bend until i break

They said that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but all my thoughts seem to wander back to wondering about you. I guess the truth is I’d kill every single step of the way just to get back to you. Missing you starts to bend my heart until breaking is the only thing keeping me alive. I guess I’m just a little lost without you. This distance is hauntingly daunting.
—  Ldr

know what’s beautiful about tumblr? some time last semester i was studying so hard and for so long (probably on the level of more than 12 hours) that i started to feel nauseous. i wrote a kinda funny text post about it to take a short break. within minutes, one of my followers (and friends IRL) had commented encouraging me to take care of myself and saying it wasn’t worth hurting myself over. 

a day or so ago, i saw the same exact thing happen - someone posted a kinda joke-y post about studying so hard they were hallucinating, and a follower immediately commented reminding the person to take care of themselves. it was nice to see. 

thank you, tumblrverse, for reminding me not to bend until i break.