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andreil pda around the foxes pleaseee my soul needs it

my marvelous anon, i am here to grant thine request, with a small side of accidental lowkey renison. enjoy <3. also on AO3.

He did it. He actually did it. After months of constant warnings and threats, Wymack finally followed through.

Neil can do nothing but stare at the flyer in his hand, mildly in fear and majorly in shock. A mere thirty seconds prior, Wymack had stormed out of his office brandishing this piece of paper like both a white flag and a declaration of war. He had paused just inside the lounge, making sure to gather everyone’s attention, before striding over to Neil and shoving the flyer in his face.

“This is for last weekend,” Wymack had said. “I already—don’t give me that look, you know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about. I already signed you up. It starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday, and unless you want your ass glued to the bench for the rest of the season, I suggest you be there.” He had then turned back around and disappeared into the hallway, leaving a room full of confused and curious Foxes in his wake.

A full minute passes before chaos breaks out and everyone starts moving at once. Various forms of “What the hell?” can be heard from all corners of the room. Neil blinks as the flyer is yanked out of his hand. He looks up to see Andrew, his eyes scanning the paper. Andrew looks up at him, and Neil’s heart nearly explodes because this look on his face, it looks like the honest-to-god beginnings of a smile. And sure, it’s at Neil’s expense, but he would embarrass the fuck out of himself at every turn if this was his reward. Andrew moves to hand the paper back to Neil.

“Okay, seriously,” Kevin huffs out with impatience as he pushes through his teammates. He snags the flyer away from Andrew who couldn’t be bothered to stop him. Kevin reads aloud, “The Annual Hilton Head Island Marathon…a MARATHON? Really, Neil?! Is this a joke?”

“I don’t know, Kevin,” says Andrew, his voice taking on the persona of a kindergarten teacher. “Did it look like a joke to you?”

Kevin’s only response is to scowl and shove the flyer into Neil’s chest. “This better not affect your performance at our game on Friday. You don’t get to take it easy just because you have to run 26.2 miles the next day.”

By the time Kevin has stormed out of the building, the rest of the Foxes have commenced their team wide freak out.

“Seriously?! He actually came through on that threat?” Dan is caught halfway between being genuinely worried and dying of laughter.

“Neil…bro…what the fuck…” Matt says from somewhere on his left, placing a consoling hand lightly on his shoulder.

“Oh my god, Neil. We have to be there. I have to witness this historic moment. You finally get to put your insane running habits into practice,” Allison is rambling from across the room.

“Wait, what was Wymack talking about ‘last weekend’? What did you do?” Asks Nicky, unaccustomed to being out of the loop.

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English Is Hard, Okay?! Langst Prompt Fill

For the anon who wanted a story where Lance had a hard time speaking English and the paladins teasing him for it.

Lance walked into the kitchen one morning with dark circles under his eyes. He trudged over to get a bowl and began filling it with food goo.

“You look like shit, Lance” Keith teased, trying to egg Lance into one of their normal fights. The other paladins ignored the banter, used to the Red and Blue paladins fighting.

“Yeah, I know. I don’t feel like fighting today, Keith, sorry,” Lance said, trying to get his food goo and leave as quickly as possible.

Keith frowned. Lance wasn’t playing along.
Usually this kind of stuff cheered the Blue paladin right up!

“Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I was just teasing, you just look a little tired,” Keith said, trying, again, to lighten the mood.

“No, you know what Keith? I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed I woke up in the wrong fucking bed after a dream where I had to watch my family die!

And I can’t even know if they’re actually alive because I’m not even in the same fucking galaxy as them and I didn’t want to fight and I thought I made that clear when I literally told you I didn’t want to but obviously I was wrong.

Hopefully I made it clear this time so I can go eat in my room and nobody will bother me,” Lance said calmly. The lack of emotion in his voice was unnerving. He took his bowl, grabbed a spoon, and left the room.

The other paladins glanced at each other with wide eyes as they watched the usually energetic and fun paladin walk off to his room.

Keith ate the rest of his meal with his head down, and nobody dared to break the tense silence.

After breakfast everyone broke off to work on their own projects or do whatever they needed until group training.

A few hours later, everyone was waiting in the training room for Lance. He walked in about ten minutes late, dressed in workout clothes the castle provided. He stared silently at the ground as Allura began to lecture him on his tardiness.

Training began with a few warm up laps around the room.

Lance visibly pulled himself together and worked a smile onto his face.

He nudged Pidge as he passed her, and high fives Shiro as he passed him.

Lance always enjoyed this portion of training since he was undeniably the fastest paladin (without their lions anyway).

When they slowed to a stop after five laps, Allura directed everyone to different parts of the room to work on things each were bad at.

Lance was shown the middle of the room, to fight close range with the gladiator. Hunk gave Lance a sympathetic glance.

Lance fought the gladiator for almost two hours. The other paladins had been allowed a break when they managed to finish whatever task they were given, but Lance had been at a stalemate with the damn gladiator.

The blue paladin began to slow down due to exhaustion, and the gladiator got in one well placed hit before it shut down.

Lance plopped himself down on a bench with the rest of the paladins as Allura and Coran talked.

Shiro leaned forward to look at Lance, whose eyes were closed as he leaned against the wall.

“Hey, you did good, buddy,” Shiro said, knowing that Lance had worked harder than any of them had that day.

Lance opened his eyes at the praise. He was sure he was going to get scolded for losing, and a smile worked it’s way onto his face.

“Thanks, Shiro. You did really well too. Hunk, you were really awesome with that thing you were running on.”

Pidge barked out a short burst of laughter.

“What was Hunk running on, again, Lance?” Pidge asked, barely concealed laughter coloring her voice.

“Um the thing where the ground moves so you can run in place?” Lance explained, frowning.

“Oh my god, Lance doesn’t know what a treadmill is!” Pidge shouted, cackling.

Her laughter prompted everyone but Lance to laugh along with her. Everyone had needed a laugh after a tense morning and a hard workout.

The laughter died down and Hunk looked over to see that Lance had tears in his eyes and his muscles were tensed.

“Hey, Lance, buddy, you alright?” Hunk asked, drawing the team’s attention.

Lance shook his head.

“I know it’s stupid and you guys think I’m stupid but it’s really fucking hard sometimes. I never learned the damn word.

Just like I don’t know what half the stuff Hunk and Pidge are talking about because I learned science and engineering and math in Cuba. In SPANISH.

I have to translate everything I’m thinking into a different fucking language because I grew up with no English at all!

And when I got to the Garrison I had to deal with people’s bullshit on my accent and how I couldn’t speak English correctly and I thought you guys didn’t care about stuff like that but maybe I just hadn’t messed up yet!

I’m sorry I suck at English and I forgot what a fucking treadmill is, but I promise you, I didn’t forget because I’m stupid. I remembered what to say in Spanish.

I’m sorry if my explanation wasn’t good enough, but I’m pretty sure you guys wouldn’t have understood it if I told you Hunk was running on a cinta de correr!!!” Lance yelled, taking a few deep breaths as he finished ranting.

