bench & loom

cold coffee. (m)

pairing: jungkook | reader

genre: smut

word count: 4,564

description: “I wasn’t referring to verbal truth. I was referring to,” and then there was a brief pause that was followed by a light press to the center of your stomach. Your back laid flat against the wooden bench before the predatory loom of his figure appeared overhead, “Candor of the body. Which you, my love, are the absolute queen of.”


With an exchanged swipe, taste forthcoming as the two of you had intended. Too sweet, muttered against your lips – lips that curved into ones of amusement at his feigned disfavor for your particular arrangement of the poison. Too bitter, slipped past your teeth in retort, the air of the syllables brushing against his breath; a dance of icy exhales in a burning winter night. His mouth twitched at that, following your suit into similar enjoyment of the playful critique.

“Maybe not my coffee, but sweet in other aspects, no?” He spoke in a devilish dialect of insinuation and lust. One that, before encountering him, was unfamiliar to you. Adoration, it managed to claw at your chest with great vigor each and every time he glanced down at you through darkened tufts of raven hair. His words wrapping their way around you entirely until they sounded of music. The notes gliding across your bones as his voice conducted your motions.

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Angst Concept story line: 1, 2, 3, 4


Marinette Dupain-Cheng gave up her Miraculous on the 9th of August 2017, after almost having it for two years.

Tikki had done everything she could to persuade her to change her mind, but she’d been met with silent, dogged opposition as Marinette went ahead with her plan no matter what the little Goddess said. It had left Tikki in tears on more than one occasion, and, more worrying still, not even that had swayed Marinette.

The girl had almost seemed like she was suddenly determined to deny ever having emotions. She was sprightly and bright as ever, smiling and laughing with her friends, affectionate and open with her parents. Tikki had on more than one occasion overheard her parents or her friends express relief that she finally seemed to be recovering from her broken heart, even if it had taken her nearly six months to get over it

Tikki knew better. Tikki knew how long Marinette stayed awake at night, methodically compiling information about all her classmates, moving on to all the people in school, searching for a candidate in attempt to avoid sleep and nightmares. She knew how often Marinette buried her face in books and school work to avoid looking at Adrien, or at pictures of herself and Chat Noir on the street. She noticed every little flinch Marinette made when the boy came close, or spoke to her. Even though she seemed ok, her stutter had disappeared and she was even friendly with him, Tikki seemed to be the only who noticed that Marinette never quite looked Adrien in the eyes, that she didn’t include him much in her conversations, that she ducked out of rooms as quickly as possible when he walked in. The boy himself simply seemed relieved she was speaking to him at all; Tikki, with all her extra knowledge, knew that Marinette was anything but over what had happened in the last few months.

Everything that the kwami said, Marinette countered with logic. The Surete investigation was dangerous. Not only did they now know that she lived in the 12th, but they had narrowed down the age group, and were interviewing families. The only thing that had saved her from any direct contact was the fact that she was under-age, and that the school - with the Mayor’s backing - had summarily refused to let its many High Profile students be bothered and harassed with such a thing. A phone-call from Monsieur Agreste had been involved, apparently, and the threat to remove Fashion Week from Paris entirely in favour of Versailles (how much clout did that man have?!) had been gently put on the table before they backed off. Lila, daughter of the Italian Embassador’s attache`, Chloe, the Mayor’s own daughter, and several other youths of note who frequented their school had all pitched in, and the national police had had no other option but to back off all schools.

This had been Marinette’s battle horse against all of Tikki’s objections and tears; they had to keep the Surete off their backs. They were dangerously, dangerously close, and finding another Ladybug would put all their investigations in disarray. Marinette had asked the Kwami a number of very telling questions that had very quickly disclosed her plan; could Tikki transform a girl to still look like Marinette was in the suite? Keep the hair and eyes and pigtails? It was vital, essential that no one would know the girl behind the mask had been switched. No one had to suspect.

Tikki had objected further when Marinette had said she would give the Miraculous away in person; this new Ladybug had to be more cautious, more careful, more vigilant. The Kwami had been sure that she’d found the weak point in Marinette’s plan - if she was captured, this new girl would give her away, put her and her family in danger, which was the excuse Marinette was giving to pass the Miraculous on.

