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Neptune was sitting on a snow covered bench, looking like she was about to freeze to death. She kept on staring on the ground blankly, seeming deep in her own thoughts and…sad. But once she saw him approaching, she tried to cover it with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. It probably would’ve worked on somebody else, but he knew better. It was just a mask she wore.

He shook his jacket off and put it on her instead, hoping she would get some warmth from it. She tried protesting but he shushed her off.

N: “Now you’ll freeze.”
R: “I’ll be fine.”
N: …
R: “Why are you here? What happened to your date?”
N: “I…”

She couldn’t look him in the eye, she was too ashamed. And she knew she shouldn’t be but couldn’t help it. This whole night had turned out to be a total mess.

Revan gently lifted her chin to meet his eye, urging her to talk to him.

N: “I got stood up. *bitter laugh* I waited fifteen minutes at the restaurant but he never showed up. I even tried calling, but…”

He didn’t know what to say. Whoever this guy was…he was an idiot. He could’ve at least called off the date and not to let her wait for him. She seemed so tired and broken and his heart sank for her. She didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

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Aokaga please~ The two going on a date all fluffy and cute~

The rain hit the floor heavily, causing puddles of all sizes to accumulate on the concrete. The air filled with the smell cut grass and small streams were beginning to form on the slopes of hills that filled the park. The sound of the rain falling on a sheet metal roof was loud, practically echoing in the small dry space littered in graffiti covered benches and picnic tables.

“This is your fault, you know.”

Aomine felt his eye twitch. Squeezing the basketball between his hands harder than before, he glared over at the red head sitting on the opposite bench to him. His fingers twitched, wanting to throw the basketball in Kagami’s direction but not wanting to risk getting it thrown out into the rain.

“What are you talking about,” he growled.

“I told you to check if it would rain today.” Kagami rolled his eyes, looking out toward the thick gray clouds covering the sky.

“I did,” Aomine defended. “I looked out the window and it was sunny this morning! It was fine!”

Kagami couldn’t help the incredulous look he sent Aomine’s way. He knew he should have listened to that inner voice telling him to grab an umbrella before they left that morning, but Aomine had insisted on leaving it at home.

“Come on, don’t be like that.” Standing from his seat, Aomine moved over to sit next to Kagami, handing the redhead the basketball. “Besides, now you get to spend more time with someone amazing like me.”

The combination of Aomine’s cocky grin, his arm swinging around Kagami’s shoulder, and the warmth that radiated off of him that chased away the coolness of the rain, Kagami couldn’t help but grin in return. He tried looking away, not wanting the positive response to Aomine’s terrible flirting to make the dark skinned male’s ego any larger than it had to be.

“I guess taking a break to watch the rain fall with you isn’t that bad.”

It Must Be Fate


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: You spend a night out with Lydia and meet a handsome stranger. The next day you get hired at your dream company, to only find out the guy you had a fling with is the CEO.

Rejection letter after another, and another. Finding a job in the city was beginning to feel like a never ending uphill battle. You decided to quit the law firm you were currently working at, due to feeling like everything you could learn, you had. Naturally your parents argued against that move, but it was done.

You weren’t going to lie this was a big step, one that your parents begged multiple times for you to reconsider and to think about creating a secure, stable future for yourself. However this was you doing exactly that, you didn’t want a future where the constant mood was unhappiness, you wanted one that provided excitement, and at times was unpredictable in the best way.

The kitchen bench was covered with resumes, application forms, information on companies, just about anything that would assist you in getting that dream job. Scrolling through Google one name caught your eye, “Lahey Law Firm”. This was the most well established law firm in the city, it was right at the top of the chain, working here would be the ultimate dream.

Deciding to take the chance, you grabbed the phone and dialed the number. Three beeps went before a lady’s voice was heard.

“Lahey Law Firm, Lauren speaking. How may I assist you?”.

“Ah yes, I was looking through the website and noticed that the firm was looking for lawyers-”.

Lauren cut you off, “All applicants must send their resume in via email. If successful you will get a phone call for a face to face interview”.

Feeling a bit intimidated just by a voice, you bit the inside of your lip. “Thank you”, was all that you managed to say before the line went dead.

“It was nice talking to you too”, mumbling under your breath, to no-one in particular. Clicking the email address that was down below, you quickly wrote a small message before providing a link to your resume. The mouse hovered over the send button, the fear of another rejection was creeping it’s way in.

