a second batch of these thingies.. these took a lot longer than the first ones, but i’m really happy with them. i took the plunge and tried to include a few of the human characters this time, and i don’t think the result is too bad! & yes i blatantly stole that newsboy hat from @squigglydigg, it’s just such a good look on him! anyway, as always, bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge , betty and pearl belong to @131-di.

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  • Les Halles, Paris 1957 by Frank Horvat
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  • still from To Catch A Thief (1955)
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  •  The Orient Express in August 2011 from blazingtrailer
Frozen in Placed

As I said that there was gonna fluff one, it ain’t happening until I get this angst one out of the way. I’ve been on @shinyzango livestream (It’s based on the 2D Bendy AU she did and my god it’s giving me too many ideas) 

So this will involve around winter time, there can be good things and then there are bad things. 

So here we go! 

Bendy laughed as he was playing monkey in the middle with a couple of children in the snow. Henry took Bendy to the park, since he has a day off from work, but he monitored of how long hey stayed out because he was made out of ink. 

But Bendy seemed to be having fun, hearing the children giggling. 

“This is fun, guys!” A little girl laughed, tossing the ball above Bendy’s head as he tried to catch it. The other child failed to catch it as the ball starts to roll down a small hill and into a small part of the woods. 

“Our ball!” 

“Sorry, guys…I didn’t think that Susie would throw it that far.” The boy apologized, looking down. Bendy smiled and pats his shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay, Johnny. I’ll go get it and we can keep playing.” Bendy smiled. 

“I’ll go with you, Bendy.” Susie smiled, which made Bendy smile and nods. Susie and Bendy made their way through the small woods, looking for the ball. “Okay…if I was a ball, where will I roll to?” Bendy said, having a hand over his eyes to look around the area. 

“There it is!” Susie smiled, pointing at the ball that was a few feet away. Bendy smiled as he rushed over, but then was stopped when Susie pulled his arm. “Bendy, no! It’s on lake!” She said. 

Bendy seemed confused, looking at her, then at the place where the ball is at. “…seems fine to me. I don’t see water.” Bendy said. Susie shook her head. 

“It is on a lake, but it’s frozen…maybe we should get someone to get it for us.” She said, looking at the ball on the frozen lake. Bendy looks at Susie, then back at the ball again. 

Hey, don’t worry. I’ll get it. The ice will probably will not break on me.” He said, slowly going over to the edge of the lake. He could see fish swimming under the ice of the lake. Bendy gulped and tugged at his scarf before pressing one foot on the ice. 

It seemed fine so far, so he placed more pressure on the ice. 

So far so good. Bendy took a deep breath before standing on the ice. He had his eyes clench shut when he did, then cracked one eye open to look. He was standing on the frozen lake. 

Bendy smiled, then looks back at Susie. “See? I’m fine!” He smiled, waving his hands before slowly walking to the middle of the lake. Susie clenched her hands together, very scared for her friend. 

Bendy smiled as he got the ball in his hands. “I got it!” He smiled–


Bendy stilled when he heard the sound.

He slowly looks down to see the ice cracking slowly from underneath him. He starts to shake, looking at Susie. She also was scared when she saw the ice cracking. 

“D-Don’t move, Bendy! I-I’ll get Mr. Ross!” She said before she starts to run the fastest her legs could take her. Bendy gulped as he kept still, looking at the ice slowly cracking underneath him. 


“MR. ROSS!!” 

Henry jolted out of his thoughts when he saw a tiny girl run up to him, frowning when he saw the worried look on his face. “Susie? What’s wrong?” He asked, standing up before kneeling down to look at her. 

“It-It’s Bendy, he’s–he’s on a–and-and the ball, and–” 

“Susie, slow down. Tell me what’s going on?” Henry said, placing both hands on her shoulders. “M-Me, Bendy and Johnny were playing monkey in the middle, and I-I threw the ball too far. So me and bendy went to find the ball and it was on a lake–” 

Henry stilled when he heard lake, knowing where he is now. “Where’s the lake at?” He asked. Susie choked on a sob and points to the small woods and he nods. “Stay here.” 

Henry stood up and ran the fastest he could muster to the small woods. “Please, please be okay, Bendy…please, god let him live!” Henry thought, going through the small woods. 

After mere minutes, he was at the lake and stilled at the sight. 

Bendy was clinging onto a large piece of ice as the lake was now apart, the ice drifting apart. “BENDY!!” 

Bendy looks up, inky tears rolling down his cheeks. “H-HENRY! HELP ME!! I’M SCARED!” Bendy cried out, clinging onto the ice he was on. 

“Bendy, don’t move! I’ll get you, I promise!” He said, looking around to find something to get Bendy out from the lake. He didn’t have a lot of time because he knew that the ice wouldn’t hold Bendy for long and he was going to freeze up from being made out of ink. 

