bendriel sketches

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I think that if Benny and Samandriel (in any universe) were friends and hung out prior to getting into a relationship that they'd have one of those relationships where Benny would sit down somewhere and Samandriel would want to sit there and Benny would refuse to move out of principle and Samandriel would refuse to find a different seat for the same reason and he'd end up in Benny's lap for the next few hours, all while insisting they weren't dating.

i am actually laughing so hard

(highschool au bc thats the flavor of the week)

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*whispers* samandriel wearing too big sweatshirts and jeans like he's trying to make himself as unnoticeable as possible and benny thinking its sorta cute and then being completely stunned the first time he sees samandriel wearing well-fitting clothes because holy hell his angel is actually in great shape

haha OH NO