bending: waterbending

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That bloodbending Lance post made me think- Lance taking blood out of his wounds and using it as a weapon like Freezer alchemist or Mirai from kyoukai no kanata. Better yet Lance forcing blood out of his fallen enemies and using to take out his other enemies. An actual sword from actual blood of his enemies, if you will. He did it once when he was super duper pissed and that team had new found respect and fear of him

Yo, okay adding onto this.
I saw this thing with a waterbender lance who had a bow and arrow made out of water. Imagine him making a whole fucking arsenal out of blood! Darts, bows and arrows, throwing knives, straight up torpedoes! It scares the shit outta everyone else because Lance is their deadliest asset.
In addition to all of this, Lance also has the capability to control the other elements to an extent except for Keith’s element, fire. Water is in everything, and so Lance can control the water in plants, the water in mud, the water in air and clouds! He can pull water out of thin air! How amazing is that?!
I’m sorry I love this idea.