bend brewing


Worthy “Pale Ale”

86 B+

This Pale Ale belongs to the standard lineup at Worthy brewing (Bend, Oregon). They say this is a hybrid based loosely on the British ESB. Chad, thanks again for your kind donation. Aromas release a hop blend consisting of orange highlights, wildflowers and weeds, lightly toasted pale grains, and a whisper of white sugar.

The palate opens with a semi-sweet ghost note, quickly interrupted by a gradually expanding sourness flavored like grapefruit. Grassy hops fill up the bottom register, departing with 50 IBU’s of hop oil that delivers a minor infusion of pine. Malts rise into a sweet finish, where pale grains tilt the scales to find harmony. Mouthfeel is a little dry over a smooth, medium-level body that delivers standard carbonation.

Worthy describes this as a sort of homage to the East-Coast, so it isn’t heavy on the hops. The triad of bitter, sour, and sweet all flow together accordingly. It’s got good balance, and delivers everything one might expect from this style. I find a bit more emphasis on the herbal side of things. This is a simple, solid brew that doesn’t disappoint, yet fails to impress.

Known Hops: Nugget, Centennial, Crystal, Meridian, Horizon


50 IBU

Bend, Oregon