Does the second half of S4 parallel S1?

it’s strange because the first half of season 4 had A LOT of parallels of season 3 but now this second half? 

The more I think about it, the more it parallels season 1, so here we go.

Losing Friends 


Just like Eva Sana is feeling alone and out of touch with the people she loves the most. She doesn’t know how to fix the rift…so she doesn’t, but still she wants to so bad. she misses them and watching them from afar because she no longer can belong with them…is tearing her apart. Just like Eva in season 1.

Social media rubbing their new friends in their faces


we then get a true sense of the isolation between the two when they both sit at home alone and watch their friends…literally replace them. That’s what it feels like for both Eva and Sana. and after they both see these social media posts and drives them to get up and do something about it. “don’t let yourself be a victim” as doctor phil says to Eva and “don’t live in fear” as Nas tells Sana…it’s too similar and I love it 

Benchy Buddies


Not only are they both sitting on the same bench, with the same person, on THE SAME SIDE, but it is insane that Isak has served as a focal point in both of their painful dramas of secrets. in Eva’s season Isak revealed her lies to Iben, in Sana’s….Isak still revealed Sara’s lies by Sana getting access of them from Isak’s account. so essentially the truth came out and disaster happened because of Isak in both seasons…w i l d 

Trying to muster up the courage to make things better


I talked about this shot earlier today but oh my god I can’t believe how similar they are. The only difference is the change in time and the main character. This shows how 3 seasons later we are still in the same place. but this time with Sana. How we all feel isolation, misunderstanding and shame and how it never goes away. It is forever and it comes with being human. no matter who you are we all feel this pain, fear, and sadness. Both Eva and Sana felt like outsiders in their school. 

Confiding in someone about their mistake right before it hits them in the face


Just like Eva, Sana could not hold it in anymore and chose to confide in someone about the saranors2 account. Just like Isak (but with purer intentions) Chris advised Sana to not tell. I actually find this parallel really cool because in season 1 Eva was scared of losing Jonas and Jonas not forgiving her but in this scene Sana is actually afraid of Eva never forgiving her. It is like we have gone full circle in skam world. Eva has gone from the girl begging for forgiveness from her mistakes to…being the one who needs to do the forgiving… hmm



wow, so we have literally gone from season 1 where Eva is calling Isak after the reveal and getting voicemail, to Sana calling EVA after the reveal and getting voicemail. I think this was very intentional. 



Eva and Sana both get told that the people they love are incredibly heartbroken with them right now in a very similar way. Both with other people involved (Isak and Chris) and both with a phone…and then they break knowing that forgiveness is not going to be easy and they are both alone. They both fucked up and now they are alone and it is heartbreaking. 

what does this s1 parallel mean? 

Season 1 was the beginning, Season 4 is the end. The parallels are evident and I think it is because Julie wants to remind us why she made skam. Reminding us what it’s really about. I know with the girl squads current behaviour it doesn’t make sense just yet, but it will. and I wonder if this is also reflecting on Eva’s character now? She has gone from the character who we are crying with and hoping to god she can make friends and be happy to….being the girl we are screaming at to listen to Sana and FORGIVE HER. 

which is amazing because Julie is doing what skam has always meant to do. 

she is showing us every single side, corner, and edge of every character on this show. By doing this to Eva though is even more powerful because she was our first main. she is our firstborn who’s pov we all witnessed and now Julie is showing how we all make mistakes, we all get mad, we all are the person who needs to forgive, or the person who needs to talk. and each of these characters have had a turn to be each other if you think about it. 

Because now it’s Eva’s turn to be season 1 Ingrid…who needs to stop, and listen to what Sana has to say as they cry and forgive each other <3 


Goddamm this Montage is awesome.

Wizard!Thrawn has me so whipped I’ve reverted back to my horrible old manga art style. For those of you who missed my previous foray into the weird world of Hogwarts AU Eli and Thrawn:

Part 1  Part 3  Part 4

The Duelling Club had always been a popular activity among Hogwarts students who were encouraged to learn how to defend themselves in a safe and carefully monitored environment. Several teachers would always be present and the Great Hall would be emptied of its long tables to make room for the sizable number of participants.

The spell of the day would be demonstrated at the beginning of the lesson and then the students would be broken up into rotating pairs to practice with each other. Some used the opportunity to concentrate on perfecting the spell rather than beating their opponent while others simply endeavoured to pick on the weaker students which often lead to rivalries between the Houses.

Eli had joined the Duelling Club under the sage advice and persistent nagging of a young Gryffindor named Ezra Bridger and there was no doubt it had benefited them both. Though Eli’s power was quite tempered compared to the other boy’s, his technique was flawless and Eli was capable of holding his own against Ezra’s powerful stuns and jinxes which actually threatened to flatten some of the first years.

It was a fornightly activity that Eli enjoyed very much but when he arrived at the Great Hall, his good mood was instantly dampened.

In the far corner on the right, Eli spotted a tall, black figure observing the magnicent cylindrical sandglasses that displayed the Hogwarts House points in four brightly bejewelled colours. 

It was Thrawn. 

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happy anniversary to my wife @lilgivenchyprincess, you know you found a real one when you’re saying things like this within days of communicating:

you would think we could’ve only gone up from here but literally as i’m typing this post i just received the following text:

so no. love you, ma benchie ❣️💌

I do not like Michel Therrien

I do not like the Habs head coach

i do not like his whole approach.

i do not like him on our bench

i do not like him, english or french.

I do not like him with our team

i do not like him ruining our dream.

i do not think his systems work

i do believe hes just a jerk.

wanted him fired very soon

wanted him fired to the moon.

I do not like Therrien at all

keeping him is the wrong call. 

i was like “WHERE IS SHE GOING”