bend it like korra


I think one thing i haven’t seen people talk about is this scene, and how Korra is bending the metal. She isn’t Metalbending like an Earthbender would. She is doing it like a Waterbender. This may seem a bit obvious but like, it’s just amazing how she is taking things she earned as a Waterbender from Katara and using it in a way that gives her an advantage over Kuvira. Kuvira just moves it like an Earthbender would. She keeps her defense up and keeps a steady stance. Korra is changing the metals form and changing it from defensive to offensive. That’s what waterbending’s all about, pushing and pull, not forcing it, but guiding it. She is just amazing.

[Unalaq stands above Korra, trying to smush her between two walls of a giant Ice chasm]

Raava - Korra, the fight is not over 

Korra- [weak] R…Raava ?

Raava- Vatu can not win, do not give into 10,000 years of darkness

Korra- Raava, I’m being crushed…..I have other things on my mind right n…..

Raava - Also, Asami’s totally into you 

Korra- [eager] [slight squeal] REALLY ?

Raava - Yes Korra

Korra- I mean….not that I’m into her or

Raava - Korra please, we are as one

Korra- [whistles innocently]

Raava - Also I’m the spirit of peace and light. That extends to rainbows

[Korra goes into the Avatar state, blowing the chasm open in a dazzling spectacle of rainbow light]

Korra- [rising into the air using fire bending] [Avatar state voice] [overjoyed] ASAMI LIKES MEEEEEEEEEEE

Writing Requests are OPEN

  • Korra: Asami
  • Asami: Hmm
  • Korra: What are you doing
  • Asami: Astral projecting myself into a different show
  • Korra:
  • Asami: It's working great so far
  • Korra:
  • -meanwhile on The CW-
  • Lena Luthor: Thank you for saving me, Supergirl, my superpowered best friend whom I have barely-concealed attraction towards. I hope my connection to my criminal family doesn't strain our relationship.
  • Korra Danvers: No prob. Hey watch me bend this steel beam with my bare hands
Water Power

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi! Can u write a sisfic where the reader can bend water (like in avatar/korra,percy jackson..)& she’s afraid to tell dean&sam cuz she thinks they’d kill her for ‘being a monster’ but in the end she tells them&they think it’s rly cool and FLUFF???:)

You run as fast as you can, in the dark forest, following your two older brothers who run way faster than you do, especially because they have way longer legs than you. You still hope at this day that you are going to grow up, you are only fifteen, who knows?
Suddenly, they stop and get sent away into the trees. You, you keep staring at the three woman dressed in long black dresses, three witch.
“Oh” the one in the middle smiled “I can sense a great power in you”.
“You could come with us” the left one said.
“We could do a lot of magnificent things together” the right one grinned her hand extending towards you.
“No thank you, I prefer dying than to become a monster like you” you snapped.
“Well” the one in the middle sighed “than I will grant your wish”.
The three of them take a step away, showing this big lake. You wish you could have your gun on you, and to kill them, but they took it away earlier. This is why you were running, with no weapon it was more of a suicide mission.
Before you can move, you get sent in the water and feel the water being strong on top of you, pushing you down to the bottom. You smile, there is something those withes doesn’t know. They know you have a ‘great power’, but they don’t know what power.
If it wasn’t an urgency to go save your brothers, you would take the moment to call yourself stupid because you didn’t thought about using your powers before.
In a single movement, you take the control of the water and send yourself up to the ground.
“Oh, I love it!” One of the witches yelled.
“(Y/N)!” Dean yelled looking more worried than surprised of what you just did.
Sam, him, stares at you, mouth open shocked. You never said anything to them, scared of their reactions. Normally, monsters are the one with powers. Of course, Sam had one, and it was coming for a monster. You, you were born with it, at least that’s what you think.
You shake your head, putting it back in the game and look back at Sam and Dean, both in pain on the ground.
“You bitches” you growled.
The coven turns around and smiles, more impressed than scared of you. Though, it was about to change. You lift up your arms, the water behind you lifting up and you send it on the witches. The three of them fall backwards, by the surprise, they didn’t use their powers to stop you. Once the water on the floor, you smile at them, though they can’t see it, they are passed out because of the shock.
“Sam! Dean!” You yelled running to them.
You stand in front of them, they are looking at you strangely, and you can’t help the feeling of being judged.
“Did… did you do that?” Sam asked.
You look down ashamed.
“(Y/N)?” Dean questioned getting up “did you?”
You nod slowly, keeping your eyes to the floor, scared to see their disgusted expressions.
“How did you do that?” Dean asked.
You shrug.
“You don’t know?” Sam asked “that was pretty strong, (Y/N), you can’t just do that without thinking”.
“I…” you sigh “I… I… don’t know… I…. I’m sorry…”
Tears start falling on your cheeks and both of your brothers take the decision to stop the questions for now.
“Look” Dean said “we are going to finish this up and we will have a discussion, go back to the car”.
You nod slowly and walk away towards the Impala. You wish you could jump in the water and stay under, a way to calm yourself.