The jingle of keys opening the lock, you swirled the chair around, Lydia’s strawberry blonde hair was the first thing you saw. You had given her a spare key to the apartment just in case of emergencies, she used the key little for emergencies and more for just casual visits.

“Maybe you should just move in here, considering you’re here all the time” you told Lydia, who took the seat beside you.

“I don’t think Stiles would be too happy if I did that.” she smiled at you, which you of course returned. “So what’s this I hear about you quitting?”.

Breathing out a exasperated sigh, this was your mother’s doing. “Let me guess, my dear old mother told you in hopes that you will convince me to go back, and be miserable at a job that has already taught me everything I could possible learn.”

Lydia stood up, and poured herself a glass of water. “Actually I came by to have a girls night out, so we can celebrate”.

Rising a eyebrow at her, “Celebrate what?”.

She pointed to the laptop, grinning wide. “Lahey Law Firm is the best one in the city, and we both know you will definitely get the job. They would be idiots to not hire you.”

“As much as I love your optimism, I haven’t even sent my resume”. Her grin turned into a smirk, with just one click from Lydia you saw the following words appear on the screen.

Your message has been sent

Eyes went wide and you quickly jumped from the chair, “Lydia!” you shouted at the girl who was now heading towards your bedroom.

“You’ll thank me later”, she called out from the bedroom. Coming back within minutes, holding up a little black dress. “Get dressed, we’re going to go have some well deserved fun”.

Throwing the dress in your direction, you caught it before doing as you were told. There was no point arguing with Lydia, she always got her way in the end.

Getting into the cab, the driver was instructed by Lydia to take the both of you to the new hotspot bar/restaurant that had just recently opened up. Taking only 20 minutes to get there, you followed Lydia’s lead.

Walking in, the place was stunning. It was fancy, decorated well from head to toe. People were laughing, having a good time with a bunch of work colleagues or friends. The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting.

“Come on, there’s a table just up ahead”, Lydia removed her coat before sitting down, you did the same and scanned what the menu had to offer.

“I’m going to go order a drink, do you want anything?”, putting the menu down and getting up.

“No, I’m good. Water is fine for me”.

Walking to the bar, you waved the bartender over who saw but paid no effort to move. Doing the same thing again, still nothing. “Are you serious? What does a girl got to do to get a drink”, sighing in annoyance.

A man that was sitting on the stool, waved his hand and the guy immediately came. Mouth open, this was outrageous and quite unfair. “This lovely lady would like a drink”, he spoke turning to you. Breath got caught in your throat, and he certainly did make it hard for you to look away.

The guy behind the bar cleared his throat, “Are you going to order or not?” he asked, with a clear indication that you were taking too long.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine, please”. The bartender, which his name tag identified him as Caleb, finally handed you, your drink.

“You’re a wine type of girl”, the guy whose name was still a mystery spoke for the second time.

“And you’re a whiskey type of guy”. He titled his head, “Oh I’m sorry I thought we were just pointing out the obvious, if you’ll excuse me I have a friend that I need to get back too”.

Shooting one last glance his way, you made your way back to the table. When you got there Lydia had just put down her phone, lifting her head she had a apologetic expression. “Don’t tell me you have to go? We barely even started our girls night”, you told her disappointed.

“I know, I know. Stiles needs me back at home, some emergency apparently. We’ll reschedule you have my word”. Blowing a kiss goodbye in your direction, you watched as Lydia made her way through the crowd and out the front door.

Looking at the time it was still way too early, and apart of you didn’t feel like going home, at least not yet. Taking a sip of wine, the bar where you were before seemed even more tempting now. Marching back, you quickly grabbed the last vacant seat and put your glass down.

“I thought you had a friend to get back too?”.

Swirling around, the guy that you were chatting to early was still here. “Not that it’s any of your business, but she had to leave unexpectedly”.

He half-smiled, and emptied the last of his drink into his mouth. Waving Caleb over, “Another whiskey my good man, and the lady will have another glass of white”. He didn’t even give you a chance to protest, because another glass was sitting right in front of you.

Sliding it back on over to the fine gentlemen. “I don’t want another drink, maybe next time ask”.

He faintly chuckled, amused at your reaction for reasons beyond you. “Any other women would have said thank you”.

Scoffing at his response, “Hate to break it to you, but I’m not like those other women”.

Finishing your drink, you grabbed the sliver purse that matched your outfit and stood up from the stool.

