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I decided to actually draw out the Overwatch OC’s I use for roleplays and other things. This is Eira and Florence Santiago, or, “Dem Doritos kids”. 

Eira pilots the suit, Florence provides mechanical aid. The suit has the power to create portals that it can then travel through - on the downside that the character walks very slowly through the map.

Attacks and personalities under the cut.

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The “Bend”ing Dimensions Theory

so I had thought about this a while ago because honestly i love bendy and the ink machine and seeing all these bendy’s running around on Tumblr got me thinking. how do these Bendies interact with each other, if they are interacting outside their own world or maybe they are from the same world?? OR they like maybe are just clones made in the same dimension? (but idk possibilities), so i have this theory or maybe hypothesis but HERE IT IS

MY THEORY IS THAT EACH BENDY HAVE THEIR OWN DIMENSION OR WORLD??? I’m thinking that they are from this sort of Undertale type of bullshit of dimensions (and don’t take that negatively i love the undertale’s au’s and stuff great shit).

 BUT all bendies since they are demons as stated with pentagrams and strange possession of even sam (ref to B.A.I.M. ch.2)) and how u learn Sam is that strange ink dude with the mask. and all those ink human- “MOVING ON”- but Bendys may also have the ability to travel to other bendy dimensions using ink and or portals (aka pentagrams) OR WHEN  Bendys aren’t causing any trouble or chaos in their own dimensions(or aren’t summoned) they all reside in this kind of pocket dimension??

AND who is to say that it couldn’t be far fetched for Bendys to be able to travel to other dimensions of other cartoons?? or even there being some sort of interdimensional connection between all cartoons in some way, shape or, form just not known directly by others and or everyone.

but thats just my theory, please enjoy.

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Sooooooo this happened. I drew the things. The many things. Succubus Chara’s outfit and design came from Dig though. SkeleChara belongs to Mika. And Emma was talking about playing Portal on our Skype Chat, so I couldn’t resist.

And I believe OctoChara was based on a video Lia shared of a “knife wielding tentacle in a box” so i like to imagine Frisk just has a tank in her room and this happy lil homicidal octopus in it. It likes to attack people and snuggle up with Frisk while she sleeps… you dirty sinners know where I’m going with this. I know you’ve seen enough anime to know that. XD (That’s not a bad idea actually…hmmmm)

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What's the Bend's main weapon? Like, not an ability. Whatever she has when she's not hacked by Sombra essentially.

The Bends uses a Portal Gun. 

  • Enemies and Allies alike take damage when passing through the portal (so allies can’t abuse the portal system), but Allies can fire into the portal to damage enemies through it. The player needs to fire two shots (an entrance and exit).

All her attacks are explained HERE.

But I think the coolest thing about her is that her waist swivels 360 degrees:


Beyond the flames of crystal fire,
the Fey belong to brutal pyre,
and blush our hardened, taunted lips,
to kiss the flowers at their hips.

Crumbling leaves and Winter’s Fall,
dance between their whining calls,
as goblins covet their gleaming gems,
they plot to make the portal bend,

To let their rage seep in the world;
all their lonely passions twirled,
To join our lives of crust and pain,
To slice the Able from the Cain,
To show our men the will of Femme,
and steal the woman’s purest gem.

They’d rule the Celts and witches fair,
that fuel the fire in their hair,
They’d search the hills for all our twins,
and make incarnate all our sins;
And rush the sky with much of nothing,
to place their crown upon new king.

Echoless regards of placid, hollow fields,
and wars of swords without our shields,
as heroes bled with much untold,
made true this song of kingdoms old,
we closed our doors but gently tight,
to calm our kisses with their fright.

Lacy M. Ewing

I’m still toying around with this AU in my spare time, but imagine a superpowered au (and not just ‘everything is the same but they can do this’ kind of au).

Basically everything takes place on earth and one by one people are beginning to inherit odd powers/abilities. Sort of like X-Men in a sense. Anyways Jim’s father becomes recognized for his power to bend reality, and even open portals to alternate realities. Unfortunately he dies while trying to stretch his powers too far (even though people have theories that he lost himself in another timeline). This all means that when Jim is born everyone kind of wants to get their hands on him because they’re beginning to suspect that powers can be passed down onto the next generation. Now while Jim doesn’t show signs of inheriting his father’s exact abilities, he does begin to develop a future vision-esc power (much like Garnet in SU where he can see different outcomes in an action) and seems to have the potential to tap into other, similar, abilities. He also willingly enters into a research facility to be studied/tested because he wants to know more about what’s going on, and basically grows up there.

Bones on the other hand, grew up not knowing he had any sort of powers. As a doctor he knew of them and found it fascinating, but never really took any of the offers to take his practices to research facilities of the sort. One day, however, he was with his wife and daughter walking around the city when Jo ran into the street attempting to help a frightened animal. He dove after her just as a truck was about to run her over and braced himself for the impact he was undoubtedly going to take. When the dust cleared, however, him and Jo were fine, and everyone was staring slack jawed because Bones had actually created a force field which had totaled the front of the oncoming vehicle. That was kind of the last straw in his marriage and what put him on the path of running into Kirk sometime later on.

Now there’s Spock. Spock also grew up fully aware of his powers, much like Jim, but it was the kind of thing where his dad was like “No don’t do that you’re going to scare the other kids” while his mom would say things like “You were born with a gift”. That gift being empathy. He can basically sense anyone’s current emotion, and even transfer emotions onto someone else given there’s physical contact and if he can feel the emotion himself. Later on this begins to cause some friction between him and Bones because Bones is grumpy/pissed 90% of the time and Spock can feel it across the room.

As for the rest of the crew: Uhura can manipulate sound/frequencies, Chekov can teleport short distances, Sulu can manipulate plants and even has a series of tattoos that appear to peel off his skin and become actual vines and things of the sort, Scotty can manipulate metals much like magneto, and Jaylah has super strength and comes from a tribe that believes the powers are blessings of some god(s). Everyone suffers from different kinds of fatigue if they push their powers too far, but to varying degrees.

Also characters like Christopher Pike, Kodos, and Chapel are doctors/researchers working to better understand the whole situation. 

Sorry for the length! I get kind of ramble-y when I talk about AUs.

@actuallyagentflorida I am in love with this!!!! Spock’s power is so beautifully ironic and I could see it bringing a whole different level to his character. 

Thank you so much for submitting!!

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Asami at the Beach, in a custom Future Industries outfit.

Here is another WIP, I’m going to have Korra standing behind her with a surf board because I assume there is a beach somewhere in the spirit world. And even if there isn’t Korra would probably just bend some water though the portal and make one. 

Also I will never draw that loose knit stuff again. My wrist is killing me, from doing over a hundred of those tiny little triangles!….. Although it is my own fault for using the pathways tool by preference, free handing them would have been much faster. 

Reference used (although I can’t remember what, the original sketch was done over a year ago, based on a fashion mag picture)

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theres so much more to lok then korra's bisexuality


Sorry, I can’t tell if this is directed at me, or one of those friendly PSAs. But yeah, I agree with this sentiment.

Imo Korra’s own spiritual journey/healing arc is the “stickiest” part of the narrative, for lack of a better word. And like yeah, Korrasami is a thematically perfect endcap to that, but it’s hardly the focal point of the resolution. That belongs to Korra spirit bending open a new portal and subsequent conversation, where we see her just utterly exuding strength and inner peace, ultimately “beating” Kuvira with words alone.