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When they break your bed from rough sex

Anonymous : bts reaction when they break their GF bed from rough sex xD


You clench your fingers on the sheets as your head tilts back. Namjoon is on his knees, his hands clutched on your hips as he roughly thrusts into you. You’re a moaning mess, a thin layer of sweat covering your entire body. You’ve been fucking for two hours straight and you can feel your umpteenth orgasm coming. « Don’t stop… Don’t stop, oh my… » Namjoon bites his lips and deepen his thrusts, hitting your weak spot. Suddenly, you hear a crack and startle when the bed breaks violently. Namjoon looses his balance and falls on his arms, just above your head. You look at each other in shock, breathless. After a few moments have passed, you sigh « I can’t believe I have to buy another bed, again… » Namjoon pouts and, after looking at you as if he was checking if you’re really angry, dives into your neck and kisses it slowly while whispering « I’m so sorry, babygirl… » You sneer and slowly pass your hand along his back, your nails scratching it enough to make him hiss. « Show me how sorry you are… » Namjoon bites your neck hard as he curses quietly and thrusts into you so slowly it makes you whine. He chuckles and starts to fuck you again, his hot breath against your neck running on your skin at each rough thrust.


Taehyung’s fast breathing. His skin clapping against yours. Your soft moans. The sheets brushing against the mattress when you move your arms as your back arches. Taehyung runs his hand on your left thigh before firmly grasping it. He presses it against his chest and increases his pace, making you moan louder. There’s gonna be bruises tomorrow morning. Tae goes hard and fast, his pretty mouth slightly opened, his swollen lips lightly shaking at each thrust. All of a sudden, you hear a loud crack and feel a hole just under your bodies. You both stop moving and look at the bed, realizing it bent towards the middle. You look at Tae whose eyes are opened wide in shock. He doesn’t move, still not over what just happened. You wait for a few seconds before you whine « Please… Move again, it was too good… » You slightly roll your hips against him but Tae stops you from moving, his deep voice a bit higher than usual « I… I just broke your bed, jagi… » You sigh « And ? Baby… Just fuck me already… » Taehyung’s protest vanishes in his throat when you roll your hips against him again, his member twitching inside you in a delicious pulse. You smirk when you see him biting his lips so hard, his pupils so dilated it looks like he has black eyes. Taehyung finally starts to move his hips again, thrusting into you so deeply it makes you cry for more.


On top of Jin, you feel his hands clutching on your hips as he thrusts into you roughly. You’re bouncing up and down, your hair moving in synch with Jin’s rhythm, arching your back as your pleasure grows fast. You can’t see his face but the sound of his moans is enough to show you how much he’s enjoying it. You bite your lips as you smile playfully but it vanished the second your hear the loud crack from the corner of your bed. It leans down and you loose your balance, falling forward. Jin quickly straighten up and catches you before your fall, his arms around you and his chest pressed against your back. « Are you okay, babe ? » You’re still processing what just happened. You hang on his forearms around your breasts and pout « Y-yeah… But what the fuck ? » Your bed is literally bending diagonally, a corner of your mattress on the ground. Jin sighs and raises his voice, talking quick and getting as extra as he can be « Yaaah ! Do they know how to make proper beds nowadays ? Are they not testing it before selling it to young and greedy lovers ?! You paid good money for this fucking garbage and you can’t even use it ?! So what, are we gonna accept the fact that I can’t fuck my girlfriend as hard and rough as I want ? Huh ?! Do I have to sue them ?! Huh ? Huh ?! »


Your breath is cut, eyes closed and mouth half open in a silent whimper. Hoseok’s gonna kill you. He’s thrusting fast and rough into you, his skilled hips moving against yours like perfection. You pass your hands on his wet hair, your other hand grasping his lower back. As you feel your walls clenching around his member, letting you know you’re about to cum, you hear a scary burst. Hoseok stops and looks at you for a second before the bed falls on the ground in a dull sound that surely woke up the whole neighborhood. And you both scream your lungs out, showing how brave you are. You press Hobi against your chest, your arms around his head as he snuggles up against you, still shaking a bit. He opens his eyes and whines quietly, and his cuteness throw your panic away. You begin to smile and Hobi raises his head to look at you. Your smile makes him smile and soon you both start to laugh, Hoseok getting back between your legs. He kisses you softly before whispering with a smirk « We still got a mattress… » Hoseok slowly thrusts into you, making your eyes roll back as he whispers again « And my babygirl needs to cum, huh ? »


Yoongi is slow but deep, owning every loud moans of yours. Your waist hurts like crazy, his fingers leaving bruises on your hips as he takes you from behind, but you don’t want him to stop. You only owe your balance to Yoongi, otherwise you would’ve already fallen considering the strength he puts in the way he’s fucking you right now. Yoongi gets rougher and you startle when you hear the strange crack coming from your bed. You don’t have time to ask your boyfriend to stop for a second : your bed breaks in a loud noise and bend to the side, one foot of the bed completely shattered. Yoongi falls on your back, his head on your shoulder. You fall under his weight and straighten up a bit to look around you. « What the… » Yoongi doesn’t finish his sentence, too stunned to continue. After a few seconds, you both giggle. Yoongi bites your shoulder, moving a bit just for you to feel he’s still inside you, and whispers with a raspy voice « Do you still want me to be rough ? » You nod as you bite your lips, raising your ass to make his dick go deeper, owning a hiss from him. Yoongi grabs your hair, twists it and pulls it to him, arching your back to start fucking you again.


You’ll never get used to the way his tongue works on your neck. Like he knows exactly what moves are gonna drive you crazy, where to caress your skin, how to make you loose your mind. And when Jimin is as horny as tonight, it’s even more magic. He’s on top of you, fucking you hard, fast and rough, just how you like it. You bite his shoulder as your feel your orgasm building up in your lower stomach. It’s gonna be a fucking explosion, a goddam firework. Well, the explosion is here, but it’s not from your boyfriend’s love. Your bed just literally broke under your bodies, making a huge hole and bending your bed in the middle. You gasp as you pull Jimin closer to your body, a little scared by what just happened. As he catches his breath, he growls in your ear « Fuck… I’m sorry, Jagiya… » You can hear he wants to be sincerely sorry but you know he’s really mad. He hates it when something stops him from cuming, especially on those kind of wild nights. You can’t help but chuckle, finding this situation too funny not to laugh about it. It makes Jimin giggles too, his cute laugh never falling to make you fall in love again and again.


You increase your pace as you brush your lips on Jungkook’s. Eyes glued on yours, mouth to mouth, he watches you ride him, his hot breath getting spasmodic as his pleasure is almost hitting his high. When your legs starts to shake, Jungkook gets a little to hyped up and turns you over to let you fall on the mattress. When he jumps on you and starts pounding again, a violent burst is heard next to you. You turn your head and your eyes opens wide when you see your bedheads dangerously swinging up and down. Jungkook pass his arms around you and makes you straighten up to hold you tight against him, scared it’s gonna fall on you two. You both watch your bedhead loudly and heavily fall on your mattress, the slight breeze caused by the fall making your hair waves a little before the room gets silent again. You look at Jungkook who looks at you too, and you share a weird look. Then, Jungkook raises his eyebrows, you raise your shoulders, you both chuckles for a second before you kiss like nothing happened.

The Godfather-(Derek Hale)

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Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Derek Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1950

Warnings: swearing

Summary: (Y/N) and Derek meet again after 6 years of being apart

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motel ‘97 - 03

➵ pairing: jungkook x reader  
➵ genre: mafia au, angst, fluff, smut.
➵ warning: violence, crude language, read at own risk.
➵ word count: 4K+

01, 02, 03, 04, 05,

this chapter includes mentions of violence, blood, etc. read at own risk.

The atmosphere was undeniably thick. A knife could cut through the tension right now. I sat at the edge of the bed, decorated with white and blue sheets. The once white walls turning a bland shade of grey. In the corner sat a dark wooden bookshelf, with only a few books no one had ever given thought to. A series of small rectangular windows at the top of the wall where it met the ceiling. Rays of light seeping into the cold room. My bare feet shivering against the cold marble floor.

You bunched up against the wall where the bed resided as Jungkook stood near the door. He let his hand fall from the doorknob and reside at his side. He slowly made his way to the edge of your bed, placing a hand down on the soft material. “I need you to listen to me.” Jungkook explained in a demanding tone. You decided ignored him and kept your line of vision on the sheets. “Stop.” You objected. “Do not speak to me. Leave now.” You spat, trying to keep any remaining composure you had. Dragging this out as long as you could, trying to plot a way to get around this and get out.

 “Excuse me, I would watch your tone if I was you. Don’t forget, you’re in my house now.” He sneered. “I’ll scream.” You threatened. He scoffed and laughed, brushing off your weak attempt of an insult. “Wow.. I feel so threatened!” He gawked, placing his hand over his chest. “Quit playing tough as shit, I promise you princess.. You’re not gonna like it.” Jungkook said standing up, leaning against the end of the bed post. He crossed his arms over his chest and lifted an eyebrow. You glared at him and clenched your fists. And if looks could kill, he would surely be a goner by now. Who the hell did this guy think he was? After all the shit he just dragged you through? Literally! A knock on the door startled, the both of you. Jungkook let his eyes drift from you to the door and slowly backed up to reach the knob. As he swung the door open, another tall man stood. He had hazel brown hair and deep dimples.

“Ah.. Jin said you would be here. I’m assuming this is the infamous Y/N?” He said pushing the door open, pointing in your direction and walking into the room like it was his own. “This is her.” Jungkook reported as he watched you tense at the man’s presence. “Let me introduce myself darling. The name is Kim Namjoon.” He smiled like a child, moving wayyyy to close to your face for comfort. His eyes traveled from your lips back to your eyes. 

