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The Danny Phantom/ Ben 10 crossover event IS FINALLY HERE! Happy 13th anniversary, Danny!

Guys Anubian Baskurrs are an Anur System Species Look

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See that statue in Kuphulu’s lair? You have to admit that the resemblance to Zed is uncanny. Conclusion: Khyber got Zed from somewhere in the Anur System. He would probably enjoy a difficult acquisition such as that, given the xenophobia of its citizens, among other things. I’m gonna guess that maybe they’re specifically native to Anur Khufos. “Anubian?” Come on!

Groundwork of Ben 10 Omniverse Ep. 26 ‘The Frogs of War’ Part 2

Today, my favorite episode that I’d worked on from 'Ben 10 Omniverse’ has aired.  Hope you guys have enjoyed the show.  Fortunately, I’d worked on last 8 minutes, the climax of the episode, and here I present some of ground work, the climax sequence. Enjoy it. 

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