Lance stood there, fuming for a few moments, tears openly streaming down his face. Everyone stared in shock, unsure what to make of Lance’s outburst.

The blue paladin waited for someone to say something, and when no-one did he bolted from the room, eyes wide and terrified.

Hunk ran after him after a moment. He knew exactly where his best friend would be.

Thanks for this prompt! Hope you like it! I’m thinking of posting a part two?

BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o *cough*deep throating*cough*  a Popsicle in front of the boys

anon asked: there’s this vine [youtube(.)com/watch?v=2wJ7r6i5000] where this girl is eating this Popsicle and basically deep throats it and when her friends pointed it out she says confused “it’s not that big”. Can you do a BTS Reaction to their crush or s/o doing that in front him and the boys?

I fucking LOVE that vine. Everyone watch it [here] before reading this reactions. The girl fit the whole 8-Inch Popsicle in her mouth and shE DIDN’T EVEN GAG BRUH i’m #Deceased - Admin Dayna


Sweltering summer days usually led to everyone slowing down to sloths. Even with fans and AC blasting on you and the boys, everyone still felt incredibly beat. Jin was brilliant enough to come up with the idea purchasing popsicles and such, but he sent the younger two; Kookie and Tae out to retrieve them, too lazy to get it himself. By the time everyone got their hands on the frozen treat, energy had been restored within you and the boys. You ripped off the wrapping from your own popsicle, and went to town; managing to put the entire length of it down your mouth. Jin yelped your name in disbelief and the boys had surprised (borderline lewd) expressions of their own.

“[y/n]! What are you doing?!”

“I’m eating the popsi – “

“Like that?! That’s dirty!”

“I – I’m just eating a popsicle?”

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Autobiography of Black

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut & Angst

A/N: This gets explicit really fast so if you’re not into that, please don’t read. Like in all my stories, the relationship is toxic, the story is sad and there are explicit sex scenes.
The reader and Jungkook are from working class families, they live in a building complex(like the one in the pic), which is considered “the poor” part of town. The army duty in this story is not your regular ‘serving in the army for for 2 years’. It’s something we had in my country when they were about to cancel army duty. Younger men only went to the quarters to help out with tasks and they’d go back home every night.
He covers his tattoos, because the army doesn’t allow them. I’ll go through it later to correct any mistakes.

None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners.

You’ve seen him around.

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Punk!Phil and religious!Dan but they're just casually cuddling and giggling and making fun of the old people who keep sending Phil dirty looks

🌊 Phil randomly shows up at his house while he’s doing homework, refusing to leave until Dan goes on a date with him.

🌊 They go to the mall, which Dan makes fun of him for and asks if they’re a bit old for that, but Phil insists “you’re never too old to buy shit.”

🌊 They spend hours just walking around and talking, their intertwined hands swinging between them as they move.

🌊 Phil drags him into several stores, a few of them that make Dan nervous because all of the people in them have tattoos and dark clothes, but Phil just chuckles and mutters “my people”.

🌊 Dan insists they go to a bookstore next, because of that traumatic experience, and Phil agrees just because he kind of loves the way Dan’s eyes light up when he looks at books.

🌊 Phil tries to kiss him against a shelf because he really can’t resist, but Dan keeps pushing him away gently and frowning. Phil pouts. “Why won’t you let me kiss you? Dannyy.”

🌊 Dan doesn’t answer for awhile until finally he mutters, “Because we’re in a bookstore and if I kiss you I’ll want to make out.”

🌊 They get frozen yogurt from a stand and sit on a bench, and Dan rests his head in Phil’s lap while Phil plays with his hair.

🌊 Several old people give them weird looks, especially Phil, but it’s easy to ignore them, for Dan at least.

🌊 Once an old lady glared at him, clearly scoping out his obvious punk appearance, and he shouted at her. He laughed, calling out- “oh yeah, well I’ve got this catch, what do you have to show for yourself?” Pointing to Dan, and Dan smacked him, hiding his red face in Phil’s shirt.

🌊 And once a man was clearly staring at them, the way their fingers were intertwined and how Phil kept playing with strands of Dan’s hair. Dan noticed, and his face inflamed.

🌊 “it’s just not… it’s not fair!” He muttered, frowning at Phil, who shrugged.

🌊 “It sucks, but it is how it is. You’re not gonna change his mind, baby.”

🌊 Dan pressed his lips together, frowning at his hands. “The Bible says love thy neighbour.”

🌊 “Well why don’t you go over there and quote the Bible to him, I’m sure that’ll do the trick.”

🌊 Dan frowns harder before looking up. “Kiss me.”

🌊 Phil doesn’t hesitate to grab Dan’s shirt, kissing him open mouthed and softly. It lasts for about a minute before he pulls back.

🌊 “Why…?” Phil began, but Dan glanced over at where the man used to be standing and snickered. Phil grinned. “You sly little shit.”

🌊 Dan fell asleep in Phil’s car on the way back, they had been walking all day, Phil didn’t blame him. His head slumped onto Phil’s shoulder and Phil couldn’t help but glance at him every now and then.

🌊 He carried Dan to the door bridal style, kicking it as a form of knocking.

🌊 “I’ve got your son,” he said when Dan’s dad answered the door, glaring at him. Phil just grinned.

🌊 Dan’s parents let Phil carry him upstairs. Dan woke up halfway up the stairs, clinging to Phil’s neck.

🌊 Phil set him down outside his door, kissing his cheek because Dan never liked to kiss on the mouth in his house, but Dan pulled him back, kissing him hard for two seconds.

🌊 “Thank you,” he muttered. “That was really fun.”

🌊 Phil nodded, smiling fondly at him. “So I guess mall dates aren’t so bad after all?”

@batsnotbutterflies based loosely on your adventures with your girlfriend lol

Joffrey x Sister Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Joffrey falling in love with your beauty and soul despite the fact you are his sister.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hello there, may I request a Joffrey Baratheon x Sister! Reader one? Where he’s fallen for her despite the fact they were siblings. Just fluff between the two.


He didn’t want to feel this way.

The prince had gotten used to watching her every move; whether she was laughing at something simple or arguing with the royal court, she was beautiful.

Joffrey was in love with Y/N Baratheon… his sister.

The mirror reflected your slim body which was covered in dark green lace with patches of shimmering gold through out the dress. The corset pushed your tan breasts up and hugged your waist tightly before flowing out at your hips, trailing down to the floor.

You smiled at your glamourous appearance, it wasn’t a special occasion but as a princess, you had a duty to always look your best.

You walked across a hallway in the stone castle with a nonchalant expression, heading towards the location where your breakfast would take place. You were a very kind girl much like Marcella however you didn’t let just anyone have the pleasure of seeing your gorgeous smile. 

The double doors leading into the Throne room crashed open as you gracefully glided over to sit at your mothers side. Everyone in the hall had their attention on you.

Your siblings, uncles, mother and father plus your grandfather; Lord Tywin, were staring in awe. Every day you became more radiant and stunning.

Cersei revelled in the fact her daughter stole attention away from anyone who dared stand next to such a breathtaking person. Even if you outshone her, the queen didn’t care. She was far too proud that she produced such a beauty to be jealous. 

