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A/N: I’m so glad you enjoyed part one, so here, have part two! I want to get out another part of this, and then we’ll where it takes us, huh? Also, if anyone has any requests, no matter how big or small, I’d love to hear them and write them for you if you’d like! Don’t be shy! I fuckin’ love feedback.

Summary: Reader finally gets to wear JDM’s shirt for the scene. And he fucking loves it.

Pairing: JDM x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, ‘borderline’ NSFW (again)

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When you arrived at work the next morning, you made a beeline for the table of breakfast foods and beverages, grabbing yourself a coffee and a muffin. You tried your best to avoid Jeffrey, which admittedly made you feel like a bit of a bitch, but you weren’t quite sure how to approach him now that you both knew how you felt about each other.

You mindlessly scrolled through your Twitter feed, stopping to appreciate a nice fan’s kind words, and fans that informed you that they shipped you and Jeffrey. It made you chuckle. If only they knew they were on the right track there. With a sigh, you pulled out your phone, plugging your earphones in and shuffling your music. Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me played through your earphones, the intro guitar riff filling your ears. This song never failed to make you feel sexy. Joe Elliott’s voice oozed sex appeal, although the song didn’t completely make sense. Nonetheless, a cheeky smirk made it’s way into your lips, lost in your thoughts.

A hand on your shoulder made you jump, and snap you out of your daze. “Fuck,” you cursed in fright, looking up to see who it was. “Sorry, Jessica,” you muttered upon seeing your assistant handing you your script for the day, sheepishly thanking her for it. As she left, you rubbed your face, putting your earphones back in as you read over the script.

Looking up discreetly, you had to do a double take at the sight in front of you. There Jeffrey was, in all his fucking glory, clad in his leather jacket. He had some simple black jeans on, and his glasses, which made your heart leap into your throat. You watched on in awe as he laughed at something a crew member must’ve said, thrusting his pelvis out and throwing his head back in laughter. You wondered how anyone could make laughing so fucking goddamn attractive.

Blinking a few times, you looked back down at your script, biting your lip. You read on, chuckling to yourself softly. Today, you were to be filming the scene you’ve been waiting for. You knew you had to bring it today. You sucked in a breath, banishing your thoughts as you stood up, watching Jeffrey in the distance still taking with the crew member. You looked down at your shoes, smirking proudly to yourself. You were wearing the highest pair of stilettos you owned, ones that always made you feel sexy, while still being able to walk in them.

You brushed the hair from your face, strutting with determination over to Jeffrey. The loud clinking of your heels on the floor made him look up to you, and stop talking mid-sentence. He watched you walking to him, his jaw slacking slightly as his eyes took in your appearance. You could only smirk at his reaction.

“Well, goddamn, look at you sweetheart,” he muttered lowly, rubbing his beard with his hand, his eyes drifting down to your heels. “Holy fuck, those are some sexy shoes, darlin’,” he admitted, and you watched as his eyes trailed up your legs, finally reaching your eyes again.

You loved being under his gaze. You fought the blush on your face, meeting his eyes. “Hey, Jeff. How are you?”

Jeffrey chuckled deeply, shaking his head at you slightly before rubbing his hand over his beard again. “Fuckin’ better now I’ve seen you in those heels of yours, sweetheart. I’ve got a thing for beautiful women in high heels, you should know that,” he told you, his eyes drifting downwards again to your feet. It was like he couldn’t get enough.

You giggled, biting your lip. “Is that so?” you questioned, enthralled by the look in his hazel eyes. An idea seemed to spring to his mind, because his face conveyed a mischievous smirk, as well as a dark look in his eyes.

“That is so, sweetheart. Although, I think I’d just about have a hard time controlling myself if I saw you with those heels and my shirt on,” he confessed, and you just about went into cardiac arrest as he leaned closer to you. “Even better if you didn’t even have panties on,” he whispered in your ear, his breath tickling your ear enticingly. Your face burned.