“I’ve noticed, do you even know who I am?” he curiously asked, stopping you from leaving.

Leaning against the bar, you took a good look. He had brown hair, deep brown eyes and a charm about him that screamed he had money, along with power. Not only was he wearing a very expensive watch, but his suit was squeaky clean, which implied he was some sort of businessman.

“Am I suppose to know who you are?”.

He stood from his seat, and that’s when you realized that he was tall. Placing money on the bar, he leaned down towards you. “No, just wondering. Want to get out of here?”.

“Is this the part where the cute guy at the bar takes the lonely girl up to a hotel, they flirt a little, have more drinks, sleep together and then don’t call each other the next day?”.

Straightening up, he inched closer to your ear, “Unless you got a problem with that, I don’t see what the big deal is”.

Heart was beating quite fast. Usually when these things happened, you would gladly turn away and not look back. However this handsome stranger was one that apparently your body didn’t want to walk away from.

“Let’s go, before I change my mind”. You said, the guy took your hand and exited out the place. Of course he was one of those, who had their own private driver waiting for them. The driver kindly opened the door, and you shot him a small smile. The car ride was silent, but not awkward or uncomfortable.

Pulling up to what you only imagined was a 5 star hotel, the two of you walked into the massive foyer and into the elevator. “I just realized I don’t even know your name?”, you spoke.

“It’s Isaac”. He said without even looking at you.

“Y/N, don’t I get a last name Isaac?”. No answer was giving, other then Isaac pressing his lips to yours.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you ask too many questions Y/N?”, he said in between a pause.

“No, I think your the first”, cheekily adding. The elevator stopped at level 4, walking out it wasn’t far until Isaac opened room number 7 with the key card he got from his pocket.

The room was nice, it was what you expected a lavish hotel like this to have. “Do you want a drink?” Isaac asked, opening up the small fridge.

Taking off your coat, dropping the purse and stepping out of your shoes, this was only going to be a one night stand. There was no need for anything other than that.

Grabbing his shirt collar and colliding lips, he was taken back by your bold move, but quickly recovered and his hands found your waist. Legs hitting the base of the bed, you fell on it with Isaac on top.

“So I’m guessing we’re skipping the chit-chat”, he stated, removing his shirt as he did so.

Not bothering to reply, Issac revealed what was hiding underneath that white shirt and it didn’t disappoint. Running your hand up his chest, his mouth started to leave kisses on your neck. Hands were roaming each other bodies, and not even knowing how or when, it was your turn to be shirtless. Isaac had discarded your dress, leaving you in nothing but your black lace undergarments.

“So you really don’t know who I am?” he asked once again

Pulling him away slightly, you gave him a puzzled look. “That’s the second time you asked me that question, why is me knowing who you are so important to you?”.

“It’s not”, was all that he said before working his way down. Breath got quicker, when you felt your panties being removed, and his head wasted no time going in between your legs. His tongue was bringing you all sorts of pleasure, you pulled on his hair, gasping out a moan.

When he finished using his tongue, two of his fingers continued the job. Sliding in and out, and curling up hitting the right spots causing your walls to tighten, begging for release. Issac sensed that you were close and stopped.

“Well that was just rude”, you exclaimed.

He laughed, removing his own boxers. You got the first glimpse at his throbbing member, who was standing up tall and proud. “I’ll make it up to you, love”, he smirked. Using protection, that he got from the bedside drawer, he wrapped up his member before positioning himself at your center.

“Just so you know, I’m going to be the best one night stand you’ve ever had”, he seemed highly confident about that, his tone radiated cockiness.

“Not if you keep talking, your not going to be”.

Without no warning, he slammed into you, the wave of pleasure building up again but this time for the both of you. Pumping vigorously in and out, you gripped his shoulders and arched your back.

You were close, and by the look of Isaac who had pure bliss written across his face, he was close too. He hit your sweet spot over and over again, and the both of you cried out in sheer pleasure due to your own individual release. Heavy panting, the smell of sex in the air, the high was slowly coming down.

Isaac rolled over and laid next to you. Seeing no point in staying, you got up and slipped your dress back on. “Leaving already?”, he spoke.

Putting on the last shoe, you turned to the half naked man. “They call them one night stands for a reason”, you replied.

Isaac rested his weight on his arms, watching as you took your coat. “If I don’t get your last name, how about a phone number?”.