“My Lady, are you hungry?” a maid asked whilst timidly approaching you.

“No, a glass of fresh water would suffice. Thank you Claudia.” The girl smiled, honoured that you knew her name before fetching your drink.

Conversation flowed whilst your family dined peacefully, you were speaking with Tywin when your dear brother, Joffrey, interrupted.

“You shouldn’t give them the satisfaction of learning their name. If you treat them as equals, they will start to believe it.” The blonde prince spoke, his eyes lingered on your chest before glancing in admiration at your face.

“My sweet, if you treat the people who serve us on a daily basis, with respect… then they are less likely to try and kill you.” You stated, the tone in your voice was incredibly seductive however you were oblivious to it.

Joffrey smirked at your answer, you knew how to play people. Hundreds were wrapped around your finger, waiting to serve you whenever you requested. Manipulation was yet another quality your brother fell in love with.

“Tell me, sister, would you join me on a walk after we break our fasts?” He asked leaning across slightly, a sparkling glow on his flawless face.

“I would be delighted.”

The small land overflowed with roses. The sharp thorns creating a barrier, separating you and Joffrey from the rest of the garden.

“Please Y/N, take a seat.” The prince gestured towards a marble bench which rested under a beautiful arch. You complied, gracefully placing yourself upon the cold stone before smiling kindly as he joined you.

“So brother, I presume you wanted to talk?” You wondered, placing your fragile hand on his shoulder as he struggled to meet your eye.

You were clueless to your brothers affection. In fact, you thought he would somehow dishonour you once he became king.

Joffrey didn’t always act friendly with you because he was frightened. Scared of loving you so dearly.

“Y/N- I..” The prince was stumped for words. As he lifted his head to gaze into your [colour] eyes, his heart stopped. “I’ve done something that is forbidden on many levels.” He began, careful of his wording.

“Joffrey, is it wise to be discussing such serious matters out here?” You looked around cautiously as your brother spoke.

“Don’t be so conscious of our surroundings. Just look at me and listen.” Joffrey snapped and his tone changed into a rather aggressive one as he was desperate to confess.

“It’s not necessarily something I’ve done, more like a feeling that I shouldn’t have.” As your brother hesitated, you ‘understood’ where he was going with the conversation.

“Let me stop you there my dear.” Your gentle, soothing voice echoed with a hint of compassion. “I cannot begin to imagine how hard this must be but believe me when I say Joffrey, I will love you no matter what decisions you make.”

The prince suddenly became confused. He hadn’t said anything that could lead you towards knowing the truth, so why were you speaking as if you knew his dirty little secret?

“What are you tal-”

“Shh” you hushed him, stopping his questioning. “Forbidden desires do not control you. You can beat this. After all, a king must produce an heir and as you know it can’t work like that-”

“Hold on.” Joffrey quickly cut you off, a small smile on his face as he realised what you had interpreted from his words.

“You think I desire men?” A chuckle escaped his thin lips.

Your breath taking face contorted into a befuddled expression, “is that not it?”

“Seven hells no, Y/N.” Your brother, although slightly insulted by your accusation, found this situation amusing.

“Well, I must say- it doesn’t matter who you love, I will remain at your side as your sister, your loyal follower and as your friend.” You smiled at him, not knowing the impact of your words.

“That means the world to me sister… thank you.” Joffrey held a slight blush, he knew if you discovered his feelings- your views would change however, just hearing that you love him unconditionally gave him enough confidence to hug you.

The first hug you had shared since you were small children.

Joffreys arms wrapped around your small frame as you sat by his side, your hands rested on his shoulders whilst the embrace settled into a comforting silent exchange of affection.

“My darling Joffrey.” You whispered to your year younger brother.


You kissed his cheek lightly making him shiver before you slowly retracted yourself from the cuddle. “Don’t worry about the forbidden issue you were going to tell me. Whatever it is, we’ll get through it… together.”

Joffreys thoughts were hectic however he singled them down to one emotion.

Utter adoration for you- his sister.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have been enjoying this Christmas and Alcohol wayyyyyyyy too much so i haven’t updated in forever which I am sorry for! I have like 20 requests to do and I’ve decided i can write some quicker and easier than others so i am no longer doing them in order. ❤

I hope you enjoy this imagine and REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

Notes – Zach Dempsey x Reader

Summary: 13 Reasons Why. On tape number 7, as we all know, is the chapter of Zach Dempsey and the “joke” that makes Hannah with the note in her bag.

I heard this song while I was writing.

Words: 2590

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

Your name: submit What is this?

What were they debating? I listened to many voices, each giving their opinions on the subject that was written on the board. It had turned out to be a suggestion from some of us, anonymously, it might even have tried one of my ideas, but I was sure I had not written anything and put it in the teacher’s bag. I went back to reading the blackboard, drugs, which is so much seen and boring. As if none of those around me knew the subject perfectly, and worse, they had put it into practice. I shrugged and continued to scribble in my notebook as I listened word after word, it was unbelievable that some defended the fact of being killed that way, and they did it in front of an authority. What a bah, at last was the life of everyone.

The bell rang, I sighed, relieved that the torture was finally over. I didn’t complain about the class, it was good as long as the subjects were of the same quality. Not any nonsense that we have been informed since we have “enough maturity” to cover those issues. It was urgent for me to be in college.

“Remember to check your bags!” Exclaimed the teacher in a jovial tone.

I smiled, it was a little exaggerated enthusiasm. I knew how many notes I would have in my bag, maybe one or two, I was safer than one. To get rid of some sermon, Skye and I made a pact, I left a note in her bag and she did the same in mine. We were friends, not intimate but whenever we took the paper we were giving a look and smile of complicity. And there it was, unfolding the piece of paper with a simple hello and an emoticon :P I laughed and put it in my pocket. I had another, I unfolded it, Sheri, and another … Zach? I frowned, he had never left me a note; instead, I thought I didn’t even know i existed for him. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye as he checked his bag, on the contrary, I knew he was on this planet and at school. For a few seconds I noticed his face of disappointment and I waited patiently to get something out of his bag, but nothing, now understood the reason of his expression. What the hell? How could someone as known as Zach Dempsey, basketball star, not have a note? In what world had we fallen? As far as I was concerned, the sportsman was the most beloved, even a Troy Bolton in person.  I buffet in my interior, how curious.

I bit my lip. I had never stopped to leave a note to the aforementioned, I thought that, with so many that would have, mine would be one more of the pile and insignificant. Because i liked him a lot, but, i wasn’t a cheerleader or someone with a notorious talent. I hated it when Mom dragged me to gym classes. And give encouragement? I barely and could give them myself before stepping into this jungle every morning.

“Another rabbit?” I heard to my left.

I turned to see Sheri and Hannah smile at the small drawing the latter held in her hands. I smiled when I saw it, how funny and tender. Hannah started to laugh. Apparently it was not the first time she received one but she seemed to love it.

“It’s beautiful,” I said. Both girls turned to see me and nodded.