Once again, you were lost for words. You couldn’t do anything but stare as he walked away, oozing effortless swagger in his walk. You huffed out a long breath you were holding. Fuck him. He’d just ruined your plan. You came to him wanting the upper hand for once. You wanted to make him flustered. But he just turned the tables to suit himself. Fucking bastard.

Just like any other day, you spent a few hours in hair and makeup, reading your script and getting into character. When the time for wardrobe to dress you came, you hurried into the dressing room, quickly taking off your high heels, your pants and your shirt. After your shower this morning, you decided upon wearing your best set of underwear. Your bra was red and lacy, and also gave your breasts a nice added boost. Your panties matched your bra as well. It was then you realised that you would be wearing a hell of a lot of red today.

A knock at the door sounded, making you wrap your shirt around yourself. As you opened the door, you made sure to only poke your head out so the rest of you was covered. You saw a woman who worked in wardrobe standing there, holding out a shirt in a plastic bag for you to wear for the scene. She must’ve taken it from Jeffrey’s dressing room. With a sigh, you shook your head politely. “I’ve got my own, Natalie. Thank you though,” you smiled at her as she frowned in confusion, closing the door on her gently before she could protest.

You turned back to the mirror, looking at yourself. You thought you looked sexy in your lingerie set, and you wondered if Jeffrey would be ever able to see it. After a few quick moments, you slipped on his shirt he gave you. It still smelt like him, and you inhaled deeply, loving his musk. Your eyes wandered down to your high heels again, a smirk coming to your face as you as an idea sprung to mind. Remembering Jeffrey’s little confession earlier, you quickly put your heels on, taking a minute to check out your reflection again. Your legs looked a mile longer, and your posture was straighter — you felt confident.

With a deep breath, you opened the door, your heels clicking loudly on the floors as you walked to the set. You heard a lot of whispering and words of protest. Mostly that you weren’t wearing the right shirt, and you didn’t have to wear shoes for the scene. You ignored it all though, especially when Jeffrey turned to see you. This time, he really was lost for words. His jaw slackened, and his eyes were wide. But after he regained his composure quickly, his lips curled into an unbelievingly sexy smirk. He still had his glasses on, and he turned to properly face you, his eyes drinking your appearance in once again.

“Fuck me dead, I wasn’t expecting this,” he muttered to you as you got close to him. Your heels gave you an extra bit of height, but you were nowhere near as tall as him.

Lost for words, you only smiled up at him, fighting the blush creeping up on your face. “You like it though, right?”

Jeff laughed at your question, rubbing his beard as he looked you in the eye. His hand gently tucked a stand of hair behind your ear. “Are you fuckin’ kidding me, sweetheart?” he paused, “You really need to ask me that? Of-fuckin’-course I do. I love it,” he told you, his eyes trailing to your lips for a moment.

You smiled softly at him, you breathing quickening as he touched your face. You could only blink innocently, once again enthralled by his beautiful eyes. If the whole production crew’s and the rest of the cast’s eyes weren’t glued to the two of you, you probably would’ve taken the leap and kissed him. Or vice versa, you’d like to think.

After a moment, he stepped away again, and you snapped back into reality. One of your fellow cast members smirked at you, which you dismissed by looking away, clearing your throat awkwardly. Everyone seemed to fuss over you again, but you heard the director yell over the commotion.

“Hey!” he shouted, standing up, “Jeff, you like what she’s wearing?” he asked.

You blushed in embarrassment as watched Jeffrey look up from his phone to answer the director. “Fuck yeah I do,” he chuckled, winking at you. You bit your lip, breathing heavily.

“You think the fans would like it too?” the director asked Jeffrey again.

“Hell yeah,” Jeff answered confidently, smiling at the director, who nodded his approval.

“Alright, people! We’re shooting the scene how she is!” he announced, sitting back down.

You heard some groans of displeasure and annoyance sound from people, but you couldn’t help the grin spreading on your face.