Instead, Marinette showed her an almost perfect replica she had sewn of her costume, complete with a mask that stuck to her face with skin-appropriate glue. She said she would be meeting with the girl at different locations they would agree upon before the end of each meeting, that they would always be incognito, and that she would coach the new girl as long as she could before she decided to let her do her own thing.

They never discussed Chat Noir, or how he would fit into all this, but Tikki knew. Chat Noir could not be informed. She’d surmised that for Marinette at this point, Chat would probably not even notice or care that the girl in the costume had been switched. It pained her terribly, but Tikki realised that Marinette had mourned to the point where all she could see now was a conclusion to her pain. She’d shut her emotions in a little box, and soon, when she was alone and even Tikki was gone, she’d empty it into the Seine and never look at them again. There had been Ladybugs like this before - it was a natural consequence of finding someone adapt to use the ladybird Miraculous in the first place; good and kind, but logical and calculating. Able to keep a clear head in times of great stress and emotional turmoil.

The worse part of it all was that objectively, logically, Marinette was right, and Tikki couldn’t even refute it. They were in terrifying danger every time they transformed, their lax attitude in the past of going from Marinette to Ladybug behind a park-bench a looming shadow that had come back to haunt them. Every transformation was a paranoid experience, spent looking for hidden cameras and the securest nooks and crannies available. Every detranformation was a voyage in stress and fear, the bleeping Miraculous helping none-at-all as under-cover officers tried to tail and capture the heroin, scrutinising every person and screening the passers-by in the vicinity of where they thought she had detransformed.

It helped that the citizens of Paris had rallied, resisting the bullying from the upper-authorities as best they could in defense for their beloved heroes. All girls with dark hair wore it in pigtails, and several other girls did so anyway even if their hair was light. Half the male population of Paris dyed their hair blond with impunity. Ladybug and Chat Noir themed clothes became more popular than ever, especially shirts that read ‘I am Ladybug’ or ‘I am Chat Noir’, in open defiance of the search. Every time the police screened people after a detransformation, so many people confessed to being the heroes that the Surete had filled the Paris temporary cells to capacity the first time it happened, and it had been the only thing that had saved Marinette from being singled out.

It didn’t stop Tikki from aching in pain that her charge was going to let her go. Or from suffering as she watched Marinette shut herself off in her hunger to heal. She encouraged Alya, who had become a real social-media justice warrior, rallying people for protests and hosted protest merch on her blog. She supported Nino, Alix and the rest of the class when they joined in the cause. She went to marches herself, as herself, getting arrested and doubling down on her ideals as any normal teenager would. But meanwhile, she was thinking and watching and scheming, always on the hunt for the girl who would replace her. Tikki almost wished she could contact Wayz; Marinette would have been such a good guardian, too, if only she weren’t the perfect Ladybug.

And then finally, Marinette found her. In the space of a few weeks, it all happened. The meeting, the transfer. The lessons and coaching and cautionary tales; transferred knowledge and facts and tricks and tips, but also paranoia from one hunted Ladybug to the next. The inevitable missed meeting, which left both girls completely unable contact one another, and therefore unable to meet ever again.

And so, just like that, Marinette Dupain-Cheng passed from Tikki’s life. Marinette had met her at a protest march, this new blonde girl who hoped to be an interior decorator, and who had professed undying love for Chat Noir during the rally, attracting Marinette’s attention instantly. It was an added advantage that they did not go to the same school, that they lived in different parts of the city, that Marinette only knew her first name. It also, however, meant that Marinette could not find her new charge - possibly something she preferred, taking into consideration the possibility that she may be interrogated if the schools changed their policy on the under aged students. She was certainly not the first Miraculous holder to leave Tikki, not with as long as she’d been alive. She wasn’t even the first Miraculous holder to be alive while Tikki worked with another charge. Nor, even, was she the first one to voluntarily give the earrings up to another, coaching her and helping her through the first steps.

But those had been wartime Ladybugs. Jean, who’d given it to the bride of the French King before the English had taken her, and Collette, who’d died and given it to Baptistine, who became The Scarlet Pimpernel. Michelle Dubois, leader of the Resitance, who’d passed Tikki to Yvette, knowing she would be caught and tortured on the next mission, and unwilling to surrender the Miraculous to the Germans. Yuko, during the last dregs of the Edo period, who’d cunningly given the earrings to her daughter by pinning them to her kimono before the girl was taken away, even as the new shogun’s men swept into their village. Camilla, and her black-clad cat who pretended to be a fox, of all things, working in the background as the men fought swords and raced horses, quietly tending to Don Diego’s wounds without saying a word, and passing the Miraculous on to her child when the nobleman left her pregnant.

