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A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

➥“I don’t like showing up unannounced in a girl’s room,” he continues, as if she hadn’t spoken. “I know the Salvatore brothers are known for it, and even dear Elijah indulges now and then, but I do not. It’s rather creepy, I think.”

Caroline likes to credit herself for being able to handle a lot of shit (her own father locked her up in a cell and tortured her for hours, for crying out loud), but the implications of a gift from the scariest, most unstable, and downright evil creature in existence is too much for even her to repress. // klaus/caroline, caroline/originals, ensemble

An Encounter With Draco Malfoy [Part 2]

“Could you do a second part to ‘An Encounter with Draco Malfoy’. I loved it! Thanks for being awesome writers.”

  • Warnings: None
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
  • One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

[Disclaimer: I feel like I have a couple of things to explain here. Firstly I am aware we are a one shot blog so doing part 2′s are not something that is going to reoccur for us but due to the popularity of part one, and the demand for a part two we thought “give the people what they want :D”
Secondly, I realize second years would not be drafting Amortentia but I took some artistic license.

Potions had always been one of your favorite subjects; the coppery smell of bunsen burners, the shards of light that poured in fragments through the dirty windows, the rows of bizarre jars with old and faded stickers on. Potions was a subject that you looked forward to, and Professor Snape was even lenient towards you ever since you came top in an exam last year. The only difference was last year your house was paired with Hufflepuff for potions; this year Ravenclaw were with Slytherin. You hadn’t much been looking forward to this until you met Draco Malfoy in Flourish and Blotts, late August before the term had yet started. He had proved generous and friendly, changing your whole perception of the house. 

As you walked into the familiar classroom you stood with the rest of your class around the edge of the dingy room, noticing Draco with two heavy set boys either side of him. They seemed to be laughing at something you couldn’t catch; you hoped they were not laughing at you. Draco looked back from the two boys and around the classroom, catching your eye and giving you a small smile as relief flooded through you; they were not laughing at you. You awkwardly smiled back only to recoil your bashful glance back down to your feet. At that moment professor Snape walked into the classroom, wearing his usual black robes, his face distinctively grim. 

Once he had finished a bleak explanation of what you’d be covering in year two potions, he began placing the students that were still situated around the edge of the classroom onto benches together. 

“Master Malfoy and …” his black beady eyes flicked around the remainder of the class that weren’t seated; “Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N)” he announced. You let out a small sigh of relief, looking over to Draco who equally looked satisfied. You both shuffled over to your benches; pulling out the books you had bought together. 

“Thank Merlin,” you whispered to Draco. "I was starting to think I was going to be paired with Duncan Rogers,“ you chuckled. 

“Of course Snape would pair us,” Draco whispered back his head leaned towards you so the rest of the class couldn’t hear… “We’re the smartest two in the class.” His voice was smug, but this time you didn’t mind as his excuse for it was being partnered with you.

“Turn to page thirty five,” Snape’s voice droned. “We’ll be covering the topic of Amortentia. Does anyone know what Amortentia is?" 

You waited to make sure no one else would answer before raising your hand; "the most powerful love potion known to wizard kind." 

"Indeed Miss (Y/L/N,) five points to Ravenclaw. Amortentia can cause powerful infatuation or obsession to the drinker. It is beckoning because it eludes the smell of what attracts you. With your partner, write down what you smell; you have five minutes." Snape strolled to the back of the room, picked up a large charred cauldron and placed it carefully on the front desk. As he opened the lid a plume of steam rose and he stifled a cough. 

One by one each of you went up to the cauldron containing the potion, taking several inhales and returning to your desks. When it came to your turn you breathed in to find the smell of a log fire, the smell of the ocean, the comforting smell of your home, and the smell of old books. You quickly paced back to your seat and jotted down what you smelt. 

Next to you Draco was scrawling on a scrap of paper what he smelt. You tried to peek at what he was writing…Wood polish, sea breeze, leather and elderflower. You paused while reading, then quickly looked back at your own paper. He had noticed that you’d read his list as he tried to shield it subtly from you. “He wouldn’t… He couldn’t be … No…” you thought. Elderflower was the scent of the soap you used. It was a very specific thing to have simply written on the list. You felt yourself blush as your cheeks burned. “Stop it!” You thought! ”He may grow it in his garden for all I know!“ You scolded yourself. 

After several minutes, Snape reluctantly rose from his desk and, to everyone’s disappointment, put the lid back onto the cauldron. "Now you all know what scents attract you, I want you to use the page you have open to try and recreate a simple draft of the very potion.You will know it is ready when the aromas you have written down become apparent in your potion…Begin,” Snape instructed. 