 “Now, I’m sure you know we aren’t all here to chit chat!” He concluded standing up all proud and high. “ dear would you like to tell us just who exactly you are working under?” Namjoon said waving his hand around the air, Jungkook watching his actions intently. “What do you mean?” You admitted, eyebrows furring together. You had absolutely no idea who these people were and what they were capable of, but you knew you sure as hell weren’t safe. It could be worse though, you reminded yourself. He easily could’ve killed you last night. That being said, you had a small advantage. You needed to claim the upper hand before they did.

 Namjoon chuckled and placed his hands in his pockets. “I don’t think you’re in such a position to play these games with us sweetie.” He taunted, throwing his head to the side. “Look, you’ve clearly got the wrong person. I don’t know shit about you or your bullshit ‘games’.” Throwing finger quotations in the air. “Just let me leave. If it weren’t for him-” You snapped, pointing to Jungkook, “I wouldn’t be here in this mess. I don’t know what you want from me but I can assure you I don’t have it.” You concluded.

He didn’t appreciate this in one bit. His once cheery face turning dark and bitter. Jungkook eyed you carefully, awaiting your next move. “Hmm.. alright. Jungkook come with me. We have some exciting news for Taehyung now don’t we!” He cheered, walking towards the door. You swore, you could see Jungkook visibly tense at the mention of this Taehyung guy. But you brushed it off and waited for them to leave. “See you later jagiya!” He called shutting the door behind him.

You were left to dwell on his words in complete silence. You pondered about the room, searching for any resource to get the hell out of this place. You carefully eyed your surroundings and paused when you met the windows. Sure they were very small, but just maybe, you would be able to smash one and climb out. You threw your legs out over the bed and onto the floor. You walked over the the corner and grabbed the small bookshelf. 

Using the leverage provided by the wall, you pushed the bookshelf out until it was below the windows. You slowly placed your right foot on top of the wooden surface and pushed yourself up to peer out the window. You placed your hands on the window ledge and stood on your toes. You were quiet high up, on a second floor, and there was no way in hell you were getting down without serious injuries. You mentally cursed and climbed down back onto the marble floor. You looked around the room for any other means of escape, but it was clear that this was it.

You stopped and stared at the door. Was it worth the risk? I mean what exactly would happen if you were caught anyways..? You decided to approach the door slowly and place your right hand on the knob, and left hand on the door to prevent any noises escaping. You lightly twisted the knob and it wasn’t locked. You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and gradually pulled the door back to slightly open it. You peered through the small crack in the door and you were able to indicate that it was clear. 

You turned your head to look behind you before deciding to venture out into whatever the hell this place was. You stepped out into the hallway, closing the door behind you. You glanced around and found 2 hallways at each side of you. The walls were still the same bland white cement, but a few paintings and pictures hung every so often. You turned both ways, wondering which path would be suitable. You could make out quiet voices approaching from the left side, prompting you to immediately turn right, which you did.

You quickened your pace, gripping your arms as you walked down the hallway, stopping at a corner. You placed your hands along the edge of the wall, peering out over the edge to make sure the coast was clear. However this hall was different. It had large windows showcasing a huge meeting room down below. A large glass chandelier hung from the ceiling. A pool table rested in the corner, and a long dark brown table stretched across the room with a delicate red rug underneath.

What exactly is this place? What is all this for? You thought. You could see a few people walking and talking about the room, but you figured if you hurried they wouldn’t notice you. After all they seemed to be too caught up in their game of pool and cigars to notice someone walking above. Taking in a deep breath, you quickly walked down the hall, trying to look un-suspicious, but have a reasonably fast pace. But you were completely unaware of the presence behind you, and it would surely come back to bite you. Bad.

Taehyung’s POV

He happily skipped down the hallway, on his way over to where you were being held captive, following Namjoon’s orders. He smiled to himself, excited. He loved receiving new canvases. He just couldn’t wait to get his hands on you, painting your skin with deep shades of red, blue, and purples. He recalled the conversation from earlier as he continued on his way.

“She’s all yours. Just don’t kill her. You know the limits. Remember the information needed. Don’t let the excitement rush to your head.” Namjoon said, rubbing his temples. He occasionally let Taehyung do the dirty work if necessary. That being said, he wasn’t the most reliable when it came to prying information out of others without eventually killing them.. “We can still use her if shit hits the fan.” Namjoon spoke, your entire well being tossed into the trash.

Taehyung swiftly turned the corner and walked proudly to your door. He knocked a few times and called out. “Princess! Come on out! We’ve got a lot to do!” He chirped. He was met with silence. “Oh come on! Don’t make me use force! You won’t like it!” He exulted. He waited a few more moments and decided to take matters into his own hands. He roughly jerked the knob and the door flew open to reveal an empty room with a misplaced bookshelf and disheveled sheets. He smirked to himself. “Nothing like a good game of hide n seek. Ready or not Princess, here Taehyung comes!” He giggled as he calmly walked throughout the hallways.

He watched your figure from afar, watching how you carefully observed your options, planning your next move like you had it all figured out. He smiled. Surely, if he met you on different terms he would’ve loved you. He fidgeted with the small pocket knife held in his hand and continued to follow you around each bend and corner. He grinned as he watched you take a turn down the left hallway, which was sure to get you caught. Like taking candy from a baby.. He thought as he quickly moved, putting his plan into action.

You came to another stop as you were met with 2 opposing hallways. You decided to follow the path of windows and take a left. You turned around to secure your position and hurried down the long hallway when the rhythm of footsteps behind you made you freeze. Oh no. “Princess! Found you!” His voice taunted you. Adrenaline hit, and you booked it. The whole ‘trying to get out quietly’ was off and now it was just a mission of trying to get out period. You quickly turned around the corner and saw a door at the end of the hallway with an illuminated ‘EXIT’ sign. 

You could hear the sounds of his shoes hitting the marble floor behind you. You used any and all energy you had and slammed into the door full force, the initial impact causing a loud bang. You scurried to find something to block off the door but you were met with a large group instead.

All dressed in black. Some chatting among others, some eating, some cleaning weapons. You noticed Jungkook in the distance with Namjoon and you were surely fucked. Everyone in the room turned and all eyes were on you. Including Jungkook’s. Just then, Taehyung burst through the door and secured a grip around your neck, putting you into a chokehold. “No! Get the fuck off!” You screamed bloody loud. You flailed and kicked, using every limb to your advantage, but he was just too strong. “That was a fun game Y/N! I’ll say, you definitely had me clueless for a bit there!” He swayed. 

All conversations in the room ceased to exist and all attention was on you and Taehyung. You desperately looked around for anyone to help you, but nobody dared to step between someone and Taehyung. You noticed Jungkook was looking at you and you looked back at him, pleading for help. “My my my! What do we have here?” Namjoon yelled as he began to walk towards you two. “Princess here thought she could just walk out like she owned the place! How silly!” Taehyung giggled. Jungkook tensed at the image displayed in front of him. “You know Taehyung, I take it back. Limits are off. Go ahead and do whatever. Keep her alive still.” Namjoon smiled walking dangerously close to you. Namjoon lowered his head so it was level with your face. 

“You really shouldn’t have done that.” He seethed in your face. He stood back, straightening his shoulders before striking his hand across your cheek. A loud slap was audible to everyone in the room. You let out a muffled cry, due to the restriction of Taehyung around your neck. “Namjoon..Ah..Don’t do this.. I’m pretty sure we can work something else out..”Jungkook defended, his gaze strong on the mark Namjoon’s hand had left. The hell is his problem? One second he’s threatening me and the next he’s trying to defend me. Just how fucked in the head are all of these people.. “You wanna go with her lover boy? I’m pretty sure Taehyung can make room for two.. Isn’t that right?” Namjoon threatened. Jungkook remained silent at that. There was no way he could go against Namjoon. And certainly not over something like this. 

“Well, we will be off! I’ll see you later isn’t that right! For Y/N here… maybe not.” Taehyung smiled ear to ear as the statement left his lips. He began to drag you backwards towards the same door you burst through moments ago. You dug your heel into the ground, trying to create any sort of friction to stop him. “Get off!” You repeatedly screamed over and over like a mantra as he neared the doors. “You don’t understand! I have nothing to do with this! Please!” You looked back and noticed Jungkook’s hard cold glare at you. You spared him a second glance and gave in as you were dragged out the door.

Taehyung was walking closely behind you, a strong grip on your hands as he ushered you forwards. He began to hum a lullaby as you two continued down the hallway. When you turned the corner you were met with an increasingly long hallway, dim lights, and a staircase at the end. Where exactly am I being taken to? What does he mean? A million questions ran across your brain.  “Ahh.. Almost there princess! Sorry about the long walk! You could’ve put this energy towards something much better.” He purred into your ear. You shuddered at his harsh words and slowed your pace as you neared the staircase.

 He placed you at the entrance of the door and used his free hand to push the door open. “Ladies first.” He sang as he tilted his head. You eyed him carefully, before slowly stepping into the dark room. Disgust sketched onto your face as you scanned the dark and cold room. Cement walls and tile floor. In the very middle of the small room sat a chair. The walls decorated with racks of different knives and such. You felt sick. You could easily make out blood stains on not only the chair, but the floor and walls. It’s dark burgundy shade never making you feel more uneasy than in this moment.

“Take a seat right there would you darling?” He smiled. You didn’t move. You stood frozen, glaring at the tiles as tears slowly cascaded down your cheeks. Fingers twitching as you gripped your shirt in fear. Why me? This wasn’t supposed to happen. Why had I been so reckless and stupid back at the motel?  You let your eyelids fall shut as more and more tears became present. You could make out the change in lighting from behind your eyelids as he walked in front of you. “Ah. Don’t cry princess. This is your fault after all! You just tell us what we want and you get to walk away from this!” He cupped your face and jerked it upwards to face him.