This was a peace-time Ladybug. The Miraculous had been invoked to fight another of their kind, and not to aid a human faction against another as usually was the case. This should not have happened; and yet, humans had found a way to drive her intended Ladybug away, and like it always did, the kwami’s heart broke a little more. Now Tikki rode in a new handbag, hid in a new set of pigtails, but she couldn’t help looking out sometimes, hunting, hoping to catch a glimpse of sweet, kind Marinette. She missed the taste of her family’s cookies, missed the smell of bread and fabric and thread. Madelaine tried her best, but Tikki could not help but miss Marinette with all her being.

She’d foregone telling Marinette that her switch would not go unnoticed by Chat Noir. At the point Marinette had reached, she would only have ignored her, and it would only have hurt her all the more. Because Chat Noir immediately saw the difference, catching on that something was amiss within the first few minutes of their first battle. Madelaine hadn’t even noticed, her adulation of the cat hero blinding her to his suspicious looks and guarded body language. Where he should have been overjoyed to find Ladybug finally receptive to his lines and advances, he was wary and somewhat unsure. Even upset.

Because when the kwami of creation and destruction chose together, they always chose a matching pair. Soulmates, or as close to that as they could find. Marinette had been the perfect match for her Chat Noir. Adrien had been the perfect match for Ladybug. Yet, what good would telling her have done? No; it would only have hurt her more, in a deeper place than the drawer she’d closed all her emotions in, to know that it wasn’t just the boy she loved who hadn’t wanted her back. It was her soulmate too.


Fun Fact: 1789 is the year marking the start of the French revolution. I turned the date on its head to mark Marinette giving up her Miraculous; it seemed appropriate.

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That request for the pregnant s/o that leaves to raise their child and ends up meeting up a year later with the father in a park was amazing! Could we see the same request but with Suga, Daichi and Bokuto?

I’m glad you liked it! I apologise for the long wait, but it’s finally here. If you’re looking for the first part, I’ll be adding a link in this post as soon as I get home or you can find it in the masterlist labelled as ‘Welcome to Fatherhood’!

Part one found here! :)

-Admin Lana


Sugawara Koushi:

At times Sugawara blamed himself for your sudden leave, disappearing without a trace. He constantly questioned himself on whether or not he showed you enough affection, or told you how much you meant to him as often as he should have. It was a constant battle of inner turmoil that the man dealt with on a daily basis, and he couldn’t seem to move on until he knew your reasons.

Truth be told, you didn’t posses any desire to the leave the man you had fallen in love with many years ago, but it was decided that it would be the best option considering that neither of you were ready for a child. Sugawara had been accepted into medical school with long hours of studying and training ahead, and the predicament of having a child while in college yourself wasn’t ideal. There were many incidents where you would come home to find your lover stressed and nearly pulling his hair out, or pouring over medical journals until sunrise. It was happening at the wrong place at the wrong time. Deciding that leaving would be best for the both of you, you did so, without even so much as a farewell.

Being a single mother was tough, but you pushed through, after all you had little Haruhi depending on you now. Much of your time and energy was spent on her, but the endless nights that you didn’t sleep was worth the smile on her face. That was one of the features she seemed to inherit from her father; that gentle smile that seemed to light up the room. But another was her eyes; warm and loving just like Sugawara. Sometimes it was hard to bury the emotions that resurfaced just by looking at your daughter, but you figured this was the one way you could still be near him.

Haruhi had been bouncing up and down in her seat ever since you mentioned spending the day at the park. She was more than excited to see what the day had in store, and you laughed at her optimism. Although she wasn’t old enough to speak coherent sentences, you were able to discern that she wanted to be released from the confines of the stroller now. With practiced ease you had her in your arms within moments, balancing her small form in your lap while sitting down on the park bench.

The young girl looked at you expectantly as you reached into your bag, pulling out a small book meant for infants. “I have your book right here, no need to get fussy.” You giggled, opening it up and beginning to read.

A tall figure stood a few feet away, eyes watching with a look of disbelief etched across his expression. Sugawara couldn’t bring himself to truly believe that it was you he was gazing upon with a child at your side. I mean, he hadn’t seen you in a little over nine months…

Steeling his nerves, he prepared himself for any outcome as he approached the park bench, shadow looming over you.