You stood in position on set once again. There were people fussing over your hair and makeup, and they didn’t really help your nerves. Usually, nervousness wasn’t an overly huge issue for you, but wearing Jeffrey’s shirt and facing the fact that he would be touching you in intimate ways again made butterflies swam in your stomach. No matter how hard you tried to digest them.

With a deep breath, and after the crew finished with their final touches on your appearance, you stood on your marker to begin the scene. As you heard the director yell 'action’ for the millionth time that day, you walked into the set’s kitchen, walking over to the bench, your character making a cup of coffee for herself. You shuddered as you heard heavy footsteps pad your way, biting your lip as you continued to stir the coffee. A shaky breath left your lips as you waited for contact, nearly jumping out of your skin in anticipation as you felt Jeff’s arms wrap around your waist. You felt his lips press kisses to your shoulder, and him pulling the shirt to reveal more of your skin to kiss. You inhaled deeply as you felt his beard rub against your skin, closing your eyes in enjoyment. A gentle whimper left your lips. You heard him groan lowly against your skin, waiting for him to deliver his line.

“We’ll never get anything done today with you wearing that shirt,” he paused his hands moving down from your waist to your hips slowly, making your heart pound in your chest. Jeffrey continued delivering his lines, “Or with those heels on.”

You mentally took a note. That line was completely unscripted, but he made it work for the occasion. The director yelled to keep rolling, so you did.

"Why don’t you take it off me then?” you breathed out, thanking heavens for microphones, otherwise your words wouldn’t be audible. You gasped as you felt Jeffrey’s hands trail slowly — excruciatingly so — down to your thighs. His hands then began up your thighs, bunching up the hem of the shirt as he brought his hands up. You swallowed thickly, involuntarily leaning back on him as his hands made their way over your hips.

“Maybe I will,” he growled into the crook of your neck, making you whimper as he began to kiss your sweet spot. His hands now reached your lower abdomen, and you were surprised you were still able to stand. He was teasing you, so much so that you almost couldn’t take it any more.

Eventually though, his hands trailed up your torso, stopping to leisurely lift the shirt from your body. You watched his eyes gleam with curiosity as he took in your underwear.

“Holy fuck,” he growled, the lust audible in his voice as he spoke. Again, completely unscripted, but the director let the scene continue.

Jeffrey cleared his throat, obviously remembering the script as he leaned in to kiss your lips. Your fingers once again found their way into his hair, and you whimpered into his mouth as if to urge him to continue. He gently bit your bottom lip as he took a moment to breathe, and you would’ve became a puddle on the floor if he wasn’t holding you up.

“Jump, princess,” he ordered you gruffly, still not allowing for much of a gap between your lips and his. Doing as you were told, you jumped up, wrapping your legs around his hips, your arms then wrapping around his neck for support. You groaned, never being so close to him before.

“That’s my girl,” he breathed into your ear, kissing just below your ear after he spoke, his hands moving to support you up by holding your ass. You kissed his neck, grinning into his skin as he gently squeezed your panty clad skin.

Jeffrey then made his way upstairs into the set’s bedroom once again, your hands tangling into his hair as he placed you down on the bed. You kissed him this time, moaning softly against his mouth. You loved kissing him, acting with him gave you the perfect excuse to enjoy his touches, even though you weren’t entirely confident to do such things out of character.

You whimpered as you felt his hand run down your thigh, blushing as he smirked at you. His eyes were a significantly darker colour now, and again, it made you wonder if he was just really good at acting, or a part of him really was enjoying this as much as you were.

You were disappointed when you heard the director yell cut. For a moment, you forgot you were even acting. It all felt so real to you, and it made you quite excited.

Again, you were hot and bothered for the second time at his doing, panting and flushed like a hormonal teenager. You had messed up his hair again, but you weren’t sorry.

You noticed his eyes running over your figure once again, biting your lip as you watched him closely.

“Well, fuck. Here we are again, sweetheart.”

