bench adventures

Yknow when you talk to the Hahren of the Dalish clan in the Brecillian forest and you sit on benches around the fire but one person of your party will end up sitting on the ground? Idk why it happened but my mabari is sitting on the bench and I’m fucking losing it.


A tendency to give up talking about an experience because you know people are unable to relate to it.

This picture means a lot to me thats why i still remember every minute of this day probably, it all started on my balcony at 5:30 A.M because what doesn’t start on my balcony… anyways i hadn’t slept and i was just sitting there staring at the stars as usual but it was so cold and at the same time so clear that i knew it would be a spectacular sunrise and i decided to grab my bike and just head into a random direction i hadn’t been before to capture the sunrise, after riding for about an hour i stumbled on this bench in the middle of nowhere and i decided to sit down to drink some water, there was this overwhelming calmness about this place that i haven’t found back in a long time it was so quiet but at the same time so full of life you could hear everything but at the same time nothing, i sat there for about 30 minutes before i took this picture, i love the framing of the trees and the calmness in this shot really reflects who i am as a person.

- Abe

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so I had a thought about the comb scene in Mulan about the bee miraculous

in the end it’s Juleka’s choice so Rose doesn’t even put the comb in her hair whoops

Teddy Bear Picnic- 1p2p Ame single dad au

It’s every parent’s nightmare- waking up and finding their child nowhere in sight. Tommy hadn’t even been out that long nor had he meant to fall asleep. The park is always a little lonely on Thursday morning, and Tommy likes to take little Amelia out to play. He’d been sitting on a bench watching his adventurous 8 month old baby girl, Amelia, play in the sand.

The thing is, though, that he’d also been up until 3 with her. She’d been colicky and angry, crying as hard as she could. It’d taken Tommy hours to soothe her down and get her to fall asleep. The little girl’s mom had showed up with a baby and a birth certificate that listed him as the father before dropping off the map again. So he’s always dealing with all these late night angry baby fits on his own.

Honestly, Tommy isn’t even sure if the girl is biologically his, but blood has never been a great indicator that people will get along. All Tommy knows is that little girl is his in all the ways that count, and he adores her.

Which is why when he wakes up on the park bench he’s in an utter panic.

It had been an accident. After being up so late and with the sun so warm, he’d found himself dozing. He should’ve picked his girl up instantly the first time his eyes started to close, but she’d been so happy playing in the sand that it felt mean to end her play so soon. They hadn’t even been there that long yet, and Amelia would’ve definitely kicked up a fuss.

Still, a fuss is much better than missing. He begins to shout for her, panic in his voice as he looks around for places that might have tempted the girl to crawl off- if she’d just went on an adventure and someone else hadn’t picked her up…

Bile riles in his throat at the thought, and he shouts louder, pausing between to listen for her tiny baby voice to answer.

Amelia!? Amelia!!!”

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