I left the room even without reading the little note of Zach, I was dying of the emotion to know that said but also filled with fear. The main rule of notes on paper bags was that they should only leave positive messages, so it was more or less certain, never really known.

At lunchtime I was sitting with some friends with whom I didn’t share many classes, but we got together from the first year and they were very nice companies. In my hand I still held the paper already wrinkled by my nerves. They all knew about the class I took and also my taste for a sportsman, almost everyone encouraged me to read it at one time, others, wanted to keep an eye on it and warn me if it was worth that I knew its content or if It was just a bunch of crap. In the end, I took courage and decided it was time, however, before opening the paper I heard an angry scream on the other side of the cafeteria.

I turned. Zach Dempsey was standing in front of the person who had heard the scream, when it moved, we all realized that it was Hannah Baker. The place was silent, making that moment more uncomfortable between the two of them, and even for me. I had never seen those two together and to be honest, the reaction I got wasn’t good at all, I mean, Hannah was really beautiful, I could not compare to her. I crumpled the piece of paper again and hid it in the depths of my backpack. Whatever I said there, it would only serve to excite me.

Zach left the cafe in silence, without turning to see anyone. I also did it, but on the opposite side from where he had left.

Two days later

“Oh, fuck!” I exclaimed as I quickly stood up from the bench where I was resting with Skye. I had passed olympically from the cafeteria.

“What?” My friend seemed surprised by my reaction.

“I forgot my hearing aids in the communication class”

It was unforgivable that I would walk in this jungle without the faithful company of music. I just couldn’t believe I forgot them, they were my best friends. I said goodbye to her and I almost ran down the hall, there was a chance that I would never see them again and the money I had, I was saving for something else, if I invested in new hearing aids, I would have to practically start Of zero my savings, which wasn’t much by the way.

I dodged the people I ran into in the hallways. I looked like the devil’s soul, but I felt that with every second they were alone at my desk, more danger ran. I stopped to recover the air a few meters from the living room door. I wasn’t an athletic girl and this was too much of a stretch on my part, I needed to sit down soon.

When I looked to the front, I discovered that Hannah peered almost desperately into the classroom. I missed myself and I hit the lockers hoping to see what happened. She made several gestures, surprise, indignation but, at the end of all, sadness. But what was happening? I took a step with the intention of approaching her and investigating what she was spying … or who. Suddenly, the identity of the “stranger” was revealed. Zach came out of the classroom with a paper in his hands and the blank expression, almost guilty, seemed nervous. Had he finally received a note? So why his reaction like that?

“Why me, Zach? Why me?”

I jumped. I hadn’t realized how much the boy had advanced, but most of all, that Hannah had walked almost to my height. I felt her tear-filled eyes as she faced the boy for what to know. As in the cafeteria, we all fell silent, apparently this couple had a lot to show. I dared to look at Zach, even with the paper in his hands and his serious countenance, stopped in the middle of the hall and watched the one who had shouted at him, I couldn’t decipher the way he looked at her, but I could still feel guilty … Or maybe regret, it was hard to tell, Zach was a guy full of surprises.

Finally the tense atmosphere dissipated when he broke the bubble. He turned and left without even responding to Hannah. She turned, too.

“Hannah” I said without thinking, but she didn’t hear me and disappeared at one of the corners of the hall. I felt bad even though I didn’t know exactly what it was all about.

At the end of class, I decided that I didn’t want to go home soon and I remembered that for the moment the auditorium would be empty, the practices would not start for forty-five minutes, enough time to finish some homework or just read without the annoying murmurs Which were heard in the study area. I just wanted silence, to be with my music and the notebook in my lap. As I predicted, the place was empty, I smiled as I climbed the steps to be in the middle and proceeded with what I had planned, however, my concentration wasn’t in the equations in front of me, but rather in what had happened in the hallway does only a few hours. As I watched, Zach was a good guy, maybe something childish from time to time, but i couldn’t imagine that would bring against Hannah but above all, what will have done. I bit my pencil, he had a note in his hand when he left the classroom … What if it was not for him? What if it wasn’t from his bag? I bit the pencil harder, why did Hannah spy on him? why she? I got an idea of ​​what might have happened and maybe it would be related to what happened in the cafeteria.

My heart began to beat faster. I understood that he had some interest in her, of course. A hint of disappointment hugged me and I realized that I still hoped he would look at me, but how to do it if we have not even crossed words at any time? Or at least not to any class. I sighed.

I turned off the music on my phone, ready to leave. Being in school made me think about everything that happened here; At least at home I could be distracted by Netflix or loud music and hundreds and hundreds of homework. As he heard me around again, I heard the bounce of a ball, I looked up. Right in front of the basket I recognized Zach’s body, especially for the height. My heart raced on instinct and I hated it. So, I had two options, to leave like a ninja, that is to say, without being heard or to be seen, or to leave the shyness and cowardice and finally to speak to him. I bit my lip but cheered.

“Zach!” I exclaimed as I approached him.

He dropped the ball and turned to raise his eyebrows. Yes, I’m talking to you. I tried not to roll my eyes.

“Hey, Y/N” He greeted me as if greeting one of his friends. Well, it was a start.

“You’re good? You look kind of annoying ”

Conversation. I really needed some conversation.

“I’m fine.” He hesitated a little. “Did you read my note?”

His note? Holy sh*t! I had completely forgotten, had to remain in my backpack, crushed by my books and other nonsense. I bit my lip. My face was a poem and I knew I had given the answer to his question when he chuckled.

“I’m sorry” I whispered “It’s … it surprised me, I mean, I didn’t even think i existed for you”

“Why do you say that? You look like a great girl. I like your opinions in class, when the subject interests you”

I blushed. Zach Dempsey had watched me, and more than that, he seemed to know me at least a little of what I could have imagined after this conversation. I smiled. He was undoubtedly speechless.

“Anyway, I’ll see you later, Y/N”

He took the ball and walked to pick up his backpack and jacket. What? Had that been our whole conversation? I stood there as he left, then noticed that a piece of paper had fallen to him.

“Zach, wait!” I shouted but not hoping to be heard.

I went to where he had collected his belongings and took that forgotten paper. I know I should not read it, not even open it, but I was curious, whether it was the one Hannah had been angry about or was simply a task that was aimed at there. Anyway, I opened it and read its contents. My heart was broken as I read every word Hannah expressed there, her feelings, emotions, how she was happy to receive his drawing of rabbit every time we had communication, as a small detail illuminated her interior … and that Zach had snatched her away, so my conclusions weren’t so far-fetched. Zach Dempsey stole the bag notes from Hannah Baker!

With tears in my eyes and anger at something that didn’t belong to me, I ran to the parking lot, I knew the sportsman’s car and I was glad to find him, but above all, to him without leaving. He was throwing his backpack into the back seats when I confronted him.

“Why did you do it, Zach?”

He looked at me confused. I handed him the note and he took it, deserved to keep it as a constant reminder of his acts of immaturity. All because of a rejection? I had lived with at least three and that wasn’t stealing valuable belongings from each of them. I clenched my hands in fists, perhaps mine were simple jealousy, that his attention was on her not me, or perhaps the actions he did. I didn’t know and I didn’t stop to find out.