The sun had suddenly vanished causing to glance up hastily only to meet with familiar brown eyes that resembled the being in your lap.



Time seemed to stand still as the man looked back and forth between you and Haruhi, the pieces of the puzzle fitting together and painting the picture that sat before him. You were here right in front of him, and that little girl had to be his daughter. The resemblance was uncanny. Sugawara could have dropped to his knees and thanked the stars for bringing you back to him, but he maintained his composure long enough to speak, but you beat him to the punch.

“I-I’m sure you have a lot of questions right now, and I’m willing to explain myself, but,” You worried your lips in between your teeth, tears stinging at the back of your eyes, buried emotions digging their way to the surface. You had no idea how much you missed him until now. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Sugawara’s expression grew soft as he perched himself next to you, taking one of your hands in his larger one. “You don’t have to apologise. I know you well enough to know that you had your reasons for doing what you did, and I won’t let you feel as if you’re to blame.” He admonished, although it looked like another question was eating away at his conscious, and you had a feeling of what it was.

“She’s your daughter. Her name is Haruhi.”

With his suspicions confirmed, he finally let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. He took a moment to admire the gorgeous child, one who resembled her parents in many ways. It was safe to say that he had already fallen in love with her.

“If you’ll let me _____, I want to give us a chance. We always used to talk about having a family of our own, and now we can.” And he desperately hoped in the next moment he’d be walking back home with you and his daughter at his side.

Of course the answer was yes.

Daichi Sawamura:

In the sea of emotions swimming through his head at the moment, the one that was most prominent was confusion. He couldn’t even begin to sift through the dozens of questions filtering through his brain, but he had to know why. What reasons did you have for suddenly vanishing and then popping back up in the park that the two of you used to frequent when you were dating almost nine months later?

Nine months.

His brown eyes flitted between you and the little boy in your arms, realisation crashing on him like an angry wave. Unless you had cheated on him during the duration of your relationship (which was highly unlikely knowing you), then that child had to be his without a doubt. Daichi was unsure what to do with himself at the moment. Should be approach you or just leave and continue thinking about the what ifs. But he knew better than to leave without sewing the ends. Squaring his shoulders he walked towards you.

You noticed his presence before he even began to come near you, and you hunkered down hoping he’d pass by without stopping seeing as how you left without even saying goodbye. It scared you to even face him, unsure of how he’d react once you came clean.

A pair of shoes came into your field of vision yet you refused to look up. Daichi looked down at you and the little boy, expression morphing into one of gentle ease, one that a person wouldn’t expect from a person in his position, but the truth was he wasn’t angry with you. It couldn’t be explained, but somehow he was only relieved to have you brought into his life once more.

“_______?” You missed the way your name rolled off his lips like silken honey, and would give anything to hear it a hundred times more. With a sigh you lifted your face to meet his soft gaze, surprised to not see a hint of anger in those fierce brown eyes. “I’ve missed you so much.” And even if he wasn’t sure that you had feelings for him still, but he needed you to know.

But you did, very much so. There wasn’t a day that went by where Daichi wasn’t on your mind, and your son was a constant reminder of the man. Pulling the boy closer, you glanced up at Daichi, a look of resolution flickering in your eyes.

“I left because I was pregnant, and I didn’t think that you wanted a child yet. I felt like I would’ve been a burden otherwise.” The words were the stinging truth that struck at his heart, but those were the emotions you’d withheld for so long.

Suddenly Daichi kneeled, his large hands coming to rest on one of yours and the other gently caressing the infant’s cheek. You smiled as your son giggled at the contact, small fingers reaching for more. Goodness, when he smiled like that, he looked more and more like Daichi.

“Don’t ever think for one second that is toss you aside because of an unplanned pregnancy. Sure, it may have been early, but I’d do everything in my power to support you and our child, even now. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you,” The genuineness in his words brought salty tears to your eyes as your mind imagined you and Daichi with your son in a nice house, enjoying one another’s company. “Because I love you.”

The dam broke and the water flowed freely, cascading down your cheeks in small trails. A hand came to your cheeks, fingers delicately wiping away the tears.

“We’re going to be a family.” You whispered, more to yourself than anyone, but Daichi heard it too, kissing your head in silent agreement.