Smiling at his attempt, you went over and pecked his lips. “How about if it’s meant to be, we’ll run into each other again”.

“I don’t believe in fate”, he told you. Which you responded with, “Neither do I Issac”.

Making your way out of the hotel room, into the elevator and pass the foyer. You stood at the curb, when Isaac’s driver came up to you. “I have been informed to take you home”. Opening the door, you looked up and saw a faint shadow at a window and part of you assumed it was Isaac. Thanking the driver you got in.

Arriving home, the minute you stepped foot in the door the ringing of the phone went off. It was nearing close to 6 in the morning, who one earth would call this early?.

“Hello”, you answered going around the counter to pull yourself some coffee.

“This is Lauren from Lahey Law Firm, congratulations you are one of the few lucky ones who have secured a face to face interview. Your appointment is at 9:30, please don’t be late”.

Hanging up the phone, you started to freak out. Mentally checking things off in your head, the first thing you needed was a shower, followed by looking presentable for the interview. The shower took longer than anticipated, after drying and styling your hair which you opted for a wavy loose curl look. You then moved onto clothes, throwing each item onto the bed, nothing seemed right for a work interview. Eventually you settled on a pencil skirt and a classic white short sleeve top, accompanied by a black jacket.

The clock read 7:30, hurrying to collect your bag, you grabbed a quick nut bar, locked the front door and hailed a cab. Rushing through the glass doors of the building, you just made it in the elevator and made your way up to Lahey Law Firm.

Stepping out, several people were around here no doubt for the same interview. Walking up to the reception desk, the women behind it was roughly the same age as you and didn’t even bother to look up.

“Hi, I’m here for a job interview” you polite said.

“Have a seat in the waiting room”, she said pointing to the chairs behind you.

Doing as she instructed, you took a seat and scanned the other individuals. One was beyond nervous, he kept fidgeting with his clothes. Another looked relaxed, while the rest were in their own little world, waiting to be called.

“Y/N, Y/L/N”, a women stood in the middle holding a clipboard. You got up and followed her to a big office door. “Step on in”.

Bracing yourself, this was your moment. Pushing open the doors, a man’s back was turned to you. He was wearing a black suit, that fitted him right down to the smallest detail. Something about him felt familiar though, as you were standing in the room trying to think of whether or not you had seen him before.

He turned around and your whole world froze, throat went dry and body was numb.

“I guess fate is real after all”, he said, smirking towards you.

Shifting uncomfortably, out of all the people in this city somehow you managed to sleep with the CEO of Lahey Law Firm…..what had you gotten yourself into.

A/N: Custody Battle AU. 

Kay Faraday brought the journal over to the plaintiff bench. Edgeworth covered his nose with a handkerchief he had pulled out of his breast pocket, but Nayuta reached for the journal and took it from her. 

“Ewwww, it’s wet,” Nayuta said as he placed it on the desk and pulled it open with his index fingers and thumbs. 

“Yeah, it was really deep in the trash, along with some other stuff,” Kay said. “Some of it actually have the Troupe Gramarye symbol on it, so actually have a bunch of that stuff in this big bag right here.” 

Kay held up a big black trash bag that she had been carrying over her shoulder. 

“They must’ve thrown it all out when you had heard that big loud noise, Mr. Edgeworth,” Kay continued. 

“Well, what’s in there?” Edgeworth asked. 

Kay put the bag on the floor, then opened it and peered inside. 

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Roderick stood there. His glasses fogged up in the cold weather. His headphones on as always. Blaring some old jumpy song. Lightly humming to himself, he sipped on his cocoa. “it sucks… being unwanted.” He said to himself quietly. He sat on the snow covered bench. Not caring about his blue jeans getting wet. The sound of paper flapping about in the wind caught his attention. he sat his cup on the bench beside him. Then ripped off the piece of paper taped to his back. It read ‘A wild Yeti.’ The casual fat kid joke… 

Send “Downpour” to be stuck with my muse at a bus stop in the pouring rain.


 If it hadn’t been a rough enough year it seemed it was going to drag out to the very last second. When Adam left campus that very morning it was clear skies. No one would have guessed that with how heavy the rain started to hit against the small glass case covering the bench at the bus stop.  There he was all the way across town stuck int he rain lets add he spread himself out enough on the bench so no one else but himself could sit there. “And… what the fuck are you looking at?” He said looking at a figure who seemed just as stuck as he was.