Sitting on the hood of the Impala, you shake your feet as fast as you can, stressed about the ‘conversation’ Dean wants to do. You never showed your powers so you never had to have this conversation. Though, you already know what will happen, your bags are already beside you and you are ready to leave.
“(Y/N)” Sam called out.
You look up at him and sigh seeing him and Dean standing in front of you.
“Before you say anything” you said jumping off the hood “I’ll leave, you don’t need to kick me out”.
“Why would we kick you out?” Dean asked “what the hell are you talking about?”
You look up confused, both of them are also sharing the same expression.
“Did you really think that we would kick you out because of what you did?” Sam asked.
You nod slowly.
“Well, we aren’t” Dean said picking up your bags and walking towards the trunk “you aren’t getting rid of us that easy, little girl”.
He puts your bags in the trunk and joins you and Sam.
“We would like some explanation though” Sam said.
“It started about two years ago, I don’t know why, but I started to be able to control the water, and I was able to be under water for hours” you explained “when you guys are gone on hunts I can’t go, that’s what I do most of the time, practice”.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Dean asked.
“Because I was scared… hell I am shitless right now” you look up at them “even those witches wanted me in their coven! You call my power not evil!”
“Well, you aren’t evil, (Y/N)” Sam assured “you are helping people, you just saved our lives”.
You sigh, you have to admit, he is right about that.
“It’s actually cool” Dean grinned “I want to see more of your tricks”.
“You aren’t mad?”
“Yes, because you didn’t say anything to us” Dean stated “but we aren’t mad because you have a power, we will if you hurt innocent people and start to go nuts, but you aren’t”.
You smile “thank you”.
Now, you can be yourself and be what you are without being scared of showing your brothers.
“Wait till we do prank war” you smiled wider “now you will heat me”.


Requested by anonymous

One more time, you told yourself. You took a deep breath and slid into your stance. You reached towards the water, visualizing your spirit extending from your hands and grabbing the water. You lifted your arms, and you watched as a portion of the water in the small lake in the park rose up. You managed to get a bubble of water, but as soon as you tried to do anything with it, it splashed back into the lake.

“Dang it!” you hissed in frustration.

“You’re not shifting your weight as you should be,” a voice told you. It sounded really familiar. You turned to look, surprised to see the Avatar herself.

“A-Avatar Korra!” you exclaimed, surprised to see her.

“Sorry if I’m intruding,” Korra apologized.

“No, no, not at all,” you said. “It’s just my parents are both non-benders, so I haven’t really had a chance to be taught.”

“Well, it’s your lucky day. Who better to teach you than me?” Korra said. “When you bend, you have to be like the moon and the tides. Pushing and pulling.” She got into a waterbending stance, shifting her weight from leg to leg smoothly. You got into the same stance, copying her movements.

“Like this?” you asked.

“Well, different maneuvers will need you to shift your weight at different times,” Korra said. “Start with your front leg, then as you raise the water up, slowly shift to the back. That will help stabilize the water.” As she explained, she demonstrated, pulling water out of the pond. “Then as you want to do something else with the water, shift forward again as you do so.” She turned the sphere into a long whip. She then flicked her wrist to send the end of the water whip out like an actual whip, then let the rest of the water fall.

