benched characters


And here is Malik, one of the major characters I’m planning ! He’s not the main character but he’s basically going to be along for the ride the whole time, sort of a partner character basically. I can’t say much about him right now but he’s the kind of guy who will try his best to help others, even if he’s not always sure how he can do it. Very kindhearted, resourceful and empathetic, but also a bit clumsy and unfocused. He can be a bit loud and overbearing, but he’s very self-conscious and will sometimes shut down if you point that out too harshly. He can be a bit cheeky and likes to act seductive but gets really shy around cute guys he doesn’t know. He’s also kinda short^^

For now I only have that one pose and a few facial expressions, but if I can I’d like to have at least three poses per character, to add a bit of diversity and movement.

I also added the backgound I did ! I’m still very inexperienced with backgrounds (even more so than with character drawing) so I hope it looks alright, but I’m kinda happy with it, it could be better but it serves its purpose and fits well with the characters I think :p

Anyway, hope you’ll like it o/

Domesticated Dragons AU

Character A is taking their minature, domesticated dragon for a walk through the park, when Character A’s dragon becomes fixated on an object – the fallen leaves, acorns, pretty pebbles – and refuses to budge until they’ve found the most perfect object to add to their hoard.

While waiting for their dragon to finish up, Character A sits down on the same bench as Character B, who is also waiting on their dragon, and the two of them strike up a conversation about owning dragons – the hassle of cleaning up after them, the dangers of owning a firebreathing dragon, trying to clean up their hoard once it starts to smell, etc.

I found this beautiful reading spot / chillin spot and I’m absolutely in love with how secluded this place is. I know where i can go to escape now, like I’ve honestly just wanted someplace to go read and chill and not be bothered by people and I’ve found it I hope! can’t wait to chill here when exams are done🙈🌸.

I drew Nami while listening to Killer Queen.

This was originally me practicing drawing sitting poses but then it got out of hand.



As long as you enjoyed them, remember them, and continue to appreciate them, then that character, your hero or heroine, will always exist

…that’s a lot of benched characters.

Can I add some more/personal favs? *allow me to edit this post*

The Spirit isn’t really 100% DC Comics, but almost (come one!). He had quite a long running series (two series!) under the DC banner these last couple of years until the reboot.

[Is sitting with her legs crossed on a park bench with your character] Next question; who do you like more? Harry Styles or Shawn Mendes? [She rolls the magazine and hits your character in the arm with it] Pay attention! Do you or do you not want to find out which avenger you’re more like?!