“You didn’t have to read this, Y/N.” He shook the note in front of my nose and tucked it in his pants pocket.

“I didn’t, but I did. Why are you so cruel? Why do that?”

“It’s just silly, I don’t know why you take it so hard” He opened the driver’s door “Besides, it’s supposed to be Hannah who should be here, you have nothing to do with this”

“Did you at least understand what that letter meant?”

I hated a lot when someone hurt someone else’s feelings, especially in such a stupid act as the sportsman had carried out.

“I’m sorry, alright? Is it what you want to hear? I won’t mess with that stupid bag ever again”

“You don’t have to apologize to me” I said seriously.

“But at least it made you happy, didn’t it? What I wanted to get when you read my note”


Zach got into his car and started off at full speed exiting the parking lot.  I was stony again, staring only at the smoke that the car had lifted when it left. Make me happy?

Hyperventilating I knelt on the floor and began to pull my things out of my backpack wanting to look for that note. When I finally found it I unfolded it, wanting to smooth it, but the pile of wrinkles indicated that that was already impossible. I felt a lump in my throat as I read what I had written.

You look pretty in that color. Maybe someday you want to go out with me, because I want to go out with you.

“Oh, fuck!” I whispered, reading those words more than once.

I looked back to where I had seen her car one last time and I felt like the dumbest person in the world. Why had not I read the note when I had the chance?

Imagine Your OTP #4

Imagine Your OTP:

Person A and Person B are both in high school, in two different circles and tiers in the high school hierarchy. Person A was considered a nerd, whose GPA far surpassed anyone else’s in their school and their athletic skills were average, while Person B was considered a jock, whose GPA was considered average and their athleticism was envied by everyone and was the reason for their scholarship to their college of choice. The scene begins with a group of jocks picking on Person A.

Person A: Cut it out! Give it back, you imbecile!

One of the jocks was holding A’s backpack above their head.

Mean Ol’ Jock: Sure thing. On one condition: You plant one on my kisser, and I will happily return it to you.

The jock smirked while his friends egged him on.

Person A: Gladly.

A smirked, raised their fist, and planted one on his kisser, just like he asked. The jock stumbled back in shock, and looked up to find A grabbing their backpack and putting it back on. The jock stood upright, and when A turned to look at him, he was no longer smiling. In fact, his entire tough guy attitude dropped and was instead replaced by a vengeful scowl.

Jock: You’re gonna pay for that.

The jock lunged towards A, and with nowhere to run, A cowered down in anticipation of it. When nothing happened, A looked up to face the back of someone’s leather jacket. A looked around their leather-wearing savior and at the jock. He was just staring at the person who had stood in front of A. The person looked back, and A realized it was Person B. B winked at A, then turned back to face the jock.

Person B: Hey man. Leave A alone. What did they ever do to you?

Jock: *completely ignoring the statement and instead choosing to stare in shock* Why do you care what happens to the little nerd?

Person B: I care about the “little nerd” because I need help with my homework, studying, they live by me, our parents are friends, and, to be honest, they make a pretty good sparring partner. Now, if you don’t mind, I would prefer it if you stayed away from them. They are off limits. Got it?

The jock stood up completely straight and came chest to chest with B, sizing them up. 

Jock: What are you gonna do about it?

Person B: As captain of all your sports teams, I am politely asking you, and I won’t ask again. I’ll just bench you for the rest of the year. Now, do I make myself clear?

The circle of jocks were just staring in shock as the first one looked grim before giving a quick nod.

Jock: Fine.

He stepped back, turned around, and walked away. The crowd that had formed earlier dispersed and then it was just A and B.

Person B: Okay. Since I just saved your ass, I figure it would only serve to take you home, too.

B offered up their hand to A, but all they got was a blank stare.

Person B: Hello. Earth to A. You still with me?

A just stared.

Person B: You know what. Forget this. I have another way.

A let out a yelp when B grabbed them and threw them over B’s shoulder. As B walked out of the school and to their car, A protested the entire way there. Finally, B unlocked their car, opened the passenger side door, and set A down. B then casually walked over to the driver’s side door, opened the door, and got it. A stood there, staring into the open door at B. B glanced up at A and gave them a little smile.

Person B: You coming, or what?

A finally snapped out of their daze and scrambled to get into the car. B chuckled to themselves as they drove A home. B glanced over at A a few times, and was about to say something before A leaned over and turned up the radio.

Person B: I guess not.

They said nothing to each other for the whole ride until they reached A’s house. B parked the car and got out with A. B walked up behind A, grabbed their backpack, and kept walking to A’s front door. A glared at the back of B’s head and grumbled to themselves.

Person B: Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

B smirked at A over their shoulder, and A ran up to B, grabbing their backpack.

Person A: You know I can carry this myself, right?

Person B: I know, but I figured I would do it since you were moving so slow.

At this point, they had both reached A’s front door, and A was digging through their backpack for their keys. A suddenly held up a neon green key and grinned.

Person A: Well, I appreciate you walking me to the door. And for saying all the stuff, even though none of it is even remotely true.

Person B: Yeah sure. No problem. Oh, one more thing before I leave.

A turned around to unlock the door, and turned back around to face B.

Person A: Yes?

B leaned forward and kissed A on the cheek, standing there for a few moments before leaning away.

Person B: Take care of yourself. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. See you around.

With that, B walked back to their car, all the while having A watching them. When B got into their car, they looked over at A, and could see them placing a hand on their cheek from where B had placed their mark. They gave each other a soft smile, B waved, and drove off. A turned around, walked inside the house, and lazily dropped onto the couch in an attempt to collect their thoughts.

Person A: *with a huge smile on their face* This is going to be one interesting school year.


My New Henry Big Boy in .357 mag/.38 Special

About a month and a half ago I used my tax refund to buy this beautiful new lever action rifle. The Henry Big Boy is a lever action produced by Henry Repeating Arms Co., one of their many lever action products. Mine is chambered in .357 magnum, many of their rifles are chambered in pistol caliber cartridges, hearkening back to the days of the Old West when Winchester lever actions were chambered in cowboy pistol cartridges such as .44-40 and .45 Colt. The Henry Big Boy comes in .357, .44 mag, and .45 colt. Since mine is .357, it can also feed and chamber .38 special as well.  I bought this possibly as a short range hunting rifle, something to use when I don’t feel like using my flintlock.  Plus, since it can fire .38 special, it is a very economical plinking gun.  .357 is a fairly powerful pistol cartridge, but from a rifle it sports some very impressive ballistics, and it’s certainly good enough to take medium sized game at short ranges.

The most notable feature of the Big Boy is its brass frame. They also offer the same model with an iron frame, a checkered stock, and rubber butt pad. I considered buying that one because it would probably be more practical as a rifle to lug through thick woods. However the lovely gleam of it’s brass frame, brass butt plate, and brass barrel bands was too much to resist.  It will probably get scratched, oh well, it was worth it. The rifle features a neat hexagon barrel, adding to its nostalgic old timey look and giving you the feeling that you are handling an old fashioned cowboy gun. It features a ten round fixed magazine, which is loaded through a loading port at the end of the barrel.  To load the magazine port must be twisted and magazine rod removed. Then you insert the cartridges one at a time, then re-insert the magazine rod.