You concentrated, trying to copy what Korra just did. You pulled the water up, shifting your weight back. But you seemed to do even worse than before.

“You’re shifting your weight too quickly,” Korra said, stepping in front of you and putting her hands on your shoulders. You blushed at the contact and caught yourself staring at her muscles. “It needs to be more slow and smooth.” She did the appropriate movement, causing you to move with her.

After showing you a couple times how the stance shift should feel, Korra dropped her hands. “Now try.”

You took a breath to steady your nerves as you tried again, this time fully able to copy Korra’s water whip. “Yes!” you celebrated.

“Good job!” Korra cheered, scooping you up in her arms in a hug. You felt her lift you completely off the ground. With Korra’s face right there, you had no idea what came over you. You leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She seemed surprised at first, but when you pulled out of the kiss, embarrassed, she leaned back in, kissing you in return.

You know what I think is really cool? Mako’s bending in Legend of Korra.

Look at it! It’s less like the martial art form that is Firebending and more like boxing! Mako commonly uses jabs,hooks, and upper cuts to fling fire. He also holds his arms and stance like a boxer does with his fists guarding his face, and throwing the punch from the rear.

He didn’t have the luxury to learn bending from a master, he had to teach himself, which means he most likely learned it as a way of self defense on the streets and from the gangs he was running with.

Also, boxing was a popular sport in the 20s and 30s (the time Korra was based off of) so it’s even cooler that the Korra team would animate him that way.

I just love it.

Jings and Other Things: How Combat Informs Character, Cultural Progress, and Vice Versa

Over the series run of The Legend of Korra there have been quite a few posts and thoughts regarding the significant changes that bending had undergone in the seventy years that span the gap between it and The Last Airbender.  Here, reddit, forums, you name it, somebody has pointed it out.  Many of you remember ATLA as having titanic fights with massive feats of bending.  And why shouldn’t you? Avatar Kyoshi made her own fucking island centuries before Aang’s time even began.

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Out of curiosity, is there anything you'd say Bryke got right? aside from creating the series in the first place, of course. (Not trying to be snarky btw, I do get this is a criticism blog so naturally the complaints will outweigh the pros.)

Oh, Bryke have gotten tons of things right in their creation of A:TLA. They’re responsible for top-notch visuals, an overarching plot and character designs that are compelling, and taking their show seriously when it could have been just like any other brain-melting kids’ show on Nickelodeon. They are heavily invested in their artistry, and it shows. But when they’re wrong, they have extreme reactions to being called out on it. Either they ignore and double down on problematic aspects of the franchise, or they try to cater to their fans’ every whim, regardless of whether it makes sense with their story’s framework. 

It all comes down to this: Bryke can’t edit their own work, they can’t look at their characters objectively, and they can’t develop a complex story unaided. If they hadn’t done anything noteworthy, it wouldn’t be nearly as agonizing to watch them tear down some of the most consequential parts of their own story (Aang and Zuko’s friendship, the very nature of the Avatar Cycle) in pursuit of what amounts to a rollercoaster ride of cheap thrills. It’s like spending hours watching a jar being molded, and then being smashed to pieces in one careless moment.

Avatar the Last Airbender:

LOK and the comics:

And I think the reason people get so enraged is that, by taking complete control of the franchise and then trashing it, Bryke aren’t just messing around with their own work. They’re undermining a piece that tons of other people poured effort into, just like they did. Aaron Ehasz crafted an amazing redemption arc for Zuko, culminating in Zuko’s final, complete rejection of Ozai … only for the comics to have Zuko go right back to his father for advice again for cheap narrative drama. The entire writing staff toiled day in and day out, gradually building up Aang and Zuko’s friendship … only for the first A:TLA comic series to be spent on them killing each other. A:TLA spent episode after episode emphasizing the importance of nonbenders in a bending-heavy universe … only for Legend of Korra to treat nonbenders like second-class citizens. A huge amount of creative power energized Avatar: The Last Airbender … only for Aang to suddenly not be the last airbender anymore by a meaningless deus ex machina, resulting from Korra destroying the Avatar Cycle and refusing to be the bridge between the human and the spirit world. Bryke literally destroyed the very crux of their previous show’s identity, and seemed unable to even see what they had done. 