 You ripped your eyelids open and your eyes met his. “Of course.. Not without a few scars here and there.” He smirked before violently grabbed your arms and swinging your small body towards the chair. You let out a mangled cry as he pushed your body back into the metal chair, your head colliding with the surface. He was quick to grab your wrists and strap them down to the arms of the chair, along with your ankles. You let the tears freely fall now, as you shook violently against the chair. You let your head hang low as tears glided off the top of your lashes. You could see his outline in the corner of your eye as he neared the wall.

 He grabbed a set of small knives and made his way back. You flinched just at his presence. “Please don’t..” You trembled. “I promise you. I have nothing to do with this.”  He knelt down in front of you and placed his thumb at the bottom of your chin.  “Save the tears princess. You’re gonna need em’.” He smiled wickedly as he straightened his posture and stood tall above you.

Jungkook’s stomach fell at the vision of you being dragged out of the room, so helplessly by Taehyung. Maybe it was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His eyes met yours for a brief moment before your body was gone beyond the door. And there was absolutely nothing he could do. He found it harder and harder to remind himself that you got yourself into this situation, but you didn’t deserve to go through Taehyung, even so if your intentions were to defy against him and Cypher. Jungkook snatched his beer bottle off the table and made his way to the door. “Where ya off to Jungkook? We were just about to start a poker game.” Namjoon smiled. “Out for a smoke.” Jungkook blandly responded, not bothering to turn and face the man. He twisted the knob quickly and let the door shut loudly behind him.

Jungkook made his way down the hallway, out to reach the left wing exit door, when he came across the same hallway you and Taehyung had crossed down momentarily before. He stood still in place, wondering if it was worth it to near the door. He gripped the bottle in his hand tightly and decided to ignore it and continue for the left wing hallway. The sound of his black boots being the only source of sound until a blood curdling scream echoed throughout the hall. He froze in his spot, the only comprehensible thought at the moment being you..

You let a sharp scream evade your mouth as he continued to drag the blade along your thigh. Hot tears stinging your cheeks. “All you have to do is tell me who Y/N!” He laughed as he dragged the blade across your skin, in a higher up spot. “P-please.. I already told you! I don’t know what you want from m-me! I don’t work for anyone!” You choked on your words and tears. He scoffed, un-amused by your answer as he dropped the knife and let his hand strike your face. The spot was soon to be red, not only from his excessive hits but Namjoon’s earlier. You had cuts all along your thighs and upper arms. The chair and your skin becoming overwhelming shades of red. Your lip was busted and you couldn’t make out if your nose was bleeding or not anymore, becoming numb to the sensation.

 Your fingers twitched erratically against the chair as you let your head fall back against it. You felt truly miserable. Your mind was cloudy and it was near impossible to tolerate it anymore. You were broken. “Awh come on! I know you’ve got more energy in you! Don’t pass out again! That’s no fun!” He manically smiled. You passed out within the first 15 minutes of this whole ordeal, the pain being to surreal to take in. 

You stayed silent and let your eyelids fall shut. Trying to regulate your very irregular breathing pattern. You were sure you sustained injuries beyond external. All the punches and kicks thrown at you were sure to leave more than marks. Each breath you took, a sharp pain left your side and you had to deal with it. He moved in front of you and stood, watching your chest rise and fall at uneven times, blood dripping and running off your fingertips, onto the tile floor. It was beautiful to him. He was surely proud of this canvas. Deep shades of red, blue, and purple covering every inch of your skin as he promised. Namjoon rarely let him use such brutal tactics on women. But it wouldn’t have clouded his judgement either way. 

He drove his fist into your jaw and you let out a loud cry again. He hated silence. He loved the bliss sound of your screams. You peered your eyes open and there he stood. Chest heaving, blood decorating his hands and shirt. “No point in begging… right?” You managed to spit, the harsh salty taste of blood becoming all too familiar in your mouth. “No.” He ridiculed. Very quickly, he placed his hand on the center of your thigh before digging his nails into your flesh. You threw your head back and squirmed against the chair, letting another scream escape. The pain was too much, it was too intense. Unbearable. Your scream was cut short as your eyelids fluttered shut. These short sessions were the only time you could rest. No pain. No mockery. As long as you couldn’t feel it, it wasn’t happening.. Right..?

Jungkook retreated from the outdoors and headed for his room. As he passed the same hallway, he took a moment to study the door and area. It was silent. That was either a good thing or bad thing. No in between. Either you were dead, or Taehyung was finished. He knew your body was still in that room. But would it come to be dead or alive. He didn’t want to know.  He trudged up the set of stairs at the end of the hallway and nudged his door open with his shoulder. He threw all his shit down on the bed and immediately headed for the bathroom. The warm water comforting him. Silencing his thoughts.

He stepped out of the shower, towel wrapped tightly around his waist. He ran a hand through his wet hair as he reached for the pair of clothes sat on the counter. He pulled the grey shirt over his head and pulled on his sweatpants, tossing the towel into the corner. Not bothering to hang it back up. He reached for his toothbrush that sat in a small metallic cup in the corner of the sink and realized he had no toothpaste. “Goddamnit.” He cursed as he walked out into the hallway, headed for Taehyung’s room which was across the hall. He didn’t bother to knock, pushing the door wide open. 

He was met with an empty room anyways. He was probably out doing god knows what. Wasting no time. Jungkook headed for his bathroom and took the tube of toothpaste sitting on the counter. As he exited the bathroom, he noticed one of Taehyung’s drawers were open. Jungkook wandered over to it and froze as he rested his hand on the knob. It was filled with polaroid pictures. And not just any polaroid pictures. They were pictures of you.

Sitting in the chair, covered in your own blood. Bruises and lacerations covering any visible skin. And it wasn’t just a few pictures. There were several. Different angles, close ups of your injuries, your face, etc. Jungkook’s brows furrowed. This is what he did to you? Jungkook slammed the drawer, dropping the toothpaste, forgetting anything else. His only priority was to get down to that staircase and room which you resided in. And nothing was going to get in the way.

Just Benefits, Not Friends - Stiles (part 2)

Part 1 

It took much longer than it should have to write this and I’m really sorry about it. Like literally the day after I started writing it, I got sick and after that I got so busy with school that I barely even had time for primary things in life like food, sleep etc. 
Anyway, here it is. I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this… but mostly love. And I hope you all enjoy it too. 

Word count: 4572

Warnings: smut, swearing (that’s it I think.) 

+ I wonder if anyone gets my little references 

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The next monday, you were still feeling your hangover. Your head hurt like hell and you felt like puking as soon as you stepped into the school building… although, you felt like that almost every day you had to go to school.

The moment you were inside the school, your eyes caught Stiles. He was talking to Scott. You walked over to them. “Hey Scott!” you said with a smile, “Stiles.”

“You look awful,” was the only thing he said.

“Could say the same about you. But you see, I have manners.” He only rolled his eyes at you.

“Could you guys stop arguing for once?” Scott sighed. You understood how important it was for him that everyone in the pack liked eachother, but it just couldn’t work between you and Stiles… that way. Some people are just not meant to be friends.

“We are working on it,” Stiles told his best friend, receiving a confused look from you. He ignored it and continued his conversation with Scott. You were about to leave when an idea came to you.

“By the way, Stiles, you were supposed to give me that chemistry book that you stole from under my nose last week.”

“I didn’t steal any book from you.”

‘Then you can show me in the library where you put it back, because I need it.” you gave him a fake smile and finally left the two boys. As you walked away, you could feel two pairs of eyes staring at you. So you stopped in your tracks and turned around. The two boys immediately looked away and started to talk to each other, as if they haven’t just been caught staring at you.  

“What book are we talking about, actually?” Stiles asked you as you walked through an empty aisle in the library.

“I just wanted to talk to you for a moment.” you said, your hand on one of the book shelves, as if you were actually looking for something.

“About what?”

“Are you really -” you stopped your sentence, this was no time nor the place to start arguing, “I mean, about what we talked about on the party.”  

“I thought you wanted to do it.”

“Yeah. Do you still want to do it?’ You looked up at him. He wasn’t much taller than you, but you still had to lift you head a tiny bit to look straight into his eyes. He moved a bit closer to you.

“I do.”  he almost whispered. Then he took a step back. “But the question is. Why do you want to do it? Don’t we, like, hate each other.”

“Yeah. That’s why I thought it would be easier. I was thinking that you, being a hormonal teenager,  would like to do it. How else would you ever lose your virginity.” you laughed it off. Stiles didn’t smile.

“So, you’re doing me a favour?”  

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t want a boyfriend. But I would still like to have sex.” you shrugged, looking at the bookshelf again. You didn’t know what to do. Luckily for you, Stiles did. He pushed you slightly against the bookshelf and kissed you… hard. It shocked you at first, but you kissed back. Now that you were sober you weren’t sure how it would feel to kiss the person you hated the most, but it didn’t feel worse. His hands found his way to your hips and you could feel them slowly move down to your ass. As much as you wanted him to go on, you couldn’t do it at school. You pushed him away.

“I just remembered, I have to be somewhere else.” without letting him respond, you turned the corner and left. Stiles stood there for a second, extremely confused and a bit angry.

You had taken two steps outside the library when Lydia pulled you by the arm.

“We need to talk. I have just heard,” she stopped and looked at you for a good few seconds, “why is your lipstick all smudged? You look like- O my god, have you been making out with somebody? Who is it?”

