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After Alicia starts dating Bob, but before they’re a proper couple, she starts watching Habs away games in Montreal sports bars, when she isn’t busy filming in the city. It helps her with her French, and her hockey trivia, and she sits with two older, grizzled men every time, and they don’t talk much but they sip their beers in companionable silence and yell together when Bob scores. 

She has picked up some colourful language.

At home games, she sits behind the player’s bench, but her shouts and jeers could be heard on the ice even from the nosebleed seats. She doesn’t chirp as much as she openly threatens and antagonizes every opposing player.  When Bob throws down his gloves, Alicia’s on her feet, screaming “decalisser sa yeule, baby!” and when someone checks him into the boards she makes sure he can hear her yell “hey, mon tabarnak, watch your back!” 

She gets ejected from more games than Bob does. Bob is ready to marry her three months into their relationship. 

[Jack’s got a foul mouth on the ice and people laugh and say ‘You’re Bad Bob’s son through and through,’ but Jack is like ‘?? no this is all Alicia.’]


{When Airbud getting more shine than u and you’re jealous}

Coach: “Pope, you’re off the bench!”

Player: “I’m finally getting some playtime?”

Coach: “Yeah. Looks like somebody gave Airbud chocolate.”

Player: [apathetically] “Oh. Who would do that? Oh.”


Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

The team was sitting on the players bench across the field. You saw Scott was beyond nervous for his first game of the season. Not only for himself. He was also nervous because of the new players on the team, Liam and Kira. You knew things wouldn’t get better if he kept stressing. So you decided to send him a text.

You saw him get out his phone and could hear his thoughts. /A text from Y/N. “Stop being nervous. You are great on the field. Make us proud.”/ He smiled and looked up at you. You smiled back. /Y/N really is the greatest./

The Game (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Request by anon: Could I have a Stilinski imagine where y/n goes to his lacrosse game and he finally gets to play with the team, and she cheers him on and all that fluff? Thanks.

Word Count: 1025


A/N: fluff, I hope it’s fluffy enough for the person who requested it, also I only proofread this like once so sorry if there’s any mistakes.

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Dude on Reddit did some interesting breakdowns of the players for the NBA All-Star Celebrity game tomorrow: Team West (Tom’s team), Team East.

Tom Cavanagh (actor) Age: 53 Height: 6’0” Weight: 165 lbs High school: Séminaire de Sherbrooke (Played Varsity) College: Queens University (Played Varsity)

Cavanagh is experienced on the celebrity hoops circuit. He started his own charity celebrity tournament in 2008 and has been active in the celeb games since. This will be his third appearance in the NBA celebrity game. Last year he failed to score in a point in 23 minutes while collecting 4 assists, 2 rebounds and a steal. He also played in the 2004 game. Based on his fame/skill level I expect him to play solid minutes off the bench.


Player Skill Ranking: 1) Baron Davis 2) Candace Parker 3) Master P 4) Lil’ Romeo 5) Tom Cavanagh 6) Jiang Jinfu 7) Anthony Mackie 8) Andy Grammer 9) Mark Cuban 10) Miles Brown 11) Hasan Minhaj 12) Aaron Sanchez

Consensus seems to be that Team West will get pummeled - the other team has more ex-pros and a big height advantage. The positive is that Tom might wind up playing more as a result.

it was a pretty mild evening for sam as he ran down the field, dribbling the ball expertly past cones working as defense before kicking the ball past the goalie and right in the corner of the net. with a big grin sam ran back towards the player bench to grab some water when he spotted a familiar person at the edge of the field. grabbing his water bottle he jogged over to the figure. “ are you stalking me eh? “ he jokingly remarked as he took a long sip of the water.

Imagine hockey-player Harry and figure skater Draco. Draco and Pansy always whine about how much the hockey players stink up the place, ‘cuz “urgh, ew. They smell like they wrestled in putrid sweat”.

Ron and Harry always whine about the figure skaters destroying the ice, making holes in it.

Harry has seen Draco in his figure skating outfits and those thighs really do… things… for Draco’s butt. Not that he was checking his butt out. And it’s not like he’s ever said his thoughts out loud.

