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Fem Joseph gif >>. Also, yeah, regarding the last text post about $7 sketch commissions, yeah..I’’m not doing any nsfw, just headshots or halfbody depending on how I feel. Somebody thought that I was going to draw a whole mini comic for them haha, no. I don’t mind nudes and comics but I’m not up to drawing any nsfw or comics right now, unless it’s for me but I’ll open official commissions up later ^^. I still haven’t gotten a client yet *looks around* so have many slots open. The sketches will be colored btw.

Another Murdoc Headcanon

Ok sorry this is a sad one but what if Hannibal visited Kong sometime during Phase 1 or Phase 2? In Rise of the Ogre, Murdoc mentions stealing ashtrays from Hugh Heifner’s house for his brother, who’s in prison at the time, so we know they’re in touch.

Imagine the band being so reserved and tense around Hannibal, and Murdoc griping about the past and complaining while Hannibal blows it off and says things are different now, and they effectively argue the afternoon away.

He stays till late into the night, and Murdoc gets drunk, and suddenly the brothers are in a screaming match.

“You’re just here because now that I’m famous you want some of my money!”

“See what you’re doing, Murdoc? You’ve always, ALWAYS assumed the worst of me!”

“You’ve never given me reason not to! Leaving me to battle Dad’s benders alone–” and Murdoc can feel himself breaking–“disappearing for weeks at a time…”

And Hannibal’s expression softens with understanding and he ruffles his little brother’s hair, starting to gently talk a very drunk and very emotional Murdoc down.

They talk into the wee hours of the morning about everything, the abusive home life, their criminal records, their desires to make something of themselves now.

“Seeing the Gorillaz taking off, it’s really inspired me,” Hannibal admits. “I need to start hunkering down and making something of my life too.”

“’M glad you feel that way,” Murdoc tells him. “Hey, we can sort out how to get you on your feet in the morning. Till then, take one of the guest rooms. We should probably get some sleep.”

And they smile and part ways.

But that sorting out of Hannibal’s life never comes. Murdoc is awoken to the sound of 2D pounding on his door frantically.

“Muds get up now please, you need to see this!”

In the dead of night while everyone was asleep, Hannibal lifted anything of value he could find: autographed albums from other artists, tons of Russel’s equipment, some of 2D’s vintage zombie movie figurines.

Kong has been completely ransacked, and as Noodle, Russel, and 2D assess the damage, Murdoc just stands there, blanket still around his shoulders, looking on in detached melancholy. He can’t bring himself to feel surprised, or even angry. Just disappointed. Quietly, without saying a word to his friends, he turns and goes back to his room, closing the door quietly behind him and crawling back into bed.

First Order Avatar the Last Airbender AU:

Kylo is arguably the strongest firebender in the galaxy. His unparalleled skill combined with his rage make him deadly on the battlefield. Naturally fiery in nature, but raised by two earth and water benders, Kylo constantly battles between the different sides of himself.

Phasma, earth-bender extraordinaire. Top of her class at the metalbending academy, she has perfected the art of bending both earth and metal, her discipline and prestige making her the obvious choice to lead squadrons of storm troopers.

Hux, a water bender, made himself infamous in school for teaching himself the art of blood bending. In this way he was able to take out his competitors and gain power. Ironically, Hux is also a very skilled healer, though he rarely is faced with the opportunity to utilize this gift.

Snoke is an air nomad gone rogue, a monk who has turned away from a life of peace and balance. He believes true peace can only be achieved through order and discipline. It is rumored that Snoke possesses the ability to fly, though no one has ever laid witness to this.

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I don't get the appeal of kuvira? I like the character and I think she's a great villian, but I don't understand why everyone seems to be madly in love with her and are all "OH KUVIRA THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN" so as an uneducated soul in the ways of Kuvira can a Kuvira lover like yourself explain why you love her so much?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh son take a seat

I love her for a lot of reasons. I have always been drawn to female villains, (Azula in Avatar before this, even) but Kuvira completely did me in. I will be the first to admit I am attracted to her, so that doesn’t help my case. Seeing her with her hair down did me in. 