A family.

His family.

Bokuto Koutaro:

When he learned that you had left, his mind immediately ejected into a mode a self-loathing and blame, spending most of his days wallowing in tears. If it weren’t for Akaashi he never would have climbed out of the dark abyss, nor would he have found you. The green eyed man finally told him where he had seen you frequently, but advised him under no circumstances to approach you in a brazen way. Although knowing Bokuto, his rationality flew out the window as soon as his eyes landed on you and the child in your arms. Almost instantly he jumped to conclusions, wondering if that was his child or if you moved on with another partner. He couldn’t find the nerve to approach you, therefore you had too.

It had taken a long pep talk and reassurance to finally set your feet in the right direction, but you knew this is what you had to do, whether he hated you or not.

“Kou? It’s been a long time.” The blood in his veins froze at the sound of your voice, eyes trailing along your form. You’d become more mature and radiated a glow of some kind. It took his breath away.

The words seemed to get stuck in his thorat, unable to say what he truly wanted to say. So his tears did the talking do him. You grew increasingly worried at his sudden outburst, balancing the child on your hip, as the other came to rest on Bokuto’s shoulder.

“W-what’s wrong?”

“Was I not good enough for you? Did I not love you the way you wanted to be?”

A pang of guilt washed over you at his choked words, immediately wanting to burst into tears yourself. “No, not at all Kou. I love you so much, more than you would ever know.”

“Then why? Why did you leave?” He wondered, becoming more upset by the moment.

“Because of her.” You gestured to the girl on your hips, her golden eyes flitting between you and Bokuto. “This is your daughter.”

He wondered how he didn’t notice wit before; the salt and pepper hair, or those bright golden eyes. All characteristics of him. Bokuto wasn’t sure if he should jump for joy or being you into his embrace, all he knew was that he had a daughter.

“C-can I hold her?” He and a hopeful look in his eye, one that you couldn’t refuse. Carefully, you passed the infant to Bokuto who held her with a gentleness that only a father could exude. Your heart melted at the sight of your daughter nestled snugly against his chest.

“I want us to be a family. I want to be able to wake up every morning to you and my daughter.” Bokuto said, determination overtaking his face as he gazed at you.

You took a step forward, wrapping your arms around him, and leaning your head along his chest right next to your daughter.

“I’d like that too.”

I Hate You, I Love You [ Subaru Sakamaki x Reader ]

Subaru! Stop it!” The full moon’s rays forced their enter through the window to which was framed by wine colored curtains. You tried to push the albino male away as his practical thirst for your life’s essence radiated off of him in a life endangering manner. Panicked breaths escaped your lips as you tried with all your body’s strength, but he grabbed your wrist. “You have no right to deny me,” came his gruff response as he slammed you up against the wall with your wrists pinned. His knee forced it’s way between your legs, and you were stuck with struggling in attempt to free yourself; kicking him where the sun never shone was a resort that was lost now.

The memory brought tears to your eyes as your body trembled beneath the sheets, slowly pulling them off of the bed as you rose to see that the person you wished to see was gone.

       I’m a monster,” he’d whispered one day, on the first day he didn’t call you any name. His eyes slowly rose themselves from the dull, tiled floor of the abandoned school hallway; crimson hues gazing into your eyes. “I’m not capable of love, so remember that.”

But somehow, he’d come so far, so far as to even create better memories. And you’d fallen for him, seeing a side to him that was hidden behind this angry exterior. To you, he was this hurt animal; any hurt animal had the instinct to lash out at anyone in the attempt of survival. You arrived to your bathroom’s mirror, and slowly lowered the blankets to see the bite marks he left you with, causing you to cringe as you recalled how you’d gotten them.

       His fangs sunk into your neck, making a sound similar to that of someone biting into the ripest apple; and the feel of blood escaping your vein to which he’d bitten into made your face distort into a cringe. Soft cries escaped your lips, but it seemed to only add to his pleasure as his fangs sunk deeper into your skin making a gasp escape your throat from how harsh it was. “S-stop it! Subaru!” You roared, puffing out your chest the best way you could, in attempt to end this terror. Blood rushed down from your wound, and he withdrew, pushing down your clothing in a hasty manner, with bites beginning to litter your skin.
       "Shut up,“ he hissed at you. "I’m not opposed by that fear in your eyes,” he murmured as he stared at your skin, pushing you up even more against the wall. “I told you, I’m not capable of love.” He growled.

