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I am Batman. The Batman. From Gotham City. THE Batman from Gotham City. That Batman. —DC Comics, 2018

 BATMAN by Brian Michael Bendis

There’s a new villain in Gotham. He’s a young, up and coming gangster, he’s had enough with the current status quo.

He begins: I’m the boss here now. We’re under new management. I’m telling you, this is how things are going to be: NEW RULES in this house. MY RULES. We’ll branch out. Take over Gotham, one neighbor after the other. Nobody is going to stop us. This time, we make the city our own. Anyone messes with us? We kill him.

Gordon? We kill him.

The Bat? We. Kill. Him.

To punctuate the meeting, New Boss attacks and kills B-Listman. Now we know he’s a man we have to be afraid of.

New Boss has a new drug that will make the streets go crazy… Kryptonian growth hormone. Whatever the hell that is.

Nightwing shows up. He makes  a joke. The punchline is “Blue Beetle is lame”. Because Blue Beetle is a not an A-Lister, he doesn’t deserve respect, y’see. Also he dresses like a Blue Beetle. LAUGH YOU SHEEP.

The Penguin uses the word “SEXY” to describe a crime, before being taken out of commission.

Here comes Killer Moth. He’s funny, everyone laugh at him!

Crossover issue. Superman is in Gotham. He faces a drug dealer. The drug dealer says “Y'know, I didn’t believe you actually existed!

Batgirl talks to Bruce. “Why do I have to be BatGIRL? It feels so unfair!” After that, a comic site runs an article: BENDIS THE FEMINIST FIGHTS THE GOOD FIGHT FOR US ALL

Here comes Killer Moth again. He probably has a serious mental disorder. Also, he’s funny, everyone laugh at him.

Batgirl faces New Boss. She’s beaten to a pulp in a weirdly sexual manner to prove what a badass he is. After that, nobody talks about it.

New Boss fights Batman. New Boss screams “IT’S DONE. THIS IS YOUR FAULT. YOU LEFT ME WITH NO CHOICE. YOU BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELF,” regardless if it makes sense or not in context.

New Boss is defeated, turns into a massive crying snivelling bitch. Twelve issues later he comes back, and we’re supposed to still see him as a badass.

Whoever wins, we lose.


Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 #100 (Variant Cover)

Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 17: Clone Saga TP

(John Romita Sr.’s The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #100 Homage)

 Art by: Mark Bagley and Richard J. Isanove

Bendis Marvel Retrospective

So, I can for a fact say that Brian Michael Bendis got me into Marvel Comics. Back when I was young, the only Marvel I had read was the Marvel vs. DC comics and a few old issues of X-Men. And sure, I’d watched the cartoons, but X-Men and Spider-Man aside, I never would have considered myself a ‘Marvel fan’. 

That is until I read Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1. It legit changed my life. As I read more and more of the series, more books started to come onto my radar. New Avengers, which spun away from Avengers Disassembled and added two of my favorite Marvel Characters (and 2 more that I would come to love as the series went on), was my real Marvel awakening and suddenly I wanted to know more and more. And of course, Bendis wrote that one too.

Bendis is obviously a very divisive figure in the comics world today. He’s done and said a lot of things that have excited people, irritated people, or let people down.

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