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Regarding Thea this season - were you as disappointed as me that she has had little to no storyline this season and has been in very few episodes? And Oliver telling her there was something wrong with her when all she had done was tried to protect his secret? And then referring to her as 'broken' in a later episode? This is one of the most frustrating aspects of this season-one of many. Instead we got a whole episode on Wild Dog's past that had little lasting impact on present day.

As far as my reactions to specific events in episodes, the reviews are great places to go to get my take. I recall being pretty frustrated with Oliver in that episode.

I was concerned the moment Thea hung up the hood that she’d have a much smaller role. The minute you aren’t on Team Arrow you just eliminated half the show. The danger is to get regulated to LL land like in Seaon 1 where it feels like the character is on a different show. However, Thea has gotten a lot of focus the past few seasons. Every character gets benched eventually so I suppose she was due. But I don’t like it.

Hopefully Thea rejoins Team Arrow or they do a better job of integrating her into the main plot next season.

The day was long and the heat of the sun was taking a toll on her. Ahyeong had been out all day, running about doing errands and shopping to make sure everything was set before the next set of deliveries. The fresh batch of MJ was all packaged and ready to go, all piled in boxes waiting for Jaehyun to help carry them to a truck. Her fridge was stocked up well enough for the week, as was Jaehyun and Jimin’s fridge. She always made sure to make extras of her own food so that she could bring them to her friends. The boys’ apartment seemed to be a routine stop for her to drop off something or make sure their house was cleaned and proper. As she left the apartment building and rounded the corner, Ahyeong let out a sigh as she collapsed on the bus stop bench. She set her shopping bags at her feet and promised herself only a few seconds of shut-eye before heading home, but it seemed her body had other plans when she began to doze off and fall to the side.

I found this beautiful reading spot / chillin spot and I’m absolutely in love with how secluded this place is. I know where i can go to escape now, like I’ve honestly just wanted someplace to go read and chill and not be bothered by people and I’ve found it I hope! can’t wait to chill here when exams are done🙈🌸.

Ok so I think Black Panther will be the last marvel movie I see, as I’m really interested in what they do with T'Challa (and that amazing cast), but after that I’m done. I’m tired of Marvel constantly announcing White-guy movies and saying they’re ‘nothing like we’ve ever seen before’. Yes we have, we’ve seen them a million times over yet Hollywood keeps churning them out. I’m tired of Marvel benching strong female characters, and their distinct lack of POC. Im tired of the fandom glorifying and infantilising abusive villains, eg. Grant Ward, Killgrave, Loki, and shipping them and their victims (skyeward/ killgravexJessica/ FrostHawk) I’m tired of the whitewashing, eg. Maximoffs, Tilda Swinton, etc. And I’m tired of the fandom raving about how diverse it all is. I’m done.

I remember when I was a newbie to Voltron and thought that maybe Zarkon could be redeemed and become the black paladin again.

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Domesticated Dragons AU

Character A is taking their minature, domesticated dragon for a walk through the park, when Character A’s dragon becomes fixated on an object – the fallen leaves, acorns, pretty pebbles – and refuses to budge until they’ve found the most perfect object to add to their hoard.

While waiting for their dragon to finish up, Character A sits down on the same bench as Character B, who is also waiting on their dragon, and the two of them strike up a conversation about owning dragons – the hassle of cleaning up after them, the dangers of owning a firebreathing dragon, trying to clean up their hoard once it starts to smell, etc.

I drew Nami while listening to Killer Queen.

This was originally me practicing drawing sitting poses but then it got out of hand.

A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

➥“I don’t like showing up unannounced in a girl’s room,” he continues, as if she hadn’t spoken. “I know the Salvatore brothers are known for it, and even dear Elijah indulges now and then, but I do not. It’s rather creepy, I think.”

Caroline likes to credit herself for being able to handle a lot of shit (her own father locked her up in a cell and tortured her for hours, for crying out loud), but the implications of a gift from the scariest, most unstable, and downright evil creature in existence is too much for even her to repress. // klaus/caroline, caroline/originals, ensemble