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if you don’t think that bucky would send sam a snapchat of a flock of pigeons with the caption “is this your family reunion” then i don’t know what to tell you [x]

.   .   .

             Sam’s music dampens as he receives a notification and he stops in his jogging, chest heaving as he pants, and he holds the phone so he could see the screen beneath the early morning light.                        

               He sees ‘That One Jackass’ sent him a snap and he inwardly rolls his eyes, before sliding his finger across the notification and opening up the app.                   

               The screen loads before revealing a photo of Central Park and the photo is zoomed in on a bench covered in bird shit and all around it is a horde of grimy, dark-feathered pigeons milling in a tight group. A transparent grey bar floats just beneath all the birds with text reading: “Is this your family reunion?” The asshole had the audacity to add a little pigeon emoji next to the words.

               Sam doesn’t let the messenger get the benefit of him screenshotting it and he lets the timer run out before it vanishes forever. He immediately double taps the screen to send back a picture of his own and lifts his head, squinting his eyes as he gazes around at his surroundings.

               Sam had the weekend off and decided to spend it back in D.C so this morning he took his old route for his morning jog. He just so happened to be passing the WWII memorial.

               With a smirk fighting to play on his features, Sam raises his phone and snaps a photo of the beautiful limestone fountains. He then lowers his phone and types out his message: “I just happened to be passing by your family reunion too.” He makes sure to add a smiling emoji before he sends it off.

               Sam slides his phone back into his pocket, not without resuming the music, and he sets off at a steady jog again. 

               His music immediately quiets and he just knows.

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You decided to take a walk in the park. You needed some air and it was so beautiful outside. Finding a bench you sat down and sighed.

The sun felt so good against your bare skin. You closed your eyes and tilted your head up to the sky. Why couldn’t it always be this beautiful out? You thought to yourself.

Something started vibrating on the bench breaking you away from your thoughts. You look down at your phone and see that you got one text message from your boyfriend. Actually ex-boyfriend for about 2 days now.


You roll your eyes and click the button to close it. You close your eyes again and try to relax but another vibrate pulls you away again.

Are you still mad?

You laugh and close your eyes again. As you lay your head back on the bench a dark shadow covers the sun. You furrow your eyebrows and open your eyes. You jump as two pairs of eyes stare down at you.

“What are you doing here!?” You yell jumping up from the bench.

“I took my little cousins to the playground and saw you here.” He points to the playground where you see two familiar faces running around.

“Well.” You say slowly walking away. He stands there and looks at you with a serious face.

“Really?” He says laughing.

“Really what?” You continue to walk slowly away.

“Slowly trying to walk away?” You sigh and roll your eyes.

“Bye.” You say turning around and walking away. You heard footsteps rushing behind you and an hand grab your arm.

He turned you around to face him. He takes your face in his hands and kisses you passionately on the lips. You stay still missing the feel of his lips on yours. He pulls away and smiles at you.

“Bye.” He says turning around and walking towards the playground. You laughed and ran up hugging him from behind.

Late night park date

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You x Seokjin

Synopsis: To clear your head every night, you would go to the park and stare at the stars -or lack of- in the sky. One night, you weren’t alone. You were mesmerized by him. And it turns out, he was by you too.

Word Count: 1866

The park was enveloped in silence at this time of night. That was why you always came here. Dark nights, bright stars and nothing to disturb you. But tonight, you weren’t alone.

Over the other side of the park, was a lone body, sat on a bench with a mask covering their face. They were only just close enough for you to make out the silhouette of their body, they were slim, they obviously worked out, broad shoulders and the body shape of a man, probably in their twenties. However, you couldn’t tell what he was doing.

You on the other hand, were trying to pry your eyes away from him and swung silently. When your eyes left his frame, you looked up to the starry sky and admired what was there. Not many stars could be seen, and the ones you could see, were just white dots blended in with the dull grey sky. In your head, you cursed the species that took away the stars from the naked eye. Humans. Although, you were one of those dammed humans who polluted the sky to take away the precious stars.

“Beautiful hu?” The smooth voice startled you and you turned to see it was the man who caught your attention.

“Quite the opposite actually.” You muttered, making his eyes widen.

“Oh…” He trailed off and started to swing on the swing next to you.

“They would be beautiful. But light pollution covers up the beauty that would be there.” You ranted intellectually.

