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Happy Belated Birthday to @nighte-goggles !!! :D Thank you for being such a wonderful sweetheart and sharing lots of lovely thingies with me on the internet, and for putting up with my long hobo silences and drawing my characters and for all around just being a really awesome person. For this, we should all celebrate you and how cool you are! I hope you had a great day! C:

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Regarding Thea this season - were you as disappointed as me that she has had little to no storyline this season and has been in very few episodes? And Oliver telling her there was something wrong with her when all she had done was tried to protect his secret? And then referring to her as 'broken' in a later episode? This is one of the most frustrating aspects of this season-one of many. Instead we got a whole episode on Wild Dog's past that had little lasting impact on present day.

As far as my reactions to specific events in episodes, the reviews are great places to go to get my take. I recall being pretty frustrated with Oliver in that episode.

I was concerned the moment Thea hung up the hood that she’d have a much smaller role. The minute you aren’t on Team Arrow you just eliminated half the show. The danger is to get regulated to LL land like in Seaon 1 where it feels like the character is on a different show. However, Thea has gotten a lot of focus the past few seasons. Every character gets benched eventually so I suppose she was due. But I don’t like it.

Hopefully Thea rejoins Team Arrow or they do a better job of integrating her into the main plot next season.

The day was long and the heat of the sun was taking a toll on her. Ahyeong had been out all day, running about doing errands and shopping to make sure everything was set before the next set of deliveries. The fresh batch of MJ was all packaged and ready to go, all piled in boxes waiting for Jaehyun to help carry them to a truck. Her fridge was stocked up well enough for the week, as was Jaehyun and Jimin’s fridge. She always made sure to make extras of her own food so that she could bring them to her friends. The boys’ apartment seemed to be a routine stop for her to drop off something or make sure their house was cleaned and proper. As she left the apartment building and rounded the corner, Ahyeong let out a sigh as she collapsed on the bus stop bench. She set her shopping bags at her feet and promised herself only a few seconds of shut-eye before heading home, but it seemed her body had other plans when she began to doze off and fall to the side.

Ok so I think Black Panther will be the last marvel movie I see, as I’m really interested in what they do with T'Challa (and that amazing cast), but after that I’m done. I’m tired of Marvel constantly announcing White-guy movies and saying they’re ‘nothing like we’ve ever seen before’. Yes we have, we’ve seen them a million times over yet Hollywood keeps churning them out. I’m tired of Marvel benching strong female characters, and their distinct lack of POC. Im tired of the fandom glorifying and infantilising abusive villains, eg. Grant Ward, Killgrave, Loki, and shipping them and their victims (skyeward/ killgravexJessica/ FrostHawk) I’m tired of the whitewashing, eg. Maximoffs, Tilda Swinton, etc. And I’m tired of the fandom raving about how diverse it all is. I’m done.

Domesticated Dragons AU

Character A is taking their minature, domesticated dragon for a walk through the park, when Character A’s dragon becomes fixated on an object – the fallen leaves, acorns, pretty pebbles – and refuses to budge until they’ve found the most perfect object to add to their hoard.

While waiting for their dragon to finish up, Character A sits down on the same bench as Character B, who is also waiting on their dragon, and the two of them strike up a conversation about owning dragons – the hassle of cleaning up after them, the dangers of owning a firebreathing dragon, trying to clean up their hoard once it starts to smell, etc.

I found this beautiful reading spot / chillin spot and I’m absolutely in love with how secluded this place is. I know where i can go to escape now, like I’ve honestly just wanted someplace to go read and chill and not be bothered by people and I’ve found it I hope! can’t wait to chill here when exams are done🙈🌸.

I drew Nami while listening to Killer Queen.

This was originally me practicing drawing sitting poses but then it got out of hand.

A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

➥“I don’t like showing up unannounced in a girl’s room,” he continues, as if she hadn’t spoken. “I know the Salvatore brothers are known for it, and even dear Elijah indulges now and then, but I do not. It’s rather creepy, I think.”

Caroline likes to credit herself for being able to handle a lot of shit (her own father locked her up in a cell and tortured her for hours, for crying out loud), but the implications of a gift from the scariest, most unstable, and downright evil creature in existence is too much for even her to repress. // klaus/caroline, caroline/originals, ensemble

Encouraging the Player to Have a Deep Bench: Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon has a stress system. It is cruel, unrelenting, disturbing and I love it.

Oh, Darkest Dungeon. You just seem to get me.

First lets quickly run down of how the system works. Darkest Dungeon is a turn based dungeon crawler. You get a missions and you complete them by exploring a small-medium sized randomly generated area with 4 characters. As your characters go through the dungeon they get stressed and can become traumatized by the terrible things that happen on your adventures. This is expressed via a stress meter each character has which will fill while exploring dungeons either from seeing terrible things or from watching their comrades die (perma-death is a very real and constant threat in this game). 

Too much stress can cause them to pick up new ticks and peculiarities (Kleptomaniac, Gambler, Known Cheat…). They might even have a full on mental break down and become irrational, depressed, abusive towards their party members, or pick up any of the many many things that can go wrong with your characters. 

These “Afflictions” can cause them to disobey commands, refuse healing (because they don’t trust the healer), or just increase everyone else’s stress by being a jerk (causing everyone else to go crazy). Stress doesn’t go away when they get out of the dungeon but you can lower it back in town, even get rid of problems they already have accumulated. Things like giving them some time drinking or having them pray can help them sort themselves out, or you could have them committed to a sanitarium.

The system is complex, interesting, subtle and engaging, but if we really want to talk about what makes it so great we need to talk some more about perma-death.

Perma-death (short for “Permanent Death”) is when a character is for realz dead. The irreversible kind of dead. In some games perma-death means you have to start the whole game over again because you only control one character and they are now irrevocably dead. Others though you control multiple characters and so the death of a couple characters isn’t the end of the road for the player, it is more like a speed bump. Games like Final Fantasy Tactics, XCOM, and Darkest Dungeon fall in the latter category.

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