What are the odds!

Meet Osiris the Observant Cat! Atramento’s ( aka Caligrafía ) first servant from Hell. Once they left, the slave of the demon searches the globe far and wide ( mostly staying in Egypt due to his cartoon form being of an Egyptian cat ). Until he winds up in Toontown, hearing that his Mistress was here. Happily serving his MASTER Atramento in his Mafia Crew and being by his side like the pet he was before.


Some doodles.

Because I love it ♥ in traditional for once.

Dolly Corleone @fnafmangl

The Odd Cat @fnafmangl

Nage the fox @eliana55226838

Bendy @devilsroost

Kathlene @lumin30n

Brook the squirrel @hoobins

Veronica Swayer @queenoftrash22

Abel the rebel angel @the-vampire-inside-me

Benz @poprockpop

Jadette Emeralda @jade-green-butterfly

New character - Lucia Lux,  Inspector of the Police

Just moving into Town, Lucia was resigned from another city to the Toon Town police division, being herself a high rank Major in the last city, acepting the promotion to inspector with the condition of moving to ToonTown, leaving her crew behind, as well as her parents in another city.

Primarily she was there to help with the city and it’s huge undergroud mafia, the huge complications that it could cause for the hole world and the humans if the toons got out of control in the city, so they send her, one of their best agents. Do not let yourself fool by that pretty face, she would not hesitate to kick your butt if needed. Always prepared she caries with her her pistols, many at once god bless the hammerspaces always prepared for the worst situation, water pistols with holy water are also a must, as well as silver bullets, a woman must never be underprepared.

Unlike most of the toons of ToonTown, she was not made to entertainment, that means she cannot sing, or dance, at least not like many of the toons there, but she does have one of the bests aims around, short or long distance, moviment or not, she is sure to get right on the spot, even when she tries her best not to kill.

Lucia is a quiet girl sometimes, not really shy just not really extroverted or out there, just focused on her work and trying not to get anyone involved with her problems, after all, dealing with the mafia is not the most safe of the jobs, but whatever makes the world a little safer, even if that means keeping in some secrets.

bendys mafia / mafiaverse belongs to @eliana55226838


Chrystal and Figaro ♥

I was working all day on a drawing for my dear friend @thereisinkinmylungs, but my computer failed me and everything was ruined, even so, I made this little detail, I’m really sorry.

Chrystal loves Figaro too, he is everything I always love and need. affectionate, sweet, something soverbio, too friendly is a cat that really deserves a lot of love.

I’m happy that Figaro is the father of Chrystal’s babies.

later I will publish the children of Figaro and Chrys.

I think I will repeat this, Chrystal is very bad character, angry and somewhat presumptuous, she isn’t very friendly and the truth only acts sweet and kind in front of the cameras, she is a spoiled girl. but when she is with those she loves, she will always be sweet, kind, understanding. She is very sweet to those she loves.

Figaro by @thereisinkinmylungs ♥♥♥♥

JUST A REMINDER THAT BONNIE IS NOW ASSOCIATED WITH 3 BENDY’S (with 1 being indirectly known - aka @eliana55226838​‘s mafia Bendy - she never personally met him - just knows him through Dylan, the second being DevilsRoost Bendy, and finally, Kit)

AAAAnyways so after thAT RESPONSE FROM DYLAN ON AN ANGERY DEVILSROOST GREMLIN i thought about how Dylan would react to meeting Kit - wHICH IS BONNIE’S IDEA.

lmfao idk if it’s accurate tho oH WELL 

also Kit doesn’t seem to take Dylan seriously