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“A Dance with Dragons”

I’ve always wanted to do a Game of Thrones/Korra mashup! How would it look if GoT’s story happened in an ATLA/LoK universe? Two of my favorite shows ever, they were meant to be mashed-up. This is Daenerys Targaryen, who would definitely be Fire Nation royalty. History as conquerors? Check. The realm’s foremost dragon wranglers?? Check. Dany could be the Fire Queen of all 7 kingdoms. But she needs to practice her Dragon Dance moves if she’s gonna win the game. I referred heavily to avatar art books for style and I got the pose from a piece by Joaquim Dos Santos, which appeared in Korra’s first episode. More to come!

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Fem!Bakugou as Jenny and Fem!Kirishima as Cherry. I had to do it. The desire to draw this was too strong. 

*If you do not know what I’m talking about, this draw is totally inspired from the song Jenny by Studio Killers. You need to listen! Its really catchy and awesome!*

Other Aesthetics

Here’s a summary of my non-Witch aesthetics.

Halloween Aesthetics:

Mythical Aesthetics:

Fairy Aesthetics:

Nymph Aesthetics:

Fruit Aesthetics: 

Winter Aesthetics:

Disney Heroine Aesthetics: 

Disney Hero Aesthetics:

Hogwarts Aesthetics:

Element Aesthetics:

Song Aesthetics:

Zodiac Aesthetics:

Vintage Aesthetics:

History Aesthetics:

Personal Aesthetics:

  • 1 - INFP-T, Ravenclaw, Wampus, Libra, Books, Coffee, Guitar, Tabby Cat
  • 2 - INFP, Taurus, Slytherin, with a taste for danger
  • 3 - ENFP, Slytherin, Sagittarius, Pukwudgie
  • 4 - INFP-T, Gryffindor, Gemini, forests, folklore, neutral/natural colours (eg dark greens and greys), wild at heart, adventure
  • 5 -  Slytherin, Pukwudgie, INFP-T, Cancer, flower crowns, and coffee
  • 6 - ENTP-T, Ravenclaw, a Horned serpent, patronus is a seal, crystals, butterflies and lavender.

Animal Aesthetics:

Autumn Aesthetics:

Bee & PuppyCat Aesthetics:

Other Aesthetics:


top ten futurama ships (as voted by my followers): #06. leela, fry & bender


TOP 20 FUTURAMA EPISODES (as voted by my followers) ↮ #20. Hell Is Other Robots

“♪ Fencing diamonds, fixing cock fights, publishing indecent magazines, you’ll pay for every crime! Knee deep in electric slime! You’ll suffer till the end of time! Enduring tortures, most of which rhyme, trapped forever here in robot hell!”

Put on your war paint,

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You are a brick tied to me,

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that’s dragging me down,

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Strike a match,

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and I’ll burn you to the ground,

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We are the jack-o-lanterns in July,

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Setting fire to the sky,

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He-here comes this rising tide,

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So come on

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-Fall out boy, the phoenix 


TOP 20 FUTURAMA EPISODES (as voted by my followers)  ↮ #18. Into The Wild Green Yonder

“The fate of the universe depends on you.” “Yeah, I get that a lot.”