Henry then saw a large branch at the shore of the lake. Henry nods as he ran over to gran the branch. When he picked it up, he looks over at Bendy. “Bendy, can you reach for this!?” He asked, outstretching his hand out, the stick inches away from Bendy. 

Bendy looks up at the stick and shakily tries to reach out to grab it. He nearly shrieked when the ice nearly tipped over. “H-Henry, I can’t!” Bendy cried out, clenching to the ice he was holding onto.

“Bendy, look at me.” 

Bendy looks up at Henry, shaking with inky tears rolling down his cheeks. “…I know your scared…but you have to trust me…I know you can do it.” Henry said calmly. 

He made the branch reach out to him again. “You can do it, Bendy…I know you can….” Henry said. Bendy looks at the branch, then back at Henry. The little devil took a deep breath and tries to reach out to the branch again. He can feel the ice tipping again. 

Bendy clenched his eyes shut and managed to grab the branch. 

This made Henry pull Bendy to shore, the ice cracking when he picked Bendy up from it. When Bendy felt himself pulled into a tight hug by Henry, he immediately wrapped his arms tightly around his neck, his fingers gripping the back of his coat tightly. Bendy sobbed hard into Henry’s shoulder, his entire body shaking. 

Henry held him tightly in return, his eyes clenched shut with one hand on the back of Bendy’s head. He fell to his knees while holding onto Bendy tightly to his chest. 

“It’s okay…I got you, you’re okay.” Henry whispered, rocking him back and forth, rubbing the back of his head and in between of his horns. But this seem to make the sobbing worse. 

“….c’mon….we better get you home…” He whispered. Bendy didn’t say anything, Henry slowly standing up while holding Bendy, who refused to pull away from his shoulder, still sobbing. 

As the night came, Bendy was sitting his his room, hugging his knees as he sat on his bed. Ink stains were on his cheek from his crying earlier. He hadn’t made a peep ever since he’s been home. 

A knock was heard on his door. 

Henry poked his head in through the cracked door. “….hey…” He slowly walked over to him with a plate. “Brought you some pizza, in case you’re hungry…” He said. Bendy didn’t say anything. 

Henry sighed softly and sat down on the bed next to him. “…Bendy, you can talk to me, bud…” He said, wrapping one arm around Bendy. 

….why aren’t you mad at me?” He asked, leaning into his side. Henry looks down at him. “I did something so stupid and you’re not yelling at me for it.” Bendy sniffed. Henry sighed deeply. 

He gathered Bendy into his arms as he leaned back on the bed a bit. “Bendy, you didn’t know it would happen. It’s my fault that I didn’t warn you about the ice around winter.” He said, rubbing his back gently. Bendy sniffed as he leaned his head against Henry’s chest. 

But-But I nearly got myself killed for not being careful…” Bendy choked, hiding his face into Henry’s chest as he starts to sob again. Henry sighed deeply as he held him close again. 

Henry hushed him gently, rocking him gently. He lets Bendy sob until he felt better, rubbing the space in between Bendy’s horn. “It’s okay….it’s okay….” He said, but Bendy shook his head, clenching to his shirt. “N-No, it’s not! It’s not okay!” Bendy sobbed. 

Henry just held him for the longest time. When he heard Bendy calmed down, he pulled away to look down at Bendy. His heart heaved when he saw Bendy’s face, inky tears staining his cheeks. 

So Henry could think of one thing. 

Henry leaned forward and pressed his forehead against Bendy’s. The little demon seemed to froze in place, but he clenched his eyes shut and lets him, clinging to one of his hands. 

“…you okay now, bud?” He asked. 

Bendy was silent for a moment, but he nods. Henry pulled away to glance at him, rubbing the top of Bendy’s head gently. “You wanna me stay with you for the night, bud?” He asked. 

Bendy nods, sniffing as he wiped his eyes with his arm. 

Henry nods, smiling sadly as he held Bendy to his chest, laying down on the bed. Bendy had his head resting against Henry’s chest, listening to his heart beat. 

It was silent for them both. 

“…Thanks for saving me, Henry…” 

You’re welcome, bud.” He said softly, closing his eyes. 

They were both soon asleep, Henry snoring softly as the small demon was snuggled up against Henry’s chest, breathing softly. 

This was gonna be the death of me, but I managed to write another one out. So here ya go, another angst fanfic and this AU is gonna be the death of me.

Life’s Lessons

Because the Hell’s Studio death drabbles weren’t sad enough without adding my own take on the idea of the toons (Ben specifically) being rudely confronted with human mortality.

Hell’s Studio AU was made by @doodledrawsthings​ buckle up and enjoy my attempt at writing Emotions.

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