But I think what a lot of others saw in her (myself included) is that up until the finale, she seemed unbreakable. She was constantly 5 steps ahead of anything the Krew planned, or anyone, really. She was incredibly strategic, always having a back up plan, and amazingly intelligent. Besides that, she was shown to be a master metal bender - especially in battle. Zhu Li betrayed her, and she knew she had information - so she attacked early. 

But we all knew she had her weakness. There was no way she as impenetrable as she appeared to be. Korra tried to use Baatar Jr as leverage against her, but clearly, that wasn’t enough. 

And it was her abandonment issues. 

Who would have ever thought, that, this master metal bender, who conquered an entire nation, was hurting so badly over something that happened to her so long ago? Her parents abandoned her when she was but 8 years old - and her relationship with Su is up for interpretation, but I personally don’t think it was the mother/daughter one that Su seemingly implied, because if it had been, Kuvira wouldn’t have been so obviously affected by this. That she did what she did because she wanted to help her people in the best way she knew how to, because she felt she had to do something, in the way that no one ever helped her? Even if it meant sacrificing her fiance? She did what she had to do, for what she felt best, for her nation. I’m not saying all of her choices were the correct ones, or that her actions are entirely forgivable, but in her mind, she was doing what was best. Being in control was incredibly important to her, because her life and decisions were the only thing she felt she had control over, she obviously couldn’t rely on others no matter how much trust she seemingly put in them - going all the way back to her parents when she was young. 

I think we all can relate to that bit, in wanting to help others in the way no one ever helped us. I, personally, can relate to her abandonment issues as well - not that my parents left me, but with friends when I was a kid, but I’m not going to make this about me. 

She only broke because she had no other options. She said herself, “I’ll never give up,” and I think that’s something so many admire about her character. She was obviously injured, and so close to being defeated, but she kept trying to fight for her cause. Korra was able to get through to her when she was at her lowest point, in Korra’s element (the Spirit World), and Kuvira thought they were dead for a moment. She knew she had nowhere to go, nowhere to run, and had to rely on Korra to have an understanding of anything.

Korra didn’t have to save her life, but she did - and Kuvira acknowledged that. It takes a strong person to admit their wrong doings and apologize, which she did. 

But, even with what what we saw of her in the finale, she was a strong, fearless leader. And not only that, she was a woman - I don’t want to get all SJW here but I think that’s equally as important. LoK had so many awesome strong female characters, Kuvira included. 

I feel like I am forgetting so many things, but that is why I love Kuvira. She seemed perfect at first, really - but she wasn’t, and she knows that.  She wanted everyone to think she was. She knows she has flaws, and there is some self loathing in there, but she protects it with her exterior that so many of us can relate to. 

I fucking love Kuvira. 

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What were your thoughts on the battle between Kuvira and Korra? Do you think Korra is a weak/mediocre bender?

The battle between them was really hard to watch, but I don’t think Korra is a weak or mediocre bender. Korra has just been cured of the residual poison in her body and she hasn’t had proper battling experience in over 3 years. I think it’s believable and realistic that she wasn’t able to beat Kuvira without the use of the Avatar state. Had she been at her prime, she would have easily won the match. We’ve seen Korra do amazing things with her bending, so the whole “she’s mediocre compared to atla character” is just wrong. This isn’t the large scale type of bending from atla because bending has changed in the last 70 years and evolved. 

A more important question to ask is why are the writers so adamant to show her losing so many battles. Aside from the finale episodes and a few other instances, she hasn’t really ever won a battle with an enemy. Korra is constantly beaten down because she’s constantly written to be in situations where she would lose. I get that it’s important to the plot and development of her character, but it would be nice to see more examples of Korra winning.