Family portrait of French sisters Christine and Léa Papin, who became notorious killers in 1933 after they killed their employer’s wife and daughter. The sisters became live-in maids after a lifetime of living with alcoholic parents and years in and out of mental institutions. While their older sister became a nun, they preferred to work together in various Le Mans homes.

From 1926, they worked for a retired lawyer, René Lancelin, along with his wife and adult daughter. On the 2nd of February 1933, Lancelin returned home to find that all the doors of the house were locked and that he couldn’t get in. Upon breaking in, police found a horrifying scene; Madame Lancelin had been beaten to a pulp, to the point of being unrecognisable, and one of the daughter’s eyes was on the floor nearby. Madame Lancelin’s eyes had been gouged out and were found in the folds of the scarf around her neck. The two maids were found in their room upstairs, naked in bed together, making their relationship even more grotesque.