I hate you,” you whispered in the present, the spur of the moment as you drowned in the memories consumed you. “I love you.” You covered the bite mark he’d pressed onto your skin, tears welling in your eyes. “I hate that I love you, Subaru.” You turned away, letting the blankets fall to the tiled flooring of your bathroom as you got yourself into your shower, the memories of what had happened rolling through your mind like the storm clouds that rolled over the blue sky.

       It hadn’t been long until he’d pushed you onto the bed, looming over you to lick at your bleeding wounds. The bed sheets tainting themselves in droplets of your blood, before you finally were able to bring your hand up as to slap him. “Snap out of it, Subaru!” You screamed. And there was a harsh moment where he pinned your wrists down above your head, staring into your eyes before it seemed to have finally clicked and he let go. Completely. And like a ghost, he was gone.

It was an hour or two later, when you were finally able to step out into the sun’s rays, and rushed away towards a park that was alone; children were off in schools, getting their education. So the ringing of their laughter did not grace the air, and you took a seat upon a chocolate colored bench. Above, there was looming branches of the cherry blossoms that surrounded the beautiful park, the sun tainted in a pink tinge from the beautiful blossoms.

       "You’re probably tired of me,“ your voice came out in a whisper. "You’re an idiot.” Subaru had responded to you as he leaned all the way back, propping up his elbow on the bench of the backrest of it. “I can be tired of a lot of other things, but I’m never tired of you.” He said. Blinking once, you were surprised by his words, before you looked down. “So shut up, you’re making me say stupid things.”
       "Sorry.“ You meekly responded with a sheepish grin on your lips as he watched you from the corner of his eye, his gaze making you blush beneath it, hiding your face as you thought the male was extremely handsome. And to be beneath his gaze was almost nerving.

Hey! You!“ Called out a voice that made you turn your head, just in time to see a bouquet of roses, and a box of chocolate that was suddenly thrown on your lap. "Take these damn roses, and take the candy, and shut up.” Subaru’s gruff voice arrived to your ears as you gazed up at him. He plopped right down beside you, taking his seat with you on the bench beneath the cherry blossom tree. He seemed as if he had something he wanted to say, before you could part your lips to let words escape, he spoke.
       "Look, I’m sorry, damn it. I told you, I’m a monster!“ He shouted, his rage surprising you. Noting such a alarm, he shrunk back slightly, knowing his mistake before he shook his head. His breath began to grow heavy before he shook his head. "I hate you!” He outburst, but then he reeled it back, and shook his head. “Fucking damn it! I love you,” he reached out, and grabbed you by the shoulders. In the instant his atmospheric tension diminished as his crimson eyes so full of fierceness softened.
       "I want you, and no one can top you. I lied, when I said I wasn’t capable of love; you proved me wrong.“ He murmured as he leaned his face in more as his lips pressed to yours briefly, pulling away in a shy manner as a blush coated his cheeks. "You took down the caution tape I had around my heart…and you entered, I’m sorry I did what I did. I couldn’t hold myself back,” all other times he’d managed to hold his thirst back, but that night had been the true moment. Grabbing the roses and candy, he pulled you onto his lap, and held you tightly, burying his face into your neck; his lips pressing against the mark he did.

I’ll try not to make it happen again, but I can’t make any promises.” He added silently, before he reached out, and gently opened up the box of chocolates, however, his pale hand took a moment to stop before his eyes wandered over towards your face as to survey your emotions. You did not speak, not a single word escaping your lips, as you were reflecting everything. Every word like a beam of sunlight that a flower took in from days of no sun. Soaking all that it could in. “Hey, what the hell’s wrong with you? It’s not the blood loss, is it?” Subaru’s wary voice came to greet your ears, like the water to that flower that held no sun.
       "Hey,“ he murmured once more, his cool hand slowly touching your warm face, the cold sensations were electrifying to every fiber of your being; so much that you shivered in response before casting your gaze to his eyes, where it was evident he held your attention. For a few seconds, the two of you stayed frozen, before you were just about to speak and a piece of chocolate was pushed through your lips.
       ”Don’t say anything, (Y/N), just know I’m really sorry.“ There was something else to it, his eyes almost growing with melancholy as you came to realize he’d regretted speaking of what was written on his heart. And it was almost as if he’d grown bashful, as you swallowed and opened your mouth, you grabbed his wrist, with your other hand you removed the candy that was between his fingers, and placed it onto the tray, lacing your fingers together as you pressed your cheek on his shoulder.

