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What type of boyfriends would Got7 be?

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  • Mark is normally quite quiet and reserved
  • Since he doesn’t talk to many people asides from JB, there would be some silence, but a calming silence that you both would learn to enjoy
  • There would be those rare times when he would let himself go a little and be more open and talkative
  • He would like giving you back hugs and forehead kisses too, which you would find extremely adorable despite his quiet demeanour
  • For a date, he would probably take you to a quiet, calming place, like to a park by the ocean
  • You both would sit on one of the benches overlooking the clear blue waves, and would just sit there enjoying the gentle blowing of the wind and the peaceful scenery

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  • JB is also reserved, but is a little more mysterious than Mark
  • But at the same time, he isn’t
  • He would most likely be the type to get easily jealous
  • Like, if you were talking to another guy, he would probably hold you very close to him as to be saying: “She is mine. Back off.”
  • JB would take you out to the amusement park for your date, were the two of you would share cotton candy and hot dogs
  • His kisses would be really deep and passionate, tilting your chin up so your lips would meet his
  • He would probably lowkey write songs about you, but wouldn’t admit it
  • He would most likely try to keep the relationship private, because he cares about you and doesn’t want you to get hurt 

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  • Your relationship with Jackson would be super fun filled and energetic
  • He would always be taking you out to do something completely random
  • Like, every day would be a new adventure with him, you wouldn’t know what to expect from him
  • He would also love dragging you out to the gym just so he could show off his muscles to you
  • He would love giving you back hugs, and picking you up bridal style out of the blue
  • And also picking you up and spinning you round and round
  • He would be very sweet around you, but in front of the members he would always be bragging to them about how lucky he was to have you in his life
  • He would love taking late night walks with you, or just going out to the movies

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  • Jinyoung is very sassy, so expect some smart a-double-s remarks from him
  • He is like the mother of the group so he would probably fuss over you a lot, making sure you’re always okay
  • And he would like take care of you when you’re sick and bring you hot soup to make you feel better
  • He would love to keep his arm wrapped around your waist, and he would always be giving you sweet little kisses on the top of your head
  • For a date, he would probably take you out to some sort of restaurant, insisting that he would pay for everything
  • He would be a real gentleman, holding open the door for you, and pushing in your seat
  • He would let you order whatever you wanted, no matter how much it costed
  • Because nothing would be too expensive for his jagi he would say to you
  • He would always make you do aegyos for him, clapping his hands together excitedly when you struck a cute pose

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  • Youngjae is very romantic, so he would do tons of romantic stuff with you
  • Like having dinner by the beach or buying you flowers
  • He would give you tons of kisses, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you in for a deep passionate kiss
  • He would also do tons of other romantic things, like one day for your guys’s anniversary, he would leave little trails of rose petals for you which would lead to him
  • Or he would buy you you’re favourite chocolates or favourite whatever else
  • For a date, he would probably make you dinner
  • He would set up a table all fancy like, and would put a vase of pretty flowers in the middle of the table too

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  • BamBam would take you out to the carnival for you’re date
  • He would try to win you a stuffed animal from a claw machine or something, but would fail miserably 
  • He would also try to drag you to the haunted house, just so you could cling onto him
  • He would probably dab a lot, just to get on your nerves he is Dab Dab after all hehehe
  • If he ever notices that he’s taller than you, even by a little bit, he wouldn’t stop rubbing it in
  • Like, he would rest his arm on your head just to bug the shiz outta ya
  • And he would call you shorty before pulling you in for a kiss

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  • Yugyeom would be the biggest sweetheart ever
  • He would always be giving you hugs and kisses on your cheeks
  • And he would love to cuddle with you constantly
  • If you two were walking together and he saw a pretty flower, he would pick it and give it to you
  • And would compliment you by saying how the flower is beautiful just like you
  • But you could tell how nervous he was by how red his ears and cheeks were
  • He would blast Chris Brown music all the time, which would drive you nuts after a while
  • He would stop playing it if you asked him, though
  • He would do tons of weird stuff around you, like breaking into a weird little dance number out of the blue
  • Or like saying something completely random and irrelevant to whatever it is that you two were doing or talking about

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  • When fights happen in Football & Basketball: pls stop this is v immature and unprofessional, you are going to hurt yourselves and the penalties aren't worth it

May 20, 2006

After barreling over fellow catcher Michael Barrett in a play he considered hard but clean, A.J. Pierzynski is surprised when the Cubs’ catcher shows his displeasure by punching him the face. The incident ignites a bench-clearing brawl between the crosstown rivals that leads to a 15-minute delay and four ejections during the White Sox’ 7-0 victory at U.S. Cellular Field.

Zhang Yixing Short Scenario.

After a long fight, you just decided to run from home and leave Lay.

When you got to the nearest park, you just let out all the tears that were contained from the fighting, all the screaming, everything. Why would he even complain about you being late when he had all that nights out with the guys for practice, or just premieres and stuff.. You did understand but he could not get the fact that you had a life as well? 

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The annoying rain begun. With it, the cold breeze.

Nontheless, where were you supposed to go? You didn’t even pick your phone to call someone. Just you and your mind. You sat on the park bench to clear your mind.
Why you do this to me Yixing? I try so hard to be the one for you, and you just make it harder. 

Suddenly your back, was covered with a big jacket. You looked up as he looks at you.

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Let me try again. 

He holds your hand and helps you stand up. He grabbed both hands, and looked at you with all your make up blurry, and your eyes in tears. His face showed regret, biting his lips trying to say sorry, he approached you grabbing your hands strongly. 
In that moment, you realized how much he loved you. It was such a true emotion you were both feeling, it almost seemed a movie like moment.

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He stopped and looked at you again, always hugging you. With his lips almost in yours, all wet, he said softly:

I Have to understand, and i will. Please give me some time to get used to being without you. 

When the group gets into an argument over whose the strongest, they usually use aoba as a competitive weight. The highest record is mink with 50 Aoba bench presses.

( clear would have easily won but he just  hugged Aoba and laid there)

Time to Give Thanks!

This is the Thanksgiving for us Yanks and it is also time for my annual list of 10 things I’m thankful for in the world of comics. You can read last year’s here .

1. She’s baaaaack. 

The bench has been cleared. The guaranteed question at every DC Panel has been answered. Cass Cain has finally returned to comics. Why did it take this long? Oh, we’ll talk about that someday but for now. Caaaaasssss!

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Space is what he had sought out tonight - his home after the memories drudged up from the repressed catacombs of his mind as occurred every Valentine’s day had left him feeling stifled and unable to think. Just as with every other period following Valentine’s day he subconsciously pulled out that one book, untouched on any other day and walked to the park. Every year; the same day, the same book, the same bench no matter the weather.

Around him things constantly shifted. Buildings grew taller and leaves altered their colours with the seasons. Time doesn’t touch him, will, never touch him. His face will never change and his hands would never wrinkle with age. He is the pin securing the hands of a clock, watching them all move around him as he remains unchanging and constant. 

Which is why now he can be found seated on that same worn bench, under the clear sky with the lamplight overhead illuminating the open first page which he studies with a fierce intensity. He doesn’t turn the page to read the book, simply reading the short hand written message on the inside which was being filled with artificial warmth from the overhead light - a warmth which failed to fill the void the author of the note had left behind all those years ago.