“In preparation for AKA Jessica Jones’ debut on Netflix, Marvel Comics will reprint the classic comic title that inspired the series: Alias. The publisher will reprint Brian Michael Bendis’ seminal take on Jessica Jones in a new series of trade paperbacks, complete with new covers by original series cover artist David Mack”…/ahead-of-aka-jessica-jones-alias-re…/


Preview: All New X-Men 30
endis & Picheli
Cover by Stuart Immonen

The energy in the club is strong, as Laura is able to move by instinct, as the music plays. She has already claimed Warren from other females.

Look at her expression as she saves him. She is exhilarated, and having fun. Then he gets the chance to return the favor.

I think these two could be very good for each other. She can save him from the darkness growing inside, and he can bring her back from the edge. The look they share, as they wake up with those deep eyes for each other is powerful.

I hope Betsy makes an appearance in the next 6 months.

I am going to miss Stuart, but Sara is going to fit right in.


The X-Men are going to the Ultimate Universe. The cover also makes a great call back to Uncanny X-Men 139

• Dimension-hopping is something of an X-Men rite of passage and it’s about time the All-New X-Men took the plunge!
• I guess you don’t always have to travel Miles away to visit a new place…
• But will the web they find themselves tangled in Ultimately bring about their end?
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Roman sculpture of the torch-bearing moon goddess Luna, or Diana Lucifera (“Diana Bringer of Light”), who was said to be the same as the Greek Selene (Vatican Museums)

SELENE was the Titan goddess of the moon, and a Titan in Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia.[1] She was depicted as a woman either riding side saddle on a horse or in a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds. Her lunar sphere or crescent was represented as either a crown set upon her head or as the fold of a raised, shining cloak. Sometimes she was said to drive a team of oxen and her lunar crescent was likened to the horns of a bull. Selene’s great love was the shepherd prince Endymion. The beautiful boy was granted eternal youth and immortality by Zeus and placed in a state of eternal slumber in a cave near the peak of Lydian Mount Latmos. There his heavenly bride descended to consort with him in the night.

A number of other goddesses were also associated with the moon, however, only Selene was represented by the old Greek poets represented as the moon incarnate. Other Greek moon goddesses included Pasiphae, the Leukippides, Eileithyia, Hekate, Artemis, Bendis, and Hera (who sometimes doubled for Selene in the Endymion myth). Source