“I haven’t made out with anyone. I just forgot I had lipstick on and I was leaning on my hand and well…”

‘But there is no lipstick on your hand,” Lydia pulled your hand up and literally inspected it. You tried to pull away, but your attention went to Stiles who suddenly appeared behind Lydia. As she was still looking at your hand, you pointed to your smudged lipstick and gave him a look to get rid of the evidence that he had on his face. With the sleeve of his flannel, he went around his face and tried to get rid of the stain that you had left on him.

“Thanks for ditching me there, here’s the book you wanted so bad,” he handed you a gigantic book that you could barely lift. “Bitch.”


“Can you both just stop.” Lydia interrupted your conversation. Then she did a double take on on Stiles’ face. “What’s that on your face?”

“What do you mean.” he backed away as Lydia got closer to him.

“Is that… lipstick?” she looked at you, then at Stiles, then back at you. “Have you two been making out?”

“Please, don’t disgust me Lydia. You know that I wouldn’t even touch him if I was starving and he was the last sandwich on earth.”

“And I wouldn’t go near her if my head was on fire and she was the last bucket of water.”

“Well, the world would definitely miss that bird’s nest that you call your hair.” you said with a small smirk. Stiles didn’t respond. He just walked away.

“What is that book,” Lydia asked.

“Just a chemistry book.” you looked at it. One of the pages was clearly bend. “I’ll see you later,   Lyds.” Lydia said bye and left you. You opened the book on the page with the bended corner. In between the pages there was a little piece of paper. There was something written on it:

See me later after the lacrosse practice.

You had to be honest with yourself. For some reason, you were excited to see Stiles later.

It was the end of the day. You were sitting on the bleachers with Kira. At first you didn’t know how you could explain yourself why you would be sitting there, watching the lacrosse training. So it was really convenient when Kira asked you to sit with you. Being the good girlfriend that she was, she was waiting for Scott. You just looked through the gigantic Chemistry book as there was nothing better to do.

“(Y/N), nice to see you here,” Scott jugged up to you, drinking from his bottle.

“Just decided to keep Kira some company.” you smiled.

“Then you keep Stiles some company too. He kinda got kicked of the training for today.”

“No surprise there.” you mumbled, flipping from page to page in your book.

“I thought you were trying to argue less.”

“And I can do that by leaving.” you closed the book with a loud SMASH and stook up. Kira and Scott tried to stop you from leaving, but almost no one gets you to do that… except for Lydia - who was not there.

“I’ll see you later guys.” you walked away from the bleachers and your two friends.

You walked back into the school by the back entrance. You passed the locker rooms.

“So I see you got my note.”  you almost screamed as you heard that. You spinned around to see Stiles in the door frame of the locker room.

“I thought you were still outside.”

“There’s a short cut.”

“Cool. I heard you got kicked off from the training.” you walked closer to the door.

“Yeah, I couldn’t really concentrate.” he rubbed the back of his neck. You couldn’t help but notice how surprisingly good he looked. Although it was no secret around the school that you had a thing for sporters. But could you call Stiles one?

“Why did you want to see me, huh?” you were now only a few inches apart. His eyes were glued on you.

“I just thought we had to finish our talk from before.”

“I see.” you pushed him through the door frame and walked into the locker room. Since there were no dozens of sweaty boys in there, it didn’t smell as bad as usual. Not great, but not bad as locker rooms go.

“I do think that we should settle some ground rules.” you said. Stiles looked at you as you sat down on a bench. “For example: no pet names. It’s weird, cheesy, and a bit disgusting.”

‘Like I would like to call you anything.”  he rolled his eyes. “But sure. What else?”

“I don’t know. Do you have any suggestions?”

‘I do actually: No teasing. Especially in public places.”

“There is no way we are going to do anything in public. Let that be rule number 3. Okay, no teasing. That’s a good one.” you thought for a second, “I think that’s it. We can discuss other things when they come up.”

“Good. Because I need you right now.” he pulled you up from the bench and kissed you so quickly that you didn’t even know what was going on for the first few seconds. By the moment, his hands were moving lower and lower down your body. You had barely kissed him back when he started to go down your neck. It felt so good that you gripped his hair tightly. Then you realised you were in a school locker room.

“Already breaking rule number 3.”  

“This is private…enough.”

“No,” you tried to push him away, “it isn’t. Anyone can walk in at any moment.” You tried to push him away, but inside you wanted him to keep going. When you thought of this in your drunken state of mind on that party, you never actually thought that he had any skills or potential. But just the way he kissed you.. Just kissed… was enough to make you want so much more. That’s why you had to stop it before it would be too late.

“No, we have to stop.”

“Fine, but when can we continue? Because you keep stopping me. It almost feels like you don’t want to do this. Let me remind you that it was your idea.”

“I know.” you rolled you eyes, “how about, you come over tonight. My nobody would be home.”

‘Sounds like a plan.” he agreed. “I thought of a fourth rule, by the way.” he added, just as you were about to leave the locker room. You turned around.

“No feelings involved.”

“I thought that was kind of speaking for itself. But I guess if you want to make it official. Sure.”

You waited on the couch. Looking at your phone, you saw it was almost 8. Stiles would come over in a few minutes. The closer it got, the more nervous you actually got. You thought it was a good idea, but now… you weren’t so sure anymore. ‘It is a bit too late to start doubting yourself.’ you thought.

And then the doorbell rang. You shoo of your nerves and walked to open the door. As soon as you opened it, Stiles walked in - completely drenched.

“What happened to you?”  

“Your sprinklers, that’s what happened,”  he snapped.

“Why would you go through the sprinklers?” you smirked. You forgot that the sprinklers turned on in the evening, but knew very well that once they were on, there was no way you could get away from them.

“I was feeling a bit warm, so I thought: “why not drench myself completely!”  You looked at Stiles. He looked rather angry. But you couldn’t help and notice how his shirt wrapped around his body. You had never expected him to look so good. Apparently he did actually do some training.

Stiles didn’t notice you look at him, he sat down on the couch and sighed in frustration. You slowly sat down next to him.

“Soo,” you said, looking down at your hands. It was much more awkward than you expected it to be.

“Are we doing this?” Stiles, asked. It was quite obvious that he was stressed.

“Only if you want to.” you said, now becoming unsure yourself. For the first time that evening, Stiles looked into your eyes. “I do. I really need this” This was the whole encouragement the both of you needed. As soon as he said those words, you jumped up from your place on the couch and straddled him, with a passionate kiss.  

“God, I hate you so much,” you moaned out once his lips moved to your neck.

“Don’t remind me.”  he smiled between kisses. His hands found their way back to your hips and pressed yourself closer to his body. Your skin shivered when you touched the cold shirt.

“OK, you have to get rid of this.” you tugged at the bottom of his shirt and laughed. Stiles didn’t say anything. In one swift move, he picked you up and suddenly you were under him. He pulled of his shirt. It was a bit difficult since it was wet and stuck to his body. Once it was finally off, you continued with what was going on before.

You couldn’t understand why all of it felt so good. Because at the end of the day… it was Stiles! The sarcastic idiot that you absolutely hated. But when he touched you, you forgot all of that.

“Bedroom?” you suggested. Stiles got up and pulled you off the couch. You looked into eachothers eyes. It seemed to last a bit longer than it should have. Than, without saying another word, you ran away, towards your room. Stiles followed you soon after. You stopped in front of your door. When you turned around, he immediately pinned you against your door.  You kissed again.  

“Couldn’t even wait until we got into the room?” you said once the two of you parted. Still with your back facing the door, you felt around for the doorknob and finally stumbled through into your room. Together with Stiles, you made your way to the bed. Before you got there, you stopped in the middle of the room. “Do not tell me you changed your mind now.” he rolled his eyes. In response, you just quickly pulled of your shirt. Stiles looked down at your breasts. The bra you were wearing, wasn’t anything special. But you did have to admit that your boobs looked great… and Stiles was thinking exactly the same thing.

You put your arms around his neck and pulled him into another kiss. For some reason, it felt much more intimate than it all should have been. But it all stopped much quicker than you thought.

Suddenly, you could hear the front door open. You pulled away from Stiles. Your eyes wide open with fear.

“(Y/N)!”  you heard from downstairs.

“Shit,” you whispered, “it’s my brother. He said he wouldn’t be back before midnight.”

“Should I go? I can leave through the window.”  Stiles suggested. You actually wanted him to do it, but then looked at him.

“Your shirt!”  

“What abu- Shit!”   he realised your mistake. In the meantime, your brother called your name again. When you didn’t answer, he started to make his way up. You only had a few more seconds left.

“Just, just get into the closet.” you shoved him inside. Quicker than you had ever done before, you jumped into your bed and pulled the covers over yourself. Not even a second later, the door opened and your brother walked in.

“Get up, dumbass.” he threw a pillow in your face.

“Go away, I’m sleeping.” you groaned.

“I was just wondering whose shirt this was.” he showed you Stiles’ shirt that was still soaking wet.

“That’s mine.”  

“It looks a bit too big.”  he gave a suspicious look.  

“It’s boyfriend size.”  

“Aha, but you don’t have a boyfriend.”  

“It’s a term you jerk,” you yelled out, starting to feel angry, “there is no reason to remind me.”

“I’m sorry. But why is it wet.”  

“I went for a walk. When I came back, I forgot about the sprinklers.”  

“Right. Well, I’ll be going again. Just forgot my wallet.” and he left. You rolled your eyes at your brother’s stupidity. Only when the sound of the front door being closed could be heard, you were sure it was safe for you to get out of bed. You were about to open the door of the closet, when the door opened itself. Stiles walked out, only in his underwear.

