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In the end, they were overwhelmed by the amount of dark-types they were left to face. Try as they might to combat them all, the pair was at a heavy disadvantage. None of their moves were effective enough to strike their enemies down. Shadow ball after shadow ball they threw, attempting to maintain their distance and heighten the possibility of victory. When the situation grew dire, they utilized their riskiest moves, Hyper Beam and Curse, to lessen the other side’s numbers. These moves were successful in removing few of the Pokémon, including those owned by the grunts, but unfortunately this plan drained the majority of their energy. Despite having a curse which sapped at their stamina, the remaining few knocked them onto the ground, rendering them immobile. A ghost-proof net was then secured over the pair, preventing them from escape.

It was over.

With heavy scorn burning in their eyes, both specters glared at their captor, watching as she gave out her final orders. Their son grimaced in her arms, unable to help but cry silently at the sight of his parents in such a state. “Now haul those two out of here. They’re going to have to be disciplined elsewhere, just so they get it through their heads that we own them now. Should they struggle, you know what to do.” Loretta grinned cruelly. “As for this little one…” She roughly stroked Greg’s head, receiving a whimper in response to her touch. “This one is going to be trained extensively so he’s ready to fight for us within a month. It’ll be grueling, but that’s just how it works…”

“YOU’LL DO NO SUCH THING!” Bendetta snarled as she and her husband were forcibly lifted to stand, unbalanced from their current weakened conditions. Scoffing at this behavior, the Team Shadow admin lifted her head towards one of the grunts. The man pulled out a rod-shaped device and switched it on, igniting it with heavy sparks. Such high-voltage electricity would bring the two to their knees once it made contact. Cruelly, the grunt smirked as he prepared to electrocute the specters. Bendetta immediately regretted what she had said, backing up against her husband to prolong what would happen to them. Sucking in her breath, the dusclops turned her head away and waited for the pain. Dusknoir also closed his eye, gripping her hand tightly. This would be the first punishment of many to come.

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Yumi@Greg: I understand you are a new member to your trainer's team. I'm in the same note for the group I am part of. You ever feel any shred of alienation with people, or is everyone pretty accepting of you?

Greg glanced up at the beetle Pokémon with intrigue. While it was possible to see her kind in the area, they were incredibly rare to see, so being able to speak with one left him in subtle awe. He was almost tempted to ask her about her face, but then he remembered what his parents taught him about pointing out another’s features, especially if it looked to be a past injury of some sort. Swallowing down his curiosity, he listened to what she had to say and beamed.

“You’re part of a team, too? That’s really neat, miss!” His enthusiasm quickly died down, having been replaced with a puzzled expression. “But, uh, I don’t get what you’re trying to ask me. What does alienation mean?”

Bendetta, who was seated closely behind them, lifted her head and explained, “Eet means people turn you away or leave you alone. But no one does that here.”

“Oh!” He clapped his arms together and nodded. “Okay then, that makes sense! But, yeah, like mommy said, no one leaves me alone.” The young specter’s tail wagged a little. “Everyone’s very nice to me! I play with all of the kids and the grown-ups look after me, too. Bridget’s quiet when she does, but mommy says it’s because she’s grumpy.” He laughed.

His mother rubbed the side of her face and tiredly smirked. “You’re lucky she’s not out here, otherwise she’d be even grumpier. Don’t say that een front of her, alright?”

Embarrassed, the child covered his mouth and muttered. “Whoops.” When he pulled his arms away, his eye focused on the bug-type yet again. “That’s pretty much it, though! I hope your team is being nice to you, too.”

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End of the Night

With the night drawing to a close, the music playing in the square gradually died down. Distant voices silenced into a near hush and stall owners went about taking down their stands. The dancing couple finally stopped what they were doing and looked on from the hill, realizing it was about time they packed up and left for home. Not uttering a word, Bendetta turned towards the darkrai hovering behind them and gestured him to hand over her child. He obliged without question and carefully passed the tyke into her palms.

“So, now that you’ve done as Adeline has asked… will you be returning to the spirit world to take care of your duties?” Erastus quietly asked the dark Pokémon.

Chuckling softly, Keiimei held his arms behind his head and reclined in the air. “Nah, I’ve done a lot over the time I’ve been away. I decided I’m gonna take a vacation and hang with you guys for a while.”

The gripper Pokémon nearly choked at his words. “What?!” He was immediately shushed by his spouse, warning him not speak so loud around his slumbering child. Relenting, he nodded and quieted down. “You can’t do that; who’s going to watch the sector, then?” A scowl scrunched onto his face, leering at his compatriot for being so irresponsible. “You know you simply can’t leave your post unattended.” While he was not associated with the spirit world any longer, he could not let this decision slide, not unless the ruler had a good argument for him.

He received a nonchalant wave in response. “Relax, man. I’ve got several trustworthy spirits keeping watch. They’re very experienced and have been helping me look out for the citizens during my rule. It’ll be fine.” Placing his hands at his sides, Keiimei’s gaze softened. “Besides, I really missed everyone. I couldn’t possibly stay away any longer.” A sincere smile was present in his eye.

Erastus was still stiff with shock at his audacity, but he did not object. After all, having Keiimei around would most likely lift the others’ moods even higher for as long as he stayed and he had thought things through. Bendetta, not having understood a word of what the two were talking about, shook her head. “Eef you two are done, we should go home while we can. That way Greg won’t have to suffer on the way back.” She spoke calmly, hoping to dispel her husband’s tension.

The soothing tone of his lover’s voice eased the wraith’s worries. He turned and gently wrapped an arm around her back to keep close. “Yes, you’re right. Let’s get going before the night is over.” Glancing back at Keiimei, he motioned for him to follow.

When the group was set and ready to go, they began making their way down the hill, headed for home…

[Erastus, Bendetta, Greg, and Keiimei have left the festival and will be open for regular asks and interactions back at home!]