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Cole Sprouse BTS from the New Campaign of Bench 👑 for #Bench30Years. 🏆

anonymous asked:

There's a lot of talk going around that SHs treat Lili a lot better than they do Cole. When Cole became the Bench ambassador, I saw, what? Three posts? And Lili's fashion week- gosh, they were EVERYWHERE. What do you think?

lol this is so untrue on so many levels. First of all, you’re probably following all the wrong blogs, because all the people I follow were posting left right and centre about the bench campaign. Everyone on my dash was really pumped about it. So no, we do not treat Lili “better” than we treat Cole. And what does “better” really mean? Are you saying we neglect Cole?  Are you saying we hate on him? WE ALL LOVE COLE SPROUSE. WE ALL LOVE LILI REINHART. If you were here in the beginning, you would’ve seen that a lot of the stuff posted was related to Cole, primarily because we didn’t know much about the rest of the cast. As the show progressed, and Lili got more attention, we got to know more about her, and grew to love her. She’s gone through a lot of shit in her life, and a lot of us look up to her, and admire her for how she uses her platform. WE LOVE LILI REINHART FOR THE PERSON SHE IS, and want to show appreciation for her all the time because she’s fucking amazing. This does not, in any way, mean that we love Cole any less. He’s an immensely talented person that we all appreciate a ton. His photography is stunning. He’s one of my photography idols. His intellect and wit is something that we have time and time again spoken about, because we love it. Just because we’re more outward with our appreciation for Lili, doesn’t mean we “treat Lili better.” So, I don’t know where this ask is coming from, and I don’t know why these sentiments are going around, and if the purpose of this ask was to hate on Lili, or make me hate on her, please know that you’ve failed. I don’t know if you’re trying to hate on her or not, and if you weren’t I’m sorry for assuming so, but just because her NYFW pictures were “EVERYWHERE” does not mean that we prefer one half of SH over the other. Please also keep in mind that Lili looked fucking amazing at NYFW, and that it was her first Fashion week, and we wanted to show all the support we could. thank you.

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Er, isn’t that jacket from his Bench campaign? Lol... why the hell would it be from the RD costume dept? For someone who does SO MUCH “extensive” research, she misses the boat, lol.

How’s life in my head this fine Monday morning???? I forgot it’s from Bench, but good eye….and yes, right you are!!! And to whit:

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look at all those assholes celebrating that C is with L rn, pretending to be someone that he is not. Oh and we add the jacket to make it look more real.

Honestly, it dawned on me, it’s probably part of the costume department. The only time I’ve seen CS wear that jacket was on the PR trip to San Fran. So it might not even be CS’.

The hilarious thing is:

  • She gets mad when she tries to prove stuff and they ARE costumes
  • For some reason, the idea of sharing clothes gets her really wet when it’s Cornholio, so this is probably all the more infuriating
  • Cole has worn it quite a bit outside of the “SF PR Trip”, both recent visits to NYC (Including his Gingerbread Man photo at customs and in his dressing room goofiness at Seth Meyers) and in several fan photos around the ‘Couve….
  • That is a very NOT Jughead jacket, way  too flashy for his taste…..
  • We’ve never seen ANY character wear it on Plaiderdale
  • Once again, how insulting they are to Cole