“I thought this would speed it up.” he said as he almost jumped on you. The make-out session continued. It felt like a spark blew up in him. When at first Stiles was unsure and slow, he suddenly turned 360 and was desperate and quick. As he kissed you, his hands made their way down to your trousers. His cold hands made you shiver as they moved. You bucked your hips up and deepened the kiss. You grabbed his hair tightly. It was so soft…

Before you even comprehended it, Stiles had almost removed your pants. You kicked them off from your ankles. Now you were both just in your underwear. Stiles took advantage of that and removed his lips from yours. With sloppy kisses, he moved down, to your neck and followed by your breasts. The only thing you could do was moan out in pleasure. With your hand still holding onto his hair, you held tight. But with the realisation of something, you let go. As Stiles was still enjoying your body, you tried to help him a bit and swiftly removed your bra. You could feel him smiling and it made you smile too.

Now you were both only in your underwear. A tent was forming in his. Stiles kissed every inch of your body and you moaned with every single one.  As he was getting closer and closet to the spot you actually needed him the most, you stopped him. You pulled him up and kissed him again. As much as you wanted to feel him down there… something in the back of your head said that it was wrong… at least for the first time.

But Stiles didn’t mind. He gladly kissed you back. As he did so, you could also feel his hands removing your (completely soaked) panties.

“Who would have thought: (Y/F/N), wet for me.”  Stiles laughed.

“Stop talking, or that’s all it will be,”  you threatened him. That did the trick and Stiles went back to kissing you. You were now completely naked, under him. Stiles, once more, moved on from your lips to your neck. Leaving random kisses until finally finding your spot. You moaned out in pleasure as he did. He sucked in it… and then you hit him on the head.

“What was that for?”  He pulled himself up slightly to be able to look at you properly.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m just not in the mood for a hickey right now.”

“Admit it, you liked it.” he smirked.

“Just do not leave any marks.”  and without another word, he continued. This time a bit more conscious of the situation. But you still felt him sucking on you.

“What did I tell you,” you said, but it came out as half a moan in the process.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”  

“That’s a first from you.” you laughed.

“You know what, with that bitchy attitude, I just can’t grip my head around how in the hell you manage to get a boyfriend.” he looked straight into your eyes. Normally a comment like that would make you angry or sad or whatnot. But now, you were so turned on, that you could let go of your frustrations in only one way.

Somehow, you managed to turn Stiles and you around, getting on top of him. With your legs around his waist. He looked at you with his eyes wide. You noticed that he couldn’t help but stare at your boobs. Leaning in slowly, you whispered to him: “to be honest, I don’t know either.”  you were so close now, that you could kiss him if you wanted to, but you didn’t.

With a swing of your leg, you got off of him and walked to the other side of the room. Stiles followed your every move, looking at your ass. In the meantime, you were too busy looking at him. You searched for something in your drawers. Once you had finally gotten hold of the small package, you threw it over to the boy who was still lying on the bed. It hit him on the chest and he quickly grabbed it, before it could slide off.

“Put it on.” you said.

Stiles looked at you as if he was stunned. Suddenly he didn’t know how to move. He had never expected you to be so… he had no words for it. He fell of the bed, trying to take of his underwear. When he got up, you were nowhere to be found. He groaned in frustration. He took of his underwear and ripped open the silver packaging of the condom. You walked in right as he was done.

“Where were you?”

“Why do you care?” you crossed you arms and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I don- just… ugh, nevermind.”  his cheeks started to turn light pink. You smiled and started to walk around.

“No need to get nervous, Stilinski.”

“I am not nervous.” he said. You walked over to him - slowly. His eyes were glued to yours, but you knew it was only because he didn’t want to get caught staring at other parts of you…. As if he hadn’t done it just minutes ago.

“Oh really?” you put your arms around his neck. You tried to look as innocent as possible, playing with his hair and smiling sweetly.

“Really.” one second later you were on the bed, with Stiles holding you down. His brown eyes filled with lust. You could feel his erection nearing your entrance. You tried to get closer to him by pulling your hips up, but Stiles just pushed you right back down.

He kissed you once more and, at the same time, pushed into you. You moaned into the kiss as he pulled out again.

“Oh fuck,” you finally moaned out once he let go of your lips. He smirked at your response and kept going. He was quick and rough - just how you liked it. You tried to grab something to hold onto, but there was nothing. So, you had to go with the next best thing: Stiles. You tried to hold onto him by digging your nails into his back, resulting in long scratched on his body. He groaned loudly as you did it.

“How come I can’t leave you a hickey, but it’s okay for you to scratch my whole back.” he asked.  

“Well, what would people think of me when I come to school tomorrow with a hickey on my neck… only three days after dumping my boyfriend. Who would even see the scratches?”

“I have Lacrosse practise.” You could not believe you were seriously having a stupid conversation like that during sex. It was the least intimate sex you had ever had. It was perfect. No feelings, no strings attached - just sex.

“Admit it, you liked it.” you smirked as you imitated him. Stiles rolled his eyes and pushed into you again. It made you grab his back again, so you knew he did enjoy it… and you enjoyed it too.  

There was no more talking. Just the sounds of skin against skin and moaning. With every thrust, you could feel getting closer and closer to your climax. Then it suddenly hit you. You were unsure what Stiles did differently this time, but it hit you in a spot that made everything go weak. You pulled his face to yours and kissed him.

“Oh god,” you moaned out. A few more thrusts did it. The knot in your stomach untied. Stiles pulled out of you and breathed heavily. You realised he was still hard.

“What now?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” you turned on your side to face him. “You can go and finish yourself in the bathroom.” Stiles’ only respond was a loud groan as he stood up. You quickly grabbed his wrist se he would turn around: “Oh my god. I was just joking. Do you really think I’m such a bitch that would do that to you… you know what, don’t answer that.” You pulled him towards you so he would be lying on the bed again. You straddled him for the second time that night. At first, Stiles seemed confused, but he quickly caught on with your plans.

You positioned yourself on top of him and slowly slid down his length. Now it was Stiles’ turn to moan out in pleasure. That only got you almost on the verge again.

“Keep doing that,” Stiles bit his lip as he said it. He held onto your hips and watched your boobs bounce up and down. He was never sure until now: he was definitely a boob guy. He also liked to take a bit of control normally, but this was amazing. The way you felt around him and looked on top of him…  he soon felt it coming.

By the looks on his face, you knew he was close. You sped up and that definitely did the trick.

“Well that was fun.” you laughed as your head fell on a pillow. You were both panting and your chests were raising and falling.

“Well, I’ll see tomorrow then.” Stiles got up and started to look for his clothes. There was nothing else to expect, but you did feel a bit disappointed. You watched as Stiles put on his pants and then stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“My shirt is still soaking wet.”


“It’s freezing outside. I can’t go out with a wet shirt.”

“I’ll get you something form my brother’s then,” you were about to get up, but he stopped you.

“Hell no. That’s weird. I can’t wear your brother’s shirt.”

“Why not.”

“Because, I just fucked his sister. Or did you miss that?”

“Well it’s either that or getting sick. You said it yourself.”

“Fine.” you smiled proudly and went of to your brothers room. It took so some time to get to his closet, with the fact that his room was utterly disgusting. Knowing that Stiles was not enjoying this at all, you looked for a shirt that he would at least enjoy.

“I’ll give it back tomorrow at school.” he said as you handed it to him. Before he pulled it on, he glanced at what was printed on. He smiled when he saw what it was.

“Star Wars? Really?”

“I thought that it would make the whole experience a bit better.”  

“Yeah, thanks. Well, I’ll be going now.”

“See ya.” he was about to walk out of the room, when you noticed something on your bed. “Wait, you forgot your shirt.” and you threw the wet piece of clothing at his face. He gave you the finger and walked out.

“If I Could Tell Her” Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “Hi, can you do a fic based off “If I could tell her” from Dear Evan Hansen with a fluffy ending please 💕” ~ @actual–hobbit

Warnings: Fighting, Guilt, The death of Alex Summers :(

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: Ok, @actual–hobbit! I’m a theatre kid myself, but I’ve never seen Dear Evan Hansen. Needless to say, I did some research after getting your request and I LOVE the story and this beautiful song. I may have changed some things up (Alex wasn’t really abusive, like Connor) and I don’t think I made it fluffy enough at the end, but I really hope you like it! Thanks for requesting (and introducing me to a fantastic new musical <3) ) and have a groovy day!

(P.S. It sounds just as incest-y in the song. I promise. Beautiful song, though. Give it a listen. )



Peter felt like he was begging for a distraction. He wished that he could just sit down and read like a normal person. Instead, he paced the room with his History book open and his attention snagging on everything in his line of sight. He let out an exasperated groan and stuffed the book inside his backpack. Maybe, Y/N could help. He never had trouble focusing on her. She always grabbed his attention. That was part of the reason why he was failing history.

He knocked lightly on the door, to no response.

“Y/N?” He pushed the door open and looked around the room. No one.

“Damnit.” He whispered, plopping down in her desk chair. He scanned the walls and shelves pensively. He was in her dorm all the time, but he’d never really looked around that much. He was always there to watch movies and things like that. Not to mention Y/N was typically in there with him, meaning his level of attention to things other than her was pretty limited.

It was a home-y little room, filled with little decorations and pictures of her family and friends. He stood, picking up a picture from her shelf. Jean and Y/N in front of the Statue of Liberty. He smiled and grabbed another. Him and Y/N laying out on the grass in front of the school. It had only been a few days after the battle with Apocalypse. Peter still had his cast on. It had been a long couple of days and everyone was beyond exhausted. They’d fallen asleep by the lake and Jubilee managed to capture the picture before they woke up. As he propped the photo back up against the shelf, a loose photo fell from the back of the frame.  He grabbed it just before it hit the floor. It was an older photo, dusty with bend corners. Captured in the frame was Y/N, her bothers, and an older man and woman. Her parents. He remembered seeing them at her brother’s funeral. She had written on the bottom of it. Summers’ 1975.