They got most things right the first time … and then got them wrong, again and again and again.

Alright. Fandomstuck ideas.

So, these ideas have been in my head forever and I think I’m finally gonna write them out. Sit tight because I’ve got a lot of ideas.

Basically, this idea is for a Fandomstuck City that’s partially based on the city of Zootopia. I’m not going to spoil the premise of the movie so don’t worry, but I will get into what the city looks like (I won’t say that it’s spoilers, however). It’s an example on how the city looks like, and not how the dynamics of the city I’ll be describing will work.

The City of Fandomstuck idea I’ve worked on is pretty basic. There’s this massive city that has different districts and areas that are based on fandoms, and the center of the city is where everything and everyone comes together. The Zootopia similarities start here, since I was thinking large walled off parts of the city with borders that seperate the different ecosystems, and then smaller parts of the city within those ecosystems. Such as a Desert like ecosystem that holds both of the towns of Night Vale and Desert Bluffs, which are the towns I’ll use as examples.

The city itself would have supernatural aspects, as everything would have its own general aestetic and weather and stuff.

Take Night Vale and Desert Bluffs as an example. Night Vale would be a town within a desert where the sun isn’t quite “bright”. It still provides light but the town itself seems very, very dark. It’s got the color scheme associated with the podcast and city of Night Vale- which is Dark colors and various shades of purple. The sun is the same and time is generally the same throughout the whole city in general, but it looks different in Night Vale. The citizens there are easy to remember by name and voice, but have no familiar facial features or appearances in general. You’d know who they were if you saw them, but wouldn’t be able to describe them if you weren’t looking at them. They’d have weird features as well, such as tentacles, moving tattoos, multiple eyes or limbs, etc. They’d dress in weird combinations of clothes.

Desert Bluffs would have an obnoxiously bright color scheme to it, with people that weren’t the most normal or sane in general. A majority of the city would be focused on hard work and a lot would be workaholics. Huge rivals with Night Vale. The citizens would be easier to remember than the citizens of Night Vale. They’d dress in relatively normal clothes, but their faces are creepy. They wouldn’t smile normally, or have normal eyes at all. The sun would be brighter than in Night Vale, too. Strexcorp would still be a powerful company there.

The Fandomstuck characters of Welcome to Night Vale and Desert Bluffs would be radio hosts in their respective cities.

The city itself would also have floating parts, underwater parts, and parts of the city would be far underground. Other examples I can use for various ecosystems would be Gravity Falls, and Artemis Fowl.

Gravity Falls would be its own town in the middle of a forest-type part to the city. There would be other towns in said forest as well, and there would be a direct border between the forest and the desert. It would have citizens that would be oblivious to supernatural happenings, but aware of anyone that came from places outside of their own town. They’d be relatively normal people, too- but with odd customs (Summerween, how they pick mayors, stuff like that). The environment would be normal, but the weather would stay summer-like all year ‘round.

Artemis Fowl would have an Underground portion of the city, populated by various types of fairies. Centaurs, elves, pixies, etc. with accommodations made for fairies of smaller or larger statures. The underground city would be high-tech, with a very good police-force. They’d be strict with who goes underground and who goes above ground. They’d have places to get underground, but the way they’d get above ground wouldn’t be conventional elevators (for some people). Some citizens would have access to Shuttles, which would run through tunnels and would be blasted up into the surface and air by magma flares. It would have a huge dependence on technology. Though the police would be good, there would also be a high-crime rate. It would only take up a small portion of the Underground as well, as some portion would have to be shared with fandoms such as Undertale.

The Fandomstuck characters themselves wouldn’t have any particular professions, although they’d both live in places similar to the characters in their source materials. Artemis Fowl would live in a mansion, although it would be underground, and Gravity Falls would live in a tourist-trap.

On to the main/center part of the city.

