bender brothers

some voltron/atla headcanons

I want a Voltron/ATLA AU styled a little like the “Tales from Ba Sing Se” episode, following the lifestyle of Lance, Hunk, and Pidge in Ba Sing Se…

  • Lance (18) is a water bender from the south who’s trying to raise enough money to get to the northern water tribe. He was separated from his family during a Fire Nation raid and was en route to a labor camp when the ship was attacked at a dock and people had the chance to run. He was 11 years old.
  • Hunk (20) is an earth bender who runs a “home goods” shop that specializes in custom-made/made-to-order pottery. He and his family found Lance in their village and lived together. When Fire Nation soldiers ransacked the village in search of earth benders (or any benders, really), Hunk and Lance managed to run away and take refuge at Ba Sing Se.
  • Pidge (14) is a non-bender whose father and brother were kidnapped by Fire Nation soldiers for their engineering genius. Lance and Hunk take her in after some incident before they lived in Ba Sing Se.
  • Shiro (25) is a fire bender who had been imprisoned for helping Water tribe labor workers escape. He somehow escapes the Boiling Rock, and after hearing about the defection of the crown prince, goes on a search to look for him.
  • Keith (18) is the son of the current Fire Lord and the crown prince. He ran away when Haggar tried to turn him into a living weapon by fusing dark magic with bending energy. He travels the Earth Kingdom pretending to be a wandering swordsman, looking for purpose in his life.
  • Allura (34) is a wealthy upper-class elite of Ba Sing Se who is secretly funding a group of revolutionaries. When someone rats her group out, it’s up to the team to save whatever is left of the group, as well as its leader (Allura).
  • Coran (52) is Allura’s guardian and claims he has a mole somewhere in the Fire Nation. The mole gives him warnings about Fire Nation activity ahead of time, and they are always correct.
    • SPOILER: It is an actual mole. As in, it’s an animal.

And then all of them team up to take down the Fire Lord. Or something. Idk.