“I guess.” He started, then turned to you completely. “But look at how hard they’re trying to shine through it all. They’re still shining through. They’re so strong, give them some credit.” A serious e expression took over his face as he leaned towards you seriously.

“I’m Y/N.” You laughed, extending a hand towards him to shake. Earning a smile and a firm handshake as a reward.

“Seokjin.” He laughed, before leaning back in the swing and pushing off lightly into a sway. You did the same, staring up at the stars and thinking about what he had said. “So, what’re you doing here so late at night?” He asked, not looking at you, but looking at the stars.

“Just came here to think. I do it a lot.”

“Really? I never usually see you.” His eyebrows raised but he still didn’t look at you.

“You come here often?” You asked.

“Yeah, usually earlier than this though.” He smiled, “That’s probably why I don’t see you.”


Falling into silence again, you swung in unison with Seokjin. It was a comfortable silence, and the perfect night to go with it. Warm air nipped at your skin as a light wind brushed through your hair. The grass swayed in the breeze and the whole park was silent apart from the occasional squeak of one of your swings.

“What do you come to think about?” The silence was broken by his sweet, comforting voice.

“Just stuff. Reflect on my day. Take a time out from everything, technology, stress, and just sit here, swinging, thinking.” You told him earning a satisfied nod.

“Me too…” He sighed before standing up and stopping in front of you. “Well… I’m going to get a drink. Care to join me?” He asked boldly. You laughed and looked up at his serious expression.

Shrugging, deciding there were worse things to do, you said, “Sure why not.” And stood up, following him out of the park.

Going to a coffee shop with a stranger wasn’t usually a good idea, let alone at this time of night. But something about the boy told you that it was okay to trust him. There was a look in his eyes that showed authenticity. So, you trusted him.

You arrived at a secluded coffee shop not far away from the park and he took you over to a table in the corner. Not that it mattered, it was completely empty.

“What do you want?” He asked, pulling out a chair for you.

“Urm… anything.” You sat down in the seat he pulled out and thanked him with a nod of your head.

“Okay.” Walking off to order your drinks, he flashed you a smile.

You could hear every word of the conversation he had with the worker as he made your drinks. He sounded like a regular. The man behind the counter sounded not shocked to see him, but shocked that he wasn’t alone. Their conversation was normal and not awkward at all. Maybe they were friends? That seemed likely.

Drinks in hand, he said goodbye to the man and came back over to you, placing the drink on the table in front of you and taking a seat opposite you. Then, you repeated the question you asked earlier.

“You come here often?” He smirked at your question as the man called to ask Seokjin to close up for him and left the keys on the counter.

“Every night after I’ve been to the park.” He nodded and sipped his drink. Somehow, he made even drinking a drink look cool and sexy. Silently admiring his perfect face, you sipped your own drink. Your stare made him smirk to himself and look out the window. You could tell that he knew of his good looks just by looking at the way he embraced them.

“So, Y/N.” He turned to face you and leaned his elbows on the table, “Tell me about yourself.”

You did exactly as he said, you told him about your boring job, your love for nature and all things beautiful, and you even went on a rant about how humanity were ruining all things beautiful. He started at your face the whole time and didn’t interrupt once. You knew he was listening to every word you were saying, which you appreciated. Most people usually tuned out.

When you finished your rant, he stared at you for a little longer before leaning back against the wood lined walls behind him. “I agree with you on some things. But on the other hand, look at the beauty of technology. Look at what we can do with what the Earth gives us! We can turn sound waves into music, metal into wires. We can do whatever we want with whatever we have! We are a truly magnificent species Y/N, don’t underestimate us.”

His reply caught you completely off guard. Not only did he listen to what you said. He took it all in. He didn’t just nod in agreement and change the subject. He argued. He took what you said, thought about it, and came up with a reply of his own.

Dumbfounded, you started at him with your mouth open. Who was this man with a gorgeous face, smart brain and who listened to you?!

Laughing at your expression, he added, “What?”

“Y-you listened to me.” You stuttered in amazement.

“Well of course I listened!” He stated mater-or-factly. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because no one does. They usually tune out and nod along.” You admitted.

“Well, I would never do that. Believe it or not, I love listening to you talk, even if you are offending me and my ‘species’” He said making you laugh.

You thanked him and continued to drink your coffee, while talking about random things, disagreeing on some which caused good debates and agreeing on others that caused loud conversations and smiley nods.