When I first bought this rifle the magazine rod was very hard to twist and operate.  However the more and more I work it, the more its wearing in and its becoming progressively easier.

Often the Henry Golden Boy and Big Boy is mistaken as a replica of the American Civil War era Henry M1860 lever action rifle. However this is not true. Rather, the Big Boy is almost like a hybrid of a Henry rifle, a Winchester Model 1866, and a Marlin Model 336.  It has the loading port system and tube magazine of the Henry, the forearm and brass frame of a Winchester M1866, and a Marlin action.  Regardless you still get this feeling of handling and firing an antique cowboy lever gun, a must for my tastes. The sights are simple, featuring and adjustable ramp rear sight and a front post sight.

Another feature I must mention is a transfer bar, which means you can have the hammer uncocked and down on a round without risk of accidental discharge, which is probably the most important modern feature on a rifle with design elements dating to the 19th century.

With .357 the action is very smooth and operates without any problem.  I did some plinking with both .357 and .38 special.  I purchased some cheap bottom shelf ammo not thinking about the possibility of feeding issues. Problem is I bought this really cheap .38 special ammo that used lacquered steel casings, and ejection was certainly is issue. I later bought some better quality .38 special with brass casings and found they fed with far less issues, though the action isn’t as smooth as with .357 and you kind of have to work the lever harder and faster to ensure proper feeding and ejection. The recoil is very light, even firing .357 magnum. Recoil wise I would compare it to 7.62x39.  So it will definitely save your shoulder despite the brass buttplate.

At first I just did some simple close range plinking at steel swivel targets at 25 yards.  The rifle hits right on at that range and it certainly is a fun plinker.  Then I took it to the 100 yard range to see what I can do. I must admit I had a bit of a handicap shooting, I work night shift and it was a particularly bright day. So my eyes were very sensitive to light and my vision a bit blurry. I think I’m turning into a vampire. 

I was shooting from a bench rest with open sights, using Fiocchi .357 magnum ammo with 142 grain bullets.  I was firing three rounds groups.  First I tested it at 50 yards. At 50 yards the target and visible and well defined. Note that each increment on the grid is one inch.

The first group shot to the right and high aiming at the bull. I decided to play with the adjustable ramp sight, lowering it one increment.  The result was the 2nd group, which shot low.  Thus I reset the sight and adjusted but aiming low, and to the left, resulting in the third group. At 50 yards it shoots on average 1-2 inch groupings.

I then continued by shooting at 100 yards.  At 100 yards the front sight completely covers the bullseye and black portion of the target.

Despite increasing range to 100 yards it still shot high, in fact it shot much higher than at 50 yards. The first grouping I was aiming right for the bull, resulting again in a high group, with one shot completely off the target. I can only assume know that the .357 magnum’s ballistic arc from this rifle is much more considerable than I had previously imagined.  Thus I adjust the the ramp sight down one increment. Like at 50 yards it then shot too low (2nd group). So I reset the sight and decided to aim low, resulting in the third group. At 100 yards it shoots around 2-3 inch groupings on average.

In my final test, I went back to 50 yards. This time I was not using the bench rest, instead firing off hand.  Nor was I taking time with my shots.  Basically the scenario was that I am the sheriff of a western town and some outlaws are up to no good and I have to deal with them.  So I was shooting as quickly as possible while keeping rounds on target.  This was the result.

Now I must say this is no tack driver, nor is it a long range rifle, and I bought it with that expectation. Ballistics data using a 140 grain bullet show that it has a drop of -.2 inches at 100 yards and -5 inches at 150 yards.  So 100 yards is probably the edge of its optimum range. Mine seems to shoot high, but I still would not go beyond 100 yards.  That is fine to me since where I traditionally hunt it is thick woods and there is rarely any continuous ground more than 75 yards. With a scope you could probably get much better range and accuracy out of it. I imagine that if I was using much better quality ammunition with hotter loads, say +P or buffalo bore ammunition, the groupings would tighten considerably at 100 yards and the adjustable sites will be much more useful.  I shall try that some time in the future and post the results.

My final comments on the Henry Big Boy had to do with its quality. Originally I wanted to buy a Rossi Circuit Judge in .410/.45 long colt, most because of the allure of a revolving rifle.  However, I had seen many complaints about the quality of it and manufacturing flaws. Plus it carried the Taurus name (Rossi is owned by Taurus), a Brazilian company which has a reputation for iffy quality control.  So I decided to ditch the Circuit Judge. I also looked at the Ross M1892 lever action rifle, also in .357/38 and also made by Taurus.  It was $300 cheaper (the Henry cost $730), but when I saw it in person I was not impressed.  The metal work was OK, as was the metal finish, done satisfactorily but nothing thrilling.  However the wood and wood finish looked bad, as if it had been done by either child labor, a drunk, or someone who just didn’t really care about what they were doing.  It was really off putting.  The Henry looks like a rifle of unparalleled quality at first glance. It looks like someone made them with an eye for detail and with uncompromising quality in mind. I also own a Henry lever action in .22LR as well, although with a steel frame, and I can say the same for it.  When the sales person took it out of the box I immediately blurted “holy shit, that’s a beautiful rifIe.” I can’t stress the quality of workmanship that goes into Henry rifles, they are more than just firearms, they are works of art.  They are the only metallic cartridge firearms I own and I have no plans nor feel the need to buy any other modern firearms again. Instead I want to focus my collection on antique muzzleloaders or replicas of antique muzzleloaders.  So for me the quality of the Henry trumps all else, its a rifle you can own for a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Proximity (04)-Writing My Goodbyes

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

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A/N: Here we go! Part four :) –ALSO I said in the last part that this one would be short. I promise I’ll make it up to you!!!!!!

Proximity (00)-Prologue, Proximity (01)-My Place at Six, Proximity (02)-Just My Neighbor, Proximity (03)-Forty Percent, Proximity (05)-If You Want, Proximity (06)-Oblivion, Proximity (07)-IDFCProximity (08)-Last Night, Proximity (09)-Boo at the Zoo pt.1, Proximity (10)-Boo at the Zoo Pt. 2Proximity (11)-Girlfriend 

“Don’t think of it as being embarrassing,” (Y/N) heard Chris coo beside her. “We’ve come to understand that Sebastian just loves to brag about his cute neighbor.” She could feel her face fluster and could swear the heat had just kicked on to a sweltering temperature as her palms became clammy and her face got hot. At that point, (Y/N) had refused to look up from the unfolded menu she had buried her face behind and the taunting shifted to Sebastian who’s embarrassment was on par with hers.

“I’m going to head to the ladies room before our food arrives,” Lizzie announced, “care to join me, (Y/N)?”

“Sure,” (Y/N) eagerly accepted and rose from her seat, feeling more comfortable and in control of the situation as her body elongated and she paced away from the men.

