Zodiac signs as benders with specialties.

These list the type of bending each zodiac sign would be most likely to use (not necessarily the only type they can use within their element). Inspired by cat-prince‘s post.

Aries: Pure Fire Bending - Aries would mostly rely on pure fire bending due to their spontaneous and daring qualities they take pride in their nation but may lack the patience to master the sub fire type bending, if they do master another bending they would still more than likely rely on their tried and true method.

Magma - Taurus would most likely rely on  magma due to their hot headed nature and stubbornness anything in their path may incinerated. Magma building also allows for creation of new rock and the slow building of pressure for heating the rock requires the patience that a Taurus so often displays.

Gemini: Spirit projection - Duality is an important feature of the Gemini’s nature, due to this they would easily be able to exist in both the spirit and physical world. This method provides information for the intellectual Gemini allowing them to best figure out a course of action. The change of pace between the two worlds may also help fight the Geminis like for a change of scene.

Cancer: Pure Water bending - Cancers are at time unpredictable which makes water and its ability to exist as both water and ice perfect. The Cancer can also use both its ice solid defense of the hardships the world may bring while also allowing them to flow with the tides of change.

Leo: Redirection (lightning/ fire) - The Leo may perceive himself to be untouchable at times which makes redirection perfect for them as it allows them to avoid being hit by the flames of jealousy (real or perceived) that are flying at them. Their kind hearted nature also at times would prevent them from attacking others personally, but if attacked they may resort to using another persons fire power against them.

Virgo: Pure Earth Bending - Virgo may be able to use one of the other more flashy earth bending styles but the Virgo would only use such “flashy” techniques as a last resort due to their modest natures. Their practicality and sometimes harsh nature also goes along with the earth’s raw power.

Libra: Pure Air Bending - The laid back Libra is a perfect match for pure air bending. Their love of justice and charm allow them to see both the good and bad, and their perception of a person may fluctuate with the change of the wind.

Scorpio: Blood Bending - Scorpios are the more attack oriented of the water signs they are also more associated with more physicality rather than emotion and spirit (not that they do not experience these as strongly as the other water signs, they just don’t express the feeling in these ways as much). Their ambitious and manipulative nature can play into the blood bending and controlling of a body especially with there strong focus.

Sagittarius: Lightning Bending - The Sagittarius’s precision and confidence makes them a perfect match for the lightning ability. Their adventurous nature always pushes them to work harder and to develop this at times hard to learn skill. They should be careful though confidence in their abilities is a good thing but over-confidence could lead to some unpleasant and shocking results.

Capricorn: Metal Bending - The cold and calculated mind of a Capricorn goes hand in hand with the metal bending. The discipline required to master bending metal is within the Capricorn’s wheel house and desire for both practicality and ambitious drive would allow them to create new weapons out of even the strongest metals.

Aquarius: Flight - Flight is an ability only mastered by those who allow themselves to be detached (one of the Aquariuses specialties). This does not mean that the Aquarius is mean, in fact their light hearted friendly nature is one of their defining traits. Flight also allows for the Aquarius to be as independent as he or she may desire.

Pisces: Healing/ Spirit Bending - (Spirit bending and healing are actually the same ability but i felt like I needed to specify both) Pisces like Gemini are a very dualistic sign having hands in both the spiritual and physical worlds. Their compassionate nature and idealistic views make healing the perfect match for the them. Pisces are an emotional based sign making healing not only a physical task for them, but a spiritual task as well. The Pisces manipulative nature can also be seen in the way they would manipulate the healing time of a person.

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I was practicing poses while watching Shaolin Kung Fu videos on youtube and then somehow Korra happened.

On an unrelated note, I’ll be going to MCM London Comicon and if any of my mutuals will be there it would be really cool to meet in person! If you’ll be there and would like to say hello, send me an ask and we can organise to meet up or something :)


I like how Aang has learned that he can apply his airbending moves to the other elements. We’ve seen Aang use these exact moves in the past, but back then he was only limited to airbending (and later waterbending as well as airbending). 

The second gif also reminds me of the thing Katara does where she exhales and freezes something as she exhales. Aang does something similar in “Return to Omashu” which I think is a combination of airbending and waterbending



Finally!! We have arrived to my most recent crossover video; another collab, this time with the wonderful CCK95! :D We decided to go for a video with Non/Disney benders and it was AWESOME! (*_*) I would love to do another video like this someday again, because they are too much fun! <3

Once again I decided to upload only my manips, so if you want to see Pocahontas as the avatar, Jim waterbending some sense into Meg and Herc, and other lovely stuff, then go check out the whole thing! ;3

So, something interesting about this little sequence right here from “Sozin’s Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno”:

Aang may be earthbending, but those spins and kicks are Northern Shoalin/firbending kicks, there’s no doubt about it. 

Here’s a gif of Korra doing an airbending assisted firebending/Northern Shaolin style kick as a omparison.