Eventually, you both finished your coffee and it got too late for you to stay out talking anymore. No matter how much you wanted to keep talking forever. You thanked him for the drink and he told you that the guy was his best friend anyway so he got it for free. His openness made you laugh as you pulled on your jacket.

“Let me walk you home.” He suggested as he pulled on his own jacket.

“Okay.” Was all you said as you waited for him.

The walk to your house was more comfortable than you imagined. You talked like you did in the coffee shop and laughed most of the way back. The smiles that he flashed you with and without knowing were truly magnificent. The ones that he tried to hide were your favourite. When you said something and he smiled at the ground admiring the way you talked and the sound of your voice.

The pathway to your house came far too early and you were more than thankful when he walked you right up to your door.

“This is me.” You laughed sadly and pointed to the door behind you. Seokjin forced a sad smile onto his face and dropped his wide shoulders.

“It has been very nice talking to you Y/N.”

“To you too.” You nodded and took your key out of your pocket and twiddling it in between your fingers.

“Do you… urm… can I have your number?” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, “If you have a phone that is.” He laughed and you pulled out your small, simple phone from your back pocket before handing it to him.

He typed away at the buttons before handing it back to you.

“Call me.” He smirked as he started to walk down the pathway away from your house.

“Wait!” You shouted, jumping down the steps that lead towards your door and landing just in front of him as he spun round. Your hands immediately flew to his t shirt as you pulled him down to your level and pressed your lips against his. Your actions shocked him at first, but after a few seconds of recovery, he relaxed and placed his hands on your hips, pulling you closer towards him. His lips moved in sync with yours and eventually so did his tongue. Your fists left his t shirt and wrapped around the back of his neck. Soon, your bodies felt like they were one and you had both completely melted into the kiss. The fingers at your hips started to dig in so hard you were sure there were going to be bruises, but yours at his neck made up for it because they were doing the same to the space between his hair and t shirt.

Eventually, the air that you were sharing was no longer enough and you were forced to break away. Although, you didn’t go far. His hair covered forehead rested against yours as you stared into each other’s eyes, catching your breath.

Cough cough.

Spinning around, you saw your best friend/house mate leaning against the doorframe, tutting at you. Red flushed your cheeks and Seokjin’s embarrassed laugh could be heard behind you.

“I-urm… It’s.” You stuttered, frantically pointing between you and Seokjin.

“Get in.” Your best friend nodded towards your house, smirking. You nodded and picked up a jog towards her.

“I’ll call you!” You called, turning around slightly to see him still stood their speechless. He nodded and turned away to leave.

“It was nice meeting you!” Your best friend shouted down the road causing you to burst out into laughter as she slammed the door shut and smirked at you knowingly.

“Shut up.” You giggled. Then both of you burst into fits of laughter.

:: a proper family

Steve has flour in his hair, and across his nose, and there’s some cake batter up his arms. Faith, who stands on her kiddie stool so she can reach the bench, is also covered in flour and cake mix, and a little bit of icing sugar, too. Steve has so far managed to avoid getting the food colouring everywhere, but only very narrowly. They’ve been making cupcakes for Bucky for when he comes home from work, and they’re pretty happy with the results. The icing is bright pink and still a little gooey when the door opens, telling them both that Bucky’s home.

                     “Go on then, princess. Go get him.”

He helps Faith down from her stool she can run through the house with an excited squeal of “Papa!”, and Steve rounds the corner just in time to find her hugging Bucky’s legs, tiny blonde curls flying all over as she does. Steve grins at Bucky, leaning against the wall.


Lux’s New Roomie

Nikki sat on the bench, covered in just a blanket and a large suitcase next to her. The poor girl looked terrible – her face and clothes were dirty, her hair disheveled, and she had been looking a little thinner as of late. After a dry spell of clients, Nikki was unable to pay for her rent, and was evicted… but in this town, she had nowhere else to go… so she just started living on the streets. Sighing, she laid down on the bench and closed her eyes…


Quand j’ai enfin décidé de combattre mon angoisse débile de rater un cours.
Demain, je sèche ce stupide cours de deux heures qui ne sert à rien et je vais me promener dans Londres, trouver le banc de la couverture de l’album de Mumford and Sons, m’asseoir dans un café pour lire…

When I finally decided to fight my stupid fear of missing a class.
Tomorrow, I’m skipping that stupid and completely useless two hours class and going for a stroll around London. I want to walk around, find the bench on the cover of Mumford and Sons’ album, sit in a cafe to read…