“I’m sorry about that,” she sighed as soon as they were away from the table.

“You have nothing to apologize for,” (Y/N) reassured Elizabeth as she held the bathroom door open and the each stopped in front of a sink and looked at one another’s reflection.

“It’s so painful to watch when the decided to heckle one another.” She paused, allowing the warm water to rush over her freezing hands before turning back to the guest in her company. “I mean, it’s not fair for them to tease Sebastian so relentlessly for liking someone like you.” Had (Y/N) not already gotten the impression that Elizabeth was a sweet and caring person, her comment would have been taken as bitchy, but since she was the only person that hadn’t drawn attention to the awkwardness of the situation, (Y/N) decided to hear her out.

“Wait, what do you mean?” she asked quietly as a woman and her young daughter entered the restroom.

“By ‘someone like you?’” she questioned while dabbing her hands with a paper towel. “I mean someone so smart, funny, and beautiful. I’m sorry if that came out wrong.”

“No, no, I mean the part that you said about Sebastian liking me,” (Y/N) hurried.

“You didn’t know?” Elizabeth questioned while raising a hand to her mouth, her already large eyes growing in shock as (Y/N)’s confusion strengthened. “Of course you didn’t, you left early.”

“Wait, what?” (Y/N) gasped. Lizzie grabbed (Y/N) by the arm and hurriedly walked toward a refurbished, upholstered bench resting against the wall closest to the door. Setting themselves down, Elizabeth dug through her bag for her phone as she spoke.

“Sebastian hasn’t been able to stop talking about his ‘cute neighbor’ since you fixed his TV,” she explained. “It’s not as thought he’d being aggravating or annoying about it, but he does talk about you just enough to know that he likes you as, well, more than just neighbors.” Elizabeth pulled out her phone and scrolled through the messages until she reached yesterday afternoon.

Sebastian Stan: hey liz…can I get your opinion on something?

Liz Olsen: sure, what’s up?

Sebastian Stan: as a woman, when would you consider it to be too early for a guy to ask you out?

Sebastian Stan: nevermind, it’s stupid

Liz Olsen: nooo, wait! Seb are you talking about (Y/N)?!

Liz Olsen: bc if you are, you’re basically already dating her with how often you say you hang out.

Sebastian Stan: hanging out is different from dating, besides it doesn’t matter. There’s no way of knowing if she likes me so staying friends is easier, right?

Liz Olsen: just test it out! The next time you hang out just act couple-y and if thing feel right, you’ll know if you should push things further or not 

“So that’s why he was being all flirty and touchy-feely,” (Y/N) sighed in revelation.

“Keep reading,” she said and pointed to the messages that resumed almost five minutes after (Y/N) left Sebastian’s apartment the previous night.

Liz Olsen: how are things going :D

Sebastian Stan: they’re not. She just left.

Liz Olsen: why??! What happened?!

Sebastian Stan: dunno…things were going great and then she got jumpy and left. I think she’s stressed about work and stuff

Liz Olsen: I’m sure that’s it. If she had a long day she may just want to lie down :/

Liz Olsen: Tom, Anthony, Chris, and I are wanting to hang out together tomorrow. You should come and bring (Y/N). Maybe hanging out with everyone will make her feel more comfortable :)

Sebastian Stan: maybe..we’ll see

As soon as (Y/N) finished the messages, she returned the phone to Lizzie and anxiously chewed on the inside of her lip.

“What do you think about him?” she asked in a quiet and soft voice.

“Sebastian’s great,” (Y/N) stated, “but I don’t have much of anything to offer.”

“What does that mean?” she asked dumbfounded at (Y/N)’s rationale.

“I’m not enough for him. I’m only twenty-one, I’m still in school–honestly I’ve heard him and Mackie give so much shit to Tom about pretty similar qualities that I have,” (Y/N) explained.

“That’s just them being jerks and hazing the new guy,” Lizzie tried to explain to (Y/N).

“But still, if they can say some pretty harsh things about him over the fact that he’s only twenty-one, why is there an exception for me? And who’s to say when that exception will expire?”

“So being younger than him means that you’re not enough?”

“It’s not just that, if I hadn’t been thirteen or fourteen years younger then it would be a bit different, but he was entering high school when I was entering the world. He’s so much more accomplished and distinguished than I could ever hope to be. He’s only exclusively dated actresses and models and I’m just some graduate student who lives below him.”

“What you do for a living doesn’t make you any more or less ‘worth’ someone’s attention, (Y/N),  and the ways we meet people will probably never make sense, but you and Sebastian are too similar emotionally to keep yourselves from enjoying one another’s company and you’re lives are too interconnected through proximity for you to start writing any goodbyes,” Lizzie said softly.

“I’m not writing my goodbyes,” (Y/N) sighed. “I’m not quite ready to say goodbye.”

“And why do you say that?” Elizabeth asked with a smile on her face as the young woman in front of her laughed gently at their situation–two strangers having their first conversation with one another on a bench in a public restroom.

“I guess it’s because I want to know if there really needs to be a goodbye, or if we there would be one if I weren’t trying to force it between us,” (Y/N) replied.

“He’s liked you for a long time,” Lizzie said softly as the pair rose from their seats.

“He’s a great guy, but I may always still have reservations about certain things,” (Y/N) sheepishly admitted.

“And it’s okay to be afraid, just don’t let that fear cause you to abandon something that could be wonderful.”

Be Still My Heart (George Washington x Reader)

Time Period: Hamiltime (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 1,281

Warnings: None

A/N: My first fic ever published on this blog! :) Please tell me what you think. You can send requests in the ask box!


You squirmed awkwardly in your dress, the heat from the summer day causing the material to stick uncomfortably to your skin. You strolled through downtown Manhattan with your best friend Eliza hanging on your arm. The sounds of the men at work filled your ears. 

“Anyways,” she was saying, “Alexander will be there and I would really like you to meet him.” She gazed lovingly down at the text scrawled on her arm: Schuyler? The first thing her soulmate, Alexander Hamilton, had ever spoken to her. 

“What time should I be there?” You asked her.

“Six o’clock. There will be food and dancing and lots of soldiers.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at you and you let out a laugh.

“Sounds exciting,” You said honestly. Your eyes flickered to your own Mark. Please, the fault is mine. You sighed.”You don’t think–?”

Eliza read your mind. “You never know,” she said in a sing-song voice.

You arrived at the Schuyler Mansion just after six in your best lilac ball gown. You were nervous about entering unescorted, but luckily, just as you walked in, you were swept away by the youngest Schuyler sister.

“(Y/N), you’re here! Dance with me,” She giggled.

“Peggy!” You exclaimed. “I’m sure you have dozens of men who wish to dance with you.” 

“Yes, but they’re nowhere near as fun as you.” She beamed. 

You and Peggy twirled around the ballroom and you couldn’t help but smile. Her attitude was infections and soon, you were laughing along with her. Once the song had ended, you curtsied to one another and giggled. “I can’t keep you from those soldier boys for too long, can I?” You teased. Sure enough, just as you made your way from the floor, several men were pushing their way towards your friend.