He studied the family, feeling a churn in his stomach. Alex Summers had died the day Peter evacuated the school during an explosion. Turns out, he had missed someone.

Alex was a friend. More importantly, he was a good person. Peter had never forgiven himself for overlooking him. Five months after his death, and Peter still felt nauseous at the thought of it. He should have gone deeper into the blast. He may have been able to get him out in time. If only he had gotten there just a little bit sooner. Alex deserved to make it out, not Peter.

He swallowed thickly. He was never fast enough. Not when it mattered.

He rested the photo up against the back of the shelf trying to erase it from his thoughts, but he couldn’t get the tightness out of his chest.

Suddenly, a distraction presented itself. A muffled door slam echoed down the hallway followed by quick footsteps. Y/N flung the door open and throw her bag down on the bed, tears in her eyes.

Peter stood, “Y/N?”

She jumped and flipped around.

“Oh, God. I’m sorry, Peter. I didn’t know you were in here.” She wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her sleeve and sat down on the bed, trying to gather herself. Peter joined her on the bed, hesitantly.

“What happened to you?”

Y/N took a deep breath. He could tell she was trying her hardest not to cry.

“Scott…He hates me… Alex hated me to.”

Peter frowned. Y/N loved her older brothers more than anything, but she wasn’t really that close to either of them. Alex had been gone a lot with the school and the X-men while she was growing up. That, in itself, had its effects. Every time she talked to him, it was as if they barely knew each other. Presumably because, they did barley know each other. They had both wanted to be closer, but neither of them knew how to get there. Scott, on the other hand, was with her everyday, growing up. They never left each other’s side until Alex died. After the funeral, they stopped talking and started fighting.

The tightness in Peter’s stomach returned.

“Scott doesn’t hate you, Y/N. And Alex didn’t either. He thought you were awesome.”

Y/N scoffed turning away from him.

“He thought I was awesome? My brother?” She whispered, intrigued by the comment. He followed her eyes, climbing over on the bed so that she was looking at him again.


“How?” She seemed to cling to his words. Like, it was the only thing left that could prove her wrong.

“He’d talk about you all the time, Y/N. He thought it was so funny that you’d fill out those quizzes in magazines…And you know how your mom gets angry when you draw on the cuffs of your jeans when you get bored…he knew all about that.” Peter paused, seeing the tears in her eyes. She gave him a watery smile.

“He loved your smile…” Peter whispered, “He said you’d never know how great it makes people feel when you smile”.

Y/N looked down at her feet. She would’ve killed to hear Alex say those things. Any of them.

“Did he say anything else?” Peter was caught off guard.

“A-about you?”

“Never mind, I don’t really care anyways-“

Peter grabbed her shoulder, still fumbling to hold her attention, “No, no, no—just, no, no—he said—he said so many things, I’m just—I’m trying to remember the best ones.”

Y/N laughed and caught a tear that was rolling down her cheek.

“Remember in middle school? When you put indigo streaks in your hair?”

Y/N nodded, remembering. She had begged her mom to let her dye her hair over the summer. It had taken her weeks to convince her, but she was entirely too happy when she finally caved.

“He thought it was really cool, when you did that.”

“He did?”

“Yeah! And whenever you danced at Jubilee’s birthday last year, he said you danced like the rest of the world wasn’t even there!”

Y/N laughed as Peter sat up on his knees, grabbing her hands. She sighed and looked over at the family photo on her nightstand. She took it, running her fingers over the glass pane.

“Hey…” Peter tilted her chin up to look at him, “Don’t worry about Scott. He’ll come around.”

She nodded sadly.

“You’ve both had something…something terrible happen to you. Sometimes, being there for someone is the best thing you can do. “

Peter could feel the pit in his stomach begin to return. 

Y/N looked back at the picture, “It just seems like he’s so far away. It’s like I don’t know anything.”

Peter felt short of breath. If only he could tell her how much sleep he lost at night. If only he could tell her how he’d never forgive himself. If only he could tell her about how her smile seemed to make the sick feeling in his stomach go away for a while. That sort of subtle, perfect, real smile. If only he could tell her it was him who loved her blue hair and her stupid dancing and her magazine quizzes and the cuffs of her jeans. It was him who lived for her smile. It was him who loved her.

If only he could tell her.



Clearing Storm and Autumn Leaves, Teton County, WY by 4 Corners Photo
Via Flickr:
A thunderstorm clears and sun shines on autumn leaves near Oxbow Bend and the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park in Teton County, Wyoming.


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/first gif/ bending two corners into a purple pop tube.
/Second gif/ holding up a multicolored weighted stingray beanie baby.
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prompt: who in your OTP falls asleep while reading a book and who takes the book away, marks the page, puts on a warm cozy blanket over the sleeping one and lovingly places a kiss on their forehead.

Clarke looks over at Bellamy who’s now lying completely still on the couch, book still in hand.

She smiles to herself. It’s so surreal to see Bellamy like this, so vulnerable. So… peaceful.

She crosses the distance between the kitchen counter and the couch in a few quick strides, making sure to tip toe as to not wake him up.

Clarke slowly pries the book from Bellamy’s hand, bending the corner of the current page over.

A grin forms on her face and she shakes her head at the falling apart book in her possession. He must’ve read this damn thing a thousand times, she thinks to herself. It was his one asset that managed to make it through the Dropship, Praimfiya and the aftermath of the latter.

She placed the book onto the table and reached over her sleeping partner to grab a small yellow, tattered blanket.

Softly placing the cloth on top of Bellamy and pulling the seam right up to his chin, she bends down to kiss him goodnight.

Bellamy’s dark brown curls cascade over his forehead, causing Clarke to brush them aside before she plants a faint kiss upon his skin where the curls once were.

She stands and runs her fingers down his cheek, almost causing him to stir, “Goodnight” she whisperers.

“Wait,” Bellamy’s hoarse voice pierced the silence as Clarke walked toward their bedroom, “Stay with me, Princess.”

He slowly peeked one eye open and smirked.

{ S O U L M A T E S } // Levi x Reader, Soulmate AU

Request: Could you do a LevixReader soulmate AU where the first thing your soulmate says to you is tattooed on you, and the reader’s tatt o is something really rude and grumpy Levi-ish? But when he realizes it’s his soulmate he is really nervous and excited but tries to hide it - from anon
Warnings: Swearing.
Word count: 678
Author’s note: This was so much fun to do oml

You pulled on the sleeve of your shirt down lower upon your wrist, ensuring that if covered the words tattooed there. You held the sleeve against the handle of the cart as you pushed in down the aisles of the grocery store so that you could be sure it wouldn’t budge.

The familiar words had been itching all day, something that was starting to more than bother you. You itched your wrist against your thigh as your other hand grabbed your phone from you back pocket, immediately dialling your father’s work number.

He answered after only a couple rings, his hello coming out strained from an obviously stressful morning at the office.

“Hi, dad,” you said.

“Oh, hello sweetheart,” he responded halfheartedly and you heard the rustle of papers being pushed about his desk. “What can I do for you?”

“Um, well…” you mumbled, not really knowing the best way to ask. “My tattoo’s been, like, itching, I suppose?”

You heard something fall in the background of the call, and you winced slightly at the sound.

“It’s been itching?” your father asked, his voice coming out in a wheeze.

You hummed, reaching out to grab a couple cans of beans off the top shelf and setting them in your cart. “It just kinda feels like pins and needles, I guess. It’s been worrying me a little.”

You waited for a response on the part of your father, but none came. “It’s not a bad thing, is it? They’re not dead or anything, are they?”

Your father chuckled, his smile evident through the phone. “No, sweetheart, they’re not dead,” he reassured you. “The same thing happened the day I met your papa.”

You froze in spot as these words reached your ears, brain barely processing them.

“I-I might be meeting them today?” you asked, a frown starting to make its way onto your face.

Your father immediately sensed your discomfort towards the idea. “They might not be that bad, sweetheart. You don’t know how you two will meet. It might be good reason for him to swear.”

“You try going around your entire life with ‘oh fucking christ’ tattooed onto your wrist!” you hissed into the phone, your jaw clenching. You rested your phone onto your shoulder, holding it in place with your head as you rubbed your hands over your face.

“You’ll learn to love it, sweetheart, just like you’ll learn to love them. You’re soulmates for a reason.”

You rounded a corner, mouth opening to respond when your cart banged into another. Your phone slipped off your shoulder, hitting the ground with a sickening crack.

“Oh fucking christ,” you heard and a man rounded the corner, bending over to pick up your phone. He flipped it over in his hands, slender fingers running over the shattered screen. He looked up at you, clear grey eyes holding no real visible emotion. “Sorry about that.”

“Say that again,” you gasped, unable to contain your shock.

“Sorry about that?” he asked, standing up to level with you.

“No, the other thing!” you yelled. You were just as shocked at your outburst as he was, but you couldn’t help it. You ignored the looks that you were getting from other customers, the only thing you could concentrate on was his eyes.

Those beautiful, beautiful eyes.

As realization dawned over him, he repeated his first words to you. He checked his own wrist, and let out a dry laugh.

“I never understood why you’d ask me to repeat myself, but after introducing myself like that I’m starting to get it.”

You couldn’t bring yourself to speak, only managing a smile as you pulled him into a hug. He was awkward and tense in your arms, only patting your back in response to your actions.

“I don’t really do hugs,” he whispered uncomfortably. You immediately let go, cheeks becoming red as you mumbled apologies. He laughed at your blushing face, rubbing his neck.