Draco began collecting the ingredients that you’d be needing. You were trying so desperately to focus on your task, but your mind kept wondering to whether the Elderflower was because he was attracted to you. Draco did look a little flustered as you watched him push past a fellow Ravenclaw who was stood in the middle of the room. He seemed to be ignoring eye contact with you; strange you thought, he never had a problem with that before. 

After an hour of awkward silences and limited conversation, you were beginning to regret being partnered with Draco. You couldn’t wait for the lesson to end, as you felt incredibly uncomfortable. At last a flow of relief washed over you as Snape called out for everyone to put their drafts away until next lesson.  You placed your potion in the storage room, to be finished off on Wednesday and grabbed your bag from the shelf as you quickly walked out of the classroom and down to the great hall for lunch. 

While tucking into a plowman’s lunch and chatting with your friends, you noticed that Draco was missing from his place at the Slytherin table. Crabbe was sitting unusually quiet at the end of the table, picking at the crust of his bread roll. You thought this odd but didn’t linger on the thought long; he could just be feeling off?

Once you had finished your lunch, you said goodbye to your friends as you made your way up early to your common room for your afternoon break. Just as you were about to reach the staircase up to it, a large panting sound, similar to Hagrid’s dog, caused you so stop and turn around. Crabbe was clutching onto the railing of the stairs, his face flushed and glistening with beads of sweat. 

“I have a letter for you,” he wheezed. Your mouth opened in response and then closed again.

“Erm,” you stuttered, “thanks.” You took the letter and tried offering him some water from your bottle which he refused. 

“Well… I’ll see you in potions.” He mumbled as he turned back on himself and scurried away. 

You were not sure whether to laugh or feel confused. Why is Crabbe running around sending you a letter; surely that’s an owl’s job? You walked back up the spiral staircase until you reached the door of the Ravenclaw common room. You took hold of the bronze eagle knocker and tapped it against the door. Suddenly the eagle gave a yawn and blinked its topaz encrusted eyes. 

“Good afternoon,” you smiled.

The eagle opened its beak and replied, “Good afternoon dear (Y/N). Which came first the phoenix or the flame?" 

You took a second of pause to consider this new riddle. "A circle has no beginning?” You asked, slightly uncertain. The large lock of the door clunked and the door swung open on its own; it seemed your answer was sufficient enough for it.

Not many people were in the common room over Tuesday afternoon break, but you enjoyed the quietness. The room was warm from a large fire that was crackling in the marble fireplace. A couple of students were sat sprawled over dark blue velveteen sofas. Some fifth years were sat reading and a few more had dozed off. You walked over to one of the window seats as you greeted one of your friends who had just looked up from their magazine. 

You looked back down at your letter…It looked like Crabbe had already had a peak; the envelope had been jaggedly torn away and then tried to be resealed like it had never been opened in the first place. The letter from inside had been written on standard Flourish and Blotts’ cream parchment; probably a student, you thought. Inside the folded parchment was inscribed with lines of dark green, neat writing. 

Dear Y/N,
I am sorry for acting so unkempt throughout potions. To make up for it, would you accompany me to Hogsmeade on the outing in a weeks’ time? My father will be there too and he very much would like to meet you. 

With regards,
Draco Malfoy

You slowly placed the letter back in the envelope, a brilliant smile beaming from your lips. You paused and then a great idea came to you. You pulled out a scrap of parchment from your bag and on it you wrote.

Dear Draco,
Last potions lessons has already been forgotten, let’s move on from it.
In regards to going to Hogsmeade with you, I would love to and I look forward to meeting your father. 

I can’t wait to see you again in potions, where hopefully you’ll be acting more like yourself, similar to when we first met in Flourish and Blotts. 

Yours sincerely,
(Y/N) x 

You quickly ran and grabbed your coat, making your way to the owlery. Once there, you found Mouse, your owl. You gave him your letter, telling him to deliver it at breakfast tomorrow; You couldn’t wait to watch him open it across the great hall. 

"Recipe for Success" One Shot

Author: Sam

Requested By: Anonymous

Original Request: Imagine you live with the boys in a bunker and Gabriel visiting you quite often because he likes your cooking and he falls for you and helps you overcome your personal issues.

Warning: Swearing


“When’s tea?” Sam asks, leaning over the bench. He pushes the chopping board out the way and flops down, hanging his hands over the other side, fiddling with the handle on one of the cupboards. 

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