But one time, when he and Ron are sitting on the players bench waiting for the figure skating training to finish (and he might be early very often lately, because Draco is talented and seeing him doing a triple axel always makes his heart jump a bit), Harry notices that the Pansy girl caught him staring and he shifts uncomfortably when she leans over to her very comely blond friend to whisper something. Draco glances back toward them and smirks before he crosses his arms and turns back to their coach.

When they turn and start skating towards the players bench, Harry can’t help but notice how graceful Draco looks. And how those gray eyes are on him.

“All yours.” Draco says when he climbs out of the ice.

Harry’s been staring stupidly at his legs and looks up confused.


“…The ice.”

“Yeah, uh, thanks.”

Pansy and Draco exchange glances and smiles before passing by Harry and Ron to grab their blade guards and walking out.

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May I ask for a professional nba player!Aomine who proposes (publicly) to his SO? Extra fluffy please????


“That ends the second quarter. It is now half time,” the announcer said in the speakers for everyone to hear as the buzzer went off. The players returned to their team bench , to get some water, but you noticed one player not returning to the bench. That player was Aomine, your boyfriend who honestly was the love of your life. The two of you have been together for a long time and you just love him more and more each day, and he returns those feelings. You began to grow worried why he wasn’t getting water. I mean he’s been non-stop on the court, wouldn’t he need the break? That worried feeling turned into a curious feeling as you saw him being handed a microphone. 

“Um could I get everyone’s attention,” he said into the microphone. He was shaking like crazy. Why was he so nervous? Did he have doubt in what you’ll say? Was it the amount of people in the stands? He’s Aomine Daiki for crying out loud but damn why could he not stop shaking. “Everyone um,” he tried getting everyone’s attention again, yet no one listened. Everyone kept talking and walking around in the stands. 

“I got you bro,” one of Aomine’s teammates, a pretty good friend of his, said as toke the microphone out of Aomine’s hand. “YO MY FRIEND HERE HAS SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO SAY SO EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN,” he yelled into the microphone. This got everyone quiet and focused on Aomine. “It’s all yours now bro,” his friend said handing back the microphone back to Aomine and patted him on the back. 

“First off ____ could you please stand up?” 

You slowly stand up and mouth him a “what are you doing?!” as many eyes are now on you. 

“That everyone is ____,” he said pointing to you. “Or rather I say the one I love most. We’ve been through everything these past few years. Laughter, tears, and a bunch of other shit I don’t feel like getting into detail with because it could go on forever.” People began giggling at his words, which seem to make him a little more clam. “So ____ would you make me the luckiest guy ever and marry me?” he asked getting down on one knee and opening a little box, that he was holding in his other hand. Inside that box was a beautiful ring, just for you. 

People began to gasp and smile. Some let out an “aww how sweet” as they all looked over at you again. You were almost in tears and couldn’t stop smiling. “Yes! Yes!” you exclaimed and ran down to the court to give him a huge hug. 

Everyone began clapping and cheering as the to of you stood in the middle of the court in a hug that could last forever, with Aomine kissing you of course. He then slid the ring on your finger and half time ended. You returned to your seat as people said things like “congratulations” to you. You couldn’t stop smiling and neither could he, which made him feel even stronger on the court. His life couldn’t be better in that moment.   

He ended up going home with two victories that night, winning the finals and winning you. 


—Neymar Imagine: Anger Management (Requested)—

“There was an exchange of words between Barcelona forward, Neymar Jr., and a Manchester City fan at tonight’s game in Etihad Stadium. After Lionel Messi missed the penalty shot, the fan began taunting the benched Barcelona players, Neymar Jr., particularly. The fan was shouting obscenities and making distasteful hand gestures towards him, accusing him of diving. Neymar started to defend himself, but the altercation was short lived when the two of them were separated. When asked to speak on what happened, Neymar Jr. kept it short, stating ‘I was just playing with him. He began to curse me and I ended up mocking him.’ When asked what was said the striker would not reveal anything, but hinted that the fan swore at him ‘What he told me? I cannot repeat it, no,’ he joked. ‘My mother gave me an education. What his mother did not teach him, my mother taught me.’”

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