“I’m Levi,” he introduced.

“(Y/N),” you replied, smile never leaving your lips.

“I guess we’re soulmates, huh?”

“I guess we are.”

Times Out Of Tens

2 times out of 10

Craig ran into him.

A few times Craig didn’t think it was that bad of an idea to run with sweat-bands on his wrists. He had River strapped to his chest, and his iPod on his bicep with buds in his ears to get the tunes going. He normally didn’t run into the park, and mostly just did the laps around the town, but this was something different. The sun was out, and there was a breeze, so neither he nor River would be sweating from being out there.

He tied his shoes. Rolled his wrists. Stretched. Yawned. And then he was off. He always went at a light speed to slowly pick up his heartrate, making sure to breathe deeply whenever he felt like pushing himself a little faster. He remembered to stretch his calf when he turned bends and cross corners. It was a good way to keep himself from cramping. Running Man was easy to do as a cool-off, and he downed some water and gave some to River.

“Think we did a good job today, little dude?” She gurgled and Craig nodded. “My thoughts exactly sweetpea.”

Then he placed his buds in again. He was going to start, but he didn’t realize he’d actually stopped in the woods. The sun had blown through the trees and it looked like something out of a fantasy book. “Riv… sweetie, let’s cool off with a walk on this, okay? I want to see the nature.” He sped-walked through the forest, admiring what he was looking at. This is what happens when you turn your head once, either to sneeze or look at something: You bump shoulders right into someone.


“Sorry, dude, my bad, I wasn’t—“Craig looked down a little. “Robert? Bro – I didn’t know you ran through the park!”
“I don’t,” Robert put his glasses onto his shirt and tugged on his jacket. “I was contemplating.”

“Oh yeah? ‘Bout what? Sounds like something I’d do.”

“Not really, my mind’s always going a million miles a minute. One day I’m thinking about my girls, the next I’m wondering which songs to listen to on my pod while running past random citizens.” Craig was smiling so bad it was a mystery why Robert didn’t smile back. Maybe he was stunned.

“You run, dude?”

Robert snorted and shook his head. “No, never any time. Or motivation.”

“Oh! Well I could give you motivation, if you ever – you know – wanna –“

“Thanks for the offer, kid, but I’ll pass. But I’ll walk out of the forest with you.”

“Is that a promise?”

“…Sure why not.” They walked together and it was in silence. Craig didn’t realize that with the silence budding between them, that he could hear them both breathing. Along with the birds chirping. And River gurgling. He paused suddenly, Robert stepping a few steps ahead.


“Nothing, dude I just…” Craig put his hands on his hips, “just…hearing that silence. It’s nice.”

“Ain’t it?”

“I haven’t had it in awhile…” Craig seemed to fall into a despondent expression, then he cracked a smile. “It’s real chill.”

“You need it more often.”

Craig drew out a sigh and threw his head back. River screeched as she shifted, excited. “I wish, man, I totally wish – Know where I can get some? Think I could get some with you?”

Robert was there in silence, staring at him. “I mean if you ever—“

“I always offer silence.”

“That’s like, my fantasy, bro.”

“Then let me be your fantasy.”

Craig laughed, though he wasn’t sure if Robert actually meant it as he was taking it in his head. “Where to, chief?”

On the eleventh day of #PAIN fic...

A/N: Boy howdy wouldja look at that… DAY ELEVEN IS HERE, FOLKS! This means that there is officially only ONE MORE DAY (one day more) OF 12 DAYS LEFT. THUS, PART THREE WILL BE POSTED THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW HOLY SHIT GET READY, HOLD ONTO YOUR SOCKS.

Can you tell we’re excited? Because we need you know that we’re crazy excited.


Word Count: 2,339

“You’re keeping your grades up, right?”

“Yes, Mom,” you sighed into the phone. Conversations with your mother would always lead back to how successful you were and ultimately how you could be doing better.

“Don’t use that tone with me, don’t forget that we’re the reason you got into that fancy school,” your mother snapped back at you. You just pinched your nose and took a deep breath, holding back quips about how I got myself here, all you did was give me an anxiety disorder and low self esteem.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you really actually think of eruri as canon or are you just shitting?

tea time for anon. prompt: don’t be fucking daft





“oi! erwin!”


levi folds his arms across his chest and leans against the bathroom door. “you’ve been in there for almost ten hours.”

“no i haven’t.”

“it’s all those damn gummy bears.”

“go away!”

“maybe next time you’ll listen to me and eat your fucking broccoli.”

“jesus christ, levi…”

levi knocks on the door. “is my husband in there and ready to come out and play?”

there’s a flush of the toilet. a buckle clacking. levi makes sure he sticks close to the door long enough to hear the water running for more than five seconds. he stands back, hands on his hips.

erwin opens the door, peers out with his eyes squinting in the dimmer light of the hallway. “you are the worst.”

“no, your ass is.”

“i didn’t even…” erwin sighs and shakes his head as he walks past his health conscious little husband. “why do i even bother?”

“you like it.”

“wrong. so wrong.” erwin looks down at his phone, brings it closer to his face as he types with his big thumbs, pressing the backspace button more than a few times in the process.

levi dashes up and steals the phone from his hand. “you were… you were just on the phone the whole time!?”

“give it back!”

“no! you were in there for almost an hour pretending to shit, and you were just arguing political stances on facebook the whole time!?”

erwin’s cheeks grow red.

“god, that’s worse than sending rude anonymous messages to people…”

“but that’s all you do.”

levi looks down at the phone then back up at erwin. “what’s your point?”

erwin holds out his hand. “my point is, that we’re saving the world one emotionally charged message at a time.”

levi shoves the phone back into erwin’s hand. “it sounds gay when you say it like that.”


levi grins, and only grins wider when erwin bends over to kiss the corner of his mouth. “you’re off the hook this time.”

“hashtag blessed.” erwin chuckles as levi pushes him out into the living room with the heel of his foot to the cheek of his ass, a disgruntled look of affection painted across his face.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Himuro, Liu and Imayoshi with a s/o who's a booklover (I have a friend who read almost 200 books last year!)

200 books! That’s awesome. Nowadays I mostly read manga, but damn, did I read a whole lot of novels a couple of years ago… one time in high school I actually had the record of the biggest count of read books at the school library that year. For some reason my eyesight is still good?

Anyway, here are headcanons for Liu, Imayoshi, and Himuro!

  • Liu enjoys reading as well, so you can expect cuddling sessions with both of you reading your own books.
  • You can count on him in case you’d like some Chinese classical literature recommendations, and if you happen to find a book that was not translated, he’ll be happy to help you out.
  • He’s got the horrifying habit of bending the page corners to mark where he left off. Please, someone stop him.
  • He reads in bed before sleep. It happens that he falls asleep on his side with his face plastered onto a still open book. Suggestion: take pictures, it’s the cutest and funniest sight ever.
  • He doesn’t consider his voice good enough and thinks it’s too monotonous to read anything out loud, but he won’t oppose if you ask him nicely.

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somewhere, somehow [we’ll have another chance] (jane/kurt fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 15. hurt/comfort

A/N: this one is very long and angsty but I also felt sort of hopeful when I was writing it. Hopefully that came through…(no pun intended!)


somewhere, somehow [we’ll have another chance]

“Jane? I’m home!” Kurt called out as he opened the door to their apartment.

He glanced around but didn’t see her and thought maybe she was sleeping. But then he heard her voice.

“Out here!” He glanced over and saw her sitting on the balcony, waving at him.

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as a writer, you know when you fall in love. 

because your words change color and bend – sharp corners fold in and become velvety soft. the cold way you once described love becomes warm and flowing. your past tense becomes present. it escapes out of you without being pushed, a constant stream of small moments, moments you swear you’ll never take for granted.

sometimes, your writing knows before you do. i am listening now.

anonymous asked:

How about another teaser from the new chapter of Reining Monarch like last time? Pretty please :-)

ask and you shall receive!

like last time, this will probably be edited and may not be identical when posted but, whatever, you get it, here it is. 

Laura folded the edge of her boarding pass, methodically bending and smoothing the corner until was soft with use. It flipped between her fingers rhythmically, giving her senses something to focus on.

Everything else seemed too much, too loud, and she needed the distraction.

Needed the folding.

The back and forth.

She could handle that.

She needed it.


Her hands couldn’t keep still.

Her body couldn’t keep still.

Her mind couldn’t keep still.

All she could do was focus on the flimsy paper in her hand, back and forth, back and forth, and try to ignore the rattling of her mind.

But how could she?

How could she?

Carmilla was back in London.

Back and forth.

The Prime Minister was on life support.

Back and forth.

And she was alone in Nice.

Back and forth.

It was a blur.

Lola waking Laura from her sleep, nearly pulling her out of bed and away from Carmilla.

Her whispers harsh and fast and frantic, urging Laura to pack and dress and not ask questions.

Carmilla’s voice carrying from the bedroom to the closet, asking where Laura was, if Laura was okay, what was going on.

Then the shattering realization of Prime Minister Vordenburg; his fall and his coma and the silence that had followed.

Carmilla turning from heartbroken to angry to stone; methodically moving and shifting back into the stoic, ridged woman she had met all those months ago.

Laura watching in horror as Carmilla rebuilt herself, stripped her limbs of their looseness and wrenched them tight again.

It had made her ache.

The ticket slipped between Laura’s fingers.

Back and forth.

A crackling voice boomed overhead, a call for Laura’s flight to board.

She’d flown into Nice on a private royal jet, holding the hand of the girl she loved.

She’d fly out on the cheapest, fastest airline Lola could find, half her things still strewn about the villa in Nice because she forgot to pack them.