Don’t be sorry, Subaru, and don’t regret anything because at one time; you wanted to say what you did, right?“ With your other hand, you gently caressed the skin of his cheek as he gazed to you. Frozen like a deer in the headlights, before he subtly began to melt into your touch, his shoulders angling downward, and his eyes softening. "Right,” he responded quietly. “So don’t take it back, not when…. Not when I love you too.” You whispered as you smiled softly. But then, it wasn’t long until he slid his free hand up your back before pushing you to him so that by a bull’s eye shot that your lips joined together. The gently sway of the cherry blossom made the branches lose some of their rosy petals, just so that it rained in clear day pink petals.
       Pulling back to see petals land onto Subaru’s hair, and feel some land on yours, another sway arrived making more fall; all of the petals were pierced by the clear daylight so they looked like pink flames falling. In clear fascination, you looked around. “Wow, it’s so beautiful,” you whispered ever so subtly.
       Pressing his face into your neck once more with his thumb gently massaging small circles onto the back of your hip, the albino grumbled.
       "It’s not as beautiful as you.“

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How would Takasugi, Gintoki, Sougo and Hijikata react to their s/o crying over the phone about being lost?

Shinsuke Takasugi:

Upon hearing their hapless cries over the phone, Takasugi couldn’t help but release a heavy sigh. How very likely for (Y/N) to get lost so easily. It made him roll his eyes a bit. “Just stay there. I’ll get Bansai to pick you up.” he stated rather coolly. While Takasugi would have definitely liked to search for them alone, it became a rather difficult matter, for he was currently miles away from Edo and society altogether. That much could be said when he was now scouring the shelves for Yakult in another country, while his s/o continued to protest with presumably tears in their eyes.

Gintoki Sakata:

“…Hello? This is Gin-san speaking.” The moment he picked up, he was lazily strewn across the couch at Yorozuya’s in a slouching position with one pinky finger inserted through his earlobe. At that point, Kagura leaned forward with interest while Shinpachi just glanced up inquisitively. Up until now, he was just using the broom to sweep dust away. Could it possibly be another client this time? “Gin-chan, who is that?” Kagura questioned, after which Gintoki’s brows had furrowed and a slight frown emerged onto his face, once words successfully escaped past the other end.

“You idiot! …Oi, (Y/N), don’t go anywhere and just wait for me! I’ll come get you as fast as I can!” He suddenly shouted before leaping up to his feet. “Eh? (Y/N) has…?” Kagura stared back in shock, as Shinpachi’s expression became much more alert. “Gin-san, take us along with you!” His voice reflected back concern and sure enough, the three were soon caught riding abroad Gintoki’s motor bike. “So where are you?” The perm headed samurai uttered with irritability lacing into his tone, before the cell phone was instantly snatched back by Shinpachi’s impatient hand.

“Please wait for us, (Y/N)-chan! We’ll promise to find you!” Despite the scowl pulling along Gintoki’s lips, he was secretly very worried for them.

Sougo Okita:

Initially, Sougo had snickered, upon finding amusement in the very fact that (Y/N) had strayed off the wrong path. “So you got lost? How lame, (Y/N).” There was a dry, mocking tone emerging from his voice but as soon as sobs emptied past their lips, an annoyed “tch” soon became elicited from his throat. “Don’t move. I’ll come get you.” With that low deadpan utterance, Sougo started walking along the park’s pavement with cellphone pressed to his ear. Behind him loomed the bench he situated himself on earlier, yet strangely enough, he now experienced no desire to return back to it.

Toshirou Hijikata:

Quite honestly enough, it didn’t take long for Hijikata to immediately speed past the double doors of Shinsengumi headquarters, once he heard about (Y/N)’s dilemma. Especially upon sensing tears from his end of the phone, worry began to settle within him. “Can’t you see any landmarks?! What do your surroundings look like?” As it didn’t seem like they were in any immediate danger, Hijikata hadn’t bothered sending his men off to search for them; instead, he began giving (Y/N) orders and asking questions while fervently pacing about. At the end, if they still couldn’t find their way, he’ll drive off in his car to pick them up from wherever they are.