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Terlingua Gold by Big Bend Brewing Co.

Yeah, I should probably explain this picture. Taking it in front of a urinal does not mean I think the beer tastes like what goes in a urinal. It was simply the best place to take it. I had Terlingua Gold at the Mohawk, a rock club in Austin, where I went to see Australian psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Killer show by the way. Music clubs in Austin have really stepped up their craft beer offerings over the last couple years. Before that the best you could get was Shiner Bock usually. Mohawk was having a special on Big Bend beers. This brewery is located in Alpine, which is in the high desert of West Texas near Marfa and Big Bend National Park. Terlingua refers to a small community in the area that consists of mostly an old abandoned “ghost town” mining village. I thought this would be a golden ale and thus light-ish and vaguely Belgian but turns out it’s a pretty hoppy American pale ale with a good mix of citrus and pine flavors.  


Worthy “Pale Ale”

86 B+

This Pale Ale belongs to the standard lineup at Worthy brewing (Bend, Oregon). They say this is a hybrid based loosely on the British ESB. Chad, thanks again for your kind donation. Aromas release a hop blend consisting of orange highlights, wildflowers and weeds, lightly toasted pale grains, and a whisper of white sugar.

The palate opens with a semi-sweet ghost note, quickly interrupted by a gradually expanding sourness flavored like grapefruit. Grassy hops fill up the bottom register, departing with 50 IBU’s of hop oil that delivers a minor infusion of pine. Malts rise into a sweet finish, where pale grains tilt the scales to find harmony. Mouthfeel is a little dry over a smooth, medium-level body that delivers standard carbonation.

Worthy describes this as a sort of homage to the East-Coast, so it isn’t heavy on the hops. The triad of bitter, sour, and sweet all flow together accordingly. It’s got good balance, and delivers everything one might expect from this style. I find a bit more emphasis on the herbal side of things. This is a simple, solid brew that doesn’t disappoint, yet fails to impress.

Known Hops: Nugget, Centennial, Crystal, Meridian, Horizon


50 IBU

Bend, Oregon