Laura would return alone.

You can’t be seen getting off the plane with her, you realize.

Lola had tried to explain, to comfort her in the face of reality.

The paparazzi will be waiting for her.

Carmilla had held her hands, pressed warm kisses to her knuckles, tried to drown the oncoming panic in hasty hickies across Laura’s shoulders as they folded their clothes.


Carmilla had shushed her, shaking her head.

“Please don’t. Please just…”

There had been a long pause, Carmilla’s eyes closed as she squared her shoulders; becoming the Queen she had to be, Laura suspected.

Steeling away the open woman she had let herself become.

“I love you.” Carmilla said, eyes opening and finding Laura’s.

Laura could feel her chest relax at the memory, at the image of Carmilla’s dark eyes so clear and defiant.

Like she’d been asking someone to challenge her.

Like she dared someone to defy her words.

“I love you.” She’d whispered, hands slipping up Laura’s back and pulling her in, pressing their bodies together like folds.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

The corner of the boarding pass feathered away, breaking clean off without any resistance. The edge between the pieces was smooth, soft and weathered, perfectly separated.

Two distinct halves.

Almost like they never had touched.

A Whole New World - Chapter 1

A not so normal day - Part 2

Bucky X Reader Werewolf AU

Summary: In a world of werewolves you are the scapegoat of your pack – the Hydra pack. When another pack attacks, you become a captive in the famous Avengers-pack. Is it a jump from the frying pan into the fire? Or will you find somebody to love?

Warnings: fighting, domestically pack abuse, swearing, violence, mention of a nasty trap

He was James Buchanan Barnes. The Alpha of the Avengers pack. One of the most powerful men in the world.

You gulped. There had always been rumours about him circulating among the pack. After all, he had been the protégé of Nick Fury, the pack’s former Alpha. So your pack had of cause been interested what happened to him, even after leaving the pack. Over the past years, his pack had had a massive gain of power. Today, they were the mightiest pack in North America. James Barnes was almost a legend. You never thought to ever meet him face to face. Not only because the Avengers lived near Miami and Hydra in the Rocky Mountains.

“Do you know where your Alpha tarries at the moment?”, Barnes asked. You jolted out of your thoughts. “Not without fail. But I know where he was before I came here.”, you answered cautious. Despite the kindness he had shown you, you didn’t quite trust him. “I want to make sure this battle ends as fast as possible. The easiest way is to capture your Alpha and make him surrender. If it works, nobody else will be hurt or killed.”, he explained.

You took time to weigh your possibilities. Helping them would mean to betray your pack. A crime that wasn’t taken lightly. But it might save lives. To refuse helping Barnes might get you killed and continue the fighting. With the very same result. Your pack would be defeated sooner or later. The only thing you could have an effect on in your current position was how many of your pack comrades would be hurt or killed.

You sighed. “I will help you. But you must promise me not to kill anybody.”, was your firm answer. One of the women huffed, but you ignored her. Barnes was in charge. If he gave you his word, everyone else was bound to it as well. The Alpha mustered you intensely, but you refused to show any weakness. Not now. This was important.

“I can’t promise not to kill anybody in case we are detected. But we will do our best to avoid it.”, the huge Werewolf finally said. You nodded. There would be no better offer than this. “If our Alpha is still where he was when I saw him last, we have to cross almost the whole cave. It won’t be easy, but I know some hidden paths that will make this way easier.”, you informed them. Two or three of the Avenger Werewolves cursed.

You turned on your heels to lead the squad through the tunnel. It made you really tense to have potential enemies in your back, but you had to trust them for now. And you had to be the first since none of them knew where the traps were. And you also only on paper as there had never been a reason to enter it. After all, it had been abandoned. For years.

After the last twist of the tunnel, one of the warriors overtook you. Hastily, you grabbed him by the collar and yanked him back. He whirled around and bared his teeth. “Drop it, Pietro. I’m sure she had a very good reason for this.”, Barnes ordered. The young man with silvery-blonde hair immediately did as ordered, but still glared daggers.

You took a woodblock you had left there and tapped on the stone floor. Exactly where the young man would have set his foot at the next step. A huge steel trap snapped shut with a sickening loud, metallic clank. The woodblock was joint disguising neat. It was large and strong enough to detach somebody’s knees. Every single Avenger gasped in shock. “You don’t want to run into this.”, you said.

Pietro – who now looked rather pale and like a boy around your age than like an actual warrior – just nodded. Seeing such a nasty trap and knowing that it had almost killed him had scared the living daylights out of him. “Very effective.”, Loki said dryly when the steel trap re-activated itself and disappeared in the stone. Barnes growled. “First your legs and then your head. If you aren’t lucky enough to die from the blood loss.”, he stated.

“The design is from Rumlow himself. It’s still in the library.”, you told him. “Zhat’s insane.”, Pietro said, still out of breath. He had a heavy, East European accent. Your ears picked up when you heard footsteps come closer. “Hide behind the corner.”, you hissed. This time, they followed your order without questioning it. Only seconds after the last tail had disappeared, two Hydra Soldiers appeared at the entrance. Armed with guns and very fraught.

“What are you doing here?”, one of them snapped when he spotted you. You did your best to look as frightened and small as possible. “I…I wanted…to check…the old tunnel. The trap…it almost killed me.”, you stammered. One of the men snorted derogatory. “Silly girl. Move your poor ass to the others. We evacuate”, he said. “I…I need a minute.”, you answered, still playing the frightened young woman who had been almost killed mere seconds ago.

The Warriors exchanged a glance. “We can’t stay and wait. If you need time to recover, you’re on your own.”, the second Warrior said. You simply nodded. They were playing into your hands, just as hoped. After about half a minute you called for the Avenger squad to join you again. “What was that?”, asked Barnes. He was visibly angry. “I’m not the most popular person in the pack.”, you answered casually.

“The purpose of Warriors is to protect the pack. That includes every single member. No matter their popularity.”, the Alpha growled. “That’s how your pack might handle it. But Hydra is not the Avengers.”, you reminded him and got over the trap to show them how to do it. One after the other, the Avenger Warriors managed to join you without activating the trap again and getting themselves killed.

“As soon as we enter the cave system itself, nobody talks or the warriors might detect us. The echo can go pretty far in there and those who live here are used to it so they can say very accurate where a sound comes from. None of you will be able to do that. So you have to keep a close eye to what I do and copy it exactly. Other ways, the Warriors will find us.”, you instructed the squad.

“Is it a good idea to do this, James? I trust your judgement, but this is dangerous. For all of us.”, the dark-skinned man raised his voice. He had to be a high-ranking pack member to call his Alpha by his actual name. “It seems like we don’t really have a choice than trusting her, Sam. And she showed her trustworthiness by saving Pietro from that trap. Who don’t want to risk it leave now and join the others on the outside. Leaving through that tunnel should be harmless.”, the Alpha said.

Each and every one of them shook their heads, even Sam. “No way we leave you alone in here.”, the Warrior said. The loyalty of these men and women warmed your heart. “Let’s get started.”, Barnes ordered. A nod in your direction was the sign to lead them wherever you thought Rumlow was.

Sneaking through the cave set your nerves on edge permanently. You had done it countless times in the past, but this was different. Now you were responsible for the lives of six other people. More than half of the way you neither heard nor smelled Hydra Warriors anywhere near. Until you had to cross one of the main tunnels.

You heard them. A rather large contingent of Warriors. They came from a tunnel that was parallel to yours and flew into the main tunnel as well. It took you a moment to pinpoint exactly where the Warriors were. Then you pressed yourself firmly against the wall. Barnes and his Warriors followed your lead. You were closest to the Warriors. If they noticed the presence of somebody, you had a chance to distract them from the Avengers.

Already after a few seconds you could hear how they bended around another corner so nobody would pass your hideout. But you stayed pressed against the wall so everyone else did as well. With the Hydra Warriors on alert even the quiet rustle of clothes might be enough to backstab your presence. You didn’t want to risk it.

Not until two full minutes had passed you allowed yourself to relax slightly. “Vhy did you wait so long?”, Pietro hissed. He was of the impatient kind, this much you knew. “As I already said, these tunnels echo. You don’t want a dozen Warriors on edge come looking who is in here.”, you answered hushed. “Silence now. We’re too far to let this go wrong now.”, Barnes ended the conversation.

During the second half of the way there were more Warriors you had to avoid. It became difficult to get forward and took lots of time. But finally you reached a little tunnel that was very close to the library. Along the way it had even been confirmed that Rumlow, Zemo and von Strucker still were in the library.

“The best way to keep you out of trouble is to pretend we took you captive, Little One. Sooner or later the Warriors might tell your Alpha that you have been in the old tunnel and he’ll find out that it’s been the way we came in here.”, Barnes said. It was a kind of last debriefing before the actual attack. You had never thought to be part of it. “You’re right. Especially since I told him that you would take that way.”, you answered thoughtful.

“Seems like we have a smart captive.”, Sam interjected. You felt yourself blush. Being praised was nothing you were used to. “Everybody get ready. It took us long enough to get here.”, Barnes ordered. The Warriors drew their weapons. The Alpha produced a combat knife, everyone else guns. He took a position directly behind you so you could feel the heat radiating off of him. His knife was placed at your throat. It still made your heart beat fast and hard, but somehow you trusted the man enough to not lose your mind.

With the Warriors at both your sides, you entered the library. The vanguard had their backs to the doors. “Get out of here!”, Rumlow hissed without even bothering to turn around. “Actually, we are here to talk about your surrender.”, Barnes said casually. The three Hydra leaders whipped around when they heard the unfamiliar voice. “Of cause you managed to get captured. Worthless little Omega.”, Rumlow snarled.

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