Essentially, it would be the busiest part of the city. It would be like a mix of cultures and ideas and it would be visually stunning in some places and terrifying in others. Fandoms that wouldn’t have their own districts would be there. You would be able to tell who came from what part of the city. There could be some discrimination between different kinds of humanoid-people.

Having odd powers or visual appearances would be normal, though, and there would be different opportunities based on this. People who could fly with or without wings would have special positions in professions. Different powers would be depended on- like Healers working at hospitals. Magic would also be a very important thing.

There would also be illegal activities, as there are in every city. There would be illegal bot-fighting, like in BH6, or just the usual crime.

There would be sports based around certain powers, like how there was pro-bending in the Legend of Korra, or turf-wars like in Splatoon.

As for Smaller fandoms that don’t live in the city, depending on what it is, it’d either be part of the countryside just outside of the city, OR it would be a part of the center of the city.

If you wanna add to this idea or say what your fandoms would do or be like, please! Do it. I’m so excited that I finally got this idea out! And if anyone wants an AU chat based on this, also mention it! I’m sure I could set one up in no time at all.

Little Korrasami Headcanons

I’ve been thinking about these dweebs today and came up with some little headcanons

Both of them love to show each other off so much like they’re constantly bragging about how amazing their girlfriends are and not like in the “My girlfriend is the Avatar”/“My girlfriend is the CEO of Future Industries” way more like Asami boasting about how strong Korra is because she can lift a ton of stuff and wow that’s so cool and Korra tells everyone how smart Asami is like holy spirits how does she know all that

Sometimes Asami asks Korra to help with building stuff and at first Korra is like “Dude I have no idea how to do this” but Asami explains she needs her to metalbend for her because it’s easier than getting machines to always do it (also because she loves to let Korra show off but that’s a secret shh)

A little while after they’ve been together one time Korra accidentally refers to herself as “Avatar Korra Sato” in like an interview or something and everything goes quiet and her face just turns completely red

They spar together a lot and in ways where like Asami teaches Korra more nonbending fighting/defense and Korra helps Asami learn how to deflect bending more

Korra loves holding Asami like she’s always picking her up or pulling her into her lap and holding her

Asami sometimes kinda sings to herself when she’s working in her workshop and Korra loves to hide and listen to her because she’s always too embarrassed to sing otherwise

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I read your tag and please, if you have time could you put together a fic rec list? Thanks and I really, really love your work

 Well thank you very much! And I suppose I should go ahead and get this made since I know how much I appreciate fic rec posts. 

Let’s see. I’m going to be linking the stories. I’ll name authors but probably not link them on tumblr because not all have tumblrs and not all have the same url here as they do on tumblr. Also these are mostly longer fics, since that’s more of what I tend to read.

Anyway…let’s get started.

How to Live With a Ghost by Apnsb - it’s been extended into a series but the first story is epic. A completely revamped, modern AU take on Korra. It’s well written, well characterized and 96 chapters long. Absolutely worth your time. 

Spin the Rails by progman - I’m not sure if anyone has a better grip on the Avatar universe than he does. This series is well written. Focused more on the world as a whole, but it’s got strong characters, well done Korrasami and top quality writing. 

The Blacksmith’s Favor by michellemagly and sy_itha - it’s a medieval take on Korrasami, with a lot of other characters in it as well. It’s well constructed, very in character despite the unique setting and the Korra/Asami chemistry is top notch. 

On Separate Grounds by awhstiles - This is a modern AU fic, no bending or anything like that. It’s about Korra and Asami working as camp counselors and being unable to deny their chemistry. It’s got amazing character work, really good dialogue and a well developed romance. 

Unstable Equilibrium by jtav - For me, this is the be all end all of Equalist!Asami fics. It’s well thought out. Very well written and emotionally charged. It’s got strong Korra and Asami moments but also a well developed world and a darker, more realistic look at the Equalist movement in general. 

Cowboy Raava by ReneeMontoya - One of the most creative fics I’ve ever read. Korra is a bounty hunter and she meets Asami in space prison. Also Asami has a robotic arm and it’s just…it’s awesome. Too much for me to explain in a small description. Check it out. 