The room was very crowded; men, women, and (just like Eliza said) soldiers milled about, all with drinks in their hands and smiles on their faces. As you looked around for Eliza, a man backed into you and you let out a small squeak. “Oh, excuse me,” you apologized. 

“Please…” your heart leapt into your throat and began beating rapidly, “It’s no trouble,” and it fell back down into your chest. 

“(Y/N)!” You only now noticed that Eliza clung to his side. She looked beautiful in a turquoise dress with her hair tied back. “I didn’t notice you come in.”

“I was dancing with Peggy,” You explained. 

“(Y/N), this is Alexander, my soulmate. Alex, this is my best friend.” 

The man gave you a sweeping bow. “It’s a pleasure to meet the topic of much of Eliza’s conversation.” 

You chuckled lightly. “I could say the same thing to you!”

Eliza was blushing and you gestured to her cheeks. “Oh, we’ve embarrassed her!” 

Alexander let out a bark of laughter. “Well, I’d say we’re doing well then, huh?” 

You giggled and nodded your head. “I won’t keep you guys from having fun. Why don’t you go dance?” 

Eliza tugged on her soulmate’s arm. “That’s a wonderful idea.” 

Alexander shot you an SOS look, but nevertheless, let himself me dragged away. 

“Not much of a dancer?” You called after them. When he shook his head vigorously, you shouted, “Just let her lead!” You smiled at the two of them and turned to look for someone else you knew.

You shuffled your way through the crowd and just as you spotted Angelica from across the room, your shoulder came in contact with someone’s chest. “Pardon me, sir.” You were so distracted by trying to make it to Angelica that you almost missed the words the came from the man next to you.

“Please, the fault is mine.” Your heart stopped. The people around you continued to dance and socialize, but your whole world had come to a standstill. Your head whipped up to see who it was that said the words you had been waiting your whole life to hear. The decorated uniform told you instantly who he was.

General George Washington. 

When he saw the look in your eyes, a wide grin spread across his face. “It’s you, isn’t it?” 

You opened your mouth to reply, but no words came out. You stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do, when he offered you his arm. “Care to join me in the garden?” You nodded wordlessly and he led you to the french doors that led outside. 

With the doors closed behind you, the sounds of the party faded away and you took in the beautiful garden with it’s flagstone walkway, hundreds of flowers, and stone bench that rested in the center. 

The two of you walked in silence for a few minutes and somehow you knew that he was letting you catch your breath. You looked up at him and he still had the delighted smile resting on his lips, but he seemed in no hurry. He seemed content.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” You introduced yourself in a quiet voice. 

“George Washington,” He returned, matching your tone. 

“I know,” You said stupidly and he let out a laugh. “May I ask you a question, General?” You asked timidly. 

“Only if you agree to call me George,” He replied.

“Deal.” Your lips twitched upwards. “Why is it, that you had to ask me if I was your,” you hesitated before saying the word, “soulmate?”

He stopped and chuckled lightly, looking down at you. “If you don’t mind, I can show you.” Before you could ask what he meant by that, he had released your arm and was removing his coat. Your eyes widened in surprise, but you didn’t protest. In fact, you gently took his coat from him, to which he smiled and presented his arm to you. After gently rolling up the sleeve, you saw the words Pardon me, sir, written across his forearm. You stared at them, recalling the encounter that took place only moments before.

“I still don’t understand…” You began slowly. 

“Do you know how many times these words have been spoken to me in my lifetime?” 

You blushed, feeling silly that you didn’t catch on before. “Many times, I’m sure.” 

He hummed in agreement, rolling his sleeve back down. “The very first time, I was sixteen, and I was positive I had found my soulmate.” He shook his head. “Her arm, however, didn’t bear my reply. To which she was lucky. “It’s you!” would’ve been terribly embarrassing to have tattooed on your skin for your whole life.” You laughed openly as you held out his coat which he slipped back onto his shoulders. “From that day on, whenever those words were said to me, I never reacted. I would simply answer them and watch.”

“Watch for…?” 

“The look on your face when I replied? That was what I was looking for.” Your face grew hot as you remembered how awkward you had been, unable to even form words.

George chuckled and you noted how much you liked the sound of his laughter. “I hope I am not being too forward,” he started.

“Yes?” You encouraged. 

He took your hands (his were very large by comparison). “May I kiss you?” He asked. There was no longer a smile on his face as he stared down at you. He’s nervous, you realized.

Instead of answering him, you leaned up on your toes and gently pressed your lips to his, to which he responded animatedly. His hands left yours and one found a place on your waist, the other on the small of your back. 

When you pulled away you were breathless. He gave you a lopsided grin. “I’m glad it was you,” he said softly.

And you couldn’t help but agree.


A/N: This was heavily influenced by Baby Driver, the movie. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.

Warnings: Strong language, Smut

Word Count: 1,947

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I tapped my chipped ruby red nails against the counter of the bar, staring at the neon sign that read “Open”. I looked down at my nametag, the little rectangle tilting down. I adjusted it on the black uniform, and smoothed out my skirt. I had to wear the same black button up with white trim and matching skirt every time I came into work. I guess that’s what I get for working at a diner. I started to walk up and down the booths that were unoccupied, desperately hoping someone would walk in so that I could do something. I sat down on one of the plastic covered leather benches, resting my head in my hands. A few seconds later, a bell caused me to raise my head.

It was the sound that told the workers someone was here. Finally. I got up from my booth and turned to see who had walked in. It was a boy, his wavy brown hair sat neatly atop his head, his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. He was wearing a black hoodie making him look lazily put together. His eyes were wandering around the restaurant as mine were wandering around him. His were dark and mysterious, the contrast of his skin striking. He had red lips, the bottom one pulled between his teeth.

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Title: Thanks for Being Here

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: It’s short and sweet. I believe one of the requests was for a previous game, but I didn’t get to it in a timely manner and I wanted to make sure I got this one out before too much time had passed. I also posted a Jordie Benn imagine tonight. Max Domi is up tomorrow, and it might be my favorite imagine yet…

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Your eyes instinctively fell closed, your heart sinking into your stomach. Taking a deep breath, you opened your eyes, skimming the sea of disappointed fans all around you; finally settling on Auston. Standing by the bench, his hands were resting on the top of his stick, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth as the Capitals celebrated at the other end of the ice.

You had managed to make it to all of his home games during the playoffs; carefully planning your schedule and reworking your obligations back home, making the 5-hour drive from Michigan each game. The two of you had met when he was playing with the National Development Team and both of you worked hard to maintain your relationship over the past few years, despite the distance. For all the doubt there had been surrounding the Leafs at the beginning of the season, you couldn’t be happier for Auston and how far the Leafs had come, but it was still disappointing to see the boys lose.

You heard Ema sigh as her arm wrapped around your shoulders, giving you a squeeze; the two of you sporting matching frowns. Your eyes followed Auston as he made his way through the handshake line, then to center ice as the team saluted the crowd, his shoulders slumped. You and Auston’s family headed to the lower level of the arena to wait for him. Your phone buzzed moments later, slipping it out of your pocket you saw a text from Auston.

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