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From May 16 through 24, 2016, we took an epic road trip in the American Southwest, visiting some of the USA’s most treasured National Parks;

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On the Road

Lessons so far:

You will get hungry and there will be no food in the car but goldfish and nothing will be open but McDonalds

You will get very mad at each other for backseat driving and/or almost crashing into soft shoulders

You will freak out over exciting things such as mountains and goats

You will underestimate how long it takes to get to destinations and have to sleep at a rest stop on a busy freeway instead of in an idyllic meadow underneath a mountain range

You will get to Bend, Oregon, and never want to leave again

(To be continued)

Let American McGee make a new Alice game!

“EA, from all of us that have had the honor of getting to play the masterpieces that we call, the Alice games, we have one simple request; a request that has been asked of you by many fans, but has gone similarly ignored, almost as though you are purposely turning a blind eye to our pleas; maybe this request, in the form of a petition, backed by us “Alice fans” sheer numbers, will be enough for our voices to be heard.

We the fans of the first two Alice games, want another taste, another adventure, another mind bending trip with Alice through the depths of her (and now others’s) minds; where what lurked inside, was an experience unlike any other we’ve had the privilege of encountering, an experience of beauty, surrealism, horror, and a great many other awe inspiring wonders. We the Alice fans want to go back through the looking glass, and once again, experience a new psychological trip to wonderland with Alice; and we want this in the form of a new Alice game.”


This is so exciting, we may actually get somewhere with this! Thanks to distressmistress for letting me know c;

Ernst Tinajas (earthenware jugs) in Ernst Canyon have served as an important water source for humans and animals for generations. Animals have been known to fall into tinajas during times of drought trying to get to the water. Once in the tinaja, they can’t get out due to the slick, steep sides.


road trip to Big Bend


Ocho Cuban restaurant, San Antonio, TX

• Havana Margarita
• Tortilla Chips & Salsa
• Red Snapper Pico de Paloma, Mango & Black Bean Slaw
• Banana Bread French Toast w/Vanilla Ice Cream, Cajeta, Candied Walnuts

Big Bend trip 1