The Avatar’s Non-Bending Master by clarias - This was the first fic I ever read when I got into this fandom and it did not disappoint. Set after Book 1 but with the idea that Korra never got her bending back. It’s fantastic, I’ve read it multiple times. Also check out clarias’ Sleep series on her profile. 

They Say True Love Hurts, Well This Could Almost Kill Me by frenetic-core - Perhaps my favorite ongoing fic right now. It’s essentially a retelling of the series, but with this idea that you have a soul-mate, you feel their pain, and Korra and Asami are soul-mates. It’s really well presented and well written. 

The Electric Soldier by lupinely - Just a fantastic 25,000 word one-shot with the idea of The Winter Soldier but set up with Korrasami. It’s an excellent read. 

All of This is Naga’s Fault by nowweareunstoppable - it’s a modern AU fic, but done really well and set up nicely with strong characters and good writing. It’s still in the fairly early stages I think but it’s a fun read that should only get better. 

Absolute Beginners by ReneeMontoya - 3 chapters, 15,000 words. Asami is Korra’s tutor but also has a huge crush on her. Very cute, well written. Worth an hour of your time.

Venti Sized Crush by ZoeReed - Another story in the early stages but the chapters are long and it’s well written. Korra is a barista and Asami always orders coffee while on her phone so Korra starts writing her name wrong on purpose. It’s cute but also done exceptionally well. Seriously hoping for an update soon. 

The Song Remains the Same by kittymannequin - Korra’s a guitarist and singer, Asami play the cello. They fall in love and it’s the story of their lives together. Very sweet and fluffy piece. 

Ronin Korra by silkarc - Korra is a highly trained Samurai and Asami owns a medium sized estate that is constantly under attack. Korra is approached to help defend it. Very unique, written well. 

What if This Storm Ends by cthulhusmovingcastle - Asami and Korra are on two sides of a long standing war. So in order to help broker peace, they decide to marry one another in a show of union. It’s honestly very cool and the Korrasami chemistry is awesome set in this fashion of strangers suddenly marrying. 

The End of an Era by commandmetobewell - This one hurts. Badly. That’s all I can really say. It’s very good, but just…prepare yourself. 

it’s such a gorgeous sight to see you in the middle of the night by natashass - As I’ve seen said before, the best roommate AU you’ll find. It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s angsty, it’s well written and well plotted. Just a really really amazing fic to read. 

The Engineer’s Guide to Dating the Avatar by weeglebots - A very good piece that’s uniquely written and set up. A good and accurate take on both characters and their relationship. 

Contentment by wtfoctagon - This might be a fic that goes unfinished. It hasn’t been updated since March. But it is incredibly well written and Korra and Asami are spot on and I love it’s quiet moments and really hope it’s updated soon because I loved it. 

All Roads by tofsla - Korra and Asami take a road trip together to extend Korra’s reach and show her the rest of the world she’s born to protect beyond Republic City. It’s a one-shot, but put together exceptionally well, characterized great. 

Horseshoes by honey_hill - It’s an Equestrian AU that really knows what it’s talking about which adds a lot to it. Korra and Asami are both written great and Korra in particular has an amazing individual plot. 

Alright, wow, I’m sorry for this long post. Like I said these are mostly longer fics, and I know a lot of them are fairly famous. But these are my fic recs. I hope I didn’t miss any, or link anything wrong. There are a TON of amazing Korrasami fanfiction writers out there. It’s incredible. 

Just to let you all know

Yes, we have seen every dual combination of the main bending types (triple even, with korra–like she’ll do an earthbending move using a combination of a firebender kick while also incorporating some airbender-style spins into the move, something like that.). 

Relevant tags:

Firebending like an airbender, waterbender, earthbender
Airbending like a firebender, waterbender, earthbender
Waterbending like a firebender, airbender, earthbender (tag currently empty, but, as I mentioned before, the Water Tribe twins, as well as Tonraq and Unalaq all use this style of waterbending) 
Earthbending like a firebender, airbender, waterbender

Note: I’m low on LOK examplkes for now, so